…my vision is narrowing to a single wavelength of probability. I’ve worked hard for that. Television helped a lot.”

William Gibson, “The Gernsback Continuum”

MAY 9, 2011. For a longer version of this piece, which brings in the recent bin Laden events, go to my radio archive:

Scroll to The Jon Rappoport Show. The show aired on May 4.

As long-time readers know, I’ve written much on the subject of imagination.

This time, I’m taking a slightly different slant:

When you live by and through imagination, you WILL produce magic. There is no question about it.

The question is: can you accept that? And can you deal with it?

I’ll offer a boiled-down definition of magic. It is the bringing about of events that stand outside the normal chains of cause and effect.

Some people would use the word synchronicity, but that tends to imply the generating spark comes from a mysterious force outside the person. No. The initial spark comes from projection of imagination.

People generally believe they are supposed to fit into the world…cogs in the machine. Or they believe rebellion against fitting in is their highest possible aspiration.

But what happens when you punch through the cover stories and deceptions that constitute phony realities? Where do you go then?

Do you just sit in the increasingly sour and rancid stew of your own discoveries?

Or do you take the clue and realize that the imposition of fakerealities is itself an act of imagination?

Seeing THAT, you can begin to invent your own realities out of your imagination—and project them into the world.

And if you do exactly that long enough and intensely enough and adventurously enough, magic will occur.

Fortuitous events will take place that have no business taking place. Ordinary patterns of cause and effect will experience “lapses.”

The only limitation: people don’t take imagination far enough. They stall at the gate. They give up. They dip their toe in the water and then back away.

The remedy for this is a deeper understanding of imagination.

Creative power is at the root of life. It could be the power that assembles circumstances and lies FOR you, externally, or it could be your own imagination.

Here I’ll pull out my museum paradigm. You walk into the galleries of a large museum filled with paintings. There are three possibilities. One: you wander from room to room, looking at the canvases on the walls. Two: under the influence of advice from others, you stand in front of one painting, stare at it for a long time—and then walk into it and take up residence there, forever, in the deceptively described One and Only Reality. Three: you leave the museum and go home and begin to paint.

Number two is, of course, the outcome of all the lies and cover stories that are floated to depict what the world and the universe are and must be.

Number three is what works.

As technology advances, the paintings in the museum will become more complex and enchanting. So the temptation to walk into one and take up a permanent home—abandoning imagination—will increase.

It’s called entertainment.

The entire media apparatus of the planet is the embodied imagination of its directors. They calculate what will sell, what will make an impact, what will attract audiences. They work from those premises.

Some of them also, of course, work from the premise of building cover stories to conceal what elites are actually doing to control more and more of the minds and property of populations.

So this gigantic media apparatus is engaged in mind control.

But more importantly, it is engaged in IMAGINATION CONTROL—or to put it more accurately, IMAGINATION SUBSTITUTION. Theirs in place of yours.

It’s hard for most people to see this, because they are already in the “reality pocket” media has created for them. They believe. They accept. They accept the spin that has been put on events, many of which were manufactured to begin with.


We think of fundamentalism in terms of religions. And it’s true that religious fanatics are launched on a particularly harmful course. They always were and always will be. But in a deeper sense, consensus reality—that creation—is the basic culprit.

Accepting it without question appears to be mandatory. Why? Because the very engine one would use to invent his own reality—imagination—has been put on the shelf. It’s gathering dust.

Talk about imagination to most people and they won’t even know what you’re referring to.

Part of the reason? Awareness that imagination exists is a relatively new phenomenon. Many ancient societies had no real concept of it. Instead, a dream one had at night was “a vision sent by a god or demon.” Art was “induced by a spirit.” And the meaning of such dreams and art was circumscribed and severely limited by the operating cosmology and world view and priesthood of the group.

The path of imagination cuts across the grain of such established norms, and in the process, ironclad cause-and-effect relationships in physical reality are loosened. Gaps appear. Fortuitous events occur, in accordance with Desire.


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MAY 8, 2011. First of all, readers have been sending me a Prison Planet story in which Dr. Steve Pieczenik asserts he knows bin Laden is dead, he died in 2001. Pieczenik states he was told this by a US general, and he is willing to go before a grand jury and reveal the general’s name. We’ll see how this develops. The whole bin Laden raid-story is coming apart at the seams, in all sorts of ways. The latest claim is that CIA agents had been living in a house near bin Laden’s hideout for nearly a year, keeping an eye on the compound—and no one in the neighborhood noticed…

My late friend and colleague, hypnotherapist Jack True, was an innovative mind of the first order. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, we did a number of sit-down conversations and interviews, which I have been publishing here.

This conversation took place during the 1988 run-up to the publication of my first book, AIDS INC. I include it here because of the recent bin Laden events. Jack has much to say about how hypnosis works and how it is necessary if the public is going to be fooled time and time again.

Q (Rappoport): On the subject of global control, which we’ve been discussing lately–

A (Jack True): It’s a layer of cover story. That’s what they [elites] do. They promote cover stories to conceal their actions. For example, all the legends cooked up and promoted to explain how Lee Oswald killed Kennedy alone. It’s a movie they play to hypnotize the public into believing what happened.

Q: How does the hypnosis work?

A: Well, there is television. A major component. An authoritative voice doles out a portion of reality. Here it is. This is reality. The story can have any number of holes in it, and they sometimes do, but the underlying assumption never changes. I am the voice of reality, and here is the basic thing. Oswald killed JFK. Or HIV causes AIDS. Same thing. How would the viewer know whether that’s true? He can’t. He has to get his information from somewhere, so he takes it in from the Voice. Okay, the Voice says HIV causes AIDS, so it must be so. The viewer wasn’t there in the lab, and even if he were, he wouldn’t know what was going on. The viewer wasn’t there in Dallas when Kennedy was shot, so how would he know? He just accepts it. The alternative is doubt, and most people don’t like to live with doubt. So he sits there in front of the TV, and the Voice drones on and on, and he’s receiving these light waves from the TV, which are somewhat hypnotic in and of themselves, so he accepts it all.

Q: He buys what’s being sold.

A: Yes, but you see, it’s different from somebody selling kitchen knives on TV. The viewer, in that case, is predisposed to believe that either the sales pitch is real or it’s a fake in some way. He knows he has a choice. But with news on TV, there is the predisposition to accept the ultimate authority of the Voice.

Q: Why?

A: Because if the news is lying, then lots of pieces of what the viewer accepts as reality are lies, too. It’s a potential domino effect. And he doesn’t want that. He wants reliability. He doesn’t want reality to suddenly crack at the seams.

Q: He wants “seamless.”

A: Yes. More than that, he wants his own subconscious mind to be seamless.

Q: What does that mean?

A: He wants structure and solidity and consistency in his subconscious mind. You see? That’s where he believes everything is engraved in stone. Every person intuitively believes that his own subcon [subconscious mind] is logical and consistent. And he knows that’s where the news is going. (laughs) Straight into his subcon.

Q: You’ve seen this with patients?

A: Sure. I go in there and find whole religious myths, for example. All sorts of stories and tales and fairy tales. And they’re perfect. They sit there like published pieces. Everything nice and neat. This is what it means to be a “good citizen.” Your subcon is nice and neat, and everything in there is straight. No contradictions. No cracks in the seams.

Q: So the news tells a person Oswald acted alone.

A: And bang, that goes directly into the subcon. People are like librarians. They want that card catalog system to be perfect. No internal debates. No doubts. It’s exact, even if it’s the most preposterous lie.

Q: You find that with patients.

A: On one level, yes. But then, under hypnosis, I’ve also gone below that. And then I find all sorts of different currents of information and energy. It’s very different on level two. Level one, the nice neat area, is like a wall or floor that keeps the person from what’s going on in the basement. In the basement, there is dynamic change. There is live energy. There is a restlessness. Rebellion.

Q: But people don’t want to–

A: Most people don’t want to know that about themselves. They’d rather accept any old cover story, no matter how ridiculous it is. They’d rather believe their entire subcon is a perfect and consistent library. Perfection is an absolute lie, but people don’t care. That’s what they believe they want.

Q: So what happens when you get into this level two, as you call it?

A: It’s like being in a wild forest. All sorts of energies are flying around. It’s bracing. It’s exciting. And when the patient gets used to it, he finds it exciting, too. So let’s go one step further. The average person will buy any old elite lie about the world, because he wants that false perfection and consistency, all right? He INSTINCTIVELY knows that, if he rejects cover stories or spots the holes in them, HE’S GOING TO PIERCE LEVEL ONE AND GET IN TOUCH WITH THAT DEEP SUBCON LEVEL IN HIMSELF, WHERE DYNAMIC ENERGIES ARE IN PLAY…AND HE WANTS TO AVOID THAT, SO HE CAN PERPETUATE THIS FICTION ABOUT HIMSELF.

Q: This fiction that he is consistent and “perfect.”

A: Yes.

Q: All in all, that would seem to be an unstable situation.

A: Damn right! He’s really aching to be creative and alive and dynamic, but he’s shoved in all his chips on the slender idea that he’s an average person who’s, in his own small way, perfect. An android. He wants, therefore, to connect with other androids, like the Voice, like the TV news anchor, like that kind of person, so he can maintain this fiction. This fictional world. THIS is what elites are playing into, this is what they’re tapping into, this is where they make their money and obtain their power. And I have to tell you, this is what’s breaking down, this is what is coming apart. We’re seeing that. We’re in the middle of it. How it will manifest in the next few years, I don’t know. But we’re going to see it. It’s going to be a struggle. The elites will continue to spin their cover stories, and more and more people will doubt them.

Q: This “level one” you’re talking about…this is programming, right?

A: Sure. It’s a combination of lies from elites and it’s also self-programming. NO ONE CAN PASS THIS OFF AS MERELY THE FAULT OF EXTERNAL FACTORS. THEY DO IT TO THEMSELVES.

Q: I keep coming back to the subject of painting.

A: Well, it’s a good thing to come back to.

Q: We have this tradition in painting, whereby everything in a picture is balanced, there are certain definable harmonies and symmetries and so on…

A: I know what you’re getting to here. If people look at paintings and they don’t have these traditional qualities in them, [people] dismiss them as crazy.

Q: Right.

A: And this is very much like the “perfect programming” that people seek. They want their minds to be orderly and balanced and harmonious in very childish ways. This is how they deal with information, too. The information needs to come in with a certain voice, a certain flavor, a certain surety, a certain stupid simplicity. This is what people are looking for. It’s like those “cheap crap” stores people love. They go in there anticipating the most superficial stuff. And on one level of the mind, the programming works that way, too. Give them anything else and they reject it.

Q: Also, they forget it very quickly.

A: They do that, too.

Q: So this has to do with global control.

A: You bet. Certain assumptions plugged into the mind will, like magnets, attract whole batches of information and automatically reject other batches. For instance, X IS THE ENEMY. Whoever X is, a whole river of information comes in that bolsters that idea, and then if you say, “Wait, X is just a puppet and a cover story cooked up to fool you,” the person will go blank. Blank. It doesn’t add up for him. It makes no sense.

Q: Well, let’s get down to it. Who put that idea, X IS THE ENEMY, in his mind?

A: It came from outside the person, from media, from government, but HE PUT IT INTO HIS OWN MIND. Let’s not have any doubt about it. Something can come in toward you, and you can deflect it. You can cast it aside. Or you can nod your head like an android and take it in and set it in stone, in your subcon. You see, this is the basis for hypnosis, although not many people know it. What does it mean to be suggestible? What does that mean? Are you mentally crippled? Is that a native condition? No, it isn’t. To be able to be hypnotized, you need a whole background of programming yourself to be an android. If you don’t have that, you’re not suggestible. You’re not a good candidate for hypnosis.

Q: So we live in an android culture.

A: Damn right we do. It’s the basis of the society. It’s a kind of pattern, and lots of people LIKE IT. They’re not being fooled. Not really. They want it. They see it as attractive…and then they work out their lives so they build that android-ness up in themselves, step by step and brick by brick. If that weren’t the case, these elites that are working toward global control wouldn’t have a prayer. They wouldn’t have anything to grab on to. And when you have a whole collection of androids, what do you have then? You have collectivism.

Q: Everything for the group, nothing for the individual.

A: Suppose X really isn’t the enemy. Suppose, as suggested in [Orwell’s] 1984, he doesn’t even exist. Or suppose he is a potential enemy, but he’s being manipulated by higher people. In any of these cases, you could get a war waged against X. The war involves two sides. Death, destruction, pain, suffering, powerful emotions, heroism, endurance…all of that. A great human drama plays out on the world stage. It becomes a central reality. And the androids lock in, because for them, X IS THE ENEMY, and that’s all there is to it. Nothing subtle about it. No conditions attached. All that previous self-inflicted android programming pushes this war into being and there you have it. Reality. Reality manufactured.

Q: You can bleed in a cartoon.

A: Damn right you can. So even if the war is a cartoon, an android production, people still bleed and die.

Q: Back to this level two subcon, where you say so much dynamic and creative energy is bottled up.

A: Yes. This is where new worlds can be energized. This is where you can get the wellsprings of life LIVED. No androids. If this level of subcon becomes more and more conscious…spontaneous improvisation occurs. This is quite, quite different.

Q: How does an android become not-an-android?

A: Something wakes him up. This is what I try to do on an individual level with patients. Over the space of an entire civilization? New ideas are promulgated. People who are “on the fence” start to wake up. A different ripple effect takes place. You see, an android who is completely committed to remaining an android has a shelf life. He declines and then winks out. But he can wake up, in which case everything is different.

Q: He can wake up from the pattern, from what he built into himself.

A: That’s right. Because that’s all it is, a pattern. It’s a pattern in perception, in the way he accepts things “from above,” in the way he denies he has any creative spark.

Q: If you look at the work, at the optimism of Bucky Fuller–

A: I spent years reading him. What I concluded about him, after all was said and done, about his vision of what civilization could be…you see, all these innovative ideas he planted in the culture, when you boil it down, there has to be a creative impulse in the individual, and the individual has to run with it, because unless he does, nothing adds up to the New. The civilization will melt, it will turn to dust, it will be automatic. No matter how much liberation you allow to happen, generally speaking, over the range of a culture, you have nothing unless the individual does that [creates]. If he just sits there and reaps the benefits, it will all be for naught. New elites will come along and ramp up a story, a lie, about what’s really going on and how it’s necessary to rally the Group behind an idea, and so on, and the whole decline will begin again.

Q: So it’s not enough to punch holes in cover stories and lies.

A: That helps. But it’s not the total answer. Not by a long shot. Look what happened with the JFK assassination. The media “space” was growing rapidly at the time. There was room for more information. So Mark Lane came along and wrote a quick book about the assassination and it was put out by a major publisher. All of a sudden, people started to disbelieve the Voice. Then came a flood of further information about the murder. New ideas. People began waking up to the fact that reality was being manufactured for them. But it wasn’t enough. The creative element didn’t come to the fore powerfully enough. People who saw through that JFK lie felt disenfranchised. They felt on the outside looking in. They didn’t know what to do. I mean, there were years of political protests during the war [Vietnam] that followed, but that petered out in the 1970s. In its wake were a lot of pissed off people, but they didn’t know what to do, either. They were very anti-government…but then, what happened and what’s happening now? People are actually believing that government is the solution. They want to give government more power to “take care of” the less fortunate members of society. They want government to become the caretaker and the messiah. Government is no such thing. For every apparent good deed government does, it exacts a price. More power. More control.

Q: So you’re saying–

A: I’m saying people have to create a different kind of society. But not just one society. Many.

Q: Decentralization of power.

A: In all sorts of innovative ways. Ways that work. To think that big government can be some of kind of answer…this is hogwash. It’s a con job. If all you can do is blow up buildings and smash windows, government is going to win—because it looks like the best antidote to that chaos. People will embrace government—that’s the typical android reaction. Government becomes the Voice. Listen to the Voice. Obey the Voice. Do you see? The destructive rebellion against government is manipulated…seeds are sown that will make it possible for angry rebels to start committing criminal acts…and then the pull-back comes. People embrace government and then government takes over more territory…more control. Under the guise of doing good deeds for the “underprivileged,” it assembles a greater collectivism.

Q: It’s a shell game.

A: Always.

Q: And this “android programming”–

A: Allows it to happen. Instead of creating many new alternatives all over the place, decentralized societies, you get a more intense search for the central Voice that will tell everyone what to do. And the Voice sounds nicer, so that seems like a good thing. But it isn’t.


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