…my vision is narrowing to a single wavelength of probability. I’ve worked hard for that. Television helped a lot.”

William Gibson, “The Gernsback Continuum”

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As long-time readers know, I’ve written much on the subject of imagination.

This time, I’m taking a slightly different slant:

When you live by and through imagination, you WILL produce magic. There is no question about it.

The question is: can you accept that? And can you deal with it?

I’ll offer a boiled-down definition of magic. It is the bringing about of events that stand outside the normal chains of cause and effect.

Some people would use the word synchronicity, but that tends to imply the generating spark comes from a mysterious force outside the person. No. The initial spark comes from projection of imagination.

People generally believe they are supposed to fit into the world…cogs in the machine. Or they believe rebellion against fitting in is their highest possible aspiration.

But what happens when you punch through the cover stories and deceptions that constitute phony realities? Where do you go then?

Do you just sit in the increasingly sour and rancid stew of your own discoveries?

Or do you take the clue and realize that the imposition of fakerealities is itself an act of imagination?

Seeing THAT, you can begin to invent your own realities out of your imagination—and project them into the world.

And if you do exactly that long enough and intensely enough and adventurously enough, magic will occur.

Fortuitous events will take place that have no business taking place. Ordinary patterns of cause and effect will experience “lapses.”

The only limitation: people don’t take imagination far enough. They stall at the gate. They give up. They dip their toe in the water and then back away.

The remedy for this is a deeper understanding of imagination.

Creative power is at the root of life. It could be the power that assembles circumstances and lies FOR you, externally, or it could be your own imagination.

Here I’ll pull out my museum paradigm. You walk into the galleries of a large museum filled with paintings. There are three possibilities. One: you wander from room to room, looking at the canvases on the walls. Two: under the influence of advice from others, you stand in front of one painting, stare at it for a long time—and then walk into it and take up residence there, forever, in the deceptively described One and Only Reality. Three: you leave the museum and go home and begin to paint.

Number two is, of course, the outcome of all the lies and cover stories that are floated to depict what the world and the universe are and must be.

Number three is what works.

As technology advances, the paintings in the museum will become more complex and enchanting. So the temptation to walk into one and take up a permanent home—abandoning imagination—will increase.

It’s called entertainment.

The entire media apparatus of the planet is the embodied imagination of its directors. They calculate what will sell, what will make an impact, what will attract audiences. They work from those premises.

Some of them also, of course, work from the premise of building cover stories to conceal what elites are actually doing to control more and more of the minds and property of populations.

So this gigantic media apparatus is engaged in mind control.

But more importantly, it is engaged in IMAGINATION CONTROL—or to put it more accurately, IMAGINATION SUBSTITUTION. Theirs in place of yours.

It’s hard for most people to see this, because they are already in the “reality pocket” media has created for them. They believe. They accept. They accept the spin that has been put on events, many of which were manufactured to begin with.


We think of fundamentalism in terms of religions. And it’s true that religious fanatics are launched on a particularly harmful course. They always were and always will be. But in a deeper sense, consensus reality—that creation—is the basic culprit.

Accepting it without question appears to be mandatory. Why? Because the very engine one would use to invent his own reality—imagination—has been put on the shelf. It’s gathering dust.

Talk about imagination to most people and they won’t even know what you’re referring to.

Part of the reason? Awareness that imagination exists is a relatively new phenomenon. Many ancient societies had no real concept of it. Instead, a dream one had at night was “a vision sent by a god or demon.” Art was “induced by a spirit.” And the meaning of such dreams and art was circumscribed and severely limited by the operating cosmology and world view and priesthood of the group.

The path of imagination cuts across the grain of such established norms, and in the process, ironclad cause-and-effect relationships in physical reality are loosened. Gaps appear. Fortuitous events occur, in accordance with Desire.


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