MAY 31, 2011. Remind me how this system works again? We, possessed of the greatest altruistic spirit in the history of the world, are gathering up all the struggling souls we can find and lifting them into a decent standard of living?


And when I say “we,” I don’t really mean you and I are actively pursuing this goal. Ha-ha, don’t be silly. We’re on the sidelines nodding yes. We’re registering our support so we can earn a gold star in The Book of Life? Is that what’s going on?


We’re with this great movement because we want to be known as good people (or not-bad people), even though no one is watching us or cares?


Or…has the “heaven on Earth” agenda spilled over the banks of the river, to the point where, in order to have an identity, a kid has to invent a disability and wear it like a badge?


Let’s see. Are we living in a society where people who earn money are paying out a very sizable chunk to the government so it can fight wars AND play messiah to every person with his hand out from here to the moon?


I’m asking, because that’s the way it looks to me.


And if by some random chance I happen to be right, how is this heaven on Earth thing going? Are cities cleaning up and becoming more prosperous? Is cradle to grave medical care making us more healthy? Is the ever increasing size of government making it possible to extend more real power to more people…or is it all turning to Bloat in a morbidly obese way any fool could have predicted?


What kicked off these questions? Well, the most recent trigger was an Atlanta Journal Constitution article in which an estimate was given for the total of outstanding student loans in America.


Projecting through 2011, the figure is: $1 TRILLION.


More than what all Americans owe on their credit cards.


So there is no confusion, we’re talking about loans made to students so they can attend college. And “outstanding” means: not paid back yet.


As of 2005, a survey study of college grads concluded that only 25% of these people could read at a rate that was considered proficient—and proficient simply means you can function in society and use information to forward your goals in life.


Since the federal government has taken over the student loan program, it appears the taxpayer is on the hook for $1 trillion, in order to produce 75% of all graduates who can’t find their ass with both hands.


But you see, it doesn’t matter, because it’s people helping people, and this is the prime directive, no matter how it’s working out.


Speaking of obese, 2007 government stats indicate 26% of Americans are obese.


Call me crazy, but it looks like victims are everywhere—and you can define that as real ones, made-up ones, ones who did it to themselves and are now being bailed out by taxpayer money, ones who are employed by government to help other ones, people who study victims and obtain gov grants to do it—a whole panorama.


Whereas once America was thought of as a place where people lent a helping hand, now that seems to be the main business of America, apart from wars and turning tribal people into Jeffersonian democrats. Where is the opium again and who is dreaming opium dreams?


And it’s quite possible, these days, that a nice kid from a decent American home will go through high school and learn, in various ways, that making money is a crime and parents are oppressors and we must all live in trees so the planet doesn’t overheat and explode—so when this kid reaches college, he/she is primed for the more serious kind of bitterness, resentment, and entitlement—vital experience he’ll garner off of loans laid out by the government—which is the only force that can create this heaven on Earth that must come to pass. By tomorrow at the latest.


And then we have this unchallenged figure: every year, the US medical system kills 225,000 people. 106,000 from FDA-approved medicines, 119,000 from misadventures in hospitals.


So…when I write about imagination and magic, and when I paint this idea of the great dormant power in each one of us, I’m not floating on a pink cloud. I’m not doing double rainbows. I’m not touting the New Age as the answer. The New Age has brought this many-headed morbid obesity to our doors.


I’m writing every day about individual POWER.


I don’t care if some people think it’s a bad word, a tainted word, a fearful word. I don’t care if some people shiver in the face of it and want tea and crackers and doilies instead.


I don’t care if this morbid society wants to redefine power to mean something we all collectively jump into and share, a vast vat of butter.


That’s triple-A high-grade, 100% pure bullshit.


And behind the faces of the people who promote it, there is a conniving spirit that runs like moldy scum through a stream.


Do you want a universe you want?


Then INVENT it.


That’s the power society tries to obscure with its heaven on Earth machinations.


That’s the original power being lost in the morbidly obese shuffle.


Good morning.

















MAY 31, 2011. Here are several ads from an interdimensional newspaper that might prove informative:


UNIVERSE MANUFACTURING! Let us build it for you! Move-in ready. All appliances and energy sources. Consult our catalog. Gods supplied or not. Easy entrance, no exit. Pre-hypnosis induced painlessly in our clean spacious facilities by licensed physicians!


CUSTOM BUILT UNIVERSES OUR SPECIALTY! Uni-language, gated planets, military emperors. Inspect our plans, work with a seasoned professional. Dignified cemeteries. CSI reruns.


A RETIREMENT UNIVERSE for the whole family! Do you want to pass on your genes to millions of future generations? Of course you do! Why else would you be alive? In our universe, we supply a religion that forbids gene waste, under penalty of deportation to a state-run hospital. Appoint surrogates to wage an eternal war between matriarchal and patriarchal gene-transmission preference. Square dancing, ping-pong tournaments, celebrity-look-alike performers on weekends.


COLLECTIVE GOO UNIVERSE FOR ADDLED MINDS! Be part of the Doofus! Delete thinking! Experience the thrill of melting down in 24/7 love with the One All Thingo! At first you’ll feel icy winds whipping through your separated soul on the plains of cruel choice. But then, at the last moment, from the deepest well of reality, a radiant finale will clutch your sacred yearning, as you’re shot up on to on a cloud of honey and transported to a fortress where patented OmniJuice floods your being and you realize this is your home forever! Soft rock, lake of marshmallows, electro-massage units. One and two bedroom apts.


NATURE IS NATURE UNIVERSE! Hunt for 60,000 years, fit into the environment, hear the roots grow; climb trees, shepherd goats, bath in snow, chant in monotone, blow up evil machines in distant cities. Exclusive Gaia tweets. Become utterly convinced there is nothing else! Raise children as primates! “Secrets of the Urine Garden” for first five callers.


AT LAST! THE SOULMATE UNIVERSE! Let us design your agonizing quest for the other half of yourself. You met a stranger for 18 seconds in a hotel bar? He’s here! Receive your initiation rites in the Oprah Palace and journey out on to the landscape of despair. Lifetimes of synchrony…and just-misses…and then….but we can’t give away the glorious ending. You know you want it, so let us build this low to mid-range IQ universe with billions of extras and millions of planets. Herbal wraps, hot stones; vegan paramedics on call.


PROMISE OF PARADISE UNIVERSE, slightly used version, for sale at giveaway price. Commit untold numbers of righteous acts that would be considered capital crimes with special circumstances in other universes, along the severe path of loyalty to a standard that will put you in a heaven others are denied. Commandments, holy book, some flagellation required. All races and religions invited. We have our own God and he’s pissed off!


VICTIMS PLUS! Have you been inventing a story of oppression that’s somehow never been accorded its proper due? Well, in our universe, we bring in the sheep and put bows on their necks! This your place! Normals supplied as foils. All the tables are turned. For once (and forever), you get what you deserve! Lavish benefits! Pre-training in the necromancy of bureaucratic interactions. Work the system as it’s never been worked before! Choose from a catalog of disorders. Full insurance coverage extended to family members.


THE END OF IMAGINATION UNIVERSE! Have you finally reached the end of your tether? Want to attribute all magic and creation to an external source? We have attractive life paths for trillions of serial incarnations. You’ll go with God, you’ll go with science, you’ll go with money, you’ll go with pills. We have it all. Our calibrated partial-narcosis treatments will saddle you with just enough doubt to make you wonder whether you’re doing the right thing by your existence…and yet, in the end, you’ll submit to a Greater Pattern. Geometric homilies, sacred this and that, ideal forms, gradualism, “it’s all about family,” “I’m doing this for the children,” “you only live once,” endless distractions constructed on the basis of “realism,”–you’ll become facile with them all. We’ll keep you hopping! Try our new on-and-off paranoia option. Limited light-year adventures available in some areas. Inquire about liability. Ask yourself if the End of Imagination Universe is right for you.


And a small classified ad: “Universe disintegration plus universe invention=You. Details re imagination. Send $35 and self-addressed stamped envelope to PO Box 43920518-A, Altoona, Pennsylvania.



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The last time we saw her, him, or it, the winged figure, there were great shapes scrawled in the sky left behind, and then a single thought slowly falling to Earth like a light snow. The thought was: if these sky shapes had meaning, what would it be? And if each of you could decide independently, what would happen?”

Auntie Mime, Reality Disruptor


The only menace is inertia.”

St. John Perse


The red knight said to the blue knight, “I’m departing for unknown shores. Here I give you the seal of my empire. Hold it close. When the hour of the new year strikes, open it and view the symbol contained therein. It carries esoteric meaning that will usher you into my lands.”


The blue knight was staggered. “Is this really true?” he said.


I’ll reply with a riddle. Listen. It’s true if you’re a fool.”

Auntie Mime, Reality Disruptor


MAY 31, 2011. In land far-far or near-near, the people had an entirely different view of symbols. They developed this tradition because, for many centuries, symbols had been imposed on them.


This is not a hard thing to do. For example, you build a tower and place art around the joint and you play droning music and you dim the lights and you hold services, and the high priest hopefully has a rich mellow voice, a good baritone…and at the appropriate moment, he lapses into silence, waits, and then leans forward and pronounces the name of the symbol…maybe he holds up an illuminated stick with the symbol at the end.


The he describes the meaning of the symbol.


And it sinks in.




With enough time, enough good prep, enough symbols, you can put a whole populations under hypnosis and lead them around by their collective nose.


Well, in this land, the people eventually got tired of that crap, and so they sank the tower in the sea and started over.


From that moment on, all symbols were OPEN. No fixed meanings.


Symbols were contemplated, now and then, and people could derive (imagine) whatever meanings they preferred. Each person could do that.


Then they would hold informal meetings, and after a few comedians loosened things up, people would stand, one at a time, and present their experience with the symbol of the month. Do their riffs. The only rule—don’t be boring.


The funny thing was, after a few years of this sort of meeting, the very language of the people began to expand…new words, new phrases, new ideas, new images…even new constructions.


It was a language, more and more, infiltrated by imagination.


And what do you know, the people became freer and more energetic. They sensed their language was coming into line with their creative impulse—whereas in many societies, the creative impulse comes into line with the language.


The people called this a major discovery, and they celebrated it by building a new tower. They discussed what to call it. After a few days, they said HOLD ON, THIS IS RIDICULOUS, and burned it down.


Every year, they build a new tower and burn it.


Just to remind themselves about what can happen when everyone behaves like an android and allows meaning to emanate from one point.


Their language is now 1000000000 times its former size.


Oh, off in a corner of a dim bar, a few guys reminisce about the good old days when things were normal and they knew what “the spiritual universe” consisted of. They wish it would all come back. The music, the snoring, the hypnotic ceremony, the closed symbols. They really love those closed symbols.


They’re even trying to build their own permanent tower out at the end of town by a tire recapper and a collapsed warehouse. Others, of the new generation, will go down there on a Saturday morning, stand around, and chip in advice.


Put more mud on that side.”


Make the holes for the windows a little bigger.”


Much amusement.


One universe, many universes, take your pick.