JUNE 6, 2011. Yesterday I sent out the press release about my upcoming radio interview (June 15) with Clay Jenkinson, as he performs his vaunted role as Thomas Jefferson. He will be in character for the show.


I have seen him on C-SPAN, debating with “Alexander Hamilton,” and I can tell you Clay is phenomenal. Not just good. Great.


So tell all your friends and enemies and your grandma, too.


When I wrote my logic course for home schoolers, I discovered that Jefferson was a devoted student of logic. He went to college to study it. It was one of his pillars. So I hope to touch on that in the conversation.


Of course, there are so MANY questions I want to ask him. Impossible to get them all in. One hour is good, eight hours would be better.


For example, Jefferson once remarked rather casually, in a letter, that the federal government should run foreign affairs and policy, and the states should handle everything else. In 2011, I fell off my chair. Apparently, this is way he pretty much viewed the distribution of powers as laid out in the Constitution.


I have to believe that Jefferson, looking at the massive USA these days, would want radical decentralization. What form would it take?


Again, Clay isn’t just an actor playing Jefferson. He’s a scholar, and he’s explored Jefferson’s life and ideas up one side and down the other.


It’s a unique opportunity.


I’m sure you folks can navigate the site where the show will emanate far better than I can…as I’ve said many times, I’m basically a typist with a computer.


My understanding is it’s easy. Go to and click on “listen live.” A few days after the show, the archive will have it there:



Here is the press release again: spread it far and wide.


Hmm. Wonder if we can connect with 50 or 60 million listeners in China. Just an idea.










When: Wednesday, June 15, 7-8 PM, Eastern Time



Scholar Clay Jenkinson, who has portrayed, with stunning accuracy, Thomas Jefferson, in venues all over the world, will assume the identity once more, for a sit-down interview with Jon Rappoport, Pulitzer-nominated reporter.


Mr. Jefferson,” in character, will answer Jon’s questions about life in 2011, from his 18th-century perspective.


I wish we had three hours,” Jon stated, “but we’ll squeeze in everything we can in one hour.”


What is Jefferson’s view of where America has gone in two centuries? Is it still a Republic? Should it be? How can a Constitution designed to fit fewer than three million citizens apply to a population of 300 million? Do even the rights and powers of individual states make sense, when one state, California, has 37 million residents? What about the national health-care plan? The state of public education? Mega-corporate influence? Two political parties with common agendas? The military-industrial complex? The Federal Reserve? Invasive surveillance?


The questions pile up.


This will be an intriguing and riveting hour of radio—a unique experience.


To pick up the show live: and click on “listen live.” To access the show in the archive,, and scroll down to The Jon Rappoport Show.


Clay Jenkinson is the director of the Dakota Institute and the founder of the Theodore Roosevelt Center. A humanities scholar, he is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Thomas JeffersonHour. (


Jon Rappoport has worked as an investigative reporter for 35 years. He has published articles on politics, health, and media for LAWeekly, CBS Healthwatch, Spin Magazine, Stern, and is the author of Logic and Analysis, a course for high-school students.





For further information, contact Jon Rappoport at: