SEPTEMBER 1, 2011. Human beings tend to define themselves. They sum themselves up. They present themselves with a picture of what they are.


They may not do this with precision, but they do it. And the common factor is all about limitation because, after all, definitions involve drawing boundaries. Definitions describe what is inside those boundaries and exclude what’s outside. That’s limitation.


The most pervasive way this process is carried out is through making “the past” the great determinant of the present, as if the past is a series of links that, naturally, shape the ongoing Now.


The past adds up to the present.”


Cause and effect.


It’s a nice neat package.


And if past history isn’t enough, people can resort to a vague idea of genetic determination. Or inherent and permanent IQ. Or the pressure exerted on them by their environment. More cause and effect.


Finally, you can add a cherry on the cake: open possibility for the future, if it exists at all, comes from the universe, or The Force, or the cosmos, squeezed out of a tube like toothpaste and passed to a person by the grace of a Something that responds to good behavior and patience…


The whole notion of cause and effect as a chain is a reality that is perceived at a certain level—and what breaks the chain is entering into a level where that rule doesn’t apply.


This higher level flows from creation. Your creation.


This is where creating and imagination and greater energy combine to produce new realities that exceed any attempt at definition.


This is where and how a life undergoes a great and unprecedented change.


Societies and civilizations operate within a context of cause and effect. They thrive, to the extent they do, on that principle. They promote the principle and educate according to it.


But societies and civilizations, sooner or later, abandon the individual in favor of the group. They explain this preference in many ways, just as a drug addict spools out his reasons for using drugs.


However, the individual can take action on a very different basis.


Imagination has nothing to do with conventional cause and effect. It isn’t interested in adhering to sequential time or “the one and only space.”


Because of this, people believe imagination doesn’t really fit into the world.


People are disposed to using imagination as if it were a cause-and-effect blueprint that mirrors physical reality. This is backwards. Imagination creates its own worlds and these worlds can be fashioned without such limits.


For instance, when you envision a future, you usually see it as if it’s already done, meaning you put “the final effect” first. Why not? Imagination is infinitely malleable.


Energy-imagination-creation is the jumping-off point from traditional cause-and-effect.


This is why, ultimately, philosophy takes a backseat to imagination. Philosophy is an attempt to sum up What Exists. Imagination creates new shapes that didn’t exist before.


Logic, which is an indispensable tool for grasping reality at the level of perceiving cause and effect, may state that A implies B, but imagination can say A implies Z or A implies B, Z, and Q.


Magic is what can be created outside the boundaries of conventional cause and effect.


Imagination is the gateway into magic.


If physical reality could send a message it would be, “Here I stand. I am a chain of cause and effect, and you are part of that chain.”


The individual says, “I create worlds beyond any such message.”


The individual can delete his own knowledge of what his imagination does, and this is what is meant by self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis operates by inducing frequencies and vibrations that bring on amnesia. It’s a parlor trick that shrinks space.


In my e-book, The Secret Behind Secret Societies, I explore these issues. I wrote the book as a reversal of self-hypnosis.


What you imagine and create…you can then insert into the world, and even though the world may view that creation within its hypnotic context of cause and effect, that isn’t how it was produced by you.


We are talking about levels of perception here. On one level, everything is seen through the cause-and-effect lens. On another level, events are seen in a fashion that transcends any such linkage. This second level opens up physical reality and exposes it as a collection of “wholes.” Created wholes.


The physics of energy, space, and time works the territory of various limited types of causation, even when it is speculating about quantum events. Your imagination goes farther. Much farther.


Consider this whole business as a stage play, in which imagination creates reality…and then the human being WHO DID THE IMAGINING steps down his own perception and views what he did within a self-hypnotic space of cause and effect AND PRETENDS REALITY IS COMING FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE.


It’s a joke. A cosmic joke.


When you sleep at night, and dream, when the chains come loose for a little while, you are laughing at the punch line.


If you care to admit it.


Jon Rappoport







AUGUST 31, 2011. When it comes to practical goals and what it takes to achieve them, there are basic strategies that operate well and productively. However, when the work involves bringing the creative impulse and imagination into the scene, the rules are not the same.


They aren’t the same, because you’re swimming in different waters. It’s not only a matter of focusing on the objective and the plan.


Now you’re talking about Desire, which is a large subject that involves hooking your future up to that North Star…and pretty soon what seemed like a simple enterprise includes more energies and dimensions.


For example: what DO you really desire? How big and wide and deep is that desire?


Writers and other artists often come upon this question. They find that what appeared, at first, as a clear picture takes on new aspects.


It’s as if you wanted to explore an iceberg. You’re looking at the part you can see above water…and then you become aware that the bulk of the object lies under the surface. Or you want to explore an ancient pyramid, and as you move into it, you find corridors and rooms initially hidden from view.


How do you proceed?


Well, it’s an ongoing process. As you attempt to create, in the world, the fulfillment and realization of the desire, you discover that a large part of that desire was obscured from view—and NOW COMES TO LIGHT ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE IMAGINING AND CREATING.


It’s as if the desire was waiting for you to trigger your own imagination and creative power, and once you do, it exposes more of itself.


You were operating in a territory, so to speak, that was as big as a house, and now it’s as big as a city.


In my consulting work with clients, and in my audio seminars (The Transformations, for example), I deal with these creative issues. They are resolved, as the person begins to create more and as he begins to create with more power.


As a metaphor, consider the life and career of the Spanish architect, Gaudi. Once he began to gain commissions in the city of Barcelona, he was no longer simply designing apartment buildings. He embarked on a huge cathedral, and he created a magnificent serpentine bench at the top of the city…


In other words, he began to see more possibilities for his art, and he began to realize he could imagine and create with greater power and dimension.


In effect, his desire expanded from its original shape.


He was no longer just an architect working on strict orders from his clients.


He saw more of his own desire.


This is the road of magic. You begin where you begin, and as you create more and more, the territory and your power expand.


So does your energy.


The environment around you and within you changes. Your energy is having effects in new spaces. This isn’t something you can measure with a meter. It isn’t something you can get a grip on by merely “taking a scientific attitude.”


This is a different world.


You see that energy and matter and, in fact, the whole continuum we tend to cherish and accept as the totality of existence, is only a piece of something much, much larger.


You don’t just think about this. You experience it.


You discover that every picture of reality, from the sub-atomic all the way to the cosmic and the metaphysical, is “waiting,” just as your desire is waiting, for you to undertake creative work—at which point, the whole notion of reality “surrenders” to your larger imagination and energy.


It’s not a closed system at all. It’s entirely open.


Jon Rappoport