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How much creative force does it take to overcome the stultification of a life lived with an energy deficit along a half-desired path?


It takes just enough. That’s how much.


It takes enough to swing the see-saw in your direction.


Somebody could probably come up with a fancy formula for it, but it would be useless.


The universe doesn’t have this problem. It goes its merry way, with space storms, blowing up stars, black holes sucking down matter into its maw, dissipating and adding energies, planets circling around suns. It has no problem because its paths are fixed and it has no imagination. The universe is a beautiful dumb blond.


But you are something else again. You can try on various android roles and good citizen roles and normal roles and average roles and dumb roles, but you’ll never be happy with them, because you are blessed or cursed (depending on your point of view) with imagination.


You can complain until the cows comes home that you don’t understand how imagination works, but it’s all in vain. Because you invented imagination, as strange as it may seem. It’s your baby. You are the owner of a trillion to the trillionth power creative-capacity, and you can try to park it in a dirty garage on the wrong side of town if you want to, but it’ll find its way home.


And then you’ll have to go through the tedious process of finding another hiding place for it, a place you can forget exists, but it’ll laugh at you, because it knows you invented it in the first place.


Our whole civilization may be arranged to diminish the knowledge of creative force, but it’s a losing proposition. People remember, despite their own best efforts.


They remember the joy of creating. It comes back to them in flashes. The human race can grind this planet down to dust and it won’t change the cardinal facts. People can scream from rooftoops, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, I HAVE TOO MANY PROBLEMS, and that won’t change the cardinal facts, either.


A person says: I CAN’T, BECAUSE…




He keeps on saying it for maybe forty years or forty lifetimes or forty centuries or forty epochs…


And somewhere along the line he changes course in a split second and re-imagines imagination and launches himself into the stratosphere.


THAT’S the underlying story of history, the story that lives far beyond any zero-paralysis.


It’s our inheritance, legacy, core, forever.


Elites come and go, secret societies rise and fall, civilizations are built and then decay, big lies are floated and disintegrate, religions come into their own and then are abandoned, monuments are stood up and then collapse, and the core story lives on: we imagine, we create.


And since that is the case, why wait?


The universe, despite its ceaseless action, is really a place of stasis. That means forces are counter-balanced, there is stability, sameness, a kind of mutual canceling out. Societies are arranged in a similar way. Stasis is achieved and maintained because every thing and person appears to be defined, appears to be what it or he/she is and nothing else, appears to be a persistent role. A role in a giant stage play.


A tree is a tree. A rock is a rock. John Jones is John Jones. A star is a star. A galaxy is a galaxy.


As long as we have the perception that these roles are stable, are what they are, are nothing else, we continue to have the stasis. We continue to believe in the structure. We continue to be defined. We continue to find patterns and sub-patterns within the overall stasis.


To question this seems quite absurd. How could things be any different?


But two breakthroughs change the perception of stasis. One, a person projects energy across space. This gives rise to the notion that new energy can be created, and can be used, at any given moment. This doesn’t fit into the time-worn stage play. It introduces a new element, a wild card. Every person becomes a potential source of energy. Magic.


And two, a person can inhabit, play, and speak from an infinite number of roles. Suddenly, the stasis is cracked. Every person is himself, but he can also become Other. This flexibility, exercised through imagination and creative power, introduces the principle of dynamism.


We are no longer looking at universe as “what it is.” Universe becomes Theater. Although every element and person was playing a more or less defined role, this was nothing more than a starting point.


When a person embodies a new role and speaks from it, stagnant energies are liberated and new energies are created. The directions in which those energies now travel are reversed, re-directed, and their power is multiplied.


The stasis recedes into the background. Dynamism replaces it. Everything outside ourselves, everything we thought was completely external and encased and separate and unknowable and unattainable becomes inhabitable.


All our efforts to shore up our defined roles and make them stronger and maintain them—in other words, the business of living—is now seen as prelude to The Magic Theater, which is a wider and deeper conception. A wider and deeper action. Yes, we never cease being ourselves, but this is augmented by our capacity to embody any thing, personage, process, idea, and quality and speak from it, as it.


This is new. This is like finding out the Earth is not the center of the universe forever, but is revolving around the sun.


But it is more, because you can be the Earth, the sun, stars, galaxies. Not just in thought, but as actor. You can give voice to them. In dialogue, in The Magic Theater.


At its core, stasis stood for fixed arrangements and quantities and vectors of energy. The eternal formula. But no longer. Now energy is liberated to an extraordinary degree, and with it, the capacity to create and make magic.


This has never been done before—not on the scale I’m describing.


Jon Rappoport