SEPTEMBER 21, 2011. Okay, folks, I’m getting this one out to you in a hurry, because a radio show on this subject airs in less than 3 hours. I’ll give you the URLs for the show today and the archive.


The radio host is my friend, Robert Scott Bell, whom I’ve worked with many times over the years. Today, he’ll explore Brent Leung’s new film, THE EMPEROR’S NEW VIRUS, which takes up the question: DOES HIV EXIST?


Don’t miss it. After I wrote AIDS INC., in 1988, which was the first book to reject the idea that HIV caused AIDS, I saw that the next big question was: did they ever isolate HIV in the first place? Did they ever find it? Is it a real virus? Others took up that question and debates moved along, and still move along.


Well, today’s show will begin to attack that question directly with interviews and commentary.


To listen live, today, Sept. 21, at noon EDT:


To pick up the show in the archive:


As you’ll understand, as you listen, this issue spreads out into the whole question of the reliability and validity of various medical diagnostic tests.


Jon Rappoport