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In the theatrical presentation called Life on Planet Earth, there is only one question you really need to answer.


Will you live through and by imagination, or will you find a closed system that translates into the character you will then embody?


There is no middle ground, and there certainly isn’t an answer to be found by appealing to authority.


You can wiggle around the question and find reasons to delay an answer, you can cook up all manner of postponements, you can put your trust in some entity or force that will present you with a solution, you can try to maintain a status quo, you can blame infamous men behind the curtain who are pulling strings, you can settle on the strategy of trying to preserve what you have, you can induce amnesia, you can wait for a revolution that will obviate the need for answering the question.


But all of these fall short and dissolve in the wind.


I agree with those who say we are reaching the end of an era. But what that statement actually and specifically implies is another issue altogether.


No matter what door the human race walks through, the same question will remain for each individual.


Societies inevitably set up structures that depend on finding lowest common denominators, which can be appealed to and tapped, in order to stimulate superficial desires.


The easy way is to discover your place in that system and work your corner to maximize your gains.


There are prophets everywhere. They always follow the same plan. They talk about Future and what it holds. They know their audience is looking for an out. So they imbue Future with the capacity to descend like an irresistible and transformative bolt of lightning.


But the future is created. By individuals.


The Collective is the illusion of little pieces coming home to a Whole.


For the past several years, I have been writing articles about what the life of imagination is. These descriptions and depictions are efforts to stimulate the imaginations of readers.


Not because there is some formula one can then follow, but because imagination is the basis of existence itself.


Earth culture has no truck with such a notion. It prefers endless struggle focused around the clandestine purpose of making everyone unfit to live, except through dependence on those who pull the political and economic strings.


In the Collective, no one is free, except for the choice to give away everything he has and is and could be to a “higher good.”


This is the ultimate product for sale on Earth. It costs nothing to get in. It costs all you have to stay in.


Even the most optimistic solutions on the horizon are not the specie of answer I’m talking about in this article. If somehow a new form of energy is put into effect on a very broad basis, and every human on the planet can walk around with his own energy pack…this doesn’t solve the deep and essential human dilemma. Neither does a friendly space ship landing on the lawn of the White House.


How to live?


Through and by unlimited imagination, or as a character embodying a closed system?


Which do you choose and which do you walk away from?


The most effective propaganda steering us toward closed systems is that which merely presents life-as-group. If this principle can be established in the mind, with all that it suggests, and under a variety of guises, those who bite will immediately find themselves right in the middle of society-as-we-know-it, with all its sentimental exaggerations and cartoons that deify forms of the Collective.


Freedom from group has no role in propaganda.


We are told that the group stands for reaching up, when it actually involves reaching down.


What is laughingly called “the collective unconscious” is not, as advertised, a source of eternal wisdom. It in fact signifies the largest group on Earth, a subconscious melding dedicated to Staying The Same. Most people don’t discover this—because they don’t want to.


When I was a child, I often heard the phrase “will power.” It simply meant you exerted the force of will to achieve something you desired, and in the process you overcame obstacles. Well, that phrase gradually fell out of favor. It was considered foolish. Instead, we had to understand the mass of humanity had to be freed from its chains through social and political movements.


Eventually, something was proved. Breaking chains was no guarantee. In fact, the agenda was really about reducing everyone to an unfit status—and if we look, we can see that playing out now.


More and more, people with so-called privileged backgrounds are searching for something that will grant them victim status, from which perch they can imitate people who really have been oppressed by criminals. This is a proper example of a closed system.


On the other hand, living through and by imagination is a fierce joy that waits for anyone who finally decides to choose that path.


Having made the choice, the wait is over. Now there are new struggles, but the rewards are far greater.


There are many people who would rather wrestle with a problem than find a solution. And there are a few people who realize that the whole endless pattern of discovering problems and solving them is a cover, below which lies a different kind of power altogether. That power is invention, creation, imagination, improvisation, innovation.


That’s the new world. That’s the world that is born in an individual. By his own choice.


Jon Rappoport

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