NOVEMBER 22, 2011. A hundred years ago, a few intrepid souls initiated a revolution in health in America. They talked and wrote about nutrition, about fasting, about supplementation. They were the health nuts.


They had a very wide vision of the future. They realized their audience was small, but that didn’t matter. They pushed ahead.


Today, millions of Americans have caught on. The underground is quite visible. It isn’t an underground anymore.


The movement has gone mainstream because people have a choice. They can think for themselves. They can act on their thoughts. There is that freedom.


Of course, we have health dictators in government who know what they want. And choice isn’t it. They want you to bow down and grovel and obey. It’s that simple. They’re criminals.


The FDA, for example, is a criminal agency. It has institutionalized its crimes. Made those crimes part of government.


The FDA can look the other way while the medical system kills 225,000 people a year, 106,000 from the effects of approved and certified drugs. (Starfield, July 26, 2000, JAMA, “Is US health really the best in the world?”)


The FDA can also, at the same time, try to decimate the nutritional-supplement industry, whose products kill virtually no one every year.


And compliant and sold-out and intentionally stupid media can go along with this travesty.


We are reaching a new crossroads, where criminals collide with citizens who have free choice. If the FDA puts its new regulations (not laws) into effect in the next two months, every manufacturer of supplements will be forced to undergo a review of all its products, will have to justify the use of most ingredients as safe, before the criminal throne of the FDA.


This time-consuming and expensive process could bankrupt many companies, and depending on FDA judgments, could exclude many products from the marketplace.


The health revolution could be forced underground again.


Big government attracts big-time dictators and their small underling dictators. These people want power over you. They want to tell you what you can do and can’t do. It’s their life. They sell out to certain corporate interests, and they tell you what you can do.


But it’s your body.


If you let them tell you what you can put in it and what you can’t put in it, your body belongs to them. They own it.


They’ll assert that ownership to the degree they think they can get away with it.


How do you like that?


Jon Rappoport