by Jon Rappoport

April 26, 2012



“Early in my career as a therapist, I had a Hispanic client who, under hypnosis, regressed into a life as a white settler in Michigan. At the end of the session, he was laughing so hard he almost fell off his chair. He told me later he laughed for about two days. I don’t have any opinion about what he experienced. I don’t say he regressed into an earlier life and I don’t say he imagined the whole thing. It makes no difference to me. All I know is, he went from earning twelve dollars an hour to owning his own business, and a few years later he was making more money than I was.” — Jack True, hypnotherapist, in THE MATRIX REVEALED.


Barack Obama’s mother was white.


As far as I know, that makes him the first white and black president.


This would have been a perfect opportunity to ascend to a “post-racial” presidency. Of course, that didn’t happen.


He could have said, “I’m black and I’m white.”


For reasons which remain obscure, this is apparently not permitted.


To me, “I’m black and I’m white” is an ideal place to begin a conversation that takes things to a whole new level.


It cuts across many preconceptions and taboos and prejudices.


It also, however, could change voter polls.


Still, I can see the upside of “black and white.”



I’m not up on the etiquette and the correct way to proceed, but somewhere I seem to have read that a mixed-race person can decide which race he wants to belong to. He can make a declaration. The biology of the situation remains what it is, but a person can choose.


If so, then why can’t anybody with a drop of blood from another race make a choice? Maybe you have a drop of Indian blood. You could say and declare you’re an Indian. Do percentages of blood factor in? Is that supposed to tip the scale? What are the numbers? Who decides? Is it true that in Brazil, if a dark-hued person has a drop of white blood, he’s considered white?


It’s a bit confusing.


Obviously, a lot of people in America wanted the first black president, and to them these distinctions are irrelevant. They wanted what they wanted, and they said they won. It was a landmark moment. I agree, but I don’t buy the accepted story line.


I think it’s clear the landmark event was this: Obama IS a black and white president. And I do believe, with his oratorical skills—at least judging from the early speeches—he could have made that stick. He could have made his presence on the scene transcendent.


But we have forces at work engaged in a far-reaching psy-op, the intent of which is to divide the nation into camps. The last thing these people want is a man in the Oval Office who stands on both sides of the divide and is willing to say so in convincing and unflinching fashion, come hell or high water.


With enough conviction, I believe Obama could have outdistanced those forces.


But he wasn’t ready for that and he didn’t want that, and neither did the usual suspects who were his money men.


Here is perhaps a clue: “I’m the first black and white president. I can therefore think from the black and the white perspective. I can reason as a black man and I can reason as a white man…”


At some point in this monologue, the whole thing would fall apart, wouldn’t it? We would see the black and the white stereotypes for what they are. Separate portraits forced on us by media and by politicians and by people obsessed with their own racial agendas.


I recall some years ago hearing a radio broadcast by a man who had spent years in South American jungles with several tribes. He was studying their use of plant drugs. When asked what these people were like, he said, “It’s like being with any other group. There are all sorts of characters there. Some are friendly. Some are bad people. Some are shy. Others are outspoken…”


Nobody appeared to be interested in that representation. It didn’t play into any myth. It was beyond myths.


I met Buddha in a drug store. He was buying chewing gum and a pillow. He was looking for those very small batteries, but they were out of stock. We talked about the St. Louis Cardinals. He said he wished they had signed Albert Pujols to a long-term contract…”


No good.


Definitely no good.


Black, white, it really does come down to that remark of Martin Luther King—judging by content of character, not by color of skin.


And this may be considered radical, but a person’s thoughts, actions, decisions, visions for the future, power, independence, and imagination don’t emanate from pigment.


Unless he says they do. Unless he takes on that role. It’s a ROLE.


But we’re not supposed to notice that. We’re supposed to overlook the obvious.


Presidents take on roles. Bush was the shitkicker cowboy from Texas, who was actually part of the eastern establishment. Clinton was the good old boy from Arkansas. Jimmy Carter was the loving binder of people’s sorrows, the kind and endlessly sympathetic member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Nixon was playing a cartoon of a cartoon, difficult to follow. Obama is the first black president.


It’s a play.


None of these were good plays. On Broadway, all of them would have closed down in a week.


In politics, you need pundits to keep up a steady stream of good reviews to push ticket sales along. You need, for instance, Chris Matthews, to feel his leg tingle when he thinks about Obama. You need Sean Hannity to turn Bush into a quintessential American.


Every psy-op requires propagandists and their minions, and dupes who swallow the myths whole. It’s a clumsy dance, and everybody involved is faking it, and they’re not faking it well.


But the psy-op plows ahead. Divide America into hostile camps. Blow on sparks and ignite fires whenever possible. Keep people on edge and looking the wrong way while their rights and their property are stolen out from under them.


When the time and the president are right, talk about the utopia just up the road. When the time is right, talk tough.


Meanwhile, suck America up into a funnel of globalist madness, a far different play, produced by the men behind the curtain.


Put America into the pot with every other no-longer-sovereign nation and melt the whole mass down into a homogeneous bankrupt glob that needs rescue From Above.


A civilization reaches a point of no-return when its citizens begin to recognize THEY ARE ACTORS IN A PLAY. When that day comes, when the technology of the society is far enough along to provide a level of comfort for the majority, when there is time to think about things and look at the overall landscape, when media are reflecting images back at the people and unintentionally exposing the melodramatic and farcical elements of the whole show….a moment of danger is reached.


The awareness of the public must not be permitted to advance beyond that point. If it does, the whole structure of the psy-op will disintegrate. People will exit their normal and average roles. Society will move to places that can’t be controlled.


People will look for new plays. They will write them.


I mark a key moment of retreat as the early 1960s. I was there. I saw it happen. I saw the U-turn and the 180.


People, for example, who had little apparent interest in religion suddenly began to regress into hardened fundamentalist and orthodox camps. They backed up into their corners. People for whom race was never really a major preoccupation began to assert that skin color, any color was a magical source of opinion, conviction, thought, distinct insight, separate passion, unique talent, creativity, and disposition.


It was as if a light had been turned off. People retreated from the edge of seeing through the conventional melodrama of society and its propaganda signals. They stood at the bank of the clear river, but they didn’t drink the water. They ran back to their “tribes.”


Roles in a play of conflict.


Every group (as opposed to the individual) of the 1960s was oversold. That was done on purpose, to make grotesque extremism succeed, and to enhance conflict. Feminism was oversold. Drugs were oversold. Hippies were oversold. Revolutionaries were oversold. Communitarianism was oversold. Black power was oversold. Fundamental Christianity was oversold. Permissiveness was oversold. Environmentalism was oversold. Rock and roll was oversold. Sex was oversold. Affirmative action was oversold. Consumerism was oversold. Liberalism and conservatism were oversold. Sheer bullshit pretentiously and obviously parading as truth was oversold.


All that selling is still with us.


Many of the groups mentioned above were infiltrated by operatives, whose mission was to push them beyond any place of simple common sense, into hardened lunacy, so that inter-group conflicts and confusion were inevitable.


So…in case it’s not clear, Barack Obama isn’t black or white or both. He’s Barack Obama.


That’s lost, because the most profound objective of the overall psy-op I’m describing is the eradication of the idea of the Individual. That’s been the globalist target in America for many, many years.


And what better way to achieve that than to inject, over and over again, the notion that Groups and their movements and causes and demands and separate characteristics are the basic units of life, that Groups are everything, that Groups are all we have?


Children are now taught that the unbridled individual is the cause of all our ills. But no. The free individual doesn’t start wars. Oligarchs do. And from groups of oligarchs ruling from behind the scenes, all the way down to street thugs, it’s the stone-cold Group that has hitched its star to destruction.


These are all synthetic and invented groups, when you see them for what they are. The one natural category of group that promotes life—family and small geographic community—is under the same kind of attack that the individual is.


It’s not accidental.


But at the bottom of all this manipulation is the intense multi-front campaign to make the ideal of the free powerful individual a relic.


The social engineers, all the way from Plato to Marx to the Frankfurt School to the Tavistock Institute, to numerous academic institutions all over the planet, will do everything in their power to scrub out any traces of the free powerful individual. They must. Their whole pattern of impulse and thought is about the group and the mass. That’s where it starts and that’s where it ends.


Why is that? Because as individuals, these social engineers lost the thread. They lost the threads of themselves—except as elitists entitled to special treatment in the world they were and are making. That is their only hope. They are otherwise destitute. They otherwise have nothing, because they have lost themselves as individuals. That statement is true down to the bone.


It is equally true of the dupes they manage and command.


Those “rebels” who think their particular group with its yearnings and longings and sentiments are going to gain, in the long run, favored status in the new world order, are in for a rude shock. They are only temporary tenants. Their usefulness will come to an end and they will be cast out, hung out to dry.


Here’s another thing. When social engineers talk about mass psychology and group profiles and managing response and aptitude tests, and when they talk about the threat of climate change and green agendas and arranging population densities and sustainability and diversity and cities of the future, they are talking about synthetic and artificial groups. They are talking about forcing actors (people) into roles and forcing them deeper into those roles.


In other words, they’re betting on a self-fulfilling prophecy. “If we can define groups as we want them to be defined, and if we can predict and manage a future in which the population of the planet is led and coerced into these groups we define, then we can operate the levers of the next decade and the next century…”


I use Obama as an example, because by the rules and propaganda of the social engineers, he couldn’t be black and white even if he wanted to be. It wouldn’t be allowed. He would be violating a taboo. A created taboo. From an early age, he was loaded up as “an agent of change,” and in order for that to work, he had to play out a black role. Oh, certainly, he’s chosen to play that out. No doubt about it.


But looking at the parade of presidents you’ve seen in your lifetime, you’ll notice that all of them have chosen a role: president. NOT INDIVIDUAL. That would shake things up. That would really cause a stir. That would violate the rules.


The planners say, “Because of THIS social situation (which we’ve created) we need THIS kind of actor.”


And out rolls history. One social and political and economic situation after another, created and rigged and “fictionalized” into reality—each situation demanding a different actor playing a different role to maintain the illusion.


Right now, it’s “black.”




If the ideal and the principle and reality of the free powerful individual is instated, the whole show collapses.


You have to take that power.


It’s yours.


It starts with freedom, and it jumps to imagination, that supposed childish toy everyone grows out of at the age of consent.


Imagination IS magic, but that doesn’t equate to snapping your fingers twice on day one and causing a hundred gold bars to manifest on your living room floor.


Imagination and what it can yield up to you is a lifetime operation and commitment.


Finding imagination and exploring it and using it isn’t a child’s game. It’s the next step after a personal declaration of independence.


Here are three significant approaches to consciousness. The first is FEEDBACK CONSCIOUSNESS. You take every signal reported to you by your body and your feelings and the environment, and you base all your actions on those signals, which answer the question, HOW AM I DOING? When feedback consciousness rules the roost, you’re a victim, pure and simple.


There is PROBLEM AND SOLUTION CONSCIOUSNESS. When this mode of operation is completely in charge, EVERYTHING looks like a problem that needs to be resolved. And resolutions never end, because in this state of mind, you’re always perceiving new problems on all sides that demand your attention and energy.


Then there is CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the endless sea. This is you inventing realities. This is you deploying and immersing yourself in imagination and bringing into being, in the world, your most profound desires.


And believe it or not, your creative consciousness is more powerful than all the ops and all the engineering in the world.


It’s the unlimited role in the unlimited play. It’s more than a role. It’s you as you are and could be.


This is what my work is all about.


Here is a brief excerpt from an interview I did with Jack True, hypnotherapist (1987). I interview Jack 40 times in my new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED.


Hypnotizing a person isn’t the same thing as unleashing his creative potential. You don’t insert creative power into a person. It’s already there. You can help liberate it. That’s turned out to be my main thrust. But it’s there already. It’s in the closet. It’s like an engine that’s idling on low. Why low? Why not high? The reason is more than societal. It’s more than cultural. It’s more than religion or race or place of origin. It’s cosmic. (laughs) It’s about the person’s own conception of what he’s all about. It’s about how far his sense of space goes. It’s about how free he is from old wrinkled cultural space. It’s about thinking of himself as a creator. This is the great secret. What happens when a person thinks of himself as a creator? What happens then? What does he do? From my experience, he undergoes a revolution. It’s enormous. It’s electric. Now, creating something and thinking of yourself as a creator are two different things. You can create and still be largely unconscious. But when you decide you’re a creator and then you create, that’s when the electricity hits. That’s when tremendous transformation takes place…”


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.