by Jon Rappoport

June 12, 2012


After my last article about Ron Paul, and after my conversation with Alex Jones two days ago, I’ve had a chance to reflect further on this whole fiasco, and I’ve seen a deeper operating level. So I’m writing a follow-up.


The Paul family and the Romney family are friendly, so it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine Romney telling Rand he agrees with Rand on many points, but that it will take time to introduce “real change we can believe in” to the current American political system.


This is a classic bait and switch. “Join us for the long haul. We need men like you. We’ll win the fight.” Then Rand joins, and lo and behold, the inside game isn’t what he thought it would be. It’s something else entirely.


Meanwhile, Rand is thinking that if Romney loses to Obama in the election, he, Rand, could strengthen his position within the GOP and launch a run for the presidency in 2016, while retaining his father Ron’s wide base of support all over America. Rand is thinking that maybe the Republican Party can’t win national elections without the liberty movement, and he is the liberty movement.


This is all a delusion. First of all, the Republican Party doesn’t need Rand Paul or his ideas. It needs the Democratic Party. And vice versa. That’s the game. As long as both Parties control the dialogue and the conflict between them, and as long as these Parties can exclude outsiders, they have things exactly as they want them. The last thing they want is a sudden demand for the Constitution.


And if Rand believes he can pick up the liberty movement again, like a coin lying in the street, after he’s joined the mainstream Republicans, he’s in for a surprise.


This was the year for an Independent candidate for president, and his name is Ron Paul. But Ron walked out on that notion. Ron should have bolted the Party and declared his candidacy as an Independent. Not as a Libertarian, not as a member of any party.


And to those who would have screamed that he was handing the election to Obama, Ron should have said the Romney doll and the Obama doll were made in the same globalist factory.


The takeaway lesson from this Ron/Rand fiasco is: don’t invest all your trust in anyone close to The One Political Party With Two Heads.


How many times, how many blowups, how many scandals does it take to convince us that the Republicans and the Democrats are chronic globalist racketeers?


To try to revolutionize the Republican/Democratic Party on a national level is a mission Don Quixote would have rejected out of hand.


The liberty movement, in all its forms, is far from finished, but it will remove itself from Republican/Democrat national politics, if common sense prevails.


When you try to reform an endemically corrupt system by working inside it, by cozying up to it, you find yourself receiving marching orders, and if you don’t march, they kick you to the side of the road.


The two major political parties in America are striving to place the nation under the control of a global management machine. That is their unspoken agenda, and it has been their agenda for a long time.


Rand Paul is working from a playbook others have studied. They have failed, and so will he. The playbook is called “reforming and enlightening career criminals.”


Note: I’m not talking about what can happen on a local political level, I’m talking about the national scene, and especially about presidential politics.


Frankly, many people in the liberty movement have opted for the easy way out. That’s right. They saw Ron Paul as a man who could utilize “the equipment” of the Republican Party to move into the presidency of the United States. The Republican Party was already there. The apparatus of the GOP was already there. There was no need to reinvent the wheel. No need to start from scratch with a truly Independent candidacy, which would have required the herculean task of waking voters up from the delusion that Republicans or Democrats are somehow legitimate agents of the American Republic.


The idea of Ron Paul “slipping into the presidency” via the Republican Party…that’s why many people in the liberty movement went along with Ron Paul as a Republican candidate. That’s why, against their better judgment, many people looked the other way and fed themselves a fairy tale about presidential politics.


I understand that fairy tale. I’m not blaming anybody. And you see, Ron and Rand told themselves the same tale. Apparently, they’re still telling it to themselves.


So you had an embrace-of-illusion between Ron, Rand, and a large number of their supporters. They were all in it together. That’s why the people who now feel betrayed and angry should stop for a minute and assess what really happened here. When you buy a false myth, you need to own up to it. You can’t go around being a betrayed martyr for the cause. That gets you nowhere.


Instead, you have face up to the reality that a person with the vision to run for the presidency of the United States, on behalf of liberty, in the face of the operating system called The One Party With Two Heads—and all that Party really stands for—a person who is going to take on that task as a true candidate IS going to have to start from scratch, as an Independent.


Ron Paul isn’t superman. Over the years, he’s bounced in and out of the Republican Party. He’s seen—and then not seen—that his real road was as a complete Independent.


When it comes to presidential politics, the Tea Party has expressed exactly the same in-and-out ambiguity.


So be it.


You live, you learn.


Some day, if he’s awake enough, Rand Paul will learn, too.


Where many people in the liberty movement have stopped short in their thinking is on the issue of what globalism really means, and how the leadership of the Democratic and Republican Parties are committed to it, day after day, year after year, presidency after presidency. Liberty advocates see it and then they don’t see it. They create a blur in their thought process. They avoid the fact that any presidential candidate who throws his hat in the ring, on the side of either major political party, is asking for a fall.


It’s as if a free and strong long-distance runner said to himself, “I’ll put myself in a wheelchair for a little while, and then I’ll stand up.”


The kind of limited central government that is needed to restore personal freedom is the nemesis of the core of the Republican and Democratic Parties.


For a long time, both Parties have been building out the federal government so that it locks hands with other governments, with international organizations, with financial controllers, with military establishments, in order to create empire. This, at times, has looked like an American empire, but as perverse as such an ambition is, that goal has been superseded.


Remember It Takes a Village (to raise a child)? Well at this point in time, the adage should be, It Takes a Village to Allow One Atom of Freedom for an Individual. That’s the blueprint. That’s the globalist goal. False flag operations, manufactured crises, whatever it takes, the plan is to derive the operation of planet Earth from Central Planning.


The real movers within the Democratic and Republican Parties are on board with this objective. They will stay on board.


Whether the Ron/Rand blow-up turns into a stew of lost opportunities, simmering with self-pity, anger, regret, and betrayal is simply a question about the second half of a fairy tale, about how a fairy tale ends, when the ring that was supposed to restore real justice and freedom is finally placed on the finger of the hero, and everyone sees that the ring was never the transformative object it was said to be.


Do the people become stronger, or were they never in it to become stronger?


Are they doomed to want to live in the first half of the fairy tale?


A year ago, Ron Paul could have stood up and given a speech that started out something like this: “My name is Ron Paul and I’m an Independent. I reject the central program of both political parties. I reject the idea that America is supposed to be part of some bigger scheme, because I assure you, that bigger scheme involves giving up your freedom. That’s why I’m running for president. I will never bow to the dictates of either party. I will not seek to belong to either party. And I think you understand why, and I think you are with me on this. You want individual freedom to prevail, and you want the kind of limited government our Founders created, to sustain that freedom. This is not an obsolete idea. It’s an independent idea, and that is precisely why I’m running as an Independent…”


But you see, he didn’t make that speech. You can blame him for not making it, but what good does it do to fashion him into someone he wasn’t? I’m not criticizing the man. I’m just saying people still have the choice of taking a scintillating vision of liberty and turning it into actuality. They don’t have to over-praise or attack Ron Paul. He walked his road, and he woke many people from their slumber. Nothing about that will ever change.


If the marathon for liberty develops the component of a relay race, we can crack open consensus reality that way, too. We can live with that. We can thrive. Ron Paul carried the relay-baton a long way. We don’t have to submit to the notion that his son now has the baton. We can take it.


I know some people are wondering whether Ron was really a “designer product” aimed at ultimately driving the liberty movement into a ditch, a dead-end. I know some people are wondering whether the Ron Paul movement was created as a safety valve, to blow off harmless steam from the tightening control operations of the federal government and the globalist elite. Unless hard evidence is brought forward to prove that, I say no. Ron Paul was a man who did what he could, within his own assessment of the political realities, to expose what has been happening to America and put it back on the correct path. He did this brilliantly. Not perfectly. Perfect is part of the fairy tale. Ron lived a lot of years inside the Dragon of Washington DC. Not many people with his ideas could have done that. He saw, up close, how the Dragon works, and if he came away believing that certain compromises are necessary, in order to win the day, so be it. We don’t have to eat our own to prove how pure our own vision is. The battle is not lost. The game is afoot. Freedom never dies. The free individual is forever. That’s not a fairy tale. It’s a fact that can sustain us through any crisis. And it will.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.