by Jon Rappoport

October 5, 2012


For decades, disaffected Americans have been trudging to the polls and voting for the lesser of two evils. That’s how they register their preference for a presidential candidate.


Choices based on that dubious strategy seem to work for the short-term (at best). But in the long run, the law of diminishing returns sets in.


Term after presidential term, the lesser of two evils lowers the quality of life for everyone and keeps nudging the decline of the American Republic. The hole to dig out of becomes deeper, and successive presidents—each one the lesser of two evils—are less capable and willing to do the necessary digging.


That’s the story of leadership in America.


But prompted by new and more desperate created crises, citizens resort to the “lesser” strategy every four years, believing they must.


Carter-Reagan, Reagan-Mondale, Bush-Dukakis, Bush-Clinton, Bush-Gore, Bush-Kerry, Obama-McCain, Obama-Romney.


I’m not that enthusiastic about either man, but I have to choose one. I have to go with the lesser of two evils, because this country is in real trouble.”


Where does it stop?


Look, this time I’m picking the lesser of two evils, because the national crisis is so terrible. But next time, I promise I’ll do something else.”


Really? What else will you do? Hope the sun comes out?


The voter who is chronically addicted to the lesser of two evils is like a man in debt who borrows to pay it off. Each time he borrows, the debt gets bigger. He says, “I know this is crazy, but what else can I do? Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is the lesser of two evils. If I don’t do it, I’m sunk. I promise I’ll straighten this mess out—but not right now. I have a payment coming due. I have to borrow again.”


And just like the federal debt, which keeps swelling, the election of one lesser after another as president keeps expanding the national misery. Finally, the idea that voters can step outside the two-party system to find a real president who actually believes in the Constitution seems like a pipe dream, because all the prior lessers have screwed things up so badly, have sold so out badly, have trampled on the Constitution so crazily…the shell-shocked public accepts these lessers as the status quo.


At that point, people say, “Stop all this nonsense about a third-party candidate. Get real. We have to choose from the two candidates in front of us. That’s what life and elections are all about. Be an adult. Make your decision. Go for the lesser of two evils.”


If this is wisdom, a strawberry is navigating a space ship to Jupiter.


Hmm. You know, that’s not a bad idea. If we could insert four or five hundred new DNA strands in a strawberry, give it artificial eyes, install tiny computers in its skin, it might work. Captain Strawberry. It’s better than having a human pilot the craft. The distance is so great, a human could never sustain concentration for the duration of the voyage. All in all, the strawberry is the lesser of two evils.”


A national poll might prove quite interesting. Ask people, “In the presidential election, are you voting for the lesser of two evils? Are you voting for the candidate who is “less bad” than the other guy?”


Better yet, let’s have a candidate who says, up front, “Hi, I’m Fred Goober. I’m the lesser of two evils, and I’m running for president. Let’s not kid each other. You know, I know, and everybody knows that my opponent and I are both morons and sell-outs. We got where we are by lying and stealing. What else did you expect? We’re both puppets for larger forces. But at least I’m willing to admit it. And I believe, in my heart, that I’m the lesser of two evils. What do you say? Cut me a break. I really want to live in the White House and be the commander-in-chief. And my wife? Don’t get me started on what she wants.”


So the next time a “smarter, wiser” friend, who “really knows how the world works,” tells you you’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils, realize who’s smart and who the idiot is.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.


  1. TNT says:

    I have been saying this since 1974!!!!!! Sooo glad someone else can see this. The Reps & Dems are flips sides to the same coin, their agenda has been identical since they split from the Democratic Republicans (they split over methodology to achieve the goal only). Our founding fathers NEVER wanted political factions (parties) “married” to our government – EVER!!!! All states should delete the political alliance field in ALL voter registration databases, only run ANY and ALL elections where ALL voters in the database can vote. Eliminate ANY & ALL purely political elected or appointed positions at ALL levels of government. Only allow INDIVIDUALS to contribute to ANY political campaign. All elected and appointed candidates MUST be financially solvent (owe less than they earn and no back taxes). Cap any and all elected and appointed positions at ALL levels of government to $100,000 a year (if these people can’t budget on that then they are not worthy to be in office). Put ANY and ALL insurances on the open market; risk pool at no less than a region (a region must have a min of 1 million people in it) – this will free the enslavement of employees from the employer and eliminate the need for any “pre existing condition” clauses. Make it MANDATORY that “appointments” or “elections” for the electors of a state be openly public, with open voting by ANY and ALL registered voters and bound to vote reflecting the demographics of the state. We need our Electoral College back so it can prevent bullying by numbers!!!!!!!

    Since 1974 I have voted for any candidate that is NOT a Rep or Dem or socialist/marxist/communist.

    EVIL IS EVIL – put the “lesser of evils” into office and they will be just as evil as the “greater of evils” by the end of their terms.

    Keep up the great work ;-}


    I share Preparedness, Homesteading, Self-reliance knowledge & doc’s at: &

  2. Anonymous says:

    by not voting you are really registering your will that you do not trust the candidate and is more powerful than voting

  3. Cyber King says:

    I disagree with the last comment. Even a dead fish goes with the flow. By not voting one is giving their power away. Vote for the third party. One cannot vote for an imaginary, ideal candidate. Photoshop doesn’t help here.

  4. TNTCrazyLady says:

    I vote I just will NOT vote for a Rep or Dem or some type of dictator or communist, etc ;-}

  5. Anonymous says:

    Reply to above anonymous commenter: Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like not voting is just giving up your voice. There’s got to be another way that is more effective- actually makes a difference- than to just say, “I’m not going to vote, if I have to choose between these guys.”

  6. jen says:

    I believe in voting NONE OF THE ABOVE and holding a re-election until we get at least a few populous candidates on the ballot. Other very democratic countries do this…the ones without a huge mafia history anyways. Keep writing…

  7. Raoul says:

    I didn’t vote in the recent mid-term elections. First time I’ve taken a pass since I came of voting age. The following is what I posted here and there as an explanation of my action (or inaction):

    I’ve been given a choice–Democrat or Republican–and I can’t vote for either party. Especially when I know the following three things:

    1) Most laws the government passes are illegal. The Supreme Court decided over 200 years ago in Marbury vs. Madison that any law which violates the constitution is void upon its passage. The same goes for court decisions–if they violate the constitution they are void upon their issuance. If I know that, why don’t our politicians? Short answer, they do. I can’t vote for people who would knowingly violate the constitution in defiance of Marbury vs. Madison.

    2) September 11. Six of the ten members of the Kean Commission refused to sign their report after they “investigated” the events of 9/11. The report was a cover-up. And according to law, if you take part in a crime after its commission (like through a cover-up), then you are guilty of that crime. Therefore, the U.S. government is guilty of the 9/11 attacks. And everyone in Washington knows it. How can I vote for people who took part in the 9/11 attacks?

    3) Disappearing children. 47,000 children disappeared at the U.S./Mexican border in 2013-2014. Why doesn’t the government investigate that? Plenty of media attention is given to the shooting of one young man in Missouri, but the media can’t look into the disappearance of 47,000? What happened to the children? Are they working in sweatshops? Sex slaves? Human sacrifices? Again, if I know about this situation, then so do the people in government. And failure to pursue the issue makes them responsible for each individual disappearance.

    So instead of voting this time around I’m writing this. I’m telling you, we have a criminal government. Our politicians (all of them) knowingly vote for illegal laws, cover up the crimes of September 11, and refuse to pursue possible human slave traffickers. I can’t endorse any of that with a vote, and all I can think to do is publicly condemn the criminals who want me to approve of their actions.

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