by Jon Rappoport

November 10, 2012


Lying down on the road in front of a truck isn’t the best way to end a political campaign, but that’s what the YES ON 37 forces are doing.


In an email sent out on Nov. 9, the PR people for 37 wrote: “They [the leaders of YES ON 37] assume these [millions of uncounted] ballots won’t be in our favor. For this reason the campaign does not want to get involved in the pressuring for counting the remaining votes.”


I guess everybody is a vote-projection expert these days. Wow.


No need to do the actual count, we already know what the score is.


Excuse me while I go out of the room and and scream for a few minutes…


And a few minutes more…


In that email, we learn the brilliant reasoning behind this abject projection of a defeat. Buckle up: “Our understanding of the situation is that the campaign believes these [millions of uncounted votes] are early ballots that were sent in during the beginning stages of the barrage of opposition commercials [by NO ON 37]. These ballots tended vote against Prop 37. They assume the ballots won’t be in our favor.”


I was sure the most insane thing that happened during this fiasco was the early projection of a defeat for 37, by the networks, on election night, with maybe 15 million votes still uncounted. But I was wrong.


This analysis by the YES ON 37 people takes the cake.


But really, what’s going on here is an incredibly naïve approach to politics. YES ON 37 is playing the game by the rules while their opponents are cheating at every turn.


The phrase, “planted the seeds of their own destruction,” comes to mind.


We know that NO ON 37 made numerous false statements in their campaign ads. We know they illegally used the seal of the FDA in those ads. That’s a felony. We know the mainstream press torpedoed YES ON 37 in the waning days of the campaign, by diverting the whole issue of GMO labeling into a non-story about whether the FBI had really opened a full-blown investigation into NO ON 37. We know the networks made a criminally early call against 37 on election night. We know millions of votes are still uncounted. We know that computer rigging in vote-counts is easily done.


But YES ON 37 is just folding up their tent and going away.


They played fair and they got destroyed.


This is the time for multi-front attacks. This is the time to bring on the lawyers. This is the time to bring on some real PR people who can fire real bullets. This is the time for a counter-media attack. This is the time for a 24/7 circus. This is the time for the kind of theater that will make NO ON 37 look like the sick joke it is.


Instead, we get abject surrender.


Well, folks, be sure you have clean underwear on when you lie down in the street in front of those oncoming trucks. Don’t yell when they rumble over you. Be polite. Make sure your hair is combed. If some of you would like to set yourselves on fire, as a sign of protest, please don’t. Those big trucks are carrying lots of gasoline and they might explode.”


Wanting to know whether the food you eat is shot full of insect genes? It isn’t just nice. It’s essential. It’s about survival.


But YES ON 37 turns out to be a bunch of rainbow people.


They’re doing New Age politics against high-level evil bastards with very deep pockets and major clout.


Fraud wins and goody-good loses.


I’m going to add a coda, because I know I’m going to get lots of emails asking, “What do we do now?” So I’ll tell you here and now.


I’ve been here before. I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. In 1993, when the forces for health freedom in America were on the move, trying to get a bill passed, in Congress, that would keep the FDA’s soiled hands away from our nutritional supplements, I sat in on meetings and I told the leaders of the movement:


It’s not enough to get a bill passed in Congress. We have to attack the bad guys. We have to attack the FDA. We have to publicize all their crimes. I have a list of the crimes.


Here is what we need. We need somebody on our side, a guy who has the money to bankroll a real PR agency for the truth. For the long term.


I’m talking about a bunch of real PR tigers who work for us. Who can get the truth out there in the press. Who have connections. We need to do this kind of PR night and day.


The principle is simple. You make the bad guys play defense. You back them up against the wall. You take them out of their game. You destroy them over and over. You show them to be the criminals they are.


This strategy is as old as the hills. Take a page out of a little thing called the Declaration of Independence. Ever read it? It was a bill of particulars against the Crown. It was an attack. It was specific. It didn’t just say, ‘We’re nice so we deserve freedom.’


When we launch this super-PR agency, we also include people who can do theater. People who can use their imaginations. Artists. People who can present the criminals in all their naked horror, and do it in such a way that everybody will see, will become outraged, will point fingers, will laugh.


This PR agency of hungry tigers will not rest. They will be on the move day and night. They will overwhelm the opposition by laying bare scandal after scandal.


Here is the downside. If we don’t do this, we’ll always be the ones who are on defense. We’ll always get ambushed. We’ll always fall back on the pseudo-religious baloney that ‘we’re right and good.’ That doesn’t even get you a token to ride the subway, my friends.”




That’s what we have to do.


And if anybody out there is ready to write me and say, “But that makes us just as bad as the bad guys, that makes us nasty,” don’t bother writing.


There is one thing that distinguishes us from the bad guys. We aren’t bad.


Knowing that is our immortal ace in the hole.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at


  1. Ian MacLeod says:

    Jon, I’ve seen this before: SOMEBODY got told, “Okay – it’s over and you LOST. Now STFU or every damned one of you will get capped in your own driveways, we’ll burn your homes down with your families IN THEM, and the press, if they say anything, will say it was unconnected robbery attempts! We OWN the press, we OWN the government, and you can’t do shit about it!” And they caved, folded up their tents and went home. They don’t seem to be the types of folks to get a concealed carry or hire bodyguards, though that’s what I’d do, even if I was likely to lose anyway. It’s an old warrior’s dictum that those of the the enemy you take with you are your honor guard in Hell, and I’m an old warrior out of a military family. Obviously these people aren’t. .


  2. I have no obligation to be sweet and nice to those who are trying to kill me. There comes a time when “right and good” need to kick butt or they are “wrong and evil.”

  3. ZippyZack2 says:

    OK Donald Trump, we need you now. Everyone has the right to know where their food comes from and what is in it. The vote count on Pop 37 must be challenged.

  4. ericwilmoth says:

    Jon, thank you for this investigative message. This is precisely the sort of potential solution to the issue I was seeking to find. What comes immediately to mind is that prop 37 actually had a number of celebs backing it–some that participated in a pro 37 ad, and also Nick Cage, who supposedly donated significant funds; how would we go about approaching such individuals–who not only have the necessary financial resources, but also the very talents you suggested for presenting a hard-hitting message that the public would listen to–and motivate them to bring on the lawyers and the PR people and get us a full count of those votes?

  5. Linda Ugelow says:

    Like you, I am flabbergasted by the lack of outrage and the capitulation of the movement to the stated results. I would have thought that fighting any suspicion of foul play would have to be part of the strategy of the initiative. Now the people have to put pressure on these movement leaders to take continued action.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did you know the Yes on 37 side had been attacked by mainstream newspapers? They called us the criminals for filing a complaint with the FDA and FBI for their criminal use of the FDA logo.

  7. Sarah Loeb says:

    Good job, Jon. Wow, you get awfully Neitzschean there toward the end. But you are absolutely right. As long as we hold ourselves to a higher “moral” standard than that of our enemies, we will lose. And we ARE losing. … This SHOULD be viewed as a fight for survival… It IS, after all, about food!

  8. Laila Jameson says:

    I have NO intention of taking this as a defeat. I see it as just the beginning and that WE will win. Sure I want labeling, but ultimately I want a full ban, AND THEY know it. They know that’s the general direction that labeling leads to so they are fighting with every dirty tactic they can, but it doesn’t scare me or slow me down. They know that what they do reaches far beyond the health of each individual and is actually destroying our environment. Let them bring it on. Let me know what else I can do. If they didn’t know WE DO HAVE THE POWER, then they wouldn’t have fought with both guns blazing!!!! WE DO, WE THE PEOPLE CAN DEFEAT THESE BEASTS, and like I said, THEY know it. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps somebody could organize a fundraiser for such a PR attack campaign. An online Money Bomb could get the ball rolling. Then another to keep it going. I’ll donate if Jon will put it together.

  10. Laila Jameson says:

    There is a group of lawyers that are suing BIG CHEM corporations. I read the article and posted it on FB a couple of months ago. These are some of the same lawyers that went after the tobacco companies that were also similarly protected . Just because they have their big bad daddy to hide behind ( the government seats, and a few new laws they’ve had passed for their own protection, so as to have carte blanche with regard to whatever practices they chose to use) doesn’t mean we can’t bring them down. THIS ISN’T the time to give up, it’s the time to get crackin. They, the big chem corporations are scared, and they are scared for a REAL REASON. That alone should be enough to make us band together RIGHT NOW and go after what we want, because we can, and WE CAN WIN. If that’s not enough then just look at the lists that are out there of the food companies, the food manufacturers and chemical manufacturers that laid down millions against prop 37. That’s the list of companies you are to boycott. By donating to the NO campaign, they provided us with a WONDERFUL basic list of who & what to boycott. They have NOW GOT TO BE freaking out that they even did that. It lets you know right off the bat who is selling GE junk to us, the really dangerous stuff. I’m actually glad they did donate so I really know who THEY are even without labeling. It’s brilliant, and gives us even MORE FUEL FOR OUR FIRE. Let’s do this thing!! The time is NOW!

  11. MJ says:

    Not surprised at all. This was a multi-pronged attack on Prop 37. The $40 million of deceptive advertising was just a diversion so that people could complain afterwards, “see, the bastards bought the election.” That diverts attention from the fact that massive vote fraud was planned all along by the NO ON 37 people, probably with government help.

    The result would have been the same even without the advertising. The advertising was just part of the charade, just like the charade of the presidential election. Obama’s victory was decided long before November, and Romney knew that; he was just a palooka playing the role of serious candidate on behalf of his elitist masters. All part of the sham election.

    Also, no doubt “Yes on 37” was infiltrated by provocateurs, or even totally created by them. It may have been a “controlled opposition” group. The objective, as someone else pointed out, may have been to create the protest and then definitively defeat it at the polls, so they could say that the controversy had now been settled, by “the people,” and GMOs have the people’s seal of approval.

    I am not in California so didn’t see YES on 37’s commercials. Were they ineffective, airy-fairy spots? Softballs, while the opposition were throwing hardballs and spitters? That would be expected of a phony provocateur YES group. I’ve seen this kind of advertising done many many times by the ostensible good guys in many different causes, and of course it never works.

    Of course the press did their usual thing. Not just the mainstream press, even the alternative press is infiltrated. They are all controlled opposition.

    And did any major newspaper even carry the story about the French study of GMOs? Based on a Google News search, the major media didn’t even report the study until later when the Biotech-funded science establishment got together to denounce it. There were no “French study finds GMO corn gives rats tumors” headlines in the major media, only “European Scientists denounce flawed French GMO study” headlines.

  12. X says:

    Why in God’s name would you spend millions of dollars getting an initiative on the ballot, getting people hyped on it, and then giving up? WTF? I am outraged. I spent countless hours campaigning for Prop 37 and then to have it thrown in my face that they are “assuming” the uncounted votes are nos. Didn’t your mom always tell you don’t assume, you’ll make an ass of yourself!! OMG I’m so pissed!!!!

  13. Chloe says:

    Really, should the Prop 37 spokespeople assume that those of us in the trenches feel the same way???? Wow, that’s just as disappointing than the “result” of the vote. Can’t we demand a full recount?

  14. mponepone1 says:

    The early votes would most likely FAVOR Prop 37. What is going on here? It seems like Yes On 37 was paid off or threatened by Monsanto and company and that needs even further investigating.

    We could be witnessing the most rampant example of voting fraud in modern history. From a 90% voter approval rating 6 months ago to defeat is nothing short of manipulation at work.

    Aren’t there any Google workers who care about GMO’s? Can’t they help to push this issue into the national spotlight? With more people investigating, it will put more pressure for the votes to be recounted ACCURATELY.

    Jon, thanks for the great work so far.

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