Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis in Newtown, Connecticut


Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis: the TV script

by Jon Rappoport

December 15, 2012


Mayor Bloomberg is leading the charge to take away guns in the wake of the Newtown child murders. The pressure is on.


Apart from grandstanding, which Bloomberg knows how to do, this is all about deflection from the main event: the killer himself.


Last night, I watched network coverage, wherein, of course, the anchors were in Newtown, standing on the street, “trying to make sense of the whole thing.”


If they’re so interested, along with the public, in figuring out why Adam Lanza killed all those children, you would think, with their enormous resources, they would find out who Lanza’s doctor-psychiatrist was in five minutes and ask him about his patient.


Of course, that’s sacred ground. Patient-doctor confidentiality.


Except the patient is dead.


So much for the networks wanting to know who Adam Lanza really was. It’s all a sham. They just want to keep asking the question over and over, pretending to be in the dark about the whole thing.


They want to “deepen the mystery” and emphasize how futile it is to get into the mind of a killer. They’ve got that rap down. They use it every time one of these mass murders happens.


They know about the psychiatric-drug connection to murders and suicides. But they won’t say the magic words. They’ll just keep biting their tongues.


And “out of respect for the victims,” the drug companies aren’t running ads anywhere near this media coverage. Translation: the companies don’t want to encourage the public to make the connection between meds and murder.


Prozac, murder. Zoloft, murder. Paxil, murder. Ritalin, murder.


Bloomberg is playing the shill for new gun control. He’s the point man of the moment, insisting “the president do something meaningful” right now. It’s an orchestrated little play.


Let’s ask Michael Moore what he thinks.”


Oh good, Rupert Murdoch is weighing in against guns.” Yes, he’s providing the “balanced” in “fair and balanced,” so people stop associating FOX News with “right-wing gun advocates” for a few hours.


And the Boston mayor is chiming in, too.


Meanwhile, the public is under the spell of mass hypnosis. Can’t stop watching the tube. Never stops to think, “Hey, why don’t they put Lanza’s doctor on the screen and have him talk about his patient?”


There are other elements of this mass trance. People bolster their belief that what happens in life is out of their hands. “See, it’s just like I thought. We have no power. I have no power. All we can do is grieve and try to heal. Light a candle.”


Notice another odd thing. No one in the tightly bound Newtown community is saying, “We’ve got to get to the bottom of this. We’ve got to find out what this killer was.” If they are saying it, you’re not seeing it on camera.


The people of Newtown can find out in an hour who Lanza’s doctor was. They can march right up to his office or house and knock on the door and tell him to come out and talk.


Why don’t they do it?


They’re still in shock, yes. But they’re also in a hypnotic state, when it comes to doctors. Don’t question the high priest in the white coat. He lives in a different sphere from the rest of us.


Ignorance=grief=healing=being a good citizen.


Here’s a phrase you’re hearing all over the tube from politicians and officials. “We have to come together.” What the hell does that mean? I even heard the police chief say it, in reference to “resolving what happened.” Garble. Pure garble.


No, “coming together” means giving up. It means abject helplessness. It means, above all, no outrage.


Have you see one person on television express outrage?


That’s verboten. They won’t allow that. Perhaps they’ll put a few citizens of Newtown on, if they want to say it’s time to take the guns away. A little bit of outrage on that score is all right.


Who knows? Maybe Newtown will become the center of a national movement to ban guns. Maybe a few PR agencies will tap in and go for it.


We’re looking at operant conditioning here. It’s acceptable to feel grief, confusion, pain. It’s acceptable to feel helpless. But outrage? No. That’s not in the playbook.


And the public, glued to their TV sets, absorbs the message. “This is the way I’m supposed to feel in the wake of one of these tragedies. This is what I can feel.”


And it’s all “in deference to the victims and their families.” That’s the capper. Anger is covertly being framed as an insult to the children who died.


This is the show we’re watching. It’s scripted and sculptured.


Part of mass mind control is defining for people what they can feel in a given situation. Left to their own devices, people feel all sorts of things. But because television is the sticky substance that binds the collective together, it becomes the counselor and teacher. It tells people how to experience an event.


It’s powerful. It parades people across the screen who suddenly have special status because they’re on the screen, because they’re being watched by millions. And those key characters, who get their thirty seconds and two minutes are proxies, who instruct the public about emotion, about range of allowable emotion.


This IS mind control.


It’s like an eight-year-old at a funeral. He doesn’t have a clue about what he’s supposed to do, what expression he’s supposed to have on his face, whether he’s supposed to say anything, where he’s supposed to stand, what he’s supposed to feel. So he looks around at the adults. He picks up their cues.

The Matrix Revealed

This is the public, watching television. Picking up cues from the citizens of Newtown USA. And those citizens are screened by the producers of the network news shows, before they’re brought on camera.


We’ve got a father who’s pissed off, who wants to go to the home of Lanza’s doctor and ask him questions? Forget it. Sorry, sir. Maybe we’ll get to you later.


The network anchors themselves exude an air of sober respect and somber “humanity.” That’s what they get paid for. Not everybody can do that and keep track of what’s being said in their ears by the producers. The somber tone is the money.


The anchors are the priests at the funeral, before the funeral happens. They set the stage. They convey to the public the meaning and atmosphere and essence of the whole event.


And having done that, there is simply no room for anything that would intrude on this sepulchral mood.


All this occurs while Barack Obama sits in the White House, conferring with his advisers, debating the political upside and downside of issuing an overriding executive order that would limit citizen access to guns.


Sir, I think the sentiment, at this moment, would be a flood in your favor. This is the time. We’ve got all these dead children. Congress has refused to act in the past, so you do now. You take the whole matter into your own hands, as the nation’s leader in a time of crisis. Sir, you say, ‘Enough. We’ve had enough. All these children, cut off from the rest of their lives and from their loved ones. I refuse to stand by and do nothing.’ I tell you, sir, it would work. We can drum up enormous support from our people, our supporters, and from the press. They’ll say you’re showing great courage. We can pull it off. We can do this. It’ll set the whole stage for your second term. We’ll drown out the opposition…we’ll organize candlelight marches in the inner cities. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of people will come out of their homes and walk down the streets. Mothers holding photos of their dead children. The networks will be there in full force. We’ll put this on television 24/7, and overwhelm our enemies…”


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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35 comments on “Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, guns, psychiatric meds, and mass hypnosis in Newtown, Connecticut

  1. dwdial says:

    Right on, Jon! You have nailed the Establishment Agenda moves behind this tragedy. I wish you would go on and do a rundown on this agenda. I’m not hearing ANYTHING about this on mainstream media.

  2. Mary says:

    Every time I read your blog, I always have something you wrote stop me, and then it hits me right in the FACE. I am feeling bruised. Why have we never heard what Rx these killers were prescribed? Jeez such a simple question and more important than the chatter we so easily tune out
    Obviously, I am a product of the smoke and mirror media. Thanks for all you do.

  3. njmoragana says:

    You are spot on. I won’t turn on my tv for a day or 2.
    It’s time for home schooling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, we need to ban something: LET’S BAN THE MEDS…and while we are at it: DOCTORS!

  5. Frank Costa says:

    The danger here of course is the blogosphere will certainly agree with your brilliant observations, BUT, where does it go from there?? Having insight into the truth of our incessant manipulation by the thugs has become “sexy” meaning it makes one stand out at a party or get together to be able to quote facts about things. Unless this info input is followed up with action it is a waste. The truth about Aurora and Columbine and JFK and 9/11, etc. has been revealed but everything stays the same. We are a nation of lazy cowards who will unfortunately soon be taught the karmic lessons of consequence of our actions or inaction.

  6. juan lantigua says:

    no way this person adam did it, a team from the cia did it, help by
    fbi, a team of high well trained special ops. 27 dead 3 to 11 shot
    on each of the dead? if we think adam did it, we are stupid think again people, do no trust any body. media lie by being manipulated by cia/fbi
    intimidation. time time time he need to be so fast to do it. no in a million
    year will he do it no way.

  7. NBF says:

    Yes indeedy, this really is the ultimate wet-dream of gun-grabbahs like Bloomboig – the ideal lunatic rampage at the ideal moment in U.S. political history: a score of poor little ELEMENTARY SCHOOL kiddies heartlessly shot down (even more tear-jerking for the Soccer Mom teevee addicts than the killing of high-schoolers); King Obama safely at the beginning of his second term, beholden to no one; the whipped-dog Republicants – who’ve been desperately wringing their soft hands about the need to “moderate” their stances in order to appeal to the new brown leftist electorate they stoopidly let in – the only ones standing in the way….

    ” ‘Armed guards in the schools’; ‘Investigation into the effects of psychiatric drugs and violent movies & video games’, blah, blah, blah – just shuddup ‘n’ hand ova your baby-killahs, ya gun-nut bastids….”

  8. Dick Damron says:

    Absolutely get to the bottom of this atrocity and exactly what and how many medications this shooter was on. But no, that will never happen, instead, just like the shootings of students years ago at the tech institute in Montreal, the guns will be blamed. Time for all the bleeding hearts to come out of the woodwork and point at the guns. NWO here we come!

  9. joanie says:

    the storyline changes if there is more than one shooter –
    listen to police radio communications…

  10. kevin says:

    if the spell hovering over spectators and victims ‘out there’ is called ‘mind control’ .. what do you call this?

  11. Excellent. Thank you for posting.

  12. Dave says:

    The more someone wants to disarm you, the more alert you must be.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter how many of these shooting tragedies unfold & how much hysteria is generated by the anti-gun media & the anti-gun politicians, I shall never relinquish the weapons I need to keep from becoming a victim to crime or as the 20th century proved, a victim of genocide by my government.

  13. Abbass (Steve) says:

    This is an great article which will prove to be frighteningly accurate either this time or after yet another of these remarkably timely tragedies. Back when we got Port Arthur in Oz, it was noticeable to me that there seemed to be Dunblane and that New Zealand shooting too all within a month. There is more to these things often, than just the drugs they give them.

  14. clay said says:

    I am sitting in my home with my wife still in shock and disbelief of the event that took place at that school a few days ago. The thought of those families with gifts for those lost children that will never be opened laying beneath the christmas tree just breaks our hearts. Our emotions of grief for the families and disgust that our president and other politicians would use this tragedy for another excuse for gun control is almost unbelievable.

    I believe myself as a civilian that there are certain types of military weapons that the general public should not be able to obtain. But if you ban all guns then only ones who would have guns would be criminals and corrupt government officials.

    I think like you stated earlier in your post why have they not questioned this young man’s psychiatrist and found what type of meds he was taking. I am sure if he was seeing a psychiatrist just as soon as his Dr. heard of the incident he destroyed any incriminating documents that would have shown this young man was a threat to society. My opinion is if this were the facts and it could be proven then his Doctor should be standing trial for 26 counts of negligent homicide instead of another reason for gun control.

  15. Emily says:

    It’s true. We don’t hear about the Rx drugs these men were on that most assuredly brought them down into severe psychosis. This side affect has been well known among psychotropic drugs especially. SSRI’s have been infamous in their leading those taking them into suicide, when their intended effect is to assuage depression!

    I wonder at the idea that this could be another ‘staged’ event, but orchestrated by whom? I must admit the timing couldn’t be more convenient. The CO shooter James Holmes, a former PHD student; obviously intelligent, but from what I understand was on Rx drugs and I’ve yet to find any in-depth analysis of this fact.

    The Sandy school shooter, even though he was considered socially awkward, was also considered highly intelligent (an honor roll student). But he had psychological issues for which he was prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

    If we really want to prevent more tragedies like this in the future, then we must research all of these stories (Columbine et al), and find the common thread. We must LEARN from history, for a change. IMO, gun control legislation will only treat the SYMPTOM not the cause. Studies show that stricter gun control laws do not lessen gun violence. Anyone with a brain and a heart will go after the cause in order to keep a tragedy like this from happening in the future…

  16. James says:


  17. peachpieproductions says:

    After 9/11, tv brainwashing went on for several weeks. I don’t watch tv but my Mother does so I saw what they were doing…the story-changing, the mind-numbing and call for people to bust out their flags.

  18. Chris says:

    Here’s an as good as any explanation as to what’s going on with these planned and staged events (Note the father of the alleged “lone” perpetrator):

    Pt. 1:

    Pt. 2:

    Make these go viral. The exposure may thwart the objective of the PTB.

  19. Sam Michel says:

    Prozac, murder. Zoloft, murder. Paxil, murder. Ritalin, murder.

    And don’t forget one more: Clozapine, no murder. The media is against involuntary treatment of schizophreniacs during psychotic episodes. Rampages do not come out of a vacuum. People close to the perpetrators know in advance that they need treatment. It is hallucinations and delusions (think nightmares 24 hours per day) that lead to irrational behavior. Clozapine, in the hands of competent physicians, is extremely effective in preventing hallucinations and delusions.

  20. lichinut says:

    “NEW” TOWN, in re the idea that this will be the town and its events that inspired confiscation of guns. A new town, a new world etc.

  21. marissa says:

    Please research PANDAS/ PANS Syndrome. These may not be mental illnesses at all, but an undetected/untreated infection caused by anything from Strep to Lymes. Drs in the US are not educated to diagnose this and the kids who have it are misdiagnosed with a mental disorder and treated with psychotropic medications which exacerbates the illness. Chances are good all these kids need is a strong dose of antibiotics. Look it up!!

  22. Neo Geo says:

    Hurricane Sandy / Sandy Hook / New Town / New World Order

  23. dave says:

    these freakes will not stop the killing untill they can disarm america! thats what its all about. yes, each one of these killers heard voices in their heads. you know who controls the voices! this is war, dark forces are in action, the same forces that want to take over this world but need control of america to make this happen. they will do anything and everything to make it happen. they own all of the media and use it to brainwash most people. believe very little of it! its a script that has been in use sence 2001, . were headed down a dangerous road, and their flat out!

  24. jeff says:

    Ok, Jon makes some good comments, (institutional mind control, psychiatric meds…) but an executive order banning guns is silly, conspiratorial, misleading, and brings out the crazys. If there is an executive order I will be eating a big piece of humble pie. CIA? FBI? Staged event? Good lord! If you all could take your eyes off the shadow wall every now and then and look at reality. Mind control exists across the full spectrum of humans, proven in the comment section.

  25. My son had pericarditis and psychosis at the same time after being mis-diagnosed for years with psychiatric disease (Bi-polar). He was treated with antibiotics (but an inadequate course because he was switched to oral meds after they wanted to do long term IV with a PICC line but could not get the line in) and all his psychiatric symptoms vanished. He relapsed with a flu syndrome after seven months totally free of psychiatric symptoms–he had his pre Lyme’s personality back until the flu syndrome hit which then fell into psychosis. He has been held hostage since March 2011 by psychiatry who refuse to re-run the antibiotics and he is even worse presenting symptoms of a brain lesion and they refuse to do an MRI or SPECT scan; they refuse to order an infectious disease consult. All they care about is pushing their poison psychiatric medicine that does not cure.

  26. Jon, you write an insightful blog. One thing I’ve learned from hypnosis and NLP is that in all communications there is the INTENT of the speaker to influence the PERCEPTION of the receiver/listener. Your comments highlight this on a major scale.
    Good Wark

  27. Anonymous says:

    Great blog! Glad I stumbled up this, I have so many questions regarding this case. I just saw this come out regarding the psychiatric drug he was taking.

  28. Why is the media not reporting about the other two suspects arrested at the school while Lanza was dead inside the classroom? I saw video by ABC of the police chasing a suspect into the woods behind the school while they had the other one on the ground handcuffed. This video has now been pulled. There was also a video after the Colorado theater shooting done by a local station interviewing people who stated there was a second man there, that Holmes was not acting alone. This video has also disappeared.
    The government does not want us to know the truth about these shootings, which seems to implicate them in these demonic deeds. They are spoon-feeding to the public what they want us to hear/believe. The fathers of both Lanza and Holmes were to testify at a Congressional hearing about a huge banking scandal. Coincidence? The government is neck deep in both of these tragedies which is a plot to outrage the public towards guns and seek stricter control and gun bans. Connecticut already has very strict gun control laws. Why didn’t they work? You can’t protect the innocent by disarming the innocent.

  29. […] Jon Rappoport, “Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Guns, Psychiatric Meds, and Mass Hypnosis: The TV Script,”, December 15, […]

  30. […] Jon Rappoport, “Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Guns, Psychiatric Meds, and Mass Hypnosis: The TV Script,”, December 15, […]

  31. […] Jon Rappoport, “Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Guns, Psychiatric Meds, and Mass Hypnosis: The TV Script,”, December 15, […]

  32. Cathy Furlotte says:

    What the fuck good would having his doctor (if he had one) come out and make a statement about what meds he was on or should have been on (it was reported he had asbergers). What difference would it have made to anyone. The facts remain. You seem to be on a rant about feeling helpless. The responsibility lies with his mother who knew he was not a normal functioning person who let, even encouraged her son to be pro-gun use and left those guns where he had access to them. When shit like this happens, don’t you think the blame should be with who pulled the trigger, or should it be with who was pulling the strings. Guns are only as lethal as we make them and left in the hands of someone who cannot make rational decisions on their own, what do you expect? Was his mother in denial? Did she not know what he was capable of? This is not a blame the mother thing, it is a “what the fuck were you thinking” thing, and it cost her her life.

  33. Columbine victim Mark Taylor has been abducted and drugged while whistleblowing about information he learned that was covered up about the shooters who shot him. Google Release Mark Taylor. We are concerned that Adam Lanza may fit the same profile as Eric Harris.
    ” a boy that was sexually abused then put on meds in an attempt to control him”.

  34. Jody says:

    I want to know what drugs he was on too. I was a prisoner of the psyche system, lost decades of my life. I know the charade the drug pushing mental “health” system is, whores of the drug industry pimps, I have heard nothing about it, not even the question asked, except I was asking it, on google.

  35. […] Jon Rappoport, “Lanza, Bloomberg, Obama, Guns, Psychiatric Meds, and Mass Hypnosis: The TV Script,”, December 15, […]

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