Media fascism is all about trusted television anchors

Media fascism is all about trusted television anchors

by Jon Rappoport

January 9, 2012

Every civilization and every generation has their defining voices.

The voice does two things. It tells the story of the times; and it injects the telltale emotions, moods, and attitudes of that story.

The public swallows the tale with all its lies and omissions, and accepts the way in which the whole act is spooled out by the sound of the narrative voice.

The tone of the story creates a trance.

Different societies are vulnerable to different styles of story-telling.

Americans on this side of the Atlantic, listening to the radio speeches of Hitler delivered with staccato militant force, thought the German people were clearly crazy to go along.

It never occurred to the Americans, glued to their radios listening to President Roosevelt, that many Germans would think the sing-song pseudo-British style of the aristocratic FDR was a transparent joke.

What I’m talking about here has has NOTHING to do with the American cause or the Nazi cause. It has to do with different voices for different societies.

I’ll take my hypnosis on rye with mustard.” “I’ll have mine on a bun with mayo.”

It’s assumed that, because Hitler and Mussolini were cementing their control through mass arrests and overt shows of force, they could get away with vocal displays of shouting and intimidation. Otherwise, the people would have turned away from them in disgust.

That’s not the whole picture, by any means. Large numbers of people in Germany and Italy responded enthusiastically to the voices of Hitler and Mussolini.

The trance they entered, as a result, wasn’t a passive narcosis. It was a kind of hysteria that demanded action.

If, down the road, America is put under an OPENLY declared state of martial law, with all the bells and whistles attached, the elite television anchors, like Brian Williams and Scott Pelley, will tell that story—not like Mussolini would—but as our anchors always do; in measured, “responsible, objective” tones. It will be “grave and sober.” The voices will suggest a dollop of alarm, but…everything is under control.

That’s the way modern Americans want to hear The Voice narrate the story of the times.

And the president of the moment? He will deploy those same tones. He won’t be standing on the balcony of a building shouting and waving his arms.

But the result will be the same.

In the wake of post-WW2 America, as the feisty combative Harry Truman exited the White House, the bland-egg Eisenhower took up residency. He was always calm and under control. He was the modest hero. He was what you’d call, in his speeches, a Grade B anchor. Not good, but not the worst.

At the same time, American television news was coming into being. Douglas Edwards, one of the first elite anchors, was a smoother, better-trained-for-television Eisenhower. Ed Murrow, who had been narrating the war from London, added his “pregnant-with-meaning” ominous tone to US news broadcasting.

The narrative style of the American voice was under construction.

Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, along with Walter Cronkite, moved in to put their ineradicable stamp on the sound of our civilization. They were a step up from Doug Edwards. They could crystallize a tight range of repressed feelings in every distinct sentence they uttered. They were coming out of literary traditions: Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett.

Tough guy with a warm edge.

America loved it. Those new voices enabled every kind of con, six ways from Sunday, to be visited on an adoring public.

Flash forward to 1968. Despite the revolution of the ’60s, more than half of voting America still wanted the whitebread, big-bullshit, used-car-salesman nostalgia of the previous decade. So Richard Nixon, a man who couldn’t open his lips without lying on several simultaneous levels, waltzed into the White House.

After the hopeless Gerald Ford stood in for Nixon, a cartoon of a cartoon was needed; a peacemaker; a man “of the cloth.” Sold out to David Rockefeller down to his jockstrap, Jimmy Carter came to the presidency to heal the nation from Watergate. He was the new voice silkily twanging the American story, a respite from Nixon.

Then, out of Hollywood, appeared an actor who, despite a wretched history in films, could sell the shining city on the hill. Reagan performed far better than expected on the podium. America wanted a redux of the freedom story, and he supplied it, as the invasive federal government nevertheless continue to burgeon from its every rotting pore.

And on it went. Presidents and anchors on television conspired to deliver a two-dimensional fairy tale, in a country where an accelerated androidal conformity was beginning to dominate the landscape.

Television was the mutual electronic feeding trough for the Great Voices and the public. They mixed and matched and swam in convenient concert, through gray offal.

Talent spotters at the networks and inside the major political parties knew what to look for. They knew how the voices needed to sound. They knew the game.

Slightly more progressive and hip for the boomers? Bill Clinton.

Shit-kicker John Wayne retro? GW Bush.

A new interplanetary sun-god messiah? Obama.

A Hemingway knockoff with an edge in his voice? Dan Rather.

Smooth-groomed high IQ macaque? Brian Williams.

Might turn in his mother to the cops? Scott Pelley.

Drooling sad-eyed swan imported from the Morning Show? Diane Sawyer.

Sacrifice the mind on the altar of cosmically oozing sentimentality, tricked out as news? Oprah.

Floating blithely in an ocean of high-level corporate-government-banking crimes, Americans can choose their favorite voice to obscure the truth and tell a very, very tall tale.

That’s what people want, and that’s what they get.

Will any of these elite voices ever upset a serious apple cart? Not on your life.

If America really wanted a Hitler to stand in the middle of the Rose Bowl, surrounded by perfect columns of ramrod soldiers, and lay out the next hundred years of triumph of the will, do you think the television networks would find one?

Are you kidding? In a New York minute.

But Americans want their fascism soft-boiled. Americans want gradualism. They don’t want a coup in the middle of the night. They want to watch the leaves fall off the tree of freedom one branch at a time.

When the Republicans ran Mitt Romney against Barack Obama, they were banking on the premise that somehow, somewhere, the majority of the public desired a retro Wonder Bread hero. But that voice and that tone and that mood didn’t fit. It didn’t carry the day.

The Matrix Revealed

Interestingly, there was an enormous groundswell for a man who had no voice at all, in the media sense. He just told the truth as he saw it, and he cut deep with that sword. His millions of supporters had awakened from the need for a trance.

They were alert to the fascism of the American power structure. They wanted out, and they had their leader in that cause.

But the Republican door was firmly closed to him, because of his ideas, but also because he wasn’t a typical anchor.

Ron Paul.

You can take this to the bank. If Ron Paul ever became the voice of our times, reality itself as most people accept it would crack under their feet, and they would fall into black space screaming.

One reason? Paul isn’t spinning a story with the impressive rhythms and tones and segueways of a media pro. Therefore, you actually have to pay attention to the content of his words. That alone is enough to give most people strokes, blood clots, and titanic neurological chaos.

Two? Paul knows what American fascism is. He has a solid reference point: the Constitution. He understands our fascism has a corporate and government undertow. When he says Audit the Fed, he’s not speaking as an accountant.

This fact brings on heart arrhythmia at Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, and the CFR. Accountants can be relied on to hide the basic facts. A guy like Ron Paul? He actually wants the basic truth and basic crimes of the Fed to come to light. All of them. Danger.

Ron Paul is a narrative-breaker. He interrupts the flow and the trance. His memory of history excludes Walter Cronkite as the father of our country. It goes back to the period when there was, God forbid, no television and no radio. There was a Constitution.

The US government is loathe to legislate mandatory television-news-watching to every American. It leaves that aspect of the fascist agenda to its corporate partners and their advertising agencies.

And little boys and girls dream of growing up and becoming finely coiffed and perfumed anchors and pundits.

A precious few will make it. They’ll tell tales of the adored Matrix. They’ll carve their names in the fake book of chords and melodies. They’ll stir the appropriate sentiments. They’ll deliver the news every night. They’ll present every half-cocked limited hangout and define every outrageous set of straitjacket parameters to a prepared audience.

You’re an aspiring anchor? Come on down. Some day you might be the chosen one. You might become the messenger, the talent turned out by the royal court, to ring the bells and sing the songs. If you’re lucky, and you sing on key, you may have five or 10 years before the next up-and-coming voice edges you out.

You might be assigned to bring mind control to your generation. You might be the one to obscure and conceal the real Fed Reserve, the crimes of the medical cartel, the Globalist agenda, the theft of trillions of dollars, the Collectivist framework, and the death of individual freedom.

Doesn’t that sound like a great job? And you can call it responsible journalism.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

22 comments on “Media fascism is all about trusted television anchors

  1. Sean says:

    I don’t think Romney was ever put in there to win it. I think his job was to campaign so far to the right, that Obama could look like a centrist by comparison.

  2. hybridrogue1 says:

    Splendid tale of the tale. From a cultural anthropologist perspective, this hits the nail on the head with a resounding “ping”.

    It is all there in our history and prehistory, the storyteller around the campfire, often called a shaman.

    Great observations Mr. Rappoport.


  3. joanie says:

    My TV has been off for years, it always was a time to veg out, wasted time… They don’t call ’em couch potatoes for nothing. BTW, tests prove just being in the room with the TV, one’s personal frequencies changes to one of passivity… I am alone in this journey, because I don’t lie. Family hates hearing the truth, the truth is seen as conspiracies – as if I was smart enough to make up the total sum of the globalist agenda, culling the population in every which way, through air, water, food and beyond…

    Jon, your last paragraph could be summed up – the “journalist job” would be “to lie” – telievision. And honestly, it’s not that all of, we the people demand it, it’s because planet earth is a natural controlled system, freedom doesn’t exist – confines aplenty. Mother earth will not allow herself to be destroyed. The matrix is an illusion aka the illuminati exists only because one is awake, understanding the control mechanisms every which way. Under a trance with the toys of the present, (to each his own liking) entertainment coming from every which way, and all of television NEWS (North East West South) included, just stories, a body gets to live in a fantasy land by choice and by necessity. The human body is able to get one through tragedies, an extremely complex system with an autopilot. Looking at the manmade construct, life on earth (a stage) is a living hell, but we have the “blind” to blame. Dealing with the toxins from every which way, vibrating at a higher frequency, contentment, is the only way to manage, mind over matter, all the while understanding it. Meanwhile, the majority are creating their only demise I’ve labeled, manifesiticide.

    Who would want to know the controlled world does not allow the average individual to live to 130 years, one must know the truth and work at it… People want to die “happy” doing their own thing, however short their time, all the while ill considerate of the future of humanity. The typical funeral – “s/he had a good life” then the blah blah blah about the time s/he spent doing their favorite thing, golfing or hiking or. I wish I could say the people that live the longest are honest and serve human kind for the future of humanity. A lot of evil people fit that criteria. Looking around this place we call earth, it appears the mess is because autopilot is working well for the majority, not conscious of “reality” can’t or won’t be that change, an aid for the future. These persons need religion, government, tv, being told, (feeling intelligent with the uni training LOL) schooled in a way that has them complying, all the while they have their “toys”.

    Simpler times, people toiled the soil, the family working together, depending upon one another, yet still there was always earth’s control, a system with requirements for longevity. The census of old, registering births with the church, in bibles. And that is why today’s date is as such, religion controls regarding what they’ve created, “telling” people, schooling people, this is the way it is. End of Discussion! And while people grew to understand the religious con, history is older than the bible, etc., new controls morphed, all the while truths still hidden only because a body is not seeking. So in the respect of control of humanity, it hasn’t change. The $64,000 question still is, what are all the truths… Those of us awake and searching for those truths, we’re ready and demand it, because we can handle it. Let’s face it, earth is a system smarter than humans, just like our bodies a system, people pay no attention to symptoms. Earth will cast off the parasites, because she must. All the while, the sleeping sheep, think the measures they’ve presently taken in saving mother earth are for her benefit, when in fact, ultimately it is to save themselves, humanity. The majority of the population need religion, need government (it has grown because people have become dumber), need the comfortable smiling faces of TV and beyond, because they can’t manage without them. I live with lost sheep needing that comfort, lacking the ability to be responsible for themselves let alone caring about others. Because the world contains more sleeping sheep than awake, and mother earth
    knows what she needs to do for her survival, the natural weather events most likely are the action that wake the rest up – humbled by the earth’s “growing” pains, the reset has people once again mindful of the bigger picture, life beyond themselves. Energy is the force that always win. Naturally.

  4. Wow, very insightful article. It’s funny, when I hear the anchors and narrative voices of documentaries from the fifties and sixties I think, how annoying, how arrogant…such brainwashing. The narrative voices of today are much more subtle, but just as full of lies.

  5. consentient says:

    This is one of the finest pieces of writing ever created. It’s an absolute tragedy this has so few comments.

  6. CB says:

    I gave up my tv too in 89.
    I think Norm Stamper’s book “Breaking Rank” is an interesting look at policing from the inside, and he favors gun control. However, I myself am not sure anymore where I stand on the issue.
    And let me be clear, I’m terrified of guns. I can hardly stand to even look at them. I gave up TV because there was so much gunplay and explosion porn all the time that it made guns seem normal. And what Stamper tells (from experience) is: for every armed home invasion robbery prevented by a firearm, there is at least one homeowner who has had his gun taken from him and used on him. Or who’s shot his sixteen-year-old daughter or fourteen year old son trying to sneak back into the house through a bedroom window. …etc etc..
    From years of writing news headlines for radio and reporting again and again and again on the tragedies caused by easy access to guns in households, I cannot just dismiss what he says.
    But, neither can I dismiss the arguments made by those who say it’s very important to keep gun rights alive.
    I’ve printed your article because I want to read it off the computer. I appreciated your pieces on GMO’s and Whole Foods.
    thanks for all you do. CB

  7. traci says:

    when the people rejected ron paul they rejected their constitutional republic and renewed their contracts as slaves to communist barack. repeating over and over to anyone that if you support him you are supporting communism and someone who has committed treason and perjury etc..meant nothing to them. the need to be right is so engrained democrats and republicans wouldnt dream of making a new choice and actually fulfilling their duty as informed american citizens. its just too much work for them, taking responsibility would mean they coiuldnt blame anyone else for their servitude. then they would actually have to take action and change…

    the sorry lazy humans have been taught to be this way, by their own parents. would you rather your child be obedient or happy? they cant be both. only a machine can be obedient. if you choose obedience, which the founders of “education” have trained you to choose then you are responsible for the demise of our republic. how can we expect people who are punished for asking questions as children to grow up and do anything but do what they are told. or become psychotic bullies and join the criminals in uniforms. in order to truly love which is unconditional, not conditional, we must not ever demand obedience from our children. society lies when they say children must be punished and repressed. to anyone who has fell for this, please apologize to your children and tell them you want to learn how to love them and appreciate them. a child who is truly loved is responsible happy and very balanced. they also cant be controlled by an oppressive society because they know how to think for themselves as well. our world can not change until the way our children are brought up is changed.

    i would also like to say to anyone who insults other animals such as sheep by insinuating they are dumb followers has never spent any time with them. humans are in a class of their own as the stupidest most violent animal or being on the planet, maybe in the universe. herd animals live happily in a group and allow the smartest to take charge when necessary for the good of the herd. this is not collectivism by any means but a higher form of co existence and love for each other. individuality is not squashed it is respected. we still have yet to learn from our animal brothers and sisters how to truly live in peace and happiness and love and co exist with all peoples and our mother the earth.

  8. […] been making clear how THE VOICE narrates the story of our times through television anchorage (See here, here, here, here, here, […]

  9. Greg O. says:

    “The elite anchor is not a person filled with passion or curiosity”

    True enough Jon, the elite anchor does not need these antiquated journalistic tools, for the elite anchor mines a seemingly bottomless capacity for cloying empathy and head-bobbing compassion that is the real currency of todays mainstream “news”. The elite anchor’s real talent lies in his ability to shed a sensitive albeit manly tear in the face of heartache and sorrow, proving nightly that the elite anchor is “just like regular people” and compelling us to love him even more for doing so. The elite anchor knows what “plays in Peoria” and that is, not the empirical evidence of jouralism past, but the theatre of EMOTION. The elite anchor’s primary job is to make us LIKE HIM because the six o’clock evening info-gruel that he slops the herd with will go down a little easier if he salts it down with a catch in his throat and a few eloquent platitudes. The elite anchor will be with us all the way. He will assuage bruised and beaten psyches ravaged by mainstream media-manufactered cognitive dissonance. He will calm our worst fears. Through breadlines and battering rams his dulcet tone and sympathetic smile will be the gooey narcotic that calms the herd. The elite anchor will be with us in spirit while that million dollar voice coaxes us to “do what’s best for our safety”. When that fails to pacify the more resistant elements of the herd, the elite anchor will be there to explain their sudden disappearance and implore us to be “ever vigilant against the dangers of terrorism”. We will never question the elite anchor’s motives or integrity because to do so would call everything we know and believe into question. And besides, he looks so darn professional!

    And finally, the elite anchor will send his adoring public happily off to their demise, secure in the self-deluded knowledge that he has fullfiled his FCC mandate to “serve the public trust”.

    And we will love him for it.

    Who is the more self-deluded, the useful fool that is the elite anchor, or the idiots who listen to him?

  10. Greg O. says:


    I cannot agree with you more!

    This piece just stunned me when I came across it on Prison Planet. The subject of Elitist/MSM collusion and corruption is my number one pet peeve but it was the skillfull way in which the author framed it that really got my attention. I detest with all of my being the elitist thugs who are trying to steal our lives and WAY of life, but I reserve a burning hate for the MSM criminals who cover for them and sell their crimes to an unsuspecting (albeit willfully ignorant) public.

    Yes, this is not only the best thing I’ve read on this particular subject; its one of the best things I’ve read- ever. Bravo Jon Rappaport!

  11. BattleBlue1 says:

    Jon, the tree of freedom paragraph crystalizes the American attitude at this time like nothing else I have read. You have captured the essence – well done.

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  19. […] the psyop to demean, distort, and squash the rebel, there is a single obvious common denominator: the establishment media are doing the defining; they are the ones who are setting the parameters and making the descriptions; they are the ones […]

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