Are we all living inside a virtual simulation?

Are we all living inside a virtual simulation?

By Jon Rappoport

February 9, 2013

A study out of Bonn University has led to a new round of speculation about the nature of the universe.

The study proposes that cosmic rays undergo a strange energy shift. The energies are “re-fitted” to align with an underlying pattern or lattice. There is only one proper fit; no exceptions are permitted.

If the lattice is, indeed, the basic pixel-like Reality we are interacting with every day of our lives, then we could be living inside a created artifice.

A simulation.

Put this description alongside the hypothesis that the universe is a hologram: lines of code inscribed on a two-dimensional surface deliver instructions on how the lattice is built, and what its properties are.

In other words, the software which holographically projects the universe includes the exact structure of the lattice.

Then, by the rules of the game, energies which don’t automatically plug into the lattice framework precisely as they’re supposed to are “snapped to” a correct fit, as Mike Adams (Natural News) has suggested.

Mike has made the analogy to a television picture, which consists of pixels that have their own dimensions and structure. So if we imagine an all-encompassing “television picture,” this would be the lattice-controlled reality we live in.

Paul Watson (infowars) asks the question: is this universe-simulation our own creation? Since time could be quite flexible where simulations are concerned, might we have made this reality from a platform in the future and then inserted ourselves into it?

What interests me is the notion that humans have used technology to construct a scientifically designed cosmos.

Is this possible, or are we applying a contemporary paradigm to a universe whose nature actually exceeds that paradigm?

In a 10-year project of putting together a collection called The Matrix Revealed, I did a great deal of research on other notions of creation or “reality-building.”

It is clear that at deep levels, propaganda turns into self-propaganda. In order to live inside a Matrix or universe of our own making, we would have to produce, in ourselves, an extraordinary level of amnesia about what we did. Otherwise we would know. We would walk around knowing full well we had designed our own illusion, and the whole thing would fall apart.

Immortal and free from the structure, we would hardly want to spend all our time trapped in it.

The ancient Tibetans knew a great deal about this conundrum. Before they became a theocratic society of rites and rituals and a rigorous elitism, they were daring adventurers on the edge of experiments in consciousness.

Relying on the teachings of itinerant outcast adepts from India, they developed a practice called, by a few later scholars, “deity visualization.” (See John Blofeld, The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet)

Perhaps based on an already existing mandala-painting, a teacher would give his student a very detailed and specific “personage” to create in his imagination. This effort, if it was successful at all, might take months or even years.

The objective was to mentally hold the complex image intact, in every detail, not just for a few seconds or minutes, but indefinitely. If the student was successful at this arduous task, he would soon find that the personage he created seemed to take on a life of its own.

The personage or deity would become the student’s friend and guide and give him valuable advice and counsel. When the teacher sensed this relationship had progressed to a very close point, he would order the student to get rid of the personage altogether.

This, it was said, was more difficult than the original act of creating it. But if the student was able to perform both aspects (creative and destructive) of the exercise, he would then realize, see, and know, with full consciousness, that THE UNIVERSE WAS A PRODUCT OF MIND.

At that crossroad, he would be able to spontaneously take apart pieces of “the hologram” or “the lattice,” and even create (out of nothing) new objects that hadn’t existed before.

It’s fascinating that now, at the beginning of the 21st century, we have come full circle. We are contemplating the possibility that we created this universe—but through technological means.

Perhaps those Tibetan adepts, in their practice, actually saw the lattice or even the two-dimensional surface on which the holographic code of the cosmos is inscribed.

Another clue concerning the origin or underlying force that made the universe is revealed through a study of the famous alchemical diagram: two crossed staves.

The four endpoints were said to represent the basic aspects or elements of Nature: earth, air, fire, and water. According to some alchemical interpretations, these elements were in eternal conflict with one another.

The resolution of the conflict was represented by the center-place where the two staves met. This mysterious intersection was called Quintessence, and its meaning was long debated.

Paracelsus, one of the most famous of the European alchemists, seems to have thought that Quintessence was, in fact, imagination.

In other words, our creative power could change the inherent design of reality. If so, then it is just a step from there to infer that our imagination invented the design in the first place.

Some will take that step; others will not. Regardless, the history of millions of artists on this planet directly points to the fact that, when freed from restraints, human beings become enormously creative. Every painting, play, poem, novel is a world of its own; a universe. Perhaps this suggests that the physical universe is but one work of art, out of a possible infinity of universes.

William Blake, one of the most revered English poets, made several remarkable statements about the power of imagination:

Some see nature all ridicule and deformity…and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”

Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow.”

Of course, the notion of multiple universes is reflected in contemporary science. Physicist Brian Greene, author of The Hidden Reality, explains that Relativity and Quantum Theory, each highly useful in its own way, come into high mathematical conflict when set side by side.

One resolution of that conflict can be achieved through String Theory, in which tiny vibrating strings (in 10 or 11 dimensions) explain the makeup of this universe. But String Theory also suggests many surfaces or membranes or islands on which matter, energy, and time can exist: multiple universes.

No matter what force or power we say made this universe, a new day is here. We are coming to grips with the idea that the universe isn’t all the reality there is. Some find this disturbing. Others are inspired to feel it is intensely liberating.

Beyond any hypothesis about the underlying structure of the universe, there remain the basic questions about us, as succinctly expressed in the title of Paul Gauguin’s famous 1897 painting: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where are We Going?

For those who answer these questions in terms of the Divine and God, it’s interesting to consider the original essence and principle of the Kabbalah. Contrary to many interpretations, the whole idea of this evolving text is proliferation: by advancing all knowledge, all science, all poetry, all the arts, humans move closer and closer to God. In other words, for the religiously inclined, nothing learned about our potential power—even the boggling possibility that we invented this simulation called universe—subtracts from Divine power.

I recently studied Gauguin’s intriguing painting again. Behind the three central groups of people representing the three basic questions, the light-blue background shows figures and scenes from what the artist called the Beyond.

That gives rise to yet another hypothesis. We are living in an interpenetration of several simultaneous universes or planes of existence. And they’re all here now, if we could see them.

The rigorous lattice or holographic code defining this universe is merely the way one plane of existence is structured.

Rather than reduce all possible universes to the principles on which this one may be built, why not consider many, many other such “works of art?” Each universe is constructed or improvised out of the infinite well of creative freedom…

The Matrix Revealed

Could there be a greater illustration of the principle of Abundance?

Throughout history, humans have been reaching for, and elevating the idea of greater abundance. In one of the early Bible stories, Old Testament Joseph, as a boy, dreams of dancing sheaves of wheat. Wheat, grain was, for the ancients, a living symbol of abundance.

Johanna Stuckey, well-known researcher on early goddesses, points out that the Sumerian grain goddess, Ezina/Ashnan, was also called Lady of Abundance.

We have always sought, in faith, in hope, in myth, in story, in investigation the means for unending abundance. Now, we also see it reflected in our most far-reaching contemplations: not just one universe, but many universes, without end. Because if we are living in this virtual space and time, why shouldn’t other continua exist?

Are they all simulations? Is a painting a simulation? Not really. It’s an independent invention, undertaken in freedom, launched from the unfettered imagination of an artist. It is its own universe.

We are all artists.

With all veils and curtains lifted, this is the truth we have been waiting for, the truth we have always known.

The three questions Paul Gauguin asked could be titanically re-framed: Dissolving the societal myths of false limitations, what can you truly create? How powerful is your imagination? What universes will you create?

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

28 comments on “Are we all living inside a virtual simulation?

  1. ramonthomas says:

    Jon your work is so vast in scope it’s breathtaking. I want to point out the ground breaking work by Michael Talbot in his 1991 book: The Holographic Universe. There seems to be many derivative works from Karl Pribram and David Bohm.

    The Holographic Universe: The Revolutionary Theory of Reality

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some thoughts related to this blog:

    1. Relativity & quantum physics don’t mix because geometry brakes down at the Planck scale which is 10exp(-34)m. This means on this scale particles are disappearing from and/or popping up in space-time.

    As a result each particle has infinite states in a space region vibrating on the same frequency and phase. This is Coherence or Abundance. When interacting with another neighbor particle all these infinite states degenerate to a single one so “De-coherence” happens or better said materialization. In other words, the neighbor particle “measured” the one on its proximity and found it “there”. Thus a small universe is materialized. The more of interacting particles the less coherent states so this is how matter is de-cohering from an 11 dimension multi-verse to our 4 dimension universe. Matter can be measured, shaped, “planned” and categorized. It can be put under Collectivism. A particle? Never! It’s individual!

    2. Modern scientists face their biggest difficulties due to geometry while not willing to drop the traditional physicists approach by using simplified models with complex differential equations based on the assumption that space-time is continuous at least on normal and bigger scales. They still consider a science built on fractal geometry a heresy. Modern computing showed how simple yet how beautiful and mind blowing the infinite complexity of a fractal can be based just on some very simple set of iterations, which are the most fundamental mechanisms of causality. A model based on fractal geometry could easily explain the real nature of black holes or the effects of assumed dark matter. Fractals being infinite, iterative, self copying and with fractional dimensions explain easily the very holographic nature of the universe. Learning them, using them, mixing them is a phenomenal Art too.

    3. The behavior of masses can be understood, measured, shaped, put under Collectivism thus also predicted by the wiseguys behind the political-, religious- and financial- system using either law-enforcement or media indoctrination. Individuals are problematic because they have Consciousness. Penrose has the most attractive explanation on consciousness which has a quantum like state behavior. By knowing all our options we are aware of them in the same time on the same place which is a Coherent state. By choosing one option we make a Decision so it is a De-coherence. Therefore depending on the grade of interaction with the Environment and the Collective, is the amount of options we have. So less interaction means more options for decision which is less predictability for the Matrix. This means mind control at an individual brakes down but works very well in collective consciousness. So speaking masses live in a given reality, individuals create their own — as you stated several times in your former blogs. Masses fear the tsunami, surfers are riding the monster wave.

    4. The ultimate state of consciousness is also the ultimate state of coherence, by being aware of every single bit of space, mass, energy and fraction of a second of the past/present/future in the whole multi-verse, in other words being the complete hologram. This is only possible for one individual in principle and there is one reasonable candidate for it – the creator God. If there are two the ultimate coherence brakes down. Therefore we individuals never can reach this infinite state of being Everything and knowing Everything. Therefore we cannot understand Everything. Therefore there is no such thing as Theory of Everything. Of course Hawking & Co. will never accept this.

    5. Life is still fun because We are Who we are and create our own universes of which we are aware. And yes, I believe in the Lord.

    Greetings from Transylvania

  3. Mark of the wild West says:

    The quantified is a subset of the un-quantified. The individual “Soul” or consciousnesses is the reciprocal of the whole(W) ( the whole being the total number of souls).. Thus the reciprocal times “W” is = to 1.

    Life just is, because “God” lives in all and all that is… It’s all God, all the time. So, yes, we are all part of the creation, and the only illusion is the self induced mental/emotional impermanent delusions of the unenlightened moments a soul becomes lost in.

    That which is not permanent is not real. we, souls, mirror the manifestation of this universe to each other… Time, space and matter are a trick of the mirror between souls to create the holograph we live “in”. It’s a fact, most of what we see a solid matter is mostly empty space…

    There is life, because “God” loves to live… Death is only a passing to a new understanding. Each incarnation is an awaking to a fresh and new understanding no matter what plane of existence one finds himself.

    ~Mark, Soul traveler

  4. joanie says:

    Jon, you said –

    “Perhaps this suggests that the physical universe is but one work of art, out of a possible infinity of universes.”

    And thus, there is no timeline per say – though, with numerous choices made, one could see where things could be leading, while at the same time, as creators we can undo a “current” (energy) course. Also, all actions affect everything, even the weather… There are people good at making clouds disperse. Things can change in an instant or not. And further, the “8” (eight) represents “innate” (to be born). With the 8 on its side, it becomes infinity, a looping life of illusion… ∞

    Unless people think of themselves as artists, with the ability to create, (manipulate anything) accepting they’ve the power to undo the doing of the “controlled”, will we get “different” on a large scale. Lazy begets what it deserves. Participation is the answer. I mean really, aren’t people tired of slavedom – some are, and “doing”… Yet most are strung along with the old time propaganda.

    Art – singular present of “be” Art you or artn’t you…

    –- Let’s exercise our power and have fun doing it all the while making the old system obsolete.

  5. Russ Mason says:

    Watch the videos of Tom Campbell on YouTube. This is not new ground. It’s really about consciousness.


    Tom Campbell

  6. keldoone says:

    Our left brain loves this chatter….all this analysis, logic, time, space, numbers and so on…. Our right brain may well wonder what all the fuss is about… and our heart isn’t even listening … it has more things to do.

    Are there parallel universes, alternate realities, altered states of consciousness and other dimensions? Of course. How else could there be demons and angels? Fairies, nomes, elves, sprites and even goblins? Or are these all made up? (of course that would say that the bible is all made up)… So, of course these all exist and we are multidimensional… we are in and out of parallel universes all the time, we simply do not consciously notice.

    We may well ask ourselves… how is it that the people of the old and new testaments, as well as the hindu texts (and others)… noticed the angels, the demons, the “little people”… and we do not? Are we so removed from a primeval capacity to pay attention that we believe its all just “fairy tales”? How lame is that?

    The sorry part is that we have this controlling drive to figure it out… when there is nothing to figure… This is like trying to figure out (without being an artist) how Van Gogh saw what he put on canvas? Remember the teacher asking what was Edgar Allen Poe thinking when he wrote “what ever”? What insanity!

    We have the opportunity to slow down and simply be in awe of what is… to simply pay attention enough to notice what is… for it, it is all around us and always has been… We are the ones who forgot. I recall being in awe of “the vision quest” and being told by a Lakota Souix… that a vision quest can happen while stopped for a traffic light… its not about preparing, its about being there. Truly being where ever one might be.

  7. Robert Burt says:

    Humans sometimes use metaphors when trying to understand things. For example, the heart is said to be a pump. But the human heart is actually two biological muscular devices that expell blood through the arteries and veins by expanding then reducing their own interior volume. The word ‘pump’ is a shortcut for describing what happens. Linguistic shortcuts characteristically leave out significant facts or details. Human scientists typically underestimate the importance of the meanings of words, and, in using metaphors to describe their findings, they sometimes reach false conclusions. It is possible to create in someone’s imagination an image of how the world is assumed to work. But that does not, in itself, indicate that the image is real or accurately described. Here is a good example: Now that we know the universe is a virtual reality, it is only a matter of time until we discover that the script which causes it to function was written by two metaphysical organisms that have taken physical form on this very planet of ours, that they are disguised as ice cream manufacturers, and that their names are Ben and Jerry. There actually are human beings who will believe this if you insist that it’s true. Some others will take it seriously until it is disproven. Earth’s community of scientists includes both of these types of humans.

  8. William Jeffreys says:

    The “second attention” Don Juan refers to in Calos Castenada’s works is attainable with work. Dreams as completely real as waking reality. It’s all a matter of attention.

  9. SAR says:

    I re-read Talbot’s ‘Holographic Universe’ from time to time, as the Ramon Thomas above said, Bohm explains the how this works in prosaic terms, but you we disregard what Mr. Jeffrey’s points about about Castenada’s take on waking reality, that would be a mistake.

  10. hp says:

    William Blake says it all in one offering; “Auguries of Innocence”
    But of course this is much too easy to grasp and much too hard to admit being complicit in. So our collective journey to Hell rolls on.

    Blake’s cries from his heart at the reality of such cruelty and demonic exploitation mankind conjures against God’s animals.

    “God appears, and God is light,
    To those poor souls who dwell in night;
    But does a human form display
    To those who dwell in realms of day.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jon, The Holographic Universe has been proposed by many in recent times. In the book “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, it becomes clear from the evidence that he clearly brings to the table that the universe is most likely a holograph and that we are the conductors of this amazing feat.

  12. Peter says:

    Some 30 years ago I was in bed when a vision of whom I took as Jesus said to me – ask me one question and I will give you an honest answer. I thought for a moment and asked the deepest question I could – Where does our universe exist? Without hesitation the vision replied that it existed in His mind! This question was not something that I thought much about but there was the answer, and it fits from everything I know. How God knows everything, how prayers are listened to, how changes can be made, everything was answered for me with that vision. Since then I’m starting to see articles like yours that are confirming this belief. Peter

  13. JB says:

    Sublime article, sir.
    Simply sublime.

  14. Chris Page says:


    We are created in Gods image….


    Should be we create with Gods image ……

    Like a child’s set of building blocks God gave us a void in which we each and everyone of us create our universe with rubber bands not string.

    If a time comes when we remove our blinkers we will move into a better individual universe. No longer being snapped back in a place not quite right.

    Hermits move to be away from the influence of others but we should know it is with their influence we can separate ‘ourself’

  15. Natasha says:

    A really important book that dwells into dimensional physics such as you speak but at a level most can understand is “The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation” by Dr. Ernest L. Norman. I highly recommend it in answer to these types of questions.

    Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation (An Introduction to the Interdimensional Cosmos)

  16. amicusbriefs says:

    From the Bhagavad-Gita: bhumir apo nalo vayu kham mano buddhir eva ca ahankara iti yam me bhinna prakritir astadha

    “Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego. These eight comprise my separated material energies.”

    Spoken by Krishna to his friend and disciple Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra over 5,000 years ago. Bhinna means ‘separated’. In the next verse, Krishna explains that in addition to these separated material energies are His superior energies, of which the living entities are a part. The conditioned living entity, covered by matter, misidentifies himself as matter.

  17. MachtNichts says:

    If this universe is a piece of art, as you suggest, then what has gone wrong? A piece of art or creativity is not necessarily perfect or pleasing to everyone but at least acceptable to many. And so it seems. Except that we are slowly breaking the veil of our virtual reality and question more and more what needs to be examined.

    Science versus God? You bet. Compartmentalisation as a theme of secular education has done wonders to keep young minds in captivity. Tunnel vision as a life style. You can see it all around you.

    What the ancients have done or not is an interesting subject, worthy of studying, but what can be done now? Maybe our fixation on external things has run its course after the deadline of 12.21.12 and we can now turn inwards for the real answers?

  18. rollsthepaul says:

    Our solar system was tuned into a prison of the speed of light. Those that escape, do so at the speed of light. Search on YouTube the videos titled “Dan Winter – The Galactic History of DNA ” and “Dan Winter – The Purpose of DNA”. . The Bible, at least all English versions, is a comic book at best. When the original meanings are extracted and compared to English Bible test, it is completely obvious that the text was perverted to create a mind control system, for those that read the English text. The Dune series by Frank Herbert, is a much more accurate representation of Earth’s past.. Everything we have been taught, is a lie. Of course there is a supreme being but we are absolutely not part of his essence. All of Creation exists in his mind and everyone we have encountered, even Jesus, is not God; he is just a higher consciousness created being. The Bible, as we know it, is a huge lie. There is no holy spirit. The father is not God but some Creation of the supreme being.

  19. neil oram says:

    Dear Jon, and all the other very intelligent people who have made comments on your work: I wonder if anyone who has written in on your work has read the INTRODUCTION In the LATEST EDITION of ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment by Thaddeus Golas. In this intoduction Golas writes that consciousness is SPACE and has NO VIBRATION…and it is THE WAY OUT from energy/vibrating worlds!
    In chapter 8 of my novel ‘Inside-Out’ found on my web site: you can find three very simple diagrams and a text explaining a very different account of number.The person–rollsthepaul might enjoy my whole novel I’ve just mentioned.neil oram

  20. But then something quite wonderful happened and no one quite knows how. It had something to do with the open grieving which occurred for the immense loss that was suffered by the earth and its inhabitants.

    Things settled down, nature was allowed to restore herself and the humans turned to art in a big way. Or rather art took over. It fashioned a new world of imagination which was so compelling, exciting and all-encompassing that there was no longer interest in models of domination and hierarchy. As earth restored herself, humans were pre-occupied with both aiding the restoration – forms of art in themselves – and at the same time creating new realms and parallel universes having laws quite apart from earthly ones. Both co-existed quite happily, jealousy was not even a glimmer any longer since the humans and non-human animals were so thoroughly engrossed in their respective creations. Even the lines between human and animal life disappeared since a person might become for a time an animal being then become human once again and animals could do the same. Entire eons could be lived out in minutes, evolutions of form would appear and disappear at will. Temporal morphological changes would play themselves out in an instant.

    The old models withered away since there was no interest in them any longer. Boredom and mono-culture, with its attendant masochism and sadism, ceased. Wage slavery was but a distant horrible memory. All these worlds inter-penetrated and flowed together, congealed then separated, as in a dream. The dream world and waking life became indistinguishable. Collaborations were birthed, dissolved, and reborn. Humans passed into and out of archaic and future time spaces at will. Boundaries between the real and surreal dissolved. One might undertake – or be overtaken by — a Bach Cantata one day, an atonal piece the next, then a Sousa march might take over for a time morphing into a raga.

    Humans could project themselves through time, to the past or the future, live out a nostalgia or envision alternate futures. Artists would partner on endeavors then go off for a few eons on their own, then re-partner.

    How and when these changes came about no one really knew since time itself had become so malleable. Although a deep inner longing – along with the above mentioned intense grief of loss – must have been factors. The scarcity mentality which drove former economic models was gone. Hoarding of material wealth was gone with it and true abundance prevailed. Co-operation with nature yielded more than enough surplus for all humans and non-humans to live out their lives without fear of want. The planet itself assumed a startling new sense of dynamic equilibrium. It had somehow re-learned, adapting itself during the former destructiveness of industrial civilization, how to re-balance. It too was celebrating and partaking of the new awakenings of art and imagination of the human children whom it had birthed.

    The former somewhat juvenile views of extra-terrestrial life, the “UFO phenomena”, were seen as clouded and over-literalized views of the fact that life permeated the physical universe, that universe itself was an act of imagination so of course life existed everywhere! And what was truly alien could be appreciated, appropriated, and incorporated into further artistic forms and expressions.

    Individual naming of persons became freed of past ethnocentricities standardizations and limitations. People assumed names for a time, abandoned them for new ones, some abandoned naming altogether. Language assumed fluidity such that sounds themselves came to express inherent meanings quite apart from syntactical patterning. Whole languages would spring into being, would be instantly adopted and understood by groups of beings, and then disappear without trace. Some would be codified in texts, most were not. Some of these were mere sounds and grunts, babbles of spontaneous emotions and ideas expressed directly. Often telepathy took the place of spoken language, vocal expressions being solely devoted to song.

    Religious notions of enlightenment became a quaint notion since it was realized that static notions of hierophany were without basis. Religious dogma was abandoned completely replaced by ecstatic plays of energy having ever-shifting storylines. People still loved telling each other stories but an improvised approach predominated and the most adept practitioners were greatly admired and in great demand.

    The human lifespan enlarged such that a corporeal life lasting 500 plus years was common. At the same time an infant might arrive in the world and decide it wanted to be someplace else and thus cross into a different dimension. It was partly by this means that humans ceased to overshoot physical carrying capacities. As well, feedback from earth was constant so that people knew when reproduction was appropriate. Also, with the fluid nature of time and space, obsession with perpetuation of lineage through physical means ceased to be a big deal.

    The ancient pioneers of these realms were revered and ancestral celebrations arranged in their honor. It was understood that their teachings and sufferings were necessary as a sort of cleansing foreshock paving the way for the life of the imagination to predominate. In many cases their lives were very difficult since the opposition they met with was so fierce. In some cases they were martyred for their visions.

  21. TK says:

    Most are scared of simplicity while complexity is the handicap: answers are always simple. Unless anyone of you here are able to make sense to an ‘average’ person on this ‘planet,’ you knowledge is another form of ‘the Earth is flat’ temporary idiocy.

    Superiority and Separation do run everything, including ‘famous’ individualism/collectivism: that’s the essence of our reality in any form. Death is an exit from here for us all. But while you are alive here, you are as ‘progressed’ as your ability to ‘resist/destroy’ Separation and Superiority – that’s the purpose of live i.e. not “to stay alive as long as possible” or alter a reality by making “gold from stone.”

  22. Robert Hutwohl says:

    Jon, where can I read about the original Bonn University study which you are referring to?

  23. […] A study out of Bonn University has led to a new round of speculation about the nature of the universe. Read on….. […]

  24. Hi Jon,
    I’m on WordPress, too, but would it be all right if I posted this piece at my blog, as a guest post, with a link back to wherever you’d like?

  25. GRAEME says:

    Planck Time is 10-43 Second
    A Tenth of a Thousandth of a Millionth of a Billionth of a Trillionth of a Second after the “Big Bang”

  26. Rob says:

    Provoking read…

    Just one thing re: “It is clear that at deep levels, propaganda turns into self-propaganda. In order to live inside a Matrix or universe of our own making, we would have to produce, in ourselves, an extraordinary level of amnesia about what we did. Otherwise we would know. We would walk around knowing full well we had designed our own illusion, and the whole thing would fall apart.”

    If the amnesia faded and we began knowing the nature of things then this knowing would be to us like a memory. In knowing the nature of things we know who it is that we are and why we are… This could be called an awakening. I find it easy to believe that were we as advanced as the creation of such a system suggests then a fail safe has been installed, the system will not fail in the event of even mass awakening. What’s more… if we did awaken and know today as we knew then then we know that the system will not fail because we would see it’s specific purpose and should the system roll up and cease as though it never existed but we remain then it has not failed but has succeeded because if there were a fail safe then surely it would be that the system stays secure until the last soul awakens. This being it’s sole purpose. In seeing who we really are we cannot help but see the connection that holds us all together and in this we understand that awakening is a walk. When we awaken we step into the steps of those who awakened earlier as others will step into ours in time.

    We awaken and begin imagining a better world.

  27. emath says:

    Read Jay Alfred’s book Brain and Realities published in 2006, arguing that the universe is a simulated virtual reality. Also see discussion on Unexplained Are we living inside a Brain? A lot of this was discussed years ago.

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