Monsanto proves that corporations don’t run the government

Monsanto proves that corporations don’t run the government

by Jon Rappoport

March 27, 2013

Collectivists have a favorite target. Big bad corporations. This is a complete scam. Why did Goldman Sachs turn out to be the biggest funder of Obama’s 2008 election bid? Why weren’t the corporate banksters who demanded and received those enormous bailouts, under both Bush and Obama, prosecuted for crimes?

Collectivists actually love big corporations. Collectivists just want to distract us from their real goals. And in order to enact those goals, they need banks, they need the military-industrial complex, they need Big Pharma and Big Oil.

They especially need somebody to control the world’s food supply, because that’s one of the ultimate squeeze plays on the global population. So who do they bow down to, in that arena? Monsanto, Dow, DuPont.

Washington politicians aren’t victims who can’t fight off big bad corporations. They aren’t at the mercy of those corporations. That’s a load of nonsense. That’s Politics 101 for brainwashed college students.

O poor little politicians! No power. No way to win against the big boys. No chance.

If you buy that, you’re ready to buy condos on Mars.

Politicians play the victim tune because it diverts attention away from them. It shifts the blame and responsibility.

Asking Congress to pass laws canceling corporate donations to their election campaigns, and instituting instead “public funding,” is a joke. That’s not going to happen, and even if it did, politicians would find back doors.

Bottom line: the politicians want to be in bed with corporations. To say that our elected representatives can’t resist corporate money is like saying people aren’t responsible for their own corrupt practices. It may be fashionable to assume that everyone is a pawn and a victim, but it doesn’t hold water.

So we come to the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, the rider to a funding bill that just sailed through the Senate, and is awaiting Obama’s signature. This sneak measure will nullify court decisions to ban GMO crops while those crops are under review for being “potentially dangerous.”

Here, again, we hear excuses made for the politicians. They didn’t know the rider was in the bill, they didn’t read it, they didn’t understand the consequences, they were played by Monsanto and other biotech giants.

If you sit in the Senate and vote yes on a bill, and you didn’t read the bill, whose fault is that? If you allow one of these thousand-page monstrosities to pass into law, and you don’t know the full meaning of it, and you don’t make a huge stink about it in public, what good are you?

If you allow Monsanto to take over your vote, is whining and complaining after the fact of any use?

Of course Monsanto is a crime boss. Of course it’s in the process of degrading life on planet Earth. Yes, we know that. But to say it can’t be stopped because the politicians are “under its sway” is an egregious lie.

Oh, the big corporations own America.” I’ve heard that just as you have, for decades. And it’s a true statement because the people in government who could resist the takeover don’t. They surrender. They sit there. They take money. They lie. They participate in their own corruption.

The victim mindset always blames somebody else. That’s the way it works. So the people who love big government and support a collectivist state are going to exonerate government and accuse corporations of stealing the country.

Corporations have stolen the country, side by side with the politicians who have sold their own principles and their own souls.

The theft is a team operation. It always has been.

Robert Anton Wilson once wrote: The political left hates big corporations; the political right hates big government; and they’re both correct.

But as long as the hatred is split down the middle and channeled into two separate beds of foul festering crime, the divide-and-conquer operation succeeds.

GMOs have spread across the world. Who forwarded that agenda? Presidents, legislators, and the biotech giants. Together.

Who stacked his administration with ex-Monsanto people? The current sitting president.

Again, it’s fashionable to say the juggernaut of corporations is too powerful for government to resist. That’s absurd. The government has multiple agencies that could cause lethal trouble for mega-corporations. But it doesn’t happen.

When Eisenhower left the presidency, he famously warned against the growing power of the military-industrial complex. The military is part of the government. Eisenhower wasn’t just accusing corporations.

Since its inception, the CIA, a government agency, has run interference for corporations in foreign lands, subverting and even overthrowing governments that were unfriendly to these corporations’ agendas.

Is Monsanto clever and relentless? Of course. But they don’t win alone. They have political partners in America at every level.

This latest fiasco, the Monsanto Protection Act, isn’t written in stone. It could be repealed, even after passage, by a new piece of legislation. The Congress could do it. The fact that they won’t speaks volumes about their character.

Once you realize the global Monsanto takeover is an operation deploying both corporate and government forces, the idea that the federal government is “here to help us,” a notion that has gained much currency during Obama’s reign, goes into the garbage can.

Many people can’t handle that. One way or another, through one ideological lens or another, they have to see Washington DC as a shining city on the hill. It’s a prime feature of their religion.

Washington is also a source of financial aid. Whether we’re talking about a small welfare check or massive contracts let out to companies, the federal government is in the business of buying friends.

This largesse contains its own buried rider: don’t resist what the government’s corporate allies are doing. If the federal government says or implies that Monsanto is good, it’s good.

Well,” Clinton supporters and Bush supporters and Obama supporters say, “the government does make mistakes. They do let big corporations slide and skate and gain certain advantages. You see, politics is a gray area. It’s confusing. There are all sorts of conflicts and partnerships and deals, because that’s the way of the world. You can’t fight that. A compromise is made here in order to do something good over there…”

No, Virginia, it’s a lot worse than that. Government and corporations march and dance together to their own music, shredding the law and the Constitution as they go.

These partners have made sure that GMOs spread everywhere. These partners make sure Big Pharma is protected against prosecution for heinous crimes. It’s business as usual, and it takes two to tango.

The Monsanto Protection Act isn’t just a slimy move by a huge corporation. It’s a collaborative effort.

All those corporate lobbyists who infect Washington with their machinations and their money? Are they really imposing their will on politicians because those pols are at their mercy? In a victim’s dream, yes. But in reality, any legislator who tells himself he can’t get reelected unless he takes corporate money is really saying he won’t stand up on his two hind legs and blow the whistle on the whole stinking system.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

If one, five, 10, 20 Congressmen started exposing the real government-corporate game, loudly and passionately and eloquently, we’d see a crisis that would make the fiscal cliff and sequestration look like a child’s birthday party.

Names would be named. Crimes would be detailed. Endemic corruption would float to the surface and sit there steaming, for all to see.

People who view themselves as chronic victims view the world in those terms. They see government as the victim of corporations. They forward and promote this big lie. They make endless excuses and spin endless fairy tales.

Let’s opt instead for a more stark approach: Congressional scum just passed a rider protecting Monsanto from getting the justice it deserves. It’s never too late to reverse that decision.

That’s more realistic.

How many times have legislators been “duped” by sneaky bills passing through their hands? At what point are they supposed to wake up and do something about it?

When you’ve had the farm stolen from you a few thousand times, and you’ve done nothing about it, there’s only one conclusion possible: you like it that way.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

12 comments on “Monsanto proves that corporations don’t run the government

  1. DRubinson says:

    Its time to finally confront the fact that Obama works for Monsanto, just like most of Congress. Its time to let go of the self-defeating fantasy that Obama or anyone but ourselves, will protect us from eating poison, or feeding it to our kids. It’s time to go out and label the food ourselves. GO OUT and LABEL THE FOOD OURSELVES. NOW. Print labels that say WARNING CONTAINS GMO MATERIAL !!! Go into the stores that sell this poison, and stick the labels on the food. Now. Or – do nothing. They are counting on it.


    Need a lobbyist? I can get you a lobbyist.

    Meet Monsanto’s number one lobbyist: Barack Obama

    Also,… DISCLAIMER: The Jon Rappoport Blog and do not challenge or threaten the authority of any legitimate government. The information on this website is provided in accordance with the right to free speech. It does not constitute legal advice. Anyone seeking such advice should consult a competent professional. READERS AND USERS OF THIS WEBSITE ARE PARTICULARLY URGED TO OBEY ALL LAWS. A jury of your peers — should you be tried in a court of law for allegedly violating a law in the course of any act of civil disobedience — may not possess the moral, ethical, cultural, historical acumen, and/or stomach to invoke a “jury nullification of the law” decision for your case at hand.

  2. p3 says:

    hi jon,
    corporate administrative code enforcement regime is our modern day high tech slave system. who, who, what, when and how of human genetic manipulation is the answer to the riddle of human life. back to the future all over again! breaking the programing is most important and most difficult. like sitting in the bodhimandala and manifesting transformation bodies to the limits of empty space. the earth school is a real ball buster.(if you would like) put on your armor, pick up your sword and shield; slay the demons of greed, anger and stupidity(of our own mind) and be a light unto the world.

  3. Linus Pauling says:

    Jon, you have hit the nail in the head. Politicians are as evil as big business, only that they do not have the business acumen that their partners in crime have.
    We have to fight also against the stupidity and moral degradation ( greed, avarice, materialism) existing all around us because that is the nourishment which politicians, banksters and big business CEOs feed from.

  4. Moji says:

    But wait… the government IS a corporation!

  5. Thinker says:

    True, true and TRUE. When the majority from BOTH parties voted for the NDAA, we knew, once and for all, just what corrupt traitors these phony ‘representatives’ are. They killed our most basic rights, now they are involved in poisoning if not outright killing our food supply.

    We might also add about 2/3 of the population to the grouping given the ignorance of the mass not only allows all of this, but funds it by ignorance, often purposeful ignorance. It’s time to shake others awake, every chance we get. Call those restaurants you don’t go to anymore because they only use crap gmos, and tell them that.

    Tell others to stop buying new tech that’s only a better govt spy device. Stop buying fluoride toothpaste. Tell them about the NDAA. Whatever. Talk the facts and don’t back down.

    This article nails it Down, it should be shared with everyone, everywhere, repetitiously. Thanks Jon.

  6. Jerry says:

    AIPAC owns congress and the executive as well as the supreme court.

    The Jews own AIPAC and control the major corporations in this world to include the media and hollywood.

    There are no countries, as such.

    Borders mean nothing to Jewish money and influence.

  7. secret says:

    This article is another distinction without a difference. It describes the process by which corporations control the world and mistakenly assumes their is a separation between Government and Corporations.

    A very long time ago the controllers realized it’s much easier to gain control of the process from the beginning. From congressman and senators to heads of government agencies, and all the way to the presidents and leaders of the world’s governments, The corperations are able to get thier people in.
    They already work for the corporations long before they get “elected”. There is no need to try and bribe a congressman these days. They are already vetted before they get the job.

    The head of the FDA does not have the same philosophy as Monsanto because he is paid off. He has the same philosophy because he is one of them.

  8. JackFrost says:

    Most if not all our rights/freedoms have been from civil disobedience […] and by civil disobidence I mean peaceful/non violent protests such as sit ins where you and many others refuse to work.


    That’s how our 40 hr work week formed and pensions created. The basis of welfare which then was truly for the needy and disabled but now they just hand it over to almost any bozo off the street.

    We’d actually have MORE welfare available to Americans if we stopped catering to illegals and instead encourage Mexico to do better.

    Big corporations DO love Big Government for many resons.

    1: They get favors and give favors such as the mysterious Windows 98 NSA Key

    2: Big Corporations like Monsanto can afford eaisly and do hire more attornys to pay for larger legal cases and do the crime anyways.

    3: Big Corporations can put out smaller business done by you because you (unless you’re a paid agent then forget anything I mentioned if you read this far since you either hacve yuntold protection or they will remove you when they see you are useless)P . because you can’t pay the high court fees where you only have one maybe two lawyers. Monsanto has enough to sustain a small militia.

    If Monsanto don’t want to obey water restrictions they will just pay the 500$ fine like it’s a fishing license.

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