Own a gun, kill an intruder, get paid leave

Own a gun, kill a home invader, get paid leave? Here’s how.

By Jon Rappoport

April 3, 2013


Midnight, Monday, April 1. Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.

A home. Somebody at the door.

Wife makes 911 call, reports a person “behaving very erratically.”

Man breaks into the house.

Husband and wife have “altercation” with the man.

Both husband and wife have guns.

They both shoot the man. He dies.

Husband and wife sustain minor injuries. Bosses at work place them on paid leave.

No prosecution, no problem.

New Colorado gun laws, passed in the wake of the Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres, require background checks for all gun purchases and set a limit of 15 rounds on clips. Gun owners in the state fear the background checks are a first step toward targeting all gun owners in the state.

But the forced introduction of this new culture doesn’t produce a single ripple or question in the Hot Sulphur Springs home-invasion shooting.

Oh. Wait. That’s because…

The wife is a Colorado deputy district attorney and her husband is a sheriff’s deputy.

They can shoot a home intruder and no one uses that incident to bray and whine about armed citizens killing criminals. They can get paid leave from work and everybody immediately understands.

Reporters don’t bother to press the issue. Was the intruder armed? No question, no answer. Was he really a threat to life and limb? No question, no answer. How exactly did he get into the house? No question, no answer. What are the names of the prosecutor and the sheriff’s deputy? No answer.

That’s called a clue. A clue about where this new gun culture is really heading. As if we didn’t know. Cops and law-enforcement personnel, along with criminals, will have all the guns. Everybody else will have a wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer and a bowl of custard.

Imagine what would have happened if the Hot Sulphur Springs couple had been private citizens, civilians.

Police are measuring the exact distance from the front door, to see how far the intruder moved into the living room before he was mowed down.”

Police are checking to see where the couple purchased their weapons.”

Questions are being raised about the ‘altercation’ that took place before shots were fired. How serious or threatening was it?”

Did the intruder say ‘give me your money or I’ll kill you,’ or did he say ‘say something funny or I’ll bill you.’

Was the intruder armed? If not, was he killed in cold blood?”

Gun control groups today offered the following advice: allow the intruder to take all your possessions. Don’t engage in an argument, even if you’re trained to fire a gun. It’s too risky.”

Assume a fetal position, and if you’re a person of faith, pray. Some studies show that prayer can work miracles.”

A smile can turn a rainy day into sunshine.”

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

You should have gone into law-enforcement. Then you would have had the absolute right, when off-duty, to blow away a home invader. Isn’t that the real lesson here?

But if you’re standing in your living room at midnight facing a person who may want to kill you, and you’re just a civilian, you need to process, in a second, the chances that, if you shoot the intruder, you’ll be raked over hot coals by investigators. You have to balance being charged with a very serious felony against the advantage of protecting yourself and your family.

And in the new gun culture, you have to come up with the right answer before you die.

But hey. Not to worry. Even if you do die, you can know you’re contributing to a better world. A world in which peace will ultimately reign. Isn’t that worth your life?

All will be well. Police and criminals will wage their war and, in the long run, the police will win. Then there will be no more crime, ever. Future generations will be safe. Citizens will obey. They will do exactly what they’re told.

If a huge tank comes at them in the street, they will lie down in front of it, not as a sign of protest, but in the spirit of compliance. The State must be right. The State is always right.

Or, as I say, if you really want to kill people, if you really need to scratch that itch, become a cop.

See? These questions aren’t hard to solve, not when you stop and think about them.

Source: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/03/3321794/man-shot-dead-at-home-of-colo.html

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

9 comments on “Own a gun, kill an intruder, get paid leave

  1. moopst says:

    Hickenlooper’s buddy and campaign fund raiser Jack Ebel rented a house and had his son work at his law firm. He didn’t say anything about Evan being released 4 years early (or did he, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

    Of course we know what Evan did, he killed a pizza guy to steal his hat then killed Hick’s other friend.

    But of course these new gun laws would have prevented all that… NOT.

    This just illustrates that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I wonder if Hick sees the irony?

    Meanwhile the TOTUS comes here and reads something from the teleprompter. The word I hear is that the speech went flat and the applause was tepid at best. Meanwhile the Denver PD had to stand there violating their ethics code by being at a partisan event (oh yea, tell me it wasn’t partisan political).

  2. vicfedorov says:

    more important to take the steps to peaceful society, than gun control. More important to reduce weapons of government first. Gun control, without global disarmment is hypocrisy

  3. hybridrogue1 says:

    Loosing the right to self defense against the cops is one thing…
    The idea has troubled me for years. But loosing the right to self defense against intruders…Kafkaesque…in dat ol’twilight zone of woowoo.

    The “No Hesitation” rule applies to my abode. I see no other reasonable choice. And that applies regardless of costume.


  4. Research is Good says:

    I see your story was removed from Infowars dot com because you failed to do research on Colorado Make my Day laws before you wrote your article.
    They were well within their rights to use deadly force and they cannot have legal/criminal action taken against them.

    Colorado Revised Statutes:

    Use of Physical Force and Use of Deadly Physical Force
    18-1-704.5. Use of deadly physical force against an intruder.

    The general assembly hereby recognizes that the citizens of Colorado have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.

    Notwithstanding the provisions of section 18-1-704, any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using any degree of physical force, including deadly physical force, against another person when that other person has made an unlawful entry into the dwelling, and when the occupant has a reasonable belief that such other person has committed a crime in the dwelling in addition to the uninvited entry, or is committing or intends to commit a crime against a person or property in addition to the uninvited entry, and when the occupant reasonably believes that such other person might use any physical force, no matter how slight, against any occupant.

    Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from criminal prosecution for the use of such force.

    Any occupant of a dwelling using physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) of this section shall be immune from any civil liability for injuries or death resulting from the use of such force.

  5. C. Burkey says:

    “Gun control, without global disarmment is hypocrisy” –Very well said.

    Then there’s the constant gun porn on TV and in movies–the things that in our electronic age, serve as mind-training videos for young people. The people on the screen wielding the death-at-the-touch-of-a-button devices are the role models people set their kids down in front of every day. So it’s all bullshit, all this gun control stuff. Solidarity is the cure, anyway, not guns. But hey, let’s talk more about guns.

  6. […] about Democrat and/or Republican then stick a fork in it folks! It’s already laid out and playing out in CO. I don’t know what the folks in Connecticut – The Treason State, or Colorado will do but, for […]

  7. Bruce Jala says:

    The situation you lay out in your blog could very well play out in NJ which has very restrictive gun control laws. As I understand NJ law, you can only use deadly force if you are unable to retreat. If you have any other option, you will otherwise be prosecuted if you use a firearm to defend yourself.

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