The creative versus the machine

The creative versus the machine

by Jon Rappoport

June 9, 2013

The great obsession of the 20th century was organization, and it continues.

Form a goal, put people together, and give them separate tasks that add up to forwarding the goal. Yes, it’s a strategy as old as the hills, but in the last hundred years the drive to expand the numbers has taken over.

Corporations, governments, churches, non-profits, foundations, armies.

Consolidate. Combine. Bigger is better.

Of course, when leaders of these modern mammoths keep fine-tuning specialized jobs within their structures, the human workers come, more and more, to resemble machine parts.

If these jobs are creative, a toaster is painting Rembrandts.

But that doesn’t concern the captains of their organized ships. It’s all about output, products sold, performance graphs, worker loyalty and compliance.

In such environments, “creative” is just a slogan.

As society operates, more and more, by a contagion of systems, people think in those terms. Coordination. Organization.

There are experts ready, at the drop of hat, to move in and explain why society must run this way.

But the individual doesn’t think so. He may comply, he may bow down, but he isn’t a believer.

He doesn’t worship at the altar of efficiency. He doesn’t care about “the inevitable” super-organization of civilization. He’s got one eye open looking for a way out.

The individual may not talk about his soul or believe he has one, but he wants freedom, even if he has no idea what he’d do with it.

The individual may convince himself that small pleasures are his only option, until the day he’s lowered into the ground, but he feels something else, something more.

Of course, maturity is supposed to mean the individual gives up his impulse toward freedom, toward breaking out, but he doesn’t care about that. He may pretend he cares, but he doesn’t.

No amount of pressure or brainwashing is going to work. He still wants to feel alive and free.

People may tell him that power is a bad thing, that it’s selfish and greedy and “unevolved,” but he wants it. He wants, not the outward appearance of it, but the inner energy. The inner force.

Exit From the Matrix

All the overlays of society notwithstanding.

You can turn him into a Pavlovian lap dog, but when you look away he’s going to chew on his strap and try to get free.

You can fill his head full of the most elevated spiritual maxims and utopian bullshit, you can convince him to paste a vapid smile on his face, you can send him to a therapist, but he’s going to keep looking for a hole in the fence.

I’m sick and tired of the New Age melted-cheese people who keep forcing their desires “up on to a higher plateau.” Even they know it’s all nonsense. Even they know they can’t get rid of the fact that they’re individuals, no matter how hard they try.

They can sell their defeat like cosmic enlightenment to the millions, but they can’t scratch their basic itch. It stays with them.

THEY WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING. Underneath it all, they want it badly.

There are some people who hear the word CREATE and wake up, as if a new flashing music has begun.

This lone word makes them see something majestic and untamed and astonishing.

They feel the sound of a Niagara approaching.

They suddenly know why they are alive.

The creative life is about diving in. It’s about a kind of transformation that shreds programming and gets down to the energy of the Fire.

Most people don’t want to travel to that grand arena because they have been trained like pets by some sector of this society to be good girls and boys.

The creative life isn’t about little changes done in little penguin steps. It’s about putting your arms and your mind around Deep, Big, and Wide Desire. It’s about making that Desire come to life.

99% of the world has been trained like rats to adore systems. Give them a system and they’re ready to cuddle up and take it all in. If they have questions, or if they want to argue, it’s about how to tweak the system to make it a little better. And with every move they make, they put another blanket over the Fire Within.

They sleepwalk through life and say yes to everything.

Maybe you once saw something truly free that didn’t care about consequences, and it blew you into tomorrow and turned on your soul’s electricity for an hour.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of bowing and scraping before a pedestal of nonsense.

CREATE is a word that should be oceanic. It should shake and blow apart the pillars of the smug boredom of the soul.

CREATE is about what the individual does when he is on fire and doesn’t care about concealing it. It’s about what the individual invents when he has thrown off the false front that is slowly strangling him.

CREATE is about the end of mindless postponement. It’s about what happens when you burn up the pretty and petty little obsessions. It’s about emerging from the empty suit and empty machine of society that goes around and around and sucks away the vital bloodstream.

CREATE isn’t part of the BELONGING PROGRAM, the program that society runs on to stay away from the transforming power of imagination.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

9 comments on “The creative versus the machine

  1. Elliot says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Dan W. says:

    “Mr. Milquetoast plods through life
    In times of unending strife
    But I know deep inside that he still has not lied
    To himself – and given up hope
    Can’t you see how continually
    That we deny our destiny
    The flame is never fanned so the dream cannot be had

    Society conditions its members, and blindly they conform
    Sacrificing their desires, they hardly mourn
    But when they’re old, they’ll regret
    Following the crowd
    And wish they’d struck out on their own”

    – excerpts from “Hang On To Your Dreams”
    Lyrics & Music Copyright 1993, Dan Wagner. Written while still sick in the matrix.

    Thanks for your post, Jon. You could say it resonated with me. -DW

  3. Tom says:

    To be an unique expression of life (inner energy), you don’t have to do a thing. Wanting to be an individual or wanting to achieve something ‘creative’ (pleasure moments) keeps you in the matrix of thought (illusions). It is thought that keeps you in the time and space illusion (tomorrow I’ll be an ‘individual’). It is thought that keeps you separate from life (essence).

  4. Paddy Powerless says:

    @Tom: You sad, smug moron. What he is talking about is the inner urge for self-expression and breaking free of the collective drudge. You are a coward and a fool. You cannot be separate from ‘life essence’ if you are living and breathing. You can, however, be separate from your sense of self. Wafflers like you are the enablers of the system – fearful, illogical and lacking in both spirit and backbone.

    May you wither on the vine.

  5. mark b says:

    A good salesman will place an ad and praise the lured. Changing one’s perspective is freedom. Creativity is the fire of alchemy.

  6. gabriel lambrianidis says:

    even if bodily maimed a free imagination is dangerous to the opressors. many artists have been and are now imprisoned to limit their power of free imagination. the opressors believe its a mass influence.the artist knows it is the individual he is trying to wake up.the leaders fearful of stepping down after their victory to allow anarchy its right place after a revolution because of a society filled with opressed people.

  7. Balls Capone says:

    I really enjoy your articles. In fact it inspired me to create this little poem:

    I can love and I can hate
    I can experience and create
    I can walk amongst the sky
    I can soar through the ground
    I can visit the bottom of the oceans, I’ll never drown
    I can carve in the rocks
    I can dig through the soil
    I can blister my hands and grow weary with toil
    I can sail recklessly through the stars and get myself lost
    I can be a penguin sliding through Antarctic frost
    I can open up notepad and write out a poem
    I can become like a pebble caught up in the sea foam
    I can drive any car or fly any plane
    I can explore volcanoes without the worry of flame
    I can be a lumberjack cutting down all the trees
    I can be a microbe in the spray of your sneeze
    I can be the nail you pry out of your tire
    I can be the seller, agent or your potential buyer
    I can move forward or feel free to regress
    I can feel I’ve been screwed or that I’ve been blessed
    I can drink all the drinks and eat all the things
    I can enjoy all the fruits of which this life brings
    I am not just a “them”, an “us” or a “we”
    I am simply all that I am
    and that which is me

    – Patrick Neville
    SLC, UT

  8. muskateer99 says:

    without creativity there is nothing -e.g power wheel phone rembrant -no progress in life but the use of knowledge and ideas are corrupted by business -mass produced rubbish robotic lifestyles

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