Multiplying scandals to hide the one scandal that could sink Obama

Multiplying scandals to hide the scandal that could sink Obama

by Jon Rappoport

June 15, 2013

Realize, first of all, that the normal attention span of elite media is about three days. If you can jam your version of data down their throats for that length of time, you’re golden.

Then you’re facing another three days. You start all over again.

You being the White House PR flack machine.

The overall effect you’re looking for is: here today, gone tomorrow (or in three days). Nothing sticks.

Therefore, the public, or that part of it that can still think and reflect at all, is yanked from one fragmentary story to another. Sooner or later, surrender comes.

Do me. Give me your stories. I’ll buy them. Then I’ll forget them. Then I’ll buy the new ones.”

In this climate, there is no process that can be called reasoning. It doesn’t exist. It’s all about What’s New.

Fast&Furious? Old hat. Benghazi? He said-he said. Who cares? The Feds spying on AP reporters? A yawner.

No traction. That’s the goal of every modern White House press corps.

Of course, along come stories that can’t be slid out of the pan and tossed in the garbage. A war. A mass shooting in a school or a theater.

In that case, the White House quickly develops a message. The theme. The takeaway.

What’s our agenda here? What do we want to leave people with?”

Mental health. This Lanza kid was a nutjob. Therefore, America needs a better mental health system. The president will announce a new program to install community mental-health centers across the land.”

And guns. The kid had access to his mother’s guns. Feeds into taking all the guns away. From everybody.”

White House PR flacks spread these messages to the press and enlist the help of Congresspeople to make supporting statements.

They invent reality for the masses.

Once in a while, a truly ugly scandal rears its head. If it isn’t cut off at the pass, it could damage the White House and take the president into a place he doesn’t want to inhabit. Benghazi, for example.

Obama stood by and did nothing while Americans were murdered.” That story line has to be stopped.

So he-said he-said gets a heavy workout. Accusations and denials. The pile of nonsense that goes nowhere.

Then there is the suggestion of blame that should go elsewhere. The State Department. The CIA. Put them front and center and deflect responsibility away from the president. Try a presidential “I didn’t know what was going on.”

If all that doesn’t work, it’s a crisis. It might be time to introduce (leak) new scandals. A few of them. A traffic jam.

If this seems improbable and shocking, take a breath and consider that it’s in the age-old war playbook. Sacrifice a battle to win the war.

We lose here to win there.”

Politicians who gain significant power don’t think like “good people.” They aren’t operating as the PR-fed media tells you they’re operating. They think like Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz.

Pretend inferiority.” “All war is based on deception.” “When we are able to attack, we must seem unable.” “War is such a dangerous business that mistakes that come from kindness are the very worst.”

Presidents are at war. They’re at war from the moment they step into power. If they’re not, the people behind the curtain, who put the president into office, take up the slack and protect them.

Benghazi could torpedo Obama? Could take him down? The scandal is widening? It’s getting harder to contain? It’s rising to a roar?

Okay. Do the one thing that will appear to be completely counter-intuitive. Leak new scandals. Let a few dupes take the fall. Who cares?

Obscure Benghazi with new shocks. The AP scandal. The IRS scandal. The NSA-Snowden scandal. In each of those, Obama himself can survive. The damage he incurs is far less than what would happen if the Benghazi op explodes.

Aside from Americans being murdered at Benghazi, which is the emotional spark that could ignite the public, there is the matter of the White House and the Pentagon and the CIA arming the very terrorists who killed Christopher Stevens and the Seals. Arming them to make them into “heroic rebels” fighting against the Assad government in Syria.

The Matrix Revealed

Rahm Emanuel says, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The spin off of that is: Expose new crises if you need them.

The media are ready, willing, and able to publicize the new crises. They live for them. Big stories. Commands don’t have to come down from the penthouse to editors and reporters. It’s an easy slam-dunk. Leak a new scandal, and the wolves of the press come to feed.

As you sit here reading this, do you know or remember exactly who first leaked the IRS and AP scandals to the press? And if you’re in the vast minority of people who think they remember, are you correct? Do you really know how the initial leak occurred and who it came from?

In the Snowden/NSA case, we presume it was Snowden himself who did the leaking, because, as an independent voice, he wanted to. He chose the moment to tell The Guardian and the Washington Post to move ahead and blow the whistle.

But, as I’ve argued in prior articles, it’s far more likely Snowden is an agent of forces who want to blast a hole in the NSA for their own un-altruistic reasons. Therefore, the timing of the NSA scandal, as a media story, would have been a choice Snowden’s handlers made.

In the Watergate myth, two rookie reporters for the Washington Post, following up on the Watergate break-in, caught a break. Woodward did. He “knew a guy.” The guy was standing in the shadows of a parking garage. He said, “This story is bigger than the break-in.” And Woodward and Bernstein were off and running.

Someone wanted that story to become a scandal, to take down Nixon. Deep Throat in the garage was fulfilling a higher purpose. I’ve written about this several times. Basically, David Rockefeller, who owned Nixon, was horrified that the president was laying tariffs on goods imported into the US.

It went directly against David’s prime Globalist strategy: “free trade.”

Rockefeller was the real leaker. He was the man who gave the green light to take down the crook, Nixon.

Take a president down. Protect a president. Either way, in times of crisis, the people in power do what’s necessary. They don’t care about Nice or Kind or Moral or Just. That’s fiction. That’s fairy tale.

The job of elite media is to believe and promote the idea that Nice and Kind and Moral and Just are the rule in political life, and scandal is the exception. That’s the myth for the kiddies.

Exit From the Matrix

The truth goes like this. “Okay, guys, we’re in the war room. We’ve got Benghazi. This is a bad one. Obama is exposed. His flank is unprotected. If we let this scandal play out, it’s going to drown the president. We can time a few new scandals so people will forget about Benghazi. Let’s bring them into play, one after the other. Hit them hard. Obama will weather the storm. Memory is short…”

Here’s what the National Journal reported on June 13:

Obama’s job-approval ratings in the Gallup Poll have averaged between 47 percent and 51 percent each week since mid-February. This past week, June 3-9, his approval rating was 48 percent and his disapproval rating was 45 percent. All of the other major polls except for Fox News’s show essentially no change in his standing from a couple of months ago, before renewed attention to Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service revelations, the Associated Press phone-records flap, and the recent leaks about the National Security Agency’s electronic-surveillance system.”

The president is, in fact, surviving the recent scandals. At least, that’s how the press and the pollsters are presenting it.

The op is working.

Is Obama taking hits? Of course. Has his credibility diminished? Yes. Will the recent scandals affect his ability to “get things done” in his second term? Yes.

But so far, the larger threat, Benghazi, has been deflected.

And the weakening of the dollar, the increasing of government debt, the economic devastation of the country, the true unemployment rate, the continuing war in Afghanistan, the stepping up of the Surveillance State, the militarization of police forces, the corporatizing of agriculture…and all the other crucial indicators of the decline of America as a modern Roman Empire are on track.

On track to what?

A Globalist planet.

A kingdom of controlled Earth, where all nations, including America, are brought down to a level of power that can managed from above.

Obama, like all recent Globalist presidents, is doing his assigned job. His number-one job. He’s winning the war as he sees it and as his controllers see it.

Benghazi? Go to and search Sharyl Attkisson, who at the moment still works for CBS. From what I observe, she’s the only investigative reporter the major networks employ.

Her work is always under threat and censorship. She exposes a significant crime, and then she’s stopped. She’s been on to Benghazi.

So her work and home computers have been hacked. She implies it’s happening because of Benghazi.

The “war room” has been keeping track of what she knows.

In case you’re looking for a term to describe the leaking of multiple scandals to obscure one scandal, it’s “limited hangout.” That’s spy talk. It means you admit partial guilt. In doing so, you hide the deeper facts of a crime.

You hope the admission caps the story and nobody bothers to look further.

You hope the media-information pipeline into the skulls of millions of people shape what they think is possible and what is not possible in this thing called reality.

Yes, most people automatically reject the possibility that insiders would leak and time scandals to save themselves from the Big One. To admit the possibility is to realize that consensus reality is upside down and backwards.

Which it is.

Okay, I can accept that politicians are lying about their role in a single scandal, but to think people would EXPOSE scandals IN A SEQUENCE to escape detection…that’s too much.”

The boys in the war room are counting on that reaction.

They’re imagining and sequencing reality for the masses, and they’re counting on the inability of the masses to imagine it’s even possible.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

41 comments on “Multiplying scandals to hide the one scandal that could sink Obama

  1. hsaive says:

    Great stuff…

    Did you hear?…Syria has WMD’s (honest!…this time). Obama to arm rebels and slither away from Bin Gotcha.

  2. Or these mini-scandals are being “leaked” not to deflect attention away from the other scandals but to obscure, like a smoke screen, the coming of a very big event.

    In the event of total economic collapse, which is becoming closer and closer to reality, what with the runaway national debt and the inevitable collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the State has to find a way to maintain control of its citizens, who wake up and suddenly find their savings and properties worthless. But how can you control a very angry citizenry who surely blames the government for putting them in this situation? Turn the might of the US Military on them, you say? Martial Law? But how do you impose Martial Law in America, the home of the brave and the free? Very easy! It’s called the Dictator’s Playbook – a set of instructions revised and perfected and practiced (on other nations) by the US Intelligence machine. While, in other nations, Martial Law was forced on the citizens, the American version will be different: the nation of the brave and the free will be begging for it. For the plan to work, the begging has to happen before the economic collapse. Which only means that the plan is already unfolding as we speak. This is not a turf battle between the CIA and NSA – there are just too may holes in that line of logic. I would much rather call it a necessary or dictated collaboration.

    The Dictator’s Playbook would detail how the public’s resistance can be reduced to insignificance. Marcos staged this phase to perfection before he declared Martial Law in the Philippines in 1972. Bombings and mass murders and bloody mayhem were happening on a daily basis – that the government blamed on communists, the al-qaeda of the time; the Filipinos were so ready for or accepting of it when martial law came down.

    In order to do something similar here in the USA, the power-that-be has to tweak the Playbook just a little: Before the mayhem can proceed, they have to shut down the vaunted trillion-dollar surveillance system. But you cannot just turn the system off without telegraphing your intentions. Although the public was not aware of this system or how it was being used, it surely was aware that the Government has a system that is being used to catch the bad guys before they can do bad things. This is where Snowden comes in. His revelation of the secret snooping of the Government on its own citizens will create such a firestorm that the Government is “forced” to turn the system off. See the beauty of it? The public itself made the Government turn the system off. Power rests on the people, rah, rah rah! Then the mayhem begins – all to be blamed on terrorists, of course. And Martial Law will be a walk in the park. And remember Jesse Ventura’s “concentration camps”? That’s where a small number of the non-believers are going to be – for their protection. And who’s going to be in charge of these camps to make sure the residents are safe? A good fit for the famous mercenaries of the CIA’s Blackwater, don’t you think?

  3. Tim says:

    I’m not an Obama fan but I think all the whining over Benghazi is a bunch of phony outrage baloney. Quit acting like it’s the “worst thing ever.” Much more serious stuff to bash him for.

  4. Coach B says:

    Evil like greed has no end until it self destructs. This has to happen at one point because it will feed on itself. How do we turn this around before it takes us with it?

  5. aethir86 says:

    Hi Jon,

    thanks for the great article…

    I feel the same way that it’s all just deception on every level, a constant push and pull – Either it’s about hiding truth in the shadows, or shining it openly into the eyes of the masses to blind them.

    However(!): With every partial revelation and mishap that the corrupt shysters let slip, we get a tiny victory – at least in my opinion!

    Marc Twain said an honest person doesn’t need a good memory… 🙂

    So that is my only “hope” for this global quagmire of endless lies and dodged cover-ups: it’s a common nature of socio- and psychopaths to push their limits, again and again, until it all their schemes explode in their face… Sooner or later, corrupt people lose touch with reality.

    Jeff Rense recently said this in a segment with Gordon Duff recently (it’s also on Youtube,

    And there’s always bound to be a lot of in-fighting amongst the negative “service-to-self” elite. It’s a metaphysical fact of sorts, you might say. 🙂


  6. flyingtigercomics says:

    By keeping the general populace culturally blinded to the concept of sophistication or forward planning, the controllers can operate invisibly simply by using sophisticated longterm plans. Longer than an ad break and it doesn’t exist.

  7. […] Multiplying scandals to hide the one scandal that could sink Obama | Jon Rappoport’s Blog. Have you ever seen a better explanation of what probably goes on in DC right now? Jon Rappoport knows the inner workings of Washington and he smells the spin doctors miles away. In the linked editoral/essay from him here you will get a glimpse of political reality and PR that may make your head spin […]

  8. jim says:

    The Human Race can never be completely controlled and ruled, because various assholes have been attempting to do so for thousands of years, and no one has ever succeeded. As the size of Humanity grows, this task grows more difficult, so it is a waste of energy to even consider doing so.

    Give them cell phones and intranet, so they can be monitored and controlled. The flip side is they can now inform everyone what is going on, like yourself for instance. The Human spirit, which is part of the Infinite Creator, can never be completely harnessed and subjugated, because it is boundless.

    If a monster tortures me in a certain way, then acceptance of that torture and other tortures will become my pleasure until that monster’s throat is slit and their body is burned. This is why Christ gave his second Law which is often called the Golden Rule, because it certainly predates Christianity. Rockerfeller and his atheist ilk should have pushed Humanity higher, but instead set them on a course of self destruction and doomed their spiritual Karma for a very long time.

    It is my belief that a full scale nuclear war will commence during the next one hundred daze, and the so called elite will not be spared.

  9. Sean says:

    Reply to Steamwhistler,

    Interesting take. However, I’m expecting the crackdown to occur due to foreign forces. The sinking of an aircraft carrier or some other such calamity. Poof! There goes the dollar, and there goes the price of oil, etc…

  10. Stephen Kriz says:

    Please specify what Obama did wrong or could have done to save Christopher Stevens or the two CIA operatives in Benghazi? Be specific and cite exactly which laws you believe were broken. I have yet to hear a cogent, rational case articulated by anyone on the right. What a farce!

  11. Orson says:

    The E. Howard Hunt “deathbed confession” was a limited hang out. Mark Lane nailed him good in the civil suit which showed that he was involved in the JFK assassination. Later he tried to make a million bucks in return for the whole story, but there were no takers. For some reason, his son never bothered to ask him exactly who did the shooting and who set the whole thing up. There is no way the people will ever see justice. The “Libertarians”, as nutty as many of them are, will probably push the envelope quite far, and will be obliterated by government big guns and prisons. It will all appear on TV as necessary and in the best interest of Homeland Security.

  12. kd0ozo says:


    Always enjoy much enlightenment from your blogs.

    Politics and crime have now been skillfully blended to such a fine art — greatly surpassing the eras of Stalin and Hitler.

    One very outstanding (criminal) achievement of this new era has been surreptitious replacement of our U.S. Constitution by ‘COG.’

    There appears to be little doubt that crime syndicate now ensconced in WH is impervious to any justice.

    Also, great comment from Steamwhistler!

    We the people are in for a financial shock — whether we endure a sudden ‘Cyprus’ haircut or eventually realize that at least half of our savings have been inflated away.

  13. Jarrod Schneider says:

    When all these scandals started breaking, I remember thinking “I know these don’t see the light of day unless somebody wants them to…are they trying to take out Obama?” But after reading this it all makes sense. They’re protecting him. They got one over on me too, let alone the mass zombie populace. The difference is that those who actually attempt to figure things out learn from their mistakes. Let’s hope the alternative media learns from this multiple diversion strategy as well because they’ve been way off base lately too. They’ve taken each baited scandal hook lign and sinker.

  14. Arminius says:

    Polls in September showed the Presidential race neck and neck. Many media outlets were openly predicting a Romney victory. Obama had failed to garner public approval over the killing of a man claimed (but never proven) to be Osama bin Laden, mostly because of the manner in which the body was disposed of and the obvious faked photos leaked onto the internet.

    Obama needed a publicity stunt.

    A small team of “Al Qaeda” terrorists, or someone playing at being Al Qaeda terrorists, were supposed to enter the Consulate and take the Ambassador and his staff hostage. Obama would let the drama build for a few days, allowing the media to hype the story, then send in the SEAL teams to “rescue” the hostages, then campaign on how he did not let the situation turn into a repeat of the Iranian hostage crisis, which would have dovetailed with the Iran bashing (and Argo).

    But the best laid plans of mice and men (and Candidates) gang aft agley, as they say. We know that the CIA operatives at the annex could hear the gunfire from the Consulate. Looking at the consulate through Google Earth, one sees heavily populated residential areas less than half a mile to the east and southwest, who no doubt heard the gunfire coming from the consulate as well. Given how quickly sympathetic protests erupted across the Middle East during this incident, it is clear that the region is an anti-American powder keg awaiting a spark, which Obama inadvertently provided with his staged terror attack.

    The initial “Al Qaeda” (or reasonable facsimile thereof) was a small group, but were quickly joined by Libyans pouring in from adjoining neighborhoods. What was a planned and rehearsed operation to “kidnap” the Ambassador triggered a spontaneous riot with at least 200 participants on the ground, and spun out of control, leading to the deaths of the Ambassador and others.

    Obama’s carefully prepped operation to make himself look like a hero instantly turned in an epic fail.

  15. Arminius says:

    There are non so blind as those that will not see.
    Know what I mean STEPHEN KRIZ?

  16. Aida says:

    Stephen Kriz, shame on you. I’m living in England waiting for my immigration papers to go to America back to America. I’m the mother of 7 children and 5 grandchildren American born. I have been waiting for 30 yrs to be legal. my kids haven’t seen their mom in 6 years, i still haven’t met my grandkids. When business were booming I was a Quenn in America and living the American dream. After Sep11 and I wasn’t needed anymore I respectfully left the country and my family behind, after MR. Bush asked the immigrants to leave and put the papers inn to go back. Yeh..yeh…yeh I’m still here alone waiting in agony because I trusted a liar. What I want to say is, even that OBUMA is pro-immigration, I still don’t like him or defend him. America is where my heart is and I can tell you that I’m more of a patriot than most Americans I see. Even that I know that Patriots hate immigrants I’m still one of them and will die if I need too. I will be there very soon to plant a garden to feed my family that your President is ready to starve. […] Even that I was a single mother for a while working and raising 7 children alone It never crossed my mind to send them to the army for a easy fix. I didn’t drink and smoke their college fund, so they did get educated and loan free. I did not sacrifice my life to raise professional murders with a licence to kill, given by the government. PS> I have never been on public assistance either or any of my friends and yes I did pay tax every single years and no refund on 7 kids coz my 50 dollar SS card is good just to pay tax not file for refund and this is why immigrants aren’t legalized. We make great quiet slaves.

  17. hybridrogue1 says:

    Stephen Kriz is commenting within the false synthesis of the Hegelian Left/Right paradigm. He therefore misses the larger picture that Mr Rappoport speaks to.

    The real “farce” is the delusion that the US is a constitutional republic, and that the actors on either side of the isle are bound by the by their oath to the Constitution. “Politics” is a stage play. ‘Government’ is a racket.
    “Presidents” are puppets.


  18. Your angle reminds me strongly of the events in “Wag the dog”—which I co-incidentally re-watched just a few hours before landing here.

  19. Mike says:

    Obama was probably on a “do not disturb” nite at the White House. Has anyone checked the location of Reggie Love or Kal Penn that night?

  20. Adam says:

    @ Stephen Criz: I’m not right or left, or Repub or Dem, or biased in any way except just being somebody that has always sought the truth because I learned about it early in life. Yes, I’m a strange cat. I’m biased on the side of the truth, whatever it be.

    The answer to the general question of “what Obama did wrong” begins a long distance from the Benghazi affair and can no doubt even trace to some of Obama’s earliest political aspirations and the people gathering around him with stars in eyes. Just how much history would you require for seeing things as they are?

    What you are asking is that somebody write you a very, very long and involved book that will change your thoughts from A to Z so that you can see into “Benghazi.” On your quest, you could let Rappaport’s article here be your beginning, however, you can’t dismiss it out of hand, as it’s an important clue for you.

  21. Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    Thanks Jon

  22. James Holmes says:

    Great assessment Jon.

    I named the process several years ago, in Holmes’ Law:

    The Expose is the Coverup.

  23. Thank you! I fully concur with your conclusion that the release of multiple scandals with a shallow exposure of all is a simple overload strategy designed to overwhelm the citizen attention span. This is a text book example of Tavistock’s “inner directional conditioning” at work. We’ve become a wholly owned and operated Globalist Elite Sheep Flock instead of the proud nation of individuals we once were, but I do believe it’s possible to awake from our coma.

  24. Reply to Steven Kriz:

    Stevens was murdered by Ansar al Sharia in retaliation for The Muslim Brotherhood shorting Al Qaeda on an arms shipment of weapons being delivered to Syria from Libya on a Libyan ship. The Obama Administration sided with The Muslim Brotherhood against Al Qaeda in this matter and Ambassador Stevens was lead U.S. negotiator.

    What the Obama Administration could have done to prevent this was “Not” to be arming Islamic Extremists and getting involved in Islamic disputes. This was so stupid and wrong it could make a goat puke.

    This has all been well documented, though not by the Globalist owned media, of course.

  25. Stephen Kriz says:

    I agree with Tim – this Benghazi! crap is a load of horse hockey. There is nothing here. When is the House going to investigate the eight or ten embassy and consulate attacks that occurred on Bush’s watch? 60 people died in those attacks, so I guess it was 15 times as bad under George W. Bush!

  26. hybridrogue1 says:


    One has to wonder how new you might be to the ‘alternative net’, and the myriad of sources to educate yourself on the actual architecture of modern political power.

    You speak to the so-called “government” in DC as if it were the real thing, as if the whole thing isn’t a passion play in league with the mainscream media.

    Dumping on anyone with a load of Bush that criticizes Obama is simply playing in a soap opera from the funny farm. You are really lost out in the flowers.

    That Obummer has increased the vile mechanics of the police state in an exponential manner – after vowing to make his “Change” and give the concept of constitutional government a chance of “Hope” is the sign of an obvious conman. He is only worse than Bush because of the sequence, just like Bush was worse than Clinton…it is the fruition of the agenda in steps – if there is a next “president”, if the illusion of the “Nation” can be sustained that long, then that regime will be even worse than the current one.

    If you grasp real hisory, not the lollipop version you get from schooling. from the media and the entertainment industry, you would finally come to understand that Amerika has been a police state sense the Civil War. The mass of the people are enchanted by the Public Relations Regime…and you seem here to be among those in trance.

    You can get a clue and start your studies now, as has been suggested to you here by others, or you can paddle in your little circles ’till your boat sinks.


    • Bruce says:

      Nice response and explanation for Mr. Kirtz, hybridrogue 1. Thank you. It’s unfortunate that folks watch 10 minutes or 10 days (same difference) of CNN, Fox, MSNBC or whatever and then believe they are educated as to what is happening in the world. Our willingness to be uninformed is literally ending our Republic, which cannot survive voter ignorance, immorality or loss of honor.

  27. Annie says:

    Here is the scandal that Benghazi is obscuring: the congressional hearing on organ harvesting. This hearing was the day before Benghazi or the day of, depending on when you time the Benghazi event.

    Bush and Obama, likewise the leaders of other major nations, have both been aware of the harvesting of organs from live prisoners in China since the practice began. If the populace of this nation learn that our highest levels have done nothing and said nothing about a practice more evil than Nazi concentration camps … the fallout would be enormous. Obama sitting there cooly with Xi would bring disgust to the strongest supporters.

    Here is the link to a news video, which contains a link to the Congressional hearings.

    From the video site:

    Evidence continue to emerge showing that China’s state-run hospitals have been systematically using prisoners of conscience—especially practitioners of Falun Gong—for forced organ transplants.
    On Wednesday, September 12, 2012, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, R-CA) and Chris Smith (Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights, R-NJ) chaired an oversight hearing at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC.

    It was entitled “Organ Harvesting of Religious and Political Dissidents by the Chinese Communist Party.”

    The hearing included expert testimonies from:
    • Damon Noto, M.D., Spokesman for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting
    • Gabriel Danovitch, M.D., Professor of Medicine at UCLA Medical School
    • Charles Lee, M.D., Spokesman and Public Relations Director for the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party
    • Ethan Gutmann, Adjunct fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and Author of “Losing the New China”

    The above video contains 9 minutes of highlights from the hearing. The full 74-minute version is available here:

  28. The Republicans will never push Benghazi to the limit, because it would hugely backfire on them. To their ‘Obama stood by and did
    nothing while [a few] Americans were murdered’, they can threaten —
    and probably already have, big time — ‘Bush stood by and did nothing
    while 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11’, sitting like a deer
    in the headlights in the Florida classroom while his fellow citizens
    were jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers. Pushing Benghazi
    threatens the ‘Third Rail’ of U.S. politics — a rail that has to be crossed for the nation to heal — of the exposure of what really happened on 9/11 and who was really behind it.
    Barbara Honegger

  29. sedatedprincess4 says:

    Reblogged this on crazydays4 and commented:
    Once again, a brilliant assessment by Jon Rappoport.

  30. Phil says:

    >>>”Please specify what Obama did wrong or could have done to save Christopher Stevens or the two CIA operatives in Benghazi? Be specific and cite exactly which laws you believe were broken.”

    Well, the CIA wouldn’t have had its agents attacked in Benghazi if it hadn’t stationed a spy center there in the first place. Barry’s war on Libya itself was as outright a violation of the Constitution as possible.

  31. Benghazi is not an Obama scandal, its a CIA-U.S. Armed Forces putsch scandal. Back in September 2012, CIA’s Petraeus deliberately intervened to withhold aid to the consul in Benghazi. The idea was to scandalize the President and throw the election for Romney, who was the preferred candidate of the generals. But it unraveled due to a loss of nerves inside the military. And what happened? Bye bye, Petraeus and two dozen top military personnel. All of them left quietly (due to “personal” scandal) in order to protect the reputation of the army. But that total failure did not dissuade the CIA. Far from it. They know Obama is terrified of them, and totally detached from his job as C-in-C. Bill Clinton urged him to intervene in Syria in order to take his scandals off the front page, and so he has. But really, Clinton is warning him: let the army have its way on some of these adventures. Keep them distracted. Or they will come back to finish you off!

  32. wallry says:

    Lets’ get over the idea that “O” will ever be ousted or impeached, then we can proceed.
    There is no one in power with the guts to stand up against his regime.
    Talking about it no longer is the answer either.

  33. This is a copy of a comment I posted at

    This NSA snooping on ordinary citizens answers a very nagging question I’ve had since Obama absconded on his promise of transparency in government and from the one issue that is very near and dear to my heart: protection for government whistleblowers. As a father of young children like himself, I always consider breaking a promise as something that can’t be taken lightly, especially when that promise has a profound effect on their future. There has to be a very important, much bigger reason for him to break his promises, that he in effect, made to his children and the future generations. Snowden’s revelation provided the only logical answer: NSA had incriminating dirt on him, long before he even became Candidate Obama. If you were the NSA, seeing that your GOP benefactors will be surely banished from power for a while, wouldn’t you start gathering some bits and pieces about your future adversary that you can use later when it’s time to negotiate for your survival? I believe they found a lot of very dirty bits and pieces in Obama’s associations with Rezco and the Chicago Gang. I wonder if the spies even helped Obama, without his knowledge, in his surprising defeat of the “cleaner” Hillary Clinton, in the primaries. Maybe they even helped Obama set up Benghazi to destroy Hillary before she starts having ideas of running in 2016. Snowden’s assertion that he had the “authority” to spy on anyone including the President doesn’t sound such a loon’s delusion anymore.

  34. […] Multiplying scandals to hide the one scandal that could sink Obama ( […]

  35. Fiesty says:

    All of you poor, ignorant souls with the do-gooder mindset need to open your eyes to the world around you. Military, capable of coming to the aid of our Embassy, and it’s Ambassador were told to ‘ Stand Down”. That means “don’t go”. The ONLY person capable of giving such an order is the PRESIDENT. The same President who said “I will stand with the Muslims”. Check it out for yourself. […] Of course there are diversions!!!

  36. Michael Roger says: would have been pretty horrific to find out that right in the middle of Benghazi, Obama was negotiating with Iran (who was showing simulated videos of Israel blowing up just this week on State media). Maybe Benghazi wad a ‘show of faith’ for the Ayatollah to come to the negotiating table. But the horror doesn’t end there, at the same time Benghazi was flying off the chain because Obama couldnt sell the narrative, he was lifting sanctions again Iran!!

    Imagine how the narrative would have read if the media weren’t putting the the fake news out that they were being “watched” by Obama!

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