Matrix, Orwellian freedom, surveillance, corrupting language

Matrix, Orwellian freedom, surveillance, corrupting language

by Jon Rappoport

August 13, 2013

“The demands of the machine are insatiable. The danger of shaking men out of the soporific results of mechanized knowledge is similar to that of attempting to arouse a drunken man or one who has taken an overdose of sleeping tablets. The necessary violent measures will be disliked. We have had university professors threatened with the loss of their positions for less than this.” (Harold Innis, 1947)

Note the word “mechanized” in the above quote. It’s no longer used to describe the negative result of education. Instead, we have “systems.”

But “systems” doesn’t have a negative connotation. Indeed, it’s a positive. It’s a herald of a new and better world.

In this re-framing, we all need systems. And so does the government, in order to spy and repel threats to national security.

The more systems the better.

In deed, the thrust of the sciences is: life itself is an interlocked system.

This is a form of indoctrination.

The Surveillance State is also, of course a system. It’s based on the premise that ALL freedom has to be monitored and tracked.

Meanwhile, modern “democratic” elites have redefined freedom. This is at the heart of what they’re doing.

They want freedom to mean “doing the right thing for the greatest good of the greatest number.” Never mind that such a re-framing is a complete non-sequitur. In the social engineering game, the op goes this way: “Every person would use his freedom to do the right thing; therefore, coercing people to do it is part of freedom.”

It’s Orwellian. It makes no sense. But that’s what’s on the table. “Let’s eliminate the ‘choice’ part of freedom and go directly to what a free person would do and make that into ideal and necessary behavior.”

The Surveillance State classifies those who disagree as threats.

Asserting freedom as a pure and independent value raises a red flag.

Freedom isn’t a system.

It’s something very different. Therefore, it has to be stamped out.

Over the past 65 years, a tremendous amount of propaganda has been devoted to redefining freedom as “what freedom should lead to.” Behavior. Brainwashed college students are essentially taught: “Forget the free part of freedom. Let’s skip that. It’s unimportant. Let’s go right to the question of what freedom should produce. That’s why we’re here. That’s what we’re going to learn. It’s a short-cut. We’re going to tell you what any decent and correct human being would do with his freedom, so you can do it.”

The recent MIT experiments to induce “false memories” in rats reveal the direction important brain research is taking. Change the past, if necessary, to make people do the right thing.

Cause them to remember a past that dictates what the right thing is.

That’s how far the free part of freedom would be engineered (eliminated), in order to arrive at the “right” outcome.

“Creating a false past is just another system that helps society. All systems are useful.”

In this model, society is a group that adheres to “the best thinking” about how it should be organized, in order to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number. Society is that system, and every individual plays his part.

the matrix revealed

One of John Gatto’s more startling insights about education goes as follows: the great robber barons (Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie) looked around and realized they owned the country. The game was over. So they invented, and controlled, a second form of “synthetic capitalism.” This sophisticated charade was linked to education. A new professional class of super-educated people would become the major players…

Well, those trained chickens have come home to roost, in the sense that they are now being deployed as experts, tasked to reorganize society in the 21st century. Their job is to turn society into a system, in which freedom is a synonym for “best behavior.”

To make sure this comes to pass, everyone must be watched. The real purpose of surveillance is, in the long run, ensuring that behavior.

Any individual who enlists in this future does so by entering a trance. The tool of hypnosis is a collective definition of The Good. This was exactly the pattern that Plato laid out in The Republic. For him, The Good was the highest Form in the ultimate dimension where all ideas existed in a perfected state. The ruling Philosopher Kings had intimate and superior knowledge of The Good.

Try it yourself. Write down a definition of “the greatest good for the greatest number,” and then, in your life, for a week or so, base all your actions on it. Exclude all other considerations. You’ll find yourself in an altered state, and you’ll also notice you’re, in essence, hypnotizing yourself. You’re narrowing your focus, space, and thought.

You’re referring all your behavior to a central and single idea. You’re systematizing yourself.

This is the principle of reduction of consciousness.

exit from the matrix

Speaking of which, here’s an excerpt from my work-in-progress, The Magician Awakes:

John Q opened his eyes after the surgery. He saw a floral pattern hanging in mid-air, and inscribed along every stem and stylized petal were rows of refrigerated thoughts.

Major Kelsen walked into the hospital room with a big grin on his face. ‘We’ve done it,’ he said. ‘John Q, you now have an auxiliary mind. It’s better than the original. You’re in on the ground floor with the mob.’

John Q struggled to speak, but his mouth was a dry desert and the wind was picking up in his cerebral cortex. It was blowing away ideas like sand and leaving him prone, a stick of bleached wood.

‘No need to track you anymore, kid,’ the Major said. ‘You’re free. You’re the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution now. You’re immune.’

John Q tried to say, stay away from my brain, but he couldn’t. It was too late anyway. He could already feel himself radiating with low-level happiness. It was bleeding from his pores. He was sensing INCLUSION.

Belsen hovered over him with a mirror.

‘Look at yourself, son. Your face is changing. Do you even recognize who you are? Do you remember who you were? Those constructs are both fading. You’re in the moment. Zen. You’re the animal you were meant to be, finally. The President wants to see you. This is big-time. You’re the beginning of an army.’

John Q suddenly saw a gold-crested falcon sitting on Belsen’s shoulder. It was looking straight at him. ‘I come in before the opening credits,’ it said.

Belsen nodded. ‘See, John Q, the whole point here is to make you know you’re FREE. We don’t want you to think you’re a slave. That would be stupid and wrong. We want to make you proud. We’ve eliminated some complexity that was in your way, that’s all. We’ve boiled down your PROCESS. Your enemies are now the people who want to make things complicated. They’re of the Devil. Or whatever.’

John Q was beginning to fade. He needed sleep. But Belsen was getting through. WHY PROLIFERATE THINKING? Wasn’t the key simplification? Of course. It had to be. If you had a dish called the truth, you could serve it on a single plate. Why had it ever seemed otherwise?

He took inventory. He could still see the floral pattern. The thoughts that lay frozen along its stems and petals? They were now faces of all the people he’d ever known, ever met. Yes. And THEY all knew something he hadn’t, until now: they knew the truth was simple and available. He was joining them. He was, finally, linked to them. Their secret was open to him. He’d been let in.

They’d figured out how to attain REDUCTION. It didn’t really matter, he realized, what the mind’s content was. All that mattered was that simplicity had been achieved.

THIS was what everyone else was so proud of. This was what he’d never grasped.

Belsen smiled. ‘Go to sleep, kid,’ he said. ‘We nailed it. The worst is over.’

John Q closed his eyes. He dozed. He dreamed that men were stationed at the outskirts of his mind pushing walls in toward him. As they moved, he felt better. Step by step.

Thank you, he said. Thank you for taking this burden away. I’m all summaries now. I’m a chosen one.

Then, sounds came into him. Tearing fabric. Splitting threads. Stone breaking.

Eyes in space looked toward a central point. The eyes all snapped shut. A man walked out of an old brown door. He said, “John Q, you’re thinking too much about what’s happening to you. Synaptic circuits we installed are cracking. We’re putting you under again for a second surgery. This will be even better.”

John Q felt delight flood his body. He remembered he was a publisher, a printer of books, thousands of them. Now, in one blasting stroke, he had access to every line in every book he’d ever printed.

He was awake in the hospital room. Light was filling the space and it exploded, and he was hurled through a wall of light, and he was outside, in the city, in the open air at high noon. He was soaring under clouds, above the buildings, flying, complicated, alive, hearing wild lines of burning poetry in an unknown language, his hospital gown tearing away from his body.


He looked below. A crowd was gathering in the street. They were trying to magnetize him and pull him down. They were screaming. They were a collection of the RFB. The Reduction for Freedom Brigades.

He realized they had one core ability. They could radiate evil.

Even at this height, he could recognize some of their faces. He had seen them at parades, at celebrations of the One Joy, singing and reciting oaths of the reduction of thought…

“I’ve got a problem,” he said to the sky.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

7 comments on “Matrix, Orwellian freedom, surveillance, corrupting language

  1. Jon,
    “I’ve got a problem.” Understatement of the year. Looking forward to your elaborating on the problem

  2. roberta4949 says:

    to be honest that was totally weird.

  3. MachtNichts says:

    K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) has its merits in some cases. No need to complicate anything because the experts told you so.

    But wallowing in our ignorance and liking it means catering to the ‘system’.

    I think, the so-called experts may be super-educated. Or is super-compartmentalized more like it? Just consider allopathic medicine to the exclusion of all else. Doesn’t seem like an outstanding education to me.

    Try to think for yourselves, for fucks sakes, and get out of the mind lock imposed by church, govt and society!

  4. Jeffrey A Friedberg says:

    Systems, systems; every despot has a damned System they want to stuff in your ears and eyes and every other orifice. Worse, Each system is better than the other, which is impossible, of course, because they can’t all be better than each other. Yet you must accept the system and worship there, or be excommunicated or incinerated by their blowtorches, which they turn from one target to another like flapping, drooling lips of a Chris Mathews.

    Jon clarifies and scrutinizes the mythic roots of System: it is the longing for Order. The sameness of Death—where you were before you were born. Nothingness. Sleep. The Fog of animal existence. In a travail of tortured imagination, Jon’s nightmare scene crystallizes our confused but intuitive fear of that sameness, and the death of reality by the death of its perceiver, imagination, the genitor of freedom. Imagination; freddom, freedom, freedom—you can be suppressed or killed but never burned away, because you are the soul of the universe encoded in the air, stars, and…everything. Thank you Jon; you always open the door to imagination and freedom. There is nothing better than perception.

  5. Wherever or whenever man tries to do by man’s methods and knowledge what God does by His Spirit, it becomes part of an Orwellian/Matrix type evil: man as God = antichrist. In fact, all man’s systems have evil ingrained in it’s mindset and the escape is to slip into God’s Kingdom and Christ’s mindset. Then you truly are “seated in heavenly places in Christ”, joined in spirit.

  6. Jeffrey A, Friedberg, Nee Free says:

    i awoke thinking…again…upon a nighmarish pillow of doubt. I don’t think there is a single thing to be done to change America back. America there were-wolf…”even a man who is pure and says his prayers by night…” Maria Ospenskaya— look it up, if you don;t know it, those of you in the Fog. The wolf-man could never, ever turn back. Neither can America, maybe, I fear. It would be foolish to trust in the “vote,” since politicians don’t really care what you think after you elect them, and politics is a failed SYSTEM. Also, it would be foolish to resist in any perceivable manner, else you will be blowtorched or otherwise neutralized. Video of the Boston Copathon running residents ripped from their homes, through the streets with their hands raised above their heads BROUGHT VIVIDLY TO MIND 16MM NEWSREALS OF JEWS BEING RUN INTO DEATH PITS WITHTHEIR HANDS RAISED ABOVE THEIR HEADS by smiling, black-clad, armed, hot-gunned Nazis—the Socialst Party. Such power cannot be resisted.

    Except, except, except, as Jon always avers, in the freedom of one’s imagination. Imagination is freedom and freedom flows from imagination. Personal creativity and creation, and anyone who can find the day, or light, or air, or food, or love, or hate, or Anything—-they are perceiving a world through their imagination, not some SYSTEM or some damned SLOGAN or some PRAYER to some demagogue dear leader. Thank you Jon for opening the portal daily—lest it sbhut, even for me, or others who may lack your single-mindedness and spinal chord.

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