War in Syria: Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

War in Syria: Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

by Jon Rappoport

September 5, 2013


Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., who is aggressively lobbying against a military strike on Syria, says the Obama administration has manipulated intelligence to push its case for U.S. involvement in the country’s two-year civil war…He says members of Congress are being given intelligence briefings without any evidence to support administration claims that Syrian leader Bashar Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons. Grayson said he cannot discuss the classified briefings…” (US News,9/6/13)


So what do they do in these secret briefings? Show Congressmen a classified CIA handshake? Kill a pig? Hand out stacks of cash?

Here’s the thing, and remember it. Obama invited us all to the party. He said we had to take responsibility for going to war or not going to war.

He said we were involved. The American people.

And since that’s the case, we have to see the evidence. Not just the report to the President. Not just the summary by the CIA. Not just the statement of Mr. Kerry-Heinz. Not just McCain looking up from his video poker game to remind us that we have to go to war to avoid undermining the credibility of the United States.

Evidence is in the details. Put it all on the table. Now. Open it up. Open up the folders and the files and the statements.

Otherwise, how can we make up our minds? We’re not going on faith. We’ve had enough of that.

If you think relying on members of Congress, who’ve had secret briefings behind closed doors, is adequate, you’re quite insane.

Obama says he’s certain Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. That’s where we start. Prove it. Do you know what “prove” means? It means PROVE.

Here’s a novel idea. In these hearings that are taking place now, call to the stand 30 or 40 members of Congress who’ve had the confidential briefings and ask them: what in particular convinced you that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people?

And accept NO generalities. Grill these Congressmen, press them, get down their necks, corner these weasels. Make them make their case.

Oh, sir, you mean you saw photos of dead people? Is that it? You’ve got nothing else?”

Sir, let’s cut the crap. You’re basically telling this committee that you know Assad used chemical weapons on his own people because the CIA told you so. Right? When you boil it down, that’s what you’re saying. My ten-year-old daughter could do better than that.”

Evidence, when you get past the propaganda line, is a strange thing. You know why? Because it’s EVIDENCE. That’s right. It stands there and says, “Hey, look at me, I’m evidence. What do you think? Do I make sense?”

It can be questioned. It can be analyzed. People can chop away at it and defend it and turn it over in their hands and see it from several sides. Each piece of it.

The federal government has certain departments that look at evidence and interpret it. And then they release conclusions. That’s all these people do. And we’re supposed to bow down and say, “Well, those are the people who deal with evidence. We the people have nothing to do with that.”

It’s hypnotism. We’re supposed to accept that the government has people who handle evidence and we’re too stupid to take on the job ourselves. That’s the trance.

And it’s a crock.

We, the CIA, and allied intelligence agencies, declare that we OWN the area of discovering vital and secret information and then interpreting it. We don’t just DO it. We’re exclusively IN CHARGE of it. Every activity in society has a function and that function is delegated to some government department. You, the people, aren’t in charge of anything…”

The government doesn’t want us to look at evidence because it knows we’ll ask questions and pry and poke and analyze it with more care and more righteous suspicion than they do. Minus the official agenda.

There was a self-appointed citizen grand jury who did just that in the case of the Oklahoma City bombing. It was headed up by Charles Key. These people made the hypnotized official Grand Jury directed by official prosecutors look like idiots. What Charles Key’s group discovered would fry your brain. Because they actually looked at the evidence and punched holes in it and found new and better evidence, and they didn’t stop until it was obvious that the whole OKC bombing was a very different kind of op.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

So, in this situation, the war in Syria, we’re invited to the party, but not really. They don’t want us to see the evidence because they know what we’d do to it.

Mr. Obama? You want us to bear the burden of responsibility for bombing Syria? You said that. All right, then we have to look at the evidence for ourselves. You see, that’s what responsibility entails. If, on the other hand, that invitation to the party was just a straight con, and meant nothing, then okay. At least we know where we stand. But don’t issue the invitation then. We don’t need it and we don’t want it. Also, just out of curiosity, is John Kerry alive? He looks like a corpse who’s been re-animated in a castle in Transylvania. Just asking.”

And now, here’s Putin. His boys have put together a 100-page report showing it’s the rebels who used chem weapons in Syria. They sent the report to the UN. Let’s see it. The whole thing. Open it up. Put it side by side with the US intell assessment and compare and contrast.

Somebody is going to say, “This is ridiculous. The government can’t expose everything they know, because it would ‘compromise methods and sources’ and it could get agents and assets killed.”

Right. They always trot that one out. It ends all arguments.

Okay, wow, I see. Yes. In that case, just keep all your secrets and tell us what to do and we’ll do it. Tell us what to go along with and we will. We’re the peons and you’re the pros.”

Here’s my response to that. One, the government frequently uses the excuse to hide information that wouldn’t get anyone killed but would expose government crimes to the people.

And two, needless and criminal wars also get people killed, and if government has the exclusive right to decide when to make war, we’re living in a fascist State. Why? Because those decisions are often made on the basis of issues miles removed from defending America.

The invitation to the American people to participate in deciding whether to attack Syria? It’s like sitting on a jury in a murder case and having the judge tell you you can’t hear or see the evidence. You’re only going to hear witnesses spout generalities about whether they believe the defendant is innocent or guilty.

Welcome to the charade, the con, the big lie, the imitation of reality.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

12 comments on “War in Syria: Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

  1. r says:

    >>Somebody is going to say, “This is ridiculous. The government can’t expose everything they know, because it would ‘compromise methods and sources’ and it could get agents and assets killed.”< just to make it look like the criminal govt’s were right. (..not..)

  2. […] Click Here To Read The Rest of: War in Syria: Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence. […]

  3. Ron says:

    I prefer to look into the deeper argument. It is obvious that the USA and its allies are looking for a pretext for war with Syria. But what are their reasons for wanting this pretext. The only reason that makes any sense to me is to defend Israel. Israel’s neighbors have been arming up for some time. They do not want to live with Israel. I am sure when these neighbors are well enough armed and in position they will look for a pretext for attacking Israel en mass. Or they won’t even bother with a pretext and will just let the missiles fly. The Jewish people were threatened with extinction, before the formation of Israel. America let that slaughter happen for awhile before getting involved. Once they got involved they tipped the balance and the war was won. Would we as civilized nations want to allow a rerun of that massacre in the Middle East. I agree that Western governments should not be lying and drawing lines in the sand and looking for petty pretexts for war. That just undermines their credibility, and if they don’t back up such rhetoric it shows weakness. Hard decisions have to be made. America leads the free world in such matters. I am not an American but I would feel better if Americans elected a more capable president. A John F. Kennedy or a Ronald Reagan would be great right about now.

  4. Josh Hewitt says:

    This is just my view, whether Assad was the culprit or the rebels, it makes no odds, there are still innocent men, women and children getting killed and many thousands homeless refugees and this is fact. So:- (The we I use is a generic we)
    Are we not morally obliged to intervene in some way? are we as a nation become so morally corrupt as to sit back and watch the innocent slaughtered? No a cruise missile strike would be wrong, toppling the current regime or aiding the rebels would also be a mistake. But surely a peacekeeping force, such as we had for IFOR and KFOR in conjunction with our Arab allies from the Arab league, would be more beneficial to all sides. I remember Bosnia and the slaughter inflicted on it’s population. To sit back and do nothing gives a green light for tyrants to commit genocide. It’s only my view, but hey that’s where I stand.

  5. Martin says:

    Kerry said the Saudi royals offered to pay the costs if the USA takes out Assad and the offer is still on the table. Kerry failed to reject this ugly plan to make the USA a military whore for the most repressive regime on the planet. You know, the place where forty people were recently arrested for plotting to celebrate Christmas. What kind of message does that send?
    I cannot believe Kerry is so stupid as to believe that Assad would use chemical weapons just when he is winning and mopping up the last of the terrorists. So I have to assume Kerry is is a liar and needs to be removed from office.

  6. boomerangcomesback says:

    Consider the premises postulated in this post, and the “evidence” floating all around us: the title has been changed to read, “WARNING! Nationwide MILGRAM Experiment Being Conducted on American Civilians and Military”. You’ll get the drift…


  7. moriahj says:

    Thanks for the article Jon. If interested, please read the illuminatiMATRIX.wordpress.com blog. It delves into the extreme depths of hypnosis, the trance state and the next and last 911. Thanks again

  8. Rich says:

    Since we are speaking about evidence…we have evidence our government is spraying poison on us almost daily; we have evidence they are poisoning our water with fluoride and we have evidence they are allowing our food to be poisoned with pesticides/carcinogenic chemicals…where is the outrage? Where is the global community? Yet our hypocritical, treasonous, deceptive government wants to attack Syria for a lie!! Wake up Americans, your so called government are not Americans, they are Zionist banker puppets!!

  9. Eileen Kuch says:

    Great article, Jon; you’re spot on. Give ’em hell, man.

  10. Kenzob Breaze says:

    Israel used poison gas in Gaza 2008-2009. The U.S. response was to reward Israel with BILLIONS in cash and military hardware.

    The U.S. government supplied poison gas to Iraq for use against Iran.

    On February 28, 1993, the BATF raided the church of the Branch Davideans in Waco Texas. This led to an embarrassing stand of which ended when the FBI gassed the church, filled with women and children, with CS gas. CS gas is actually illegal to use on enemy troops in time of war. but the US Government authorized its use against that church. Even worse, the CS gas was mixed with a chemical dispersant, methylene chloride. Methylene chloride is highly toxic. It’s the chemical used to melt plexiglas so that it can be bent into shapes such as the shields over salad bars. And, of course, it also melts lung tissue. The official story is that the Branch Davideans set fire to their church (even though blinded and gasping for breath from the CS and burned themselves alive rather than surrendering. However none of the autopsied remains showed any signs of smoke inhalation in the lungs, meaning they were already dead when the fire started.

    The women and children inside that church were gassed to death with a poison gas that is illegal to use on enemy troops.

    Does that give any other nation the right to invade and bomb our country?

  11. OzzieThinker says:

    Ha-ha I hear on Kerry, Jon. Brilliantly structured article. You could change the subject matter and apply that to just about any political motive. But hey, I do have an answer to the “compromise the sources and methods” Govt exposes. My response [at dinner parties] is always “tough squat”. I always say that governments and their satellites are primarily in place “for the people” because governments are elected “by the people”. Therefore the people are more important than the assets or, rather, the people are the assets. If you, special forces guy and other “sources” don’t like the it, change jobs, change roles. As for the “methods”, those have gotten us into the mess we are in, so if they have to go it’s got to be a positive thing. The NSA have confirm there is no such thing as privacy, secrets. GET USED TO IT!


  12. Providentia says:

    The “intelligence” concluding that Assad is responsible for the alleged chemical attack is going to be as credible as the official government report on the 9/11 attacks.

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