The short happy trial of an artist

The short happy trial of an artist

by Jon Rappoport

September 12, 2013

Guilty! the judge said, and it was over. The charge? Maintaining that his work was his own, that he had done it himself, that he had made the choices and invented the words and imagined the whole thing, whatever it was, the novel, the poem, the play.

What it was, was not on trial. Nothing to do with the message. No, it was all about attribution.

Because the great spiritual merger had already taken place. The masses had undergone enlightenment, and the government had seen it—actually, seen TO it—and then declared that artists could face jail time for pretending to be what many of them said they were:

Individuals. Inventors. People who did things in their own rooms, privately, out of view, by their own means.

This was now verboten. Because it had been established that the whole human race, no one excepted, was tapping into the very same great consciousness, and whatever was in the world emanated from THAT experience.

So the judge had no need to deliberate. It was simple. This artist, whoever he was, and it didn’t matter who he was, was guilty. He claimed he had created his work. He’d insisted on it. In fact, he denied the merger, said he was no part of it. He opposed it on several grounds. One, it was a fanciful delusion, and two, even if people were actually melting into one another, he didn’t have to. He could stay right where he was, in his own room, alone, and he could turn out his work.

The sin of pride. The sin of ego. Quite distasteful.

The artist was transgressing against the human race. He was by deed, word, and attitude, denying the final ascension to Unified Infinite Consciousness. He was saying no to that, over and over. He was revolting against the truth. He was spitting on the Messengers of Peace.

This needed punishment. Society had to censure him, had to deny him the right to turn out new work, unless he righteously admitted he was just a channel for it.

For example, an anonymous monk in Albania had recently published a 1000-page work titled, The Whole World Engages in Orgy. He dedicated it to the Great Spirit of Wholeness. He prostrated himself before the Akashic Warehouse From Which Information Proceeds and abluted his body with the symbolic blood of past suffering generations. He confessed openly that no word of his book came from him.

My subconscious,” he said, “is abiding in the Oversoul, and there it asks for knowledge, and knowledge is granted.”

He made a pilgrimage to the Monument of the Eternal Smile at the Arizona Yoga Mat Hotel and Entertainment Complex and fasted for 13 days.

He titled the introduction to his opus: We’re All in This Together. He stated in no uncertain terms that we are all little dots in the sea of energy and consciousness, and art is merely an expression of that condition. Nothing more. Ever. “No one person achieves anything,” he wrote. “We must cling to that. Not only as a political fact, but as a spiritual revelation.”

He stated, “I ask nothing for my work. I abdicate ownership. I surrender. In the past, I suffered from spiritual constipation, but now I have let go.”

In his Epilog, Letting Go and Moving On, he praised Bright Day III, our new president, for his work in ushering in legislation confirming the discovery of One World Self.

Just as government consents to new scientific discoveries,” wrote the monk, “it now affirms spiritual ones. The President is the expression of our collective thought, and therefore his election was inevitable.”

As the judge in the trial described how the monk was an example of what a real artist should be, the defendant in the case stood up and said, “Your Honor, before you pass sentence on me, I have a question. Will there be boundaries on what people, any people, can do in the privacy of their own homes? Since I’m going to jail for producing my art, I was just wondering whether other prohibitions will soon follow.”

The judge nodded.

As a matter of fact,” he said, “there is pending legislation to outlaw certain kinds of independent research, on the grounds that it takes a person away from the Universal Body. So much of a spiritual and political nature is now settled, unfunded research amounts to meddling with Unity. Why should we allow it?”

The defendant sat down. He said, “Can I think my own thoughts?”

You see,” the judge said, “that’s your problem. You insist on your contemplations, as if they were private possessions.”

All due respect, Your Honor, but I just like to think.”


It pleases me.”

More than your freedom?”

That’s a tough choice.”

And apparently one you’ve already made.”

The artist said, “You know, there was a time when a person who used the word ‘magic’ as a term of approbation could be excommunicated, even tortured, because he was said to be on the side of the Devil.”

Nonsense,” the judge said. “We are all magic, together.”

Exit From the Matrix

The artist said, “I deny the right of this court to pass sentence on me.”

Obviously,” the judge said. “But your opinion has no effect. I could sentence you to six years’ hard labor in a camp in Alaska. Instead, I’m going to have you live in a padded cell for two years with a group of artists. You’ll sort out your problems and basically do what you do. CBS is organizing it as a new reality show. It’s called When Evolution Fails.”

Your Honor,” the artist said, “how can you sentence me when you don’t really believe I exist as an independent person?”

The judge wagged his finger.

Don’t try to pull that one on me,” he said. “You’re a piece of energy that has broken off from the whole. That’s all.”

But how? Through my own choice? If so, I have freedom. And that means I am I.”

No it doesn’t. Some force ultimately pushed you out of the hive.”

The artist shook his head.

Review what you’ve been saying to me, Your Honor. You’ve been accusing me of willful behavior, immoral choices, and claiming I need to change my behavior.”

It’s a convenient way to speak, nothing more. When we get around to changing the language, and we will, all references to individuals will be eradicated. Eventually, the kind of thing you write will come across as gibberish. No one will understand it. It will drop like dead leaves from a tree.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

6 comments on “The short happy trial of an artist

  1. Another great parable. It could be seen as sequel to the previous story. What could happen when the homeschooled kid grows up and society locks down even more.

  2. Brad says:

    Found you through Redice Radio recently and have been reading your column ever since. In this column, your dialogue showing how new-agers think had me rolling on the floor laughing; you captured it perfectly. Unfortunately, it’s one of those sad-but-true kind of things. Your column has become one of the first things I check for when I start my day. Thanks!

  3. Nik says:

    Mr. Rappoport, Thank you. I really enjoy your perspective and delivery, on everything I have read on this site thus far. I would like your take on a video conversation of Jidu Krishnamurti and Dr. Allan W. Anderson entitled ‘What is Mediation?’ which can be viewed in full on youtube on user profile ‘DieTheDeath’. The conversation is centered around meditation, but as you know not any one thing stands alone, and so their conversation touches on an many of the areas concerned with what I have found on this site, more pointedly creativity and ‘freedom’, not to down play any of the rest which are equally pillars, recognized, or not, of (our\human\all) reality.

    Looking forward with great pleasure. If nothing else, please continue to do what you do.


  4. Emmanuel Truthseeker says:

    “Just as government consents to new scientific discoveries,”
    How true that is. Government has been engaged in the censorship of science for a long time, covering up all kinds of discoveries. Indeed the entire history of the human race has been tampered with. Cf: Cremo & Thompson, The Hidden History of the Human Race.

    The artist said, “I deny the right of this court to pass sentence on me.” This is very important. A court assumes jurisdiction and only gets it with your permission. In the Bible it says not to call any
    man master. Jesus essentially told us that there is no one over us but God. When a judge renders a verdict it is an opinion; the opinion of the court. If you do not like the opinion you can disagree with it.


  5. bob klinck says:

    Corrected version of previous comment: While I sympathize with the point you are making, it delusional to believe that our talents and character are purely our own creation, with no external sources or influences–just as it is folly to believe, or to act as if you believe, that you have brought yourself into being, with whatever potential you have, or that you sustain the life that is within you. These are indeed irrealities of pride, toward which many artists seem inclined. Of course I am not endorsing the right of any other party to interfere with what you make of the unique complex of your aptitudes through the locus of your life (unless you yourself are destructively so interfering with others). For those who “love their fellow man, or woman, as themselves”, this is what generates the boundless richness of human association, which modern collectivism (and the financial monopoly that promotes it) has so impoverished.

  6. Jean says:

    I have asked other places, no one has ever answered.

    Just read the one on vaccines ( I begin to think that the mass of humanity is chaff, genetic defects to be culled from the herd. While I sound like a supporter of UN Agenda 21 there – understand, THEY wish to cull US. THEY are aggressing against us, DAILY – and I think Jon Rappaport is pointing that out, but no one wants to take it to the logical and inevitable conclusion.

    Even the collapse of the US and the dollar has been engineered. It’s their win-win scenario – and we don’t factor in, we’re expendable.

    Unless and until we take that SAME attitude to the human effluvium around us, we will continue to lose, and ultimately be medicated and chipped out of existence.

    Stand now, or fall forever.

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