The journey of SmartMan to save the world

The journey of SmartMan to save the world

by Jon Rappoport

September 13, 2013

SmartMan, who worked for the US Department of Control, often went into deep meditation during the prescribed afternoon periods, utilizing the prescribed DOJ mantras.

It was during one of these meditations that he discovered something that shook him to the core.

He promptly ran out into the street, to get away from the office, and walked up and down the block, to calm himself down, and finally sat in the park across the from the Capitol Building.

He opened his Gov124r and began searching through his Major Names file.

He found one, made a coded call, and waited.

An hour later, NoMan appeared to his left and took a seat on a bench, where he opened a brown paper bag and began throwing crumbs on the grass for pigeons.

SmartMan walked over and sat down next to his old CIA friend.

What is it?” NoMan said.

I was just meditating,” SmartMan said, “and I found a loophole. Actually, it might be a wormhole, and its implications are devastating.”

Devastating to whom?”


What mantra were you using?”

Why is that important?” said SmartMan.

Everything is important,” said NoMan.

Number 12, the third modulation of the Hindu corkscrew. I rarely employ it, but today, for some reason, I thought it would yield up results. But nothing like THIS.”

And this is?”

SnartMan took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

The future is open. That’s what I saw. THE FUTURE IS OPEN. It has no shape.”

NoMan stopped throwing crumbs on the ground. There were no pigeons anyway. They were all dead.

Open in what specific sense?” he said.

Well,” SmartMan said, “the future hasn’t happened yet. That’s part one. Part two is, it hasn’t been created. And part three is, people apparently have the power to create it.”

NoMan frowned.

Were these thoughts that occurred to you,” he said, “or images?”

Neither,” SmartMan said. “I saw a Void. It was…huge. Perhaps infinite in size. It was all empty space. It made my skin crawl.”


It was uncontrolled.”

You saw no monitors?”


No surveillance?”


No corporate outposts?”


NoMan took out his cell and thumbed through a number of headings.

I’m not finding anything,” he said. “I see plans for futures, blueprints, psyops, cities that cover whole worlds, but no Void.”

We’ve overlooked it,” SmartMan said. “People can put things into it. Unanticipated things.”


I tried,” SmartMan said, “to get a fix on its location, but I couldn’t. That didn’t make sense to me. But then I realized the Void wasn’t really a place at all. It was potentiality. It was like walking into your kitchen and seeing an H-bomb on the floor.”

Potentiality,” NoMan said. “A slippery idea.”

Well,” SmartMan said, “it’s a state of affairs, a condition, a situation that could occur, like a press conference where the President strides to the podium and suddenly says, ‘The whole country is a fake reality we built for you.’”

If the Void isn’t a geo-location, then how do we police it,” NoMan said.

Exactly,” SmartMan said.

I mean, how much mind control do we have to exert?”


You used the word ‘create,’” NoMan said.

Yes,” SmartMan said. “That’s what the Void may be for. It could be a state of mind before creation.”

Creation by whom?”


For example, an individual person?”


But,” NoMan said, “we’re all linked up now. I’m you and you’re me, and you and I are everybody, and everybody is everybody else. We’ve made the connection.”

We thought so,” SmartMan said. “Apparently, we overlooked some key factor. At the very end of my meditation, I saw a world completely asleep. And yet the Void didn’t go away. It was still there.”

You know,” NoMan said, “we might find an answer over at DARPA. They’re working on a Condition Bomb. It’s still in the early stages.”

What is it?” NoMan said.

Well, the mathematics are very complicated, but basically you pick a condition, any condition, feed the description into a computer, and then an algorithm pops up. The algorithm, they say, sniffs out the mass consciousness that is parallel to the condition, and it wipes out that aspect of consciousness. Blows it into smithereens.”

So if we could feed Void into the machine, it might erase it,” SmartMan said. “It might cripple or destroy the capacity to create.”

Eliminating the problem before it occurs.”

SmartMan sat back. “And we save the world.”

I’m going to guess,” NoMan said, “that when you encountered the Void in your meditation, you also found a great deal of freedom there.”

It was worse than that,” SmartMan said. “There wasn’t any freedom THERE. I felt it in MYSELF.”

You mean, despite all your training, you still experienced that…surge?”

It was like a stroke of lightning. For a second, I thought I was having a heart attack.”

This is more serious than I thought,” NoMan said. “We’re going to need to mount a new propaganda campaign.”

Against what?” SmartMan said.

Against the Void. Against nothing.”

We could call Nothing a mental disorder,” SmartMan said.

Absolutely. But we need something more, too. Propaganda messages. ‘God doesn’t want you messing around with the Void. It’s the Dark Side. It’s Satanic.’ And ‘There are hideous creatures in the Void, giant spiders that suck you into their maw.’ A whole host of covert messages.”

‘Void is the enemy,’” SmartMan said. “’Void is selfish and greedy.’ ‘Void is rebellion. If you go there, you’ll be a rebel, too, and your neighbors will shun you.’ ‘Parents who enter Void could have their children taken away by the State.”

Good,” NoMan said. “Remember those. We’ll develop an anti-Void vaccine. And more messages: ‘See a Void, say something.’ ‘Get help before it’s too late.’ ‘We’re all in this together but the Void isn’t.’ We’ll invent a spy who made off with government secrets about the Void and we’ll capture him.”

We can pick a country and say it’s used Void on its own people and we have to bomb that country to keep it from happening again.”

Colleges will begin propagandizing Void as an old discredited system that stands against progress for humanity. ‘The Void is racist.’”

Starting in kindergarten, we’ll have kids chanting NO VOID NO VOID.”

NoMan stared at the sky.

I think we can get a handle on this,” he said.

For the sake of the world,” SmartMan said.

But as he said this, he felt the creeping feeling again. The surge, at the edge of his mind. The taste of the crazy…freedom-thing. As if he didn’t care. As if he didn’t care about anything. As if he was sitting at the prow of a ship on the ocean, and he could go anywhere and nobody could stop him. Half-formed ideas came tumbling out of some dim place and they made his blood pump faster. HE WAS ALIVE.

He reached into his pocket for his gun. He was going to kill himself. But the gun wasn’t there.

Exit From the Matrix

He looked at NoMan, who nodded at him. The whole park began to dissolve. Into white. White light. White sheets. White walls.

We tracked you from the moment you ran out of your office,” NoMan said. “We knew you were in Void. You’re at Walter Reed. We’re treating you. We don’t want you to die. You’re important to us. You’re going to become a prime subject in our anti-Void experiments. We’re on to Void. We need people who’ve been there, who’ve become contaminated. We’ll save you and use you. For the common good. We’re Unity, my friend.”

SmartMan lay back against the pillow.

He blinked. Now he he saw the immaculate hospital room.

He was safe.

Thank God, he was in the right place.

Here they knew what they were doing.

He had lost control.

Now he would get it back.

He would participate in a great adventure, on behalf of the planet.

Is this going to hurt?” he said.

That’s not a question we ask, “ NoMan said. “We’re soldiers. We serve. When our number’s called, we take whatever comes. It’s the nature of the calling.”

SmartMan heard a machine start up. It made several sounds. A rumble, like a tank. A high-pitched whine. And something else. He tried to place it. It was as if…a shovel was striking loose earth, as if someone was digging a hole.

Wait a minute,” SmartMan said.

It’s too late,” NoMan said.

SmartMan instinctively reached for that sensation, for the stroke of lightning.

IT WAS THERE, and it suddenly HIT…


He found himself walking down a country road.

On a summer afternoon.

On his left there was a great open field, and on his right a pine forest.

He started running.

He ran and ran and his muscles loosened and he felt a new high coordination and the sensation was sweet.

He kept running…

And it was sweeter still, as he realized he was running toward something.

He didn’t know what it was.

But he was going there.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

16 comments on “The journey of SmartMan to save the world

  1. Nik says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Afshin Nejat says:

    I may as well tell you, since you purport to have the brass balls it takes to face the Truth. The “black void” your protagonist saw WAS his future, not because it hadn’t been written yet, but because it was in fact an imminent and inevitable event called “Transmutative Annihilation”.

    Evil has no future beyond a certain finite point in time. That is its perennial fear, but it entertains a hope that its End can be delayed indefinitely. It cannot.

    The Future IS written, and we all wrote it. I wrote my own future, I didn’t write anyone else’s and I didn’t allow anyone else to write MINE. I took responsibility, went within, found the Light, and embraced it, not only in this incarnation but in previous ones. Likewise, those who failed in this task did so not only in this incarnation, but previous ones. This occurred for every person who had a chance to embrace light, directly or indirectly, and when this reached its conclusion so that it could be definitely defined who was who, the separation process could begin. Some will see a void in their future, some will something indescribably beautiful.

    This is why TRUE Light Beings don’t throw pearls before swine, because the value them, and they know the nature of those who do not value them.

  3. Afshin Nejat says:

    Still, yet, if you embrace “void” then it may be a good sign for you. If by void you mean the annihilation of all illusions that the physical mind entertains and by which it maintains its entanglement into Maya, then of course “void” is a good thing. In that case it is the “Dark Light”, the TRUE Light which cannot be seen by the physical minds or the evil spiritual beings who created those minds. They are trying to avoid that “Void” and the want this evil existence to last forever. They need Real Light beings who would rather, like Laozi, LEAVE this place and go to another realm, they need our Light. We will not sell out and serve, and they cannot force us to. That is the whole game of incarnation through the River of Lethe: Can I help save a Trapped Spirit who has forgotten himself? I can only do that by taking the risk that I will become like him, and in fact to some degree MUST become like him to reach him, for the depths of hell are metaphysically deep, closing infinitudes and separating unities. But it is not for th emasses of fools that we come, who would have us stay here with them unto oblivion, which would be theoretically delayed as long as we needed to perform or missions, or as long as further missions needed to be performed for our sake should we need help or fail. But this process has been perfected to avoid such a runaway scenario, and the End has been guaranteed by a “Final Risk” such that a True Light Being goes to the very limit of Salvation’s Possible Reach to ensure that not a single Light Being is left behind “unfairly”. Woe to the “Last Light Being”, for he will not be Saved, for he did not value himself, and didn’t value the “Final Risk” took by another. That will seal the deal, and I believe it already has.

    As Nietzsche put it “Woe to the ‘Last Man””.

  4. Jan says:

    This is probably ur most important blog post yet.

  5. Greg O. says:

    You faked me out, Jon. I thought NoMan was going to drive a shank into SmartMan’s gut at the very end.

  6. Lee says:

    Brilliant. Imagine a complete re-write, a complete re-think, a complete re-vision of our global systems . . . imagine you have found a power source to complete the task of creating a new global system of governance . . . with only one catch . . . no system, no doctrine, no policy, no administration that has ever been used, anywhere in history, can be used in the new model!!!! Do it! Do it! Do it!!!!!

  7. kozandaishi says:

    As stated above – simply brilliant, Jon.

  8. I was running along in Jon’s open field, and there I saw Lee sitting on a fallen log imagining an entirely new system of global governance. My previous life flashed before me, and I remembered that I had spent most of it creating exactly this kind of alternative “visions of global systems,” but who on Earth could I ethically share them with? What human or human group had the skill, ethics, courage, and will not to corrupt and pervert them just like all the systems they already had? What human would not sell it all out to the highest bidder?

    Then I remembered, this is why it can’t be given, but must be earned by each alone through being built within their own inner community of selves. Only those who have accomplished this inner work can share in the outer work of benevolent co-creation with others in the world. Only such as these have the integrity not to betray their gifts and their own kind to the powers who threaten fear and need.

    All gifts (Greek: pandora) that are shared with humans on Earth get sold out and sucked up to the top of the power pyramid which is ruled by inhuman parasitic sociopaths. These can only misuse all gifts to grasp at more power and control over others. Why? Because the rest of humanity allows it and even asks for it.

    That is why Ayn Rand’s “Atlas” learned to “Shrug.” If we give “more, better, and different” gifts to criminals, we just have more better and different crimes and criminals. That is what we have now. Why? Because we keep feeding them with our life force and our creativity rather than sparking and tending its unfolding flame within our own selves.

    Until enough of humanity understands this and will stand their ground to prevent this “sucking” of all resources to the top of the pyramid’s all encompassing and all controlling greedy eye, the human dream of a better world will not be realized. How can enough of humanity come to this point? Jon just showed us how. Imagination and creation do not happen out in the world within some government system. It resides within each of us like an invisible sun or a still forming inner star ready to ignite within our own vast unconscious void.

    I think Jon once said, “I’m not interested in perfection. I’ll leave that to the fascists.” The desire for absolute control is what brings out the worst in humans. Creativity is not about perfection or control, but rather respecting and loving the unknown that resides within self granted freedom. “He didn’t know what or where … but he was going there.”

    This purpose unfolds and evolves through trust and faith in Self as the source through which all experience comes. When our little selves become friends and in self loyalty commit to the whole of “Self,” that is where joy and love live, and with them peace. That is also where eternity lives, and no one else can give us that gift. Pandora (all gifts) are already ours, but we must open the lid of entrancement that locks shut our box of unconsciousness to bring them forth.

  9. jlkgreystone says:

    Just show me the way to the Void, I’m ready.

  10. EGrace says:

    I have been watching you on YouTube and reading every one of your blogs for nearly a year. I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference it has made to further tap into my imagination and experience of the Void. Thank you, Jon.

  11. […] “Well, I’m looking at a sad case sitting in front of me, once a prof at some top Ivy joint, but now a puddle of withering wet flesh in the steam bath of the psyche, the two of us here sitting side by side with towels wrapped around our naked bodies in the heat coming out of the walls and the floor. Listen, Doc, the point is, everything you learned in your forty fifty years was funneling into an artificial personality, get what I mean, and when that blew away in the wind, which yes we had some role in bringing about, you were left with nothing, but don’t try to come at me with whining and recrimination because I can still save you and this isn’t over, you’re useful even in your present demented state, you’ve got circuits we can deploy, plug into, to broadcast messages out into the general public, and this may not be what you imagined your life was going to be, but it’s better than than the Void. […]

  12. […] The journey of SmartMan to save the world ( […]

  13. […] “Well, I’m looking at a sad case sitting in front of me, once a prof at some top Ivy joint, but now a puddle of withering wet flesh in the steam bath of the psyche, the two of us here sitting side by side with towels wrapped around our naked bodies in the heat coming out of the walls and the floor. Listen, Doc, the point is, everything you learned in your forty fifty years was funneling into an artificial personality, get what I mean, and when that blew away in the wind, which yes we had some role in bringing about, you were left with nothing, but don’t try to come at me with whining and recrimination because I can still save you and this isn’t over, you’re useful even in your present demented state, you’ve got circuits we can deploy, plug into, to broadcast messages out into the general public, and this may not be what you imagined your life was going to be, but it’s better than than the Void. […]

  14. Did Phil K. Dick transmigrate into you and upgrade his writing? Your stuff has dash, man and I am digging it.

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