MKULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ portrait: painted for gun control

MKULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ portrait: painted for gun control

by Jon Rappoport

September 19, 2013

Mentally unstable man in the military gains legal access to gun, goes on rampage. That’s the portrait.

Heavily promoted details: “Should never have been allowed to buy a gun, but prior red-flag arrests weren’t prosecuted. Slipped through the cracks. Heard voices, claimed he was being assaulted with microwaves that prevented him from sleeping. Obvious nut job. But still, he was able to buy a gun.”

Bottom line: Do whatever is necessary to grab guns from private citizens. Tighten laws. Step up psychiatric interventions across the land, to prevent shootings before they occur.

Perfect. You couldn’t have scripted a better sales campaign for gun control.

And therefore, one can legitimately ask: Did somebody script the word-picture of Alexis for that very purpose?

Until official sources retracted the claim that Alexis had an AR-15 at the Navy Yard, it was: James Holmes (Aurora), Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) and Alexis all supposedly firing the semi-auto weapon. Bottom line: “stop selling the AR-15 and any other semi-auto.”

When it comes to characterizing Alexis as mentally unstable, you need to ask yourself this—if someone was, in fact, deploying available technology to produce the sounds of voices talking to you, and hitting you with microwaves to keep you awake night after night…

What could you do to make people believe that story?

I’ll tell you what: nothing. You’d be sunk.

Let’s assume Alexis was already somewhat unstable. That would make him a better candidate for harassment.

At that point, there would be two ways to go, if you wanted to engineer a mass shooting. Make Alexis an innocent patsy. Or actually turn him into a Manchurian Candidate, an MKULTRA subject who would kill.

If your objective is gun control, you’d achieve your aim either way.

And here is the bonus: in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, you could institute more psychiatric control of the citizenry, which means, when you strip away the baloney, more fake mental-disorder diagnoses and more drugs which CAUSE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, including suicide and homicide.

After which you can make an even better case for universal gun banning, because people on those drugs would be committing murders from coast to coast in greater numbers.

Of course, when television viewers pray at the altar of the major news networks, they would never entertain, for a moment, what I’m suggesting here. Why not? Because, as consumers, they’ve allowed themselves to be conditioned, for many years, by the kinds of tales these media outlets tell. If well-known “journalists” don’t speak of “patsy” or “mind control,” there’s nothing to know about.


Patsy at the scene? How would that work? Several possibilities. Alexis is there, but another shooter is doing the killing. He kills Alexis, who becomes the focus of the story, the “shooter.” A shotgun and AR-15 are placed near his body.

The problem to overcome: witness statements.

So far, I find two witnesses, Terry Durham and Todd Brundige, executive assistants in Building 197, who claim they saw “the shooter” down a long hallway fire a a gun at them.

In their television interview, which you can find at YouTube (BBC, other outlets) they claim they couldn’t see the shooter’s face. However, the Washington Times reports Durham saying, “I could see his face.” Quite odd, when we have her on camera saying the reverse.

Other news outlets use headlines to suggest these two witnesses did see (“confronted,” “came face-to-face with”) the killer’s face, but the body of text finally confesses this is not the case, despite some slippery language (“came around a corner and saw the killer”).

Obviously, media outlets are trying to make more out of less.

It seems somewhat curious that we don’t have many witnesses who are specifically making positive IDs of Alexis killing people in the building. For example, in the Aurora Theater shooting, a number of witnesses say they saw the shooter. Of course, he was masked.

Well, what about police statements? We’re told cops killed Alexis in a shootout. How many cops? Unknown. Five, ten, one? I find one report of a canine cop (unnamed) who traded shots with “a gunman” and was seriously wounded in both legs. He was in surgery at the time of the report, and was expected to undergo a number of operations, in an attempt to save his legs.

Perhaps there are other witness statements out there which positively ID Alexis as the shooter. I have not found them.

The Matrix Revealed

Turning Alexis into an MKULTRA Manchurian Candidate, who would, as a result of mind control, go into the building and kill people is an entirely different matter.

In that case, the microwave harassment and the broadcast voices would serve as a softening up process. But much more would have to be done.

(I should note here that when Alexis reported the voices and the microwave harassment to the Rhode Island police, he refused to say what the voices were telling him. If his basic story is true, perhaps he was receiving commands and instructions—although in my opinion such commands (“kill,” “attack,” etc.) would be insufficient to program him specifically.)

Although there are patents one could search to try to learn about modern mind control technology, and statements from people who were past victims of mind control, many blank areas remain. This is because the experiments are secret.

Here is a bit of background on MKULTRA secrecy.

Back in the early 1990s, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate (1979). This was the book that exposed the existence of the CIA MKULTRA program.

Marks related the following to me. He had filed many Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests to the CIA for documents relating to their mind-control program. He got nothing back.

Finally, as if to play a joke on him, someone at the CIA sent him 10 boxes of financial and accounting records. The attitude was, “Here, see what you can do with this.”

I’ve seen some of those records. They’re very boring reading.

But Marks went through them, and lo and behold, he found he could piece together MKULTRA projects, based on the funding data.

Eventually, he assembled enough information to begin naming names. He conducted interviews. The shape of MKULTRA swam into view. And so he wrote his book, Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

He told me that three important books had been written about MKULTRA, and they all, in a sense, stemmed from those 10 boxes of CIA financial records. There was his own book; Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart; and The Mind Manipulators by Alan Scheflin and Edward Opton.

Marks continued to press the CIA for more MKULTRA information. He explained to me what then happened. A CIA official told him the following: in 1962, after ten years of mind-control experiments, the whole MKULTRA program had been shifted over to another internal CIA department, the Office of Research and Development (ORD).

The ORD had a hundred boxes of information on their MKULTRA work, and there was no way under the sun, Marks was told, that he was ever going to get his hands on any of it. It was over. It didn’t matter how many FOIA requests Marks filed. He was done. The door was shut. Goodbye.

The CIA had gone darker than it ever had before. No leaks of any kind would be permitted.

In case there is any doubt about it, the idea of relying on the CIA to admit what it has done in the mind-control area, what it is doing, and what it will do should be put to bed by John Mark’s statements. The CIA always has been, and will continue to be, a rogue agency beyond the reach of the law.

To give you just a hint about how far the CIA, the US military, and its allied academics will go in MKULTRA “research,” here are two brief excerpts from a piece I wrote in 1995 about human experiments. My information was based on the three key books I mentioned above, as well as Martin Lee’s classic, Acid Dreams:

“Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, as early as 1955, working for the Army, gave patients LSD while he had electrodes implanted deep inside their brains.”

“In the mid-1950’s, Paul Hoch, M.D., a man who would become Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York, then a laborer in the field for the CIA, gave a ‘pseudoneurotic schizophrenic’ patient mescaline. The patient had a not-unfamiliar heaven-and-hell journey on the compound. But Hoch followed this up with a transorbital leucotomy [aka lobotomy]… Hoch also gave a patient LSD, and a local anesthetic, and then proceeded to remove pieces of his cerebral cortex, asking at various moments whether the patient’s perceptions were changing.”

Exit From the Matrix

Because “more psychiatric treatment” is a prime agenda, pushed after every one of these mass shootings, people need to understand how the history of mind control and psychiatry are interwoven, and how the madmen and murderers within these “professions” are content to use torture in the name of science.

From a naturalnews article by Dr. Peter Breggin (“Never again! The real history of psychiatry”) we get insight into one aspect of that history:

[Before World War 2, in America], organized psychiatry had been sterilizing tens of thousands of Americans. For a time in California, you couldn’t be discharged from a state [mental] hospital unless you were sterilized. In Virginia the retarded were targeted. American advocates of sterilization went to Berlin to help the Nazis plan their sterilization program. These Americans reassured the Germans that they would meet no opposition from America in sterilizing their mentally and physically ‘unfit’ citizens.

While the murder of mental patients was going full swing in Germany, knowledgeable American psychiatrists and neurologists didn’t want to be left out. In 1942, the American Psychiatric Association held a debate about whether to sterilize or to murder low IQ ‘retarded’ children when they reached the age of five. Those were the only two alternatives in the debate: sterilization or death.

After the debate, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association published an editorial in which it chose sides in favor of murder (“Euthanasia” in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 1942, volume 99, pp. 141-143). It said psychiatrists would have to muster their psychological skills to keep parents from feeling guilty about agreeing to have their children killed.”

Dr. Breggin, in his books, including Toxic Psychiatry and Medication Madness, demonstrates that this “healing profession” is still tilling the same soil. Because of its reach with toxic drugs, it’s more dangerous and deadly than ever. Only its PR has improved.

I obviously can’t prove or conclude that Aaron Alexis was MKULTRA-programmed. But I can say the CIA and other allied agencies have an extensive track record of carrying out horrendous mind-control experiments, concealing them, concealing the technology, and making bland statements to the public and the press denying their contemporary use of mind-control.

If Alexis was, in fact, the man who killed people in the the Navy Yard, and he wasn’t overtly programmed to do it, then recent accounts strongly suggest he was taking psychiatric drugs. The SSRI antidepressants, in particular, have a long track record of pushing patients over the edge into suicidal and murderous violence.

Psychiatry IS a form of MKULTRA. It operates according to a different plan, what I call the Johnny Appleseed approach. Drop enough drugs into enough bodies, and then stand back and watch the killings sprout here and there and here and there, across the land.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

22 comments on “MKULTRA? Patsy? Aaron Alexis’ portrait: painted for gun control

  1. Tony says:

    If I witnessed the shooting I don’t think I would be hanging around long enough to catch a glimpse of the shooters face I would be running in the opposite direction.

  2. ajmacdonaldjr says:

    I’m thinking the government will mandate psychological mental evaluation screenings for everyone (using the new DSM 5 as the standard for evaluation), which will determine everyone (or most everyone) is mentally ill and unable to buy or own a gun. After all, if you’re not mentally ill, or doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about? 😛

  3. Anthony Clifton says:

    and the same “bad faith” economic terrorists PRINT the currency…& OWN the media

    and PAY the crack whores in Congress…hmmmm.

  4. wkchild says:

    Reblogged this on wchildblog.

  5. anonymous says:

    “Get Govt Out Of The Way”

    Kudos for the truth, Mr. Rappoport.

    By now, we all know these are false flags.
    No world support for unjustified war on Syria, so apparently there are more gun control grabs and clusters of “shootings” all of a sudden – where during this whole immoral Syria game they were playing, did we hear any of these cluster manufactured “shootings” in the dishonest-lying mainstream media? They are very desperate. As it becomes morally and culturally unacceptable to allow false flags to go uninvestigated and unpunished (hence, new false pseudo journalists “laws” to protect them from wrongdoing being quickly created to save their ass), So it is a responsibility of jourmalists from all walks and of all backgrounds to put the pressure on and demand Accountability. Or they will run right over you with their insanity. Do we care about the HR bills that come from an Unlegal and Unlawful Colonial ‘govt’? Remember, they don’t have the power
    unless you give it to them. And this is a ‘mental game’ and ‘mental war’ they are engaging and hooking Americans in.
    Keep your mind clear, sharp and questioning – release
    those hooks, step back, and look at the bigger picture.

    The way through is always a new path, a new system.
    Nothing is stopping and preventing Rightful Individual
    from their own justice system that actually holds
    the REAL exploiters Accountable and punished.

    Keeping eyes wide open and letting go of the idea that
    what the paid off lobbied mainstream media reports is any truth at all. We Remember 9/11 – Justice for 9/11.

    “The United States is a private, for-profit corporation and so are court houses, law enforcement agencies, etc. Visit Dunn and Bradstreet’s site and research this fiasco… Oh here is proof the UNITED STATES is a corporation: 28 USC § 3002 – Definitions (15) “United States” means—
    (A) a Federal corporation;
    (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
    (C) an instrumentality of the United States.”

    The U.S. can be dissolved at any moment. There were NEVER
    LEGAL in the first place. Using the mind creatively, you can
    take it from here.

    A Country by deceit, will fall by deceit.
    Your job is to let them fall.


    Government Will Not Save You From Corporations (Or from
    False flag manufactured psy-op CIA created shootings)

  6. I am of the opinion that they have mind control of the “hard” variety (as opposed to “soft” like TV; see Operation Mockingbird) down to a science. MKUltra has many different “schools” and the “techniques” range from sense deprivation to electromagnetic controls to sexual abuse to ritual black magick or combinations thereof depending on the victims’ background. But the basis for all of it is this: inflict heavy trauma on a person long enough until they don’t know the difference between day and night, up and down, or good and evil. Because they have no way to reconcile what is happening to them with anything close to what most people call “reality,” they compartmentalize these experiences in a part of their brain to be recalled later during times when they need to. It’s basic survival instinct. They become highly susceptible to suggestion at the drop of key “cryptic” words or phrases and other stimuli. The original “The Manchurian Candidate,” directed by John Frankenheimer is “the truth hidden in plain sight” perfectly. The fact that Hollywood directors have been revealing stuff like this for decades speak volumes about the conditioning that every American has been going through since birth. That is so obvious right now when people like Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj, and Lady Gaga are the so-called “pop stars” of the day. I believe the first two are MKUltra victims themselves while Lady Gaga might be a practitioner of black magick who volunteered for the job. And they are not alone.

    If you want to see MKUltra in action, take a look at this video. It was taken down from youtube but I saved a copy. In it, you’ll see a famous TV personality “newscaster” set into a trance using “Catholic cryptic:” key words related to specific experiences that the victim must have had to go through. I don’t believe it was a random accident. I think the person who said the words knew exactly what she was doing because the words are so out of context, and because of her body language.

  7. greg bacon says:

    GW Bush had mental issues, witness his drug and alcohol abuse. He also claimed to hear a voice(s) in his head, of some deity that told him to ‘smite Saddam.’

    And did we ever smite Saddam and the whole nation, murdering over one million Iraqis.

    If the Navy Yard shooting is described as a mass murder, shouldn’t the same rules apply to ‘Junior?’

  8. Bruce says:

    Read Cathy O’Brian and Mark Phillip’s book, Trans Formation Of America, for more information.

  9. Beano says:

    Why are they trying to disarm us with “spooked kooks” like Davis running around? This gun-control is exactly backfiring because of it!

  10. btruth says:

    Gun confiscation ((gun control on steroids)) is already on the “books.” It’s called the PATRIOT ACTS & NDAA! Prepare for war here in the USAcorp, because THEY already are!

  11. Padraigin says:

    Firstly, thanks Jon Rappoport for the excellent research and the presentation thereof.

    Secondly, to Jon (or anyone reading this post), is there any “proof” that anyone/anybody/any person was killed/died at the Navy Yard? And if there is, what is that proof and where can it be seen, viewed, read, found? Thanks.

  12. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    Some may OBserve the True encrypt[ed] mean[ing] of MK Ultra is: “M” = master i.e. Lucifer Satan or HA sHA TAN; KULT [of] RA= the demon pAH “G” AN Sun/ Son god? as Cannibal = Cain and Ba’al assimilate to RE-spell and DIS-guise as a magic appearing NEW word term?

    also note: AB RA Shem[ite] a.k.a Abraham actually the sAH DOMite? Wake UP and PRAY

  13. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    Some MAY freely choose to READ: “Virtual Government” C.I.A. Mind Control Operations in AmericA ( 1997), by: Alex Constantine {the Last name / nom may have special significance very relevant today?) also Read “Fossilized Customs” by Lew White very illuminating! PRAY hard!!

  14. John Wayne says:

    The details released about Alexis hearing voices and being manipulated with microwaves sent shivers down my spine. I truly hope that he went through more intense conditioning and non-lethal weapons tech has not advanced to the point of taking control of individuals..

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  17. damphibian says:

    Reblogged this on damphibian and commented:
    My ELF Weapon engraved on the murder weapon

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