The technocrat’s nightmare

The technocrat’s nightmare

~a short story~

by Jon Rappoport

September 20, 2013

Martine Rothblatt, CEO of biotech company United Therapeutics introduced the idea of ‘mindclones.’ These are digital versions of humans that can live forever and can create ‘mindfiles’ that are a place to store aspects of our personalities. She said it would run on a kind of software for consciousness…” (Daily Mail, June 19, 2013)

The year was 2082. A Googhoo representative walked into Dr. James Allen’s office. The rep was wearing a T-shirt printed with a message:


Ah, Millstone,” Dr. Allen said to the rep, “I was wondering when you would show up. We’re done, aren’t we?”

Millstone nodded and sat down in a soft chair near the window. The shades were drawn. Dr. Allen sat down on the floor close by.

So” Allen said. “What is your finding?”

Well,” Millstone said, “we managed to corral your consciousness over a period of three months. We trapped it in our lab and sealed it in a glass room. It took up an area of seventeen by thirty-seven feet.”



And you’re satisfied you gathered up all of it?”

Why of course,” Millstone said.

Then on what basis am I sitting here listening to you and understanding what you’re saying?” Allen said.

Millstone smiled.

I knew you would ask me that. My answer is simple. You’re now operating purely on nerve transmissions and impulses. It’s automatic.”

I see,” Dr. Allen said. “So although I THINK I’m conscious at this moment, I’m deluded. I’m a biological machine. You’ve got all my consciousness in that room.”


Allen said, “What did you discover in your experiment?”

First of all, you’re still alive and coherent. That means we can clone and create biological machines from scratch without consciousness, and they’ll operate as efficiently as you are right now.”

And second?”

You retain the delusion that you’re conscious. It doesn’t seem to fade away. So we can grab anyone’s consciousness, analyze it, profile it, and understand a great deal about that human. He won’t even know what we’re doing. It adds to our—

Spying capability,” Allen said.

I wouldn’t put it that way,” Millstone said.

Well,” Allen said. “There’s only one flaw in your reasoning. It’s fatal, of course, but don’t blame me. It’s your own shortsightedness.”

What do you mean?” Millstone said.

You assume you were taking my consciousness. Suppose you weren’t?”

What could we possibly have taken instead?” Millstone said.

You define consciousness as energy. You homed in on the energy around my body. You snatched it. But consciousness is non-material. It’s not energy. I reconstructed the energy you stole. I put it back. I could do that because I’m in full possession of my faculties. I’m conscious. I have my consciousness.”

Impossible,” Millstone said.

Are you sure?” Allen said.

Millstone took a small device out of his jacket pocket. He pointed it at Allen and watched its screen flash sequences of numbers. He slumped back in his chair.

You see?” Allen said. “All that energy you took is back again. Your experiment was a bust from the beginning. That’s what I was betting on. You just wasted what? A few billion dollars?”

No, no, no. Consciousness IS energy!” Millstone said.

Really? You actually think energy is what makes you and I conscious of each other right now? No, Millstone. It’s much simpler than that. Don’t you get it? You ARE conscious. So am I. Sucking away energy doesn’t change that.”

Entirely unsatisfactory,” Millstone said. “If you’re right, we can’t measure consciousness because it isn’t made out of ANYTHING.”

Yes,” Allen said. “That’s right. Correct.”

Millstone took a small gun out of his pocket.

What are you doing?” Allen said.

I’m going to kill myself,” Millstone said. “The whole project is a failure.”

Wait a minute,” Allen said. “You’re telling me that discovering you’re CONSCIOUS is a cause for suicide?”

If I can’t MEASURE that,” Millstone said, “what good is it? What good am I?”

Think of it this way,” Allen said. “Being conscious is non-material. You are non-material.”

Millstone smirked.

Then it shouldn’t matter if I kill myself,” he said. “I can’t really die.”

This is your bet, or are you just acting out of desperation?” Allen said.

What difference does it make?” Millstone said.

He raised the gun to his head. He pulled the trigger. There was a loud pop. He fell off his chair.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

Allen called the police.

After they came and questioned him and took the body away, another scientist from Googhoo showed up.

Millstone had been feeling despondent lately,” he said. “He was afraid the experiment wouldn’t pan out. What did he tell you?”

Well,” Allen said, “he was quite upbeat when he got here. He took a few measurements and discovered the whole thing was a flop.”

I see,” the scientist said. “Would you mind if I did my own measurements on you? It’ll only take a minute.”

I’d rather rest,” Allen said. “After what just happened…”

I understand completely,” the scientist said. “I’ll call you in a few days and come back.”

After the scientist left, Allen sat in his office thinking. “Are these crazies going to traipse in here, one by one, take measurements, realize their whole experiment is failure, and then kill themselves? They seem like reasonable people, but they’re betting the whole farm on their cockeyed ideas about consciousness.”

Allen recalled experiments from earlier in the century, when they’d “created a computer-brain” and claimed it was alive. They lined up volunteers, plugged them into the machines, and disconnected them from their own flesh-brains. They ended up with a bunch of corpses.

A nut is a nut is a nut,” he said.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

6 comments on “The technocrat’s nightmare

  1. Unfortunately techno-mafia, dogmatists, and bureaucrats rarely kill themselves, but instead find ways to make the rest of humanity into clones of themselves by working to narrow everyone’s consciousness into highly focused recursive loops. These “strange attractor” mind-loops generate paranoia (fear & greed) which drives the nutty obsession to gain ever more domination and control of nature, life, and other being’s consciousness.

    Media propaganda, “schooling,” and religious dogma are primary tools for this project of constraining and blinding minds. These technologies weave the web of “mind boxes” into a “mind matrix” that transform humans into algorithm structured – program limited zombies.

    The goal of capturing consciousness and putting it into computer based artificial intelligence machines is one way scientists conspire to gain control of humanity, along with manipulating their genes and chemically drugging their brains. Bureaucrats and politicians do their part by making endless rules and laws with a tax funded police state to enforce them.

    Fascist control freaks are clearly “nuts,” aka insane, but what of the rest of humans who freely choose to give them hard earned resources and vote (or allow) them into power? As the founding fathers of this country said repeatedly, those who don’t take responsibility for maintaining their freedom will quickly loose it to control freaks.

    What is it then that leads the rest of humanity to abdicate responsibility for managing their relationships with each other through agreements and contracts? What moves them to repeatedly give up this sacred right and privilege of freely chosen relating, and exchange it for domination by paranoid control freaks? Isn’t this a form of insanity as well?

    What difference could it possibly make to complain about the crazed one millionth of a percent who are obsessively compelled to control everyone and everything? Complaining about and blaming the insane seems itself insane! Isn’t this an abdication of responsibility to create, commit to, and maintain the sane relationships and mutual agreements that would easily sideline the misguided efforts of the crazed?

    This suggests that our focus should not be so much on “them,” but on our own commitment to work with each other to make them superfluous and thus powerless on asylum Earth.

  2. Debbie says: check out this site – a lot of information to think about

  3. Jarrod Schneider says:

    Forgive me if this sounds confused, but I am confused, only delightfully so, for if there is one thing that have I learned thus far in my life, it is that the process of arguing with myself is the very process that leads to my conscious growth. With that said, I want to address a common theme in your writing Jon, one that I completely understand and am, in fact, very much empowered by, and this is the infinite creative potential of the individual. You often write about the collectivist agenda and its accompanied new age “we are all one” rhetoric. I completely agree with the damaging and disempowering aspects of this type of thinking, and I see how it has translated into the nightmare consensus reality construct of the modern human condition. I have found much power in disconnecting as best I can from it and have achieved much personal insight into the true nature of free will from my process of becoming an individual. But, at the same time, there seems to me to be a flaw in the logic of all this too, and that is, since the creative imaginative potential of the individual is infinite and limitless, then it is within the very nature of infinity itself that there cannot, by definition, be more than one infinity in the whole of existence- there cannot be two infinities or even infinity plus one- therefore we must all be connected in some way. It is no accident that we find ourselves as separate individual entities but also no accident that we, at this time, find ourselves as the co-inhabitants of this realm. Therefore to completely detach from the common mindscape would be to ignore part of the dynamic of being here in this world at this time. Mustn’t the goal then be to embrace our individuality, discover for ourselves what it means to be a single expressive force, and how to utilize and act upon our own unique potential but then also to recognize how this interfaces and effects the other separate entities that also inhabit this realm? It seems to me that once our individuality is established, the lesson then becomes willfully acting freely in any manner we may choose, so long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of others to willfully act in any manner they so choose. So, sparing any over- used jargon of new age disinformation, yes we are separate and can choose to be so, but also we must realize that we are connected to all other individuals here in some transcendental way, and are never truly separate either. The key is to be cognizant of the importance of both and this seems to me to be a balanced approach that works best for me.

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