Spiritual fascism

Spiritual fascism

by Jon Rappoport

September 30, 2013


Year by year, I continue to make my case for the independent individual—one might even say the lone individual, except that this phrase has been co-opted to mean an assassin, a killer.

Which tells us where society is heading.

On every possible front, the psyop is about discrediting the individual and elevating the group and the collective.

Because I’m 75 years old, I’ve been around long enough to see the tectonic shift, among so-called intellectuals, from admiring and praising the individual to celebrating some sort of spiritual unity that makes us all into One Cosmic Glob.

For example: “There is really no separation between us. That’s an illusion. Finally, we are one consciousness.”

I dispute this. I reject it completely.

This, yes, insanity arises from a basic confusion and blind spot about the creative power (of the individual), which has no boundaries.

It is quite possible to imagine and create and invent a perception that we are all one consciousness and to experience the fullness of the perception. It is not an illusion. It is quite real.

But one can also un-create that perception.

In fact, in the early spiritual exercises of Tibetan tantric students and adepts, this on-off creation was a significant component. It was done, consciously, as a merging and un-merging with Nature. It was PRACTICED on a daily basis.

In early Tibet, a truly unique culture that was soon dismantled and destroyed by theocratic leaders, the individual was recognized as an staggeringly powerful artist.

Rather than assume there was one final highest reality we all share, it was understood that the individual could and did invent realities without limit.

Presuming to understand a final reality for all of us was considered absurd.

It is also a form of fascism. Spiritual fascism.

The Matrix Revealed

Exit From the Matrix

Once you embark on a road of imagination and creating, all bets are off. All preconceptions about what you must do, make, think, assume, and believe are yesterday’s news.

The individual is no longer “dangerous or deluded or separated from his brothers and sisters by ego” or any of the other debilitating formulations that have been offered to convince we are all One.

Here and now you or I can sit and invent the perception that, yes, we are all one consciousness…and then dispense with that perception. In either case, I’m doing it. You’re doing it. You’re creating a perception.

That’s what artists do, what they’ve always done. Somehow, in this cheesy spiritually fascist web of confusion, the fact has been lost.

People occasionally write to me and say the artist has no function in this society. Well, I’m not talking about function. Function is for machines.

Machines aren’t free.

This society is supposed to exist to allow the individual to flourish, but waiting for that to happen will put you on the track to nowhere.

Society is heading for more and more collectivism. Economically, politically, spiritually.

Here is a bottom line. People in this world believe in what they create, except they’re not aware of what they’re creating.

They think, instead, they’re seeing what’s already there.

This missing link explains a great deal.

People are playing a shell game with themselves. They’re placing the pea inside a particular shell, and then they’re turning over the shell and finding the pea.

Then they exclaim, “Look what I found!”

NO. They didn’t find it. They put it there to begin with.

They created a reality and then denied they created it.

This would be like a painter spending six months making a huge work in his studio and then saying…”It’s a miracle. I walked into the studio today and I found this painting leaning against the wall. Astonishing!”

Yes, you can conceive of (create) all of humanity and stars and galaxies as One Consciousness if you want to. You can do that. You can also do something else. In either case, you did it. And you can undo it.

The clue you should take from that exercise is: you have an extraordinary capacity to create “content.”

Dictators and fascists tell you what content you should create, and on top of that, they say you didn’t create the content at all. It was always there.

I could write a science fiction story that goes this way: One day, the guy next door, who is a painter, lugs one of his large canvases into your house and hangs it on the wall. He has a big grin on his face. He’s positively serene. He’s producing great GENEROSITY out of every pore. He says, “Look at this! This is what reality really is. Do you see? It shows that we’re all one great consciousness. And the funny thing is, I didn’t paint this. It just appeared on a blank canvas. I saw it this morning when I went into my studio! Now, listen. You should believe in this painting, too. You really should. This is the higher reality…”

Yes, I could write this science fiction story. Except it’s already happening, every day.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

31 comments on “Spiritual fascism

  1. patriciarobinett says:

    jon, i love you and your work. and just to fill in a blank here, there is a state, a place, where we can experience something that has no beginning and no end. people try to describe it using words like Truth, God, Infinity, etc, but it is impossible to describe, other than as pure Light or pure Love or Life… and yes, i’d have to say that “living waters” is maybe the best attempt i’ve heard at describing it. it’s always in motion and is as one scripture says, “brighter than 10,000 suns.” that place is Oneness, but there is no ‘we’ and no ‘me’ and so i agree that the idea that ‘we are all one’ is a bit of a misinterpretation of that ultimate Reality. i advise people to pursue passage to that experience and not to dabble in high ideals that might or might not be accurate/valid/true. accept no substitutes.

    • tashmoo711 says:

      Love that. Thanks. It’s an experience, not a description or a dogma. And you indeed create it from your own heart and imagination and not from some guru’s recipe for bliss.

  2. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

  3. dmpeters60077 says:

    Thank You Jon ….As An Elder …As Well… I Have Followed Myriad Paths On My 66 Cycles Around The Sun To “My Unique Expression Of A Oneness” And See This Desire Morphing Into A Borg Or Hive Collective Sameness By That Part Of The Psyche That Is About Power And Control…..Carry On My Friend

  4. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    As always, Spot on observation.

  5. robertlafoy says:

    Jon, I agree with you about the value of the individual, and I understand where this concept of collectivism is taking society as a whole. It would seem however, that you often throe out the baby with the bath water in relation to the term collectivism. Interdependency in a community is not only valuable, it’s a necessity. The current value placed on the term has been redefined. I would suppose that the real question is how we view the individual. (apart from our self) Is that person someone to be used for our own benefit or someone to be supported to gain their highest potential. I think it’s called communal responsibility. a concept we’re sorely lacking in.

  6. Homer says:

    I will not be reconstructed!
    Celebrate Diversity (Of Free Independent Spirits and Individuals), (a little Co-opting judo)

  7. TnDoc says:

    ..And, I will not be deconstructed.

  8. andrew says:

    If you have the time to sit through a series of videos called the Confusion Videos… the matrix that supports the illusion is revealed. Via the Rights of Conquest and the codification of those rights by the Bar Association of the the various realms of the western world, we are prescribed the daily reality. Of course no one wants to be sick, or for society to fall into malaise; and this is where our diligent legislators fashion the consensus illusion of progress and value.


  9. Jay says:

    The Quantum Field is the basis of all existence. Consciousness is it’s primary attribute. We are each individual expressions of that one reality.

  10. hp says:

    “One-page Proof that Attributing Consciousness to the Brain is Absurd”

    I read this in the Sampradaya Sun. Excellent!


  11. Afshin Nejat says:

    You do leave a mark on the chin of deception.

  12. […] /www.jonrappoport.wordpress.com / link to original article […]

  13. David Wilson says:

    One can only believe one’s own experience.There must be a unifying principle– It is found in Matthew 7:12, In 18 words: “Do unto others whatever you would have them do unto you. This is the Law and the Prophets.” The Golden Rule is the unifying principle– regardless of one’s race, religion, philosophy, gender, age… Jesus teaches us to use the Law of Cause & Effect, for the benefit of all. Christ came for individuals– no race, ethnic group; tribe, nation etc, but “The Son of Man will return, with God and all his angels, and repay each man, according to his deeds.”
    Call it Karma (samskara)… the law of cause & effect cannot be broken.

  14. SteveJJ says:

    Just for fun, when you watch TV or listen to radio, count how many times a day the word “community” pops up…. then think of this blog when you hear it.

    Context is everything.
    – me

  15. bob klinck says:

    We are experiencing a program for the homogenization of humanity, which includes cultural dilution. The inherent tendency of evolution, in the sense of natural development, is toward differentiation. This is the richness of life. As Major C.H. Douglas put it, the field exists for the flower, not the other way around. The field is a product, not the creative instance.

  16. R. InOahu says:

    Excellent article! To put it in modern genre’ terms: The Hive Mind, The Collective, The Matrix, The Borg (“you will be assimilated”). It’s the striking down of the individual exchanged for a massive delusion…all connected with biotelemetry and other forms of technology for control and monitoring (PRISM, NSA databases, profiling every aspect of your life etc…). Basically it boils down to turning man into a machine physically and mentally. As a Christian I recognize that the CREATOR of the universe wanted/wants INDIVIDUALS (otherwise He would’ve created just one person, without a mate, and without the ability to reproduce). Why? Because without individualism, without FREEDOM, you can not have love. Without free will, as an individual, you cease to be human. You cease to be in the image of the creator. This Hive Mind delusion is evil’s attempt to overthrow the divine, control the populace in every aspect. It’s the technological form of human trafficking where your soul and your life is sold out to Corporate markets backed by the “elite”. Aloha from Hawaii. See: 3 in Hawaii blogspot .

  17. Zadok says:

    I find you a fascinating writer among the best in my opinion. I do find some value in what you are saying here in this article. Interestingly enough, I also agree with some of the points that “robertlafoy” makes as well.

    We are created for “interdependency” …others first really shows the only type of love there is. Of course for most that sounds absurd. In view is a community life that promotes selflessness that builds others at our own expense. This way the individual is not always looking to fulfill one’s own desire at all cost, but rather is fulfilled by seeing others truly edified in some way.

    Soon that is all there will be if we are going to survive apart from the matrix.

  18. Michael Burns says:

    Jon I am not sure where to start here…excuse me if I start to blab on, writing is not my forte, my friend. I am better with a brush or a pencil. I will try to as I may to question your argument against this oneness idea, and I am not sure if you are speaking on the idea of the system hijacking a unifying world ideal. Religion by nature is violence wouldn’t you agree. We are really one humanity here, are we not?
    I can see were you are leading here in this line of thinking…at first I thought ‘Fascism’ (as you used it in the “Spiritual Fascism”) was hard, if not a bit extremist. Upon looking up the definition of the word:
    Often capitalized: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
    : A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control
    …..It is interesting to note that Fascism seems to relate to 1% of the dictionary lookups on the internet. It seems people are concerned, as this is a large percentage, I would say, as it relates the rest of the words in any dictionary. Which on the average would some 250,000 words.
    I digress…it seems plausible as a Corporate Big everything kind of Ideology. The idea of a world religion is perfect for them. I mean it’s not new really, is it? The idea of the system dominating the affections people have with their spiritual life. It relates totally to the Flavian Christian religion… which is really the baby steps towards what you have inspired me to envision here Jon. That one religion Christianity morphing from a dictatorial Roman empire run by Caesars to a religion run by Popes, and that has been a profitably venture for Romans…. has dominated for roughly two thousand years. To a world religion of oneness run by one what, CEO, Caesar, President, Fuhrer, or some new nomenclature?
    Maybe this has been the plan all along. The Universal glob, the one thing, ‘we are all one thing’ the final coagulation of disparate souls, yearning for the home. Seeking a global group hug.
    And possibly, maybe an anti-Christ to jump up and states “I guess you wondering why I gathered you all together.”
    On the other hand the universe is one idea, thing, being, evolving, expanding like a Brahmic breathe out, towards a place of fully realized Universe, infinite possibility all happening at the same time. That one singular consciousness which is so large it cannot be imagined at all, expressing itself seven billion times on this particular planet in this particular galaxy, on this particular consciousness level. But, to say differently in other galaxies, under different laws of nature, different physics in unique beings. I mean one really is the loneliest number….nes pas? Consciousness as existence, matter being the vehicle through which it is expressed, something searching for its meaning through infinite possibilities, in infinite worlds. Consciousness as being a sum of the parts ideas, individual humans being some of the parts. (Most people confuse consciousness with that yakking monkey in there egoic center.)
    I can understand your fear of someone hijacking this concept for a despotic agenda, world fascism. It’s the perfect vehicle for such a cause. Our problem Jon is that we have always thought we are separate from nature, dominant of it. That it was there for our use only….be fruitful and multiply ideology.
    If God is consciousness at the epicenter of a basketball then your religion really is just your position on the balls circumference. And I include Atheism, agnosticism, and specifically the idea of the artist, they are all religions. Separating us under an illusion of individuality. How many Picassos, John Lennon’s, Buddha’s, Jesus Christ’s are out there….I am always being compared it seems to someone or another, but never seen as uniquely individual. Never more than when I proclaimed myself an Artist, and painter, and as I thought, ‘exception to the rule’.
    We are all seeking the similar thing.
    Oneness fights against the apartheid of world religions, which wish to keep us separate.
    I do have a problem with someone stepping forward as the New Messiah of such an ideology.
    Individuality, I mean in regards to the Ego is an illusion that was hijacked by the collective a long time ago. That’s why it was so easy for the controlling few to insert their dominance schism into it, it’s an illusion. To use a Terrence McKenna idea, Culture is an Ego software of modern societies along with that goes modern religions. There are a lot of Jon Rappoports out there, really there are; the question is which one is real. I am sure you think you are Jon.
    But oneness if you think about it is singular, creative, imagining, encompassing all and as individual as it gets. In facto moreso. Because when understood consciousness is not the sovereign right of just Homo sapiens sapiens on this this little mud ball but is the in the inherent in all creatures on this planet, and the right of everything that is animated in this Universe.
    There are large ideas in the smallness of ant. He means to dominate the world. And as we he believes his religion is the only religion. There is an Ant God!
    Michael Burns

  19. Ourself says:

    […] Non-duality is not about rejecting duality, it is not about rejecting individuality, as you claim, it is about realizing that while we are separate, we are also one, simultaneously. We are like two fingers of one hand; we are separate, yet at the same time, we are both part of something larger. We are separate and yet we’re not, at the same time. […]

  20. joanie says:

    Jon, you said –

    “People occasionally write to me and say the artist has no function in this society. Well, I’m not talking about function. Function is for machines.

    Machines aren’t free.”

    But we humans are machines. A machine defined –
    “an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work.”

    That describes the beating human electric heart that runs our bodily functions.

    “a special group of cells that have the ability to generate electrical activity on their own. These cells separate charged particles. Then they spontaneously leak certain charged particles into the cells. This produces electrical impuses in the pacemaker cells which spread over the heart, causing it to contract.”

    Indeed we are artists whether people realize it or not. Some live with intention, are conscious of the world around them, while most don’t/aren’t, but nevertheless, each action is an act of “being”. To be (art defined) or not to be, one is creating, manipulating energy at all times. We are all one in that everything is energy, only in different wave forms, frequency sets us apart or brings one together. Time and time again, people change their frequency to match others, to go along to get along, showing compassion and empathy towards the ill, etc. Yet it is a challenge for those that don’t understand, we also do not have to stoop to and match those ill persons and stay at that frequency/level of depression, those doing evil deeds and so on. Nevertheless, what is that saying, “it takes all kinds” – this describes our different frequencies whether we blend or stand alone.

    BTW, I must add, there always has to be “a lone nut” in each event… Because then the case becomes a closed one. If ever they “allow” the story to leak out info concerning another possible suspect, it has to be squashed, otherwise the event then becomes a conspiracy (more than one) and must be investigated. That is how they control all events they create. Heh

  21. mothman777 says:

    I am very glad to see you post this article of truth, very different from the NWO advaitist pseudo spirituality usually dished up by many of the new ‘gurus’ on the internet.

    The NWO advaitist religion that everyone Is being prepared for, is one typified by trying to bring the state of ‘no thought’ into this reality, where it is not suited or practical at all, even though some may find that state of ‘no thought’ somewhat pleasurable in the impersonal Brahman for a while after leaving their material body, till they realize that they are just restricting their own potential for full pleasure there, and once again embrace their individuality in either the true spiritual world above the Brahman light, or instead return to dwell in some material body here once again.

    Those people who wrongly encourage others to ‘transcend mind’ merely make everyone cabbages, and absolute sheeple to the slaughter.

    The Bhagavad Gita confirms that the intellect should be developed, and not closed down, in order for the yogi to succeed on his path to dovetail his consciousness as an eternal individual with that of God, the Supreme eternal individual. Yoga means ‘to join’.

    In fact, for spiritual evolution, the spiritual mind must become ever more active, not less. How do these people think God makes the universe work? By ‘not thinking’?

    None of those people, no matter how well intended or pleasant, can really do what the Creator does when they ambitiously and egotistically claim (ever so humbly and without any ‘ego’ of course), that ‘I am infinite love’ and all that BS.

    Every soul is a unique and eternal spiritual ego, with an eternal perfect spiritual personality to reawaken by increasingly entering into association with the God Higher Self.

    Just as God has a perfect personality, so each of us also, as eternal individual expansions of Him, have perfect individual and unique personalities too, once we are in a harmonic relationship with God once again, and they are not something to be destroyed and dismissed as the advaitists tell us to do. We can even experience some small measure of our eternal nature becoming reawakened even in this world.

    ‘Ego’ (simply consciousness that each individual soul has, that ‘I am’) is not a dirty word like the ‘we are all one’ crew are making out, and an enlightened soul perfectly dovetailed in a loving freindship with the communal Higher Self, who also happens to be the cosmic head of the body of all the souls, enjoys the pleasure of reattaining their full potential for pleasure on the spiritual plane, that being fully experienced when we are free from any external regulatory material bodies like the gross and subtle material vehicles that we dwell in now, and dwell in perfect freedom, free from all anxiety, back in our true eternal homeland, our true place of origin, and that world is actually made entirely of the soul of God Himself, though He still manifests there in humanlike form also, to better relate to all individual souls there.

  22. Corey Leland says:

    Maybe you would consider doing a blogtalkradio 30 minutes on this? I usually appreciate what you write Jon, but I feel you are missing the mark on this one. If anyone thought I was promoting “Spiritual fascism” with a message of Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience and our Eternal Oneness with that Spiritual nature and essence, I would certainly like the opportunity to dialog with that (well spoken, thoughtful, open-minded) person!

  23. mothman777 says:

    @ Ourself, in response to your comment of October 1, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    The actual term for what you are describing, is actually the vedic philosophy of Achintya Bheda Bheda Tattva, that is; ‘simultaneous and inconceivable oneness and difference’.

    The idea rests on this, that just as the eyes of creatures in this world do not function without the sun, in the spiritual world beyond, the unique cosmic light of the immanent Creator God is unique in that It alone can enable full self-cognition of all eternal spiritual qualities within all souls who maintain a conscious relationship with God, that being experienced in varying degrees according to the degree of relationship maintained with God, the who acts as Communal Higher Self in this regard.

    The Supreme God soul is thus the greater part of the self-cognitive faculty of all souls in fact.

    The name for that philosophy that you gave, ‘non-duality’, is a misnomer however.

    Non-duality is in fact Advaita, the concept of the complete merging of all souls into one, that idea resting on the erroneous belief that all souls were originally one in the first place, as the Brahman ‘white light’, and that therefore the best idea is to remerge.

    In truth, The Supreme God soul, maintains the standard of spiritual consciousness for all, uniquely being abe to restore all souls to their original transcendental awareness of their eternal forms, intellect, bliss, personalities, etc, whenever they sometimes forget, due to their being marginal potencies of the Lord God, who enjoy travelling in all directions, that eternal quality being termed ‘sarva gata’, though sometimes not always in their best self-interests, but that is what having total freedom means.

    In the highest relationship with the Lord God, Krishna, madhura rasa being the highest attainable of all rasas, the individual souls are given to share the same mystical potencies of the Lord Soul, and with an equal degree of enjoyment, so the jiva souls are not subjected to any position of relative inferiority of enjoyment of pleasure . That is what it means to be a part of God, the equal potential for pleasurable enjoyment, without any desperate measure being needed to be sought such as the notion of having to merge as one in order to experience such equality of bliss, or whatever.

    The relative level of pleasure attained by souls who enter the spiritual illusion provided by Krishna of having merged as one in the impersonal Brahman light, just outside the actual spiritual worlds, is actually vastly less than that attainable by remaining fully conscious of their eternal individuality in relationships with Krishna, and through Him, with each other on the highest levels of awareness possible.

    Depending on the relationships engaged in, each soul can vibrate so as to become various eternal forms, moving from one eternal form to another as they wish to engage in different relationships with Krishna, so they may assume the form of a flower, or a bee, or a two-armed human-like form, or even a four-armed humanlike form, and so on, there being unlimited eternal forms that the soul can manifest to enjoy different relationships with Krishna, just as He Himself has unlimited forms that He can take, Govinda being the most awakening, intimate, loving and pleasurable to relate to in the highest spiritual planet, Goloka, from which all souls originate from, in a beginningless fashion, the cosmic multitude of souls in existence being the true nature of reality without any cause or beginning, beyond the beginning and the end of material time.

  24. Jean says:

    I was responding to someone on “The Daily Sheeple,” which posted this article as well.

    His comment:
    What the […] is this kook even trying to say?

    Smoking pot is bad dude



    My Response:

    Maybe you should smoke something, too, to broaden your perception of reality. Or drink something, or breathe something, or read something. Maybe exercise until it hurts – and keep going until it DOESN’T hurt any more.

    It was pretty obvious to me what was being said.
    I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, and don’t exercise that way. (I admit I drink from time to time, but I’m sober at this point.) Reading, I do a lot.

    The idea is, there’s a blank canvas that an artist is painting on – and he’s caliming, as he paints, that he is MAKING reality. And he is “forcing” others to believe that is true. Because the picture is so pretty, these people willingly buy into the delusion of (a) what reality IS, as he paints it, and (b) that they have no control over reality – neglecting to notice that, by buying into his PAINTING of reality, they are giving up their power to control their own reality.

    Then, the look around and claim there’s something WRONG with the reality they inhabit – because HE painted it.
    But it’s the reality THEY created. THEY ARE the painter. They’re just unwilling to accept that they had the power to make things work out, ever, at all.

    Note the subtle change of perspective in the actions.

    Now consider that there IS a separate artist, as well, who is painting a picture, “Reality,” which frames US as the artist painting OUR picture.
    That artist is the government (or other entity, we’re talking about government right now). Government is defining the reality we are allowed to see – DECIDING what we are allowed to paint, what is allowed to exist, and how we are allowed to perceive it all.

    And if we try to paint outside the numbered color scheme and sharp lines they’ve provided, they will kill us.

    But we created that ARTIST, too…

    It’s M.C. Escher’s hands, as shown here:

  25. […] They put it there to begin with. They created a reality and then denied they created it.” Spiritual Fascism Jon Rappoport. For additional information, click […]

  26. waraji says:

    I am an artist, and I don’t see the analogy between an individual “making” something that was actually already there, and the Fascist demanding/prompting this whole scenario from other people. My personal experience is that “new” things we make fall somewhere between having been already there and being original.

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