Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op?

Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op?

by Jon Rappoport

October 7, 2013

Here’s a quote in an ad Monsanto has run in the UK: “Food Labelling. It has Monsanto’s Full Backing.”

The catch? The mandatory labeling of GMO food is already widespread in the UK.

But in the US, where the whole issue is quite contentious, Monsanto has poured millions of dollars into campaigns to defeat GMO labeling on foods.

There was Prop 37 in California, and now Prop 522, coming up for a vote this November in the state of Washington.

In these campaigns, Monsanto falsely claims labeling is unnecessary, confusing to consumers, and would make food prices escalate.

So which is it? Which position does Monsanto take? Yes on labeling? No?

Both. Whatever works. The truth doesn’t matter. Never has. Never will.

The Prop 522 campaign in the state of Washington is going up against the Monsanto slime. It appears the Yes on GMO labeling forces there have split apart.

I pointed out, during the Prop 37 debacle in California, that telling voters they had a right to know what’s in their food isn’t enough. Voters have to understand the health dangers of GMOs.

They have to understand GMO farming in the US is a disaster, in terms of the amount of chemical poisons sprayed on crops, in terms of crop yields, and resistant superweeds taking over growing fields.

But that wasn’t what the Yes on 37 bosses decided in CA. They firmly ordered their foot soldiers to stick to the “right to know” issue, first, last, and always.

I had a good inside source, after Prop 37 went down in California, who said the Washington state campaign to label GMOs would be very different.

The anti-GMO forces there would educate voters on the dangers of GMOs. The campaign wouldn’t only be about consumer choice.

So…today I found a USA Today article reporting on the Washington campaign (“Washington State battles over genetically modified food”). It contained a statement from an anti-GMO spokeswoman:

“We believe that we have a right to know what’s in our food,” said Elizabeth Larter, the Seattle-based communications director for the Yes on 522 campaign. “This campaign is not about whether GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are good or bad; this is really just providing more information for consumers.”

Really. This is just about “providing more information.”

Good and bad are irrelevant.

If so, then why should consumers care whether the food they buy and eat is labeled?

The Matrix Revealed

I can’t imagine a more disastrous message from the anti-GMO forces in the State of Washington. It’s pathetic, destructive. It’s a wet noodle.

Was Elizabeth Larter, the spokeswoman, misquoted, or is she working for Monsanto?

I urge all the people in Washington campaigning for GMO labeling to ask her. These people work their guts out. They sacrifice their time, energy, and in some cases their own money and jobs for the cause—and in return they get this:

GMOs, not good or bad, just nice information for consumers to have.

Yes, by all means, let’s stick to Nice. Let’s sport a big grin and a shrug and say good or bad GMOs don’t matter at all.

Maybe the Prop 522 people in Washington think they have the election all wrapped up. Maybe they think GMO labeling is coming to WA and they can soft-pedal the campaign.

Well, Monsanto and other big biotech corporations have just injected millions of $$ into the WA scene. They’re not going to soft-pedal it between now and November.

Now, another insider has told me that the YES on 522 campaign in WA has split apart. On one side are the bosses, who insist on utilizing the same disastrous uni-message to voters: you have a right to know what’s in your food.

On the other side are some of YES ON 522 ground troops, who are determined to tell people: you have a right to know AND this is why—GMOs are dangerous to your health and dangerous to the future of agriculture.

The YES ON 522 bosses, as in California, are quite content to coexist with Monsanto and millions of their acres of of GMO crops. They’re resigned to the gene drift that will blow GMOs into American food crops from coast to coast.

As as you can see from Monsanto’s reaction to mandatory labeling in the UK, Monsanto can deal with GMO labeling wherever it’s passed.

Exit From the Matrix

The real threat to Monsanto is a massive popular uprising against the corporation and its horrendous desecration of food. For example, when a US county passes a law against the growing of any GMO crop within its borders, that’s a dagger.

Were such a movement to spread, Monsanto would be shaking in its boots.

But these ballot initiatives on behalf of labeling GMOs are soft. Their organizations are yuppified at the top. They’re Nice.

Which has led me to suspect that the ballot initiative movements have been infiltrated.

In intelligence-agency parlance, they’re limited hangouts. They seem to solve a problem, but they barely scratch the surface of it.

They misdirect attention. They frame the wrong questions. They dampen the much-needed outrage against Monsanto, which is an evil company.

They suck up available money. They co-opt volunteers who could otherwise be taking a much tougher position.

Instead of seeing hundreds of thousands of people in the streets rallying against Monsanto, the public is seeing press releases from spokespeople like Elizabeth Larter, who, if quoted correctly by USA Today, sounds like a Girl Scout selling cookies.

One more time, the public is being treated to a cartoon of dueling PR nonsense.

The effect? A dulling of the senses and the mind.

The ultimate message? Keep sleeping.

Because, you see, to do otherwise would not be Nice.

Yeah…ballot initiatives, that sounds good. Yes or No on GMO labeling. Two sides. We can handle that. We’ve got plenty of money for false ads. And it’s all so remote. It’s a cool op, not a hot one. Stick with cool and polite and nice. Anger is bad. Outrage is bad. We can make this whole thing seem like slightly contentious diplomats exchanging memos. No real passion. Therefore, in the long run we win. The whole country is GMO.”

It’s a mind-controlled trance.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

32 comments on “Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op?

  1. Sandra Frankel says:

    amazing reporting. You really put it all together. I have volunteered for the 522 campaign and i was not comfortable with the “coaching” we received…. You put it all in clear terms. very helpful.

    • paschn says:

      Of supreme importance to a “movement”, (especially in “nice” AmeriKa), is to always remember one of many quotes of the poor, befuddled, unknowing and dead lackey to the Jacob Schiff/Kuhn-Loeb financed Russian Revolution, (insert “regime change”), Vladimir Lenin who said, in part;

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”.

      Of course, I don’t know how long it was after he said that, his “handlers” poisoned him, but a good bit of advice to follow.

  2. susanstop says:

    They fight and they get fined 😦 Judge Slaps Moms with $10,000 Fine After Grocery Industry Brings Anti-SLAPP Suit

  3. Stracciatella says:

    I still can not understand how the voting in California turned out.
    Take an average person, clueless about GMO’s, make him vote on ” would you like to know what you are stuffing in your mouth ( Food/ Ingridients ) Yes or No”
    The only logical answer should be yes.
    Do you buy cars without looking under the hood, trusting the manufacturer and salesperson?
    By the way one of the best articles on this issue yet.

    • Dave-Mc says:

      Pamm Larry discusses how she got involved with GMO labeling in California on Prop 37 and how the same corporations are misleading the public about I522 here in Washington.

    • Vincent Nunes says:

      This is, bar none, the best piece on GMOs I’ve read thus far.

      Elizabeth Larter needs to be replaced ASAP.

    • CriticalThinker says:

      Well, this is the reason many of the American founders warned about the dangers of a democracy (versus a republic). This is also the reason that propagandist Edward Bernays said that democracy was an excellent tool for the oligarchs to control the masses. They would manipulate the public to vote in whatever manner was desired. (And to make the results even more certain, today we have electronic voting machines that can’t be audited.)

  4. OzzieThinker says:

    The problem is, Jon, and both you and I know it, perhaps from different perspectives, politics is rigged. That means “they” don’t really care who “you” vote for. Soon, very soon, it won’t actually matter if you vote at all, because the figures will be “automated” to fit the pundits. Nobody turns up. Who cares? Won’t affect the “vote”. So, bottom line, using a stick against the political system is futile.

    But, I always hope…..!!! My plea:

  5. sethelson says:

    Great article, I couldn’t agree more. ..

  6. I hope the theory isn’t true but it’s very possible. Those who frame the debate are more likely to win the debate.

  7. Julia etc. says:

    Hat dies auf Julia etc. rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Please participate on October 12, March against Monsanto in over 400 cities worldwide:
    Twitter storm 1
    Twitter storm 2

  8. Dave-Mc says:

    I think the ‘right to know’ is best. It is un-attackable,no one can argue with it. If you make health claims the Monsanto’s have studies they have paid for to counter your argument. The health issues will become apparent when people choose to not eat GMOs and their health improves. We cant depend on the FDA and USDA to protect us from GMOs when their leadership has worked for Monsanto.

  9. Michael Burns says:

    So….here’s one of those UK food labels on a box of ‘Kraft macaroni and cheese’…..hmmmm…good, and now it’s made with Broccoli to fool all the little kiddies WTF? (As if you can fool a child)
    “Warning #1: This Product May Cause Adverse Effects On Activity And Attention In Children (This warning label is required because The US version of Kraft Mac & Cheese has artificial food dyes yellow #5 and yellow #6 which are proven to be linked to hyperactivity in children.)”- Food Babe
    I think I might have found the source of ODD, ADD and ADHD……so they could straighten all this mess out by supplying a bottle of Ritalin with every Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
    “Warning #2: GMO Declaration: Made from genetically modified wheat. (May contain GMO) (This warning label is required because the US version of Kraft Mac & Cheese contains GMOs.)”- Food Babe
    I would suggest eating the box and throwing out the contents of the box….at least you would get your daily requirement of fibre.
    Awesome article as usual Jon, you are such a great talent. I bet you’re a good painter. As my three year granddaughter likes to say to her Papa. Good job!
    Don’t forget the infamous passed in the middle of the night…. ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ it will supersede everything, when forced to the Supreme Court.

    Michael Burns

  10. The Elephant In The Room says:

    Hawaii County Council PASSED a ban on GMO’s a few days ago (that is big news in the GMO circus) !! No coverage on this from the ‘labeling’ movements. Are they
    reacting to this?

  11. I’m the videographer for all online content for the yeson522 initiative, I work closely with Elizabeth Larder.

    Jon, I love you man! have followed you for a long time and………no, 522 it’s not a soft op, David ‘Dr’ Bronner has given $2M, as you know, no one is more of a warrior to push back against corporate control of our society than David, he know this would be a soft sell campaign from the get go and yet he went all in.

    Yes, it’s been frustrating to have to leave on the cutting room floor heartfelt pleas from incredible farmer’s, some of the worlds best chef’s, food distributor’s, etc to keep the message simple for Joe over medicated, GMO, chemtrail, fluoride poisoned Joe, to let him know his beer won’t go up in price, the campaign hasn’t gone hardcore to expose the horror’s of GMO’s as Monsanto & Co would brand them as environmental terrorists and hammer that message home 24/7, game over yes?

    So now, they’re fighting it out about transparency, choice and cost, going toe to toe, Monsanto is just waiting for a slip up, for the campaign to shift into a more activist posture, they’re praying to Lucifer for this so they can bring out their shill scientists plus the eco terrorists card, once you bring out the science guys in the lab coats on TV, American’s loose all sense of judgment, they’re scientists they must be right! And so, they haven’t gone down that ave.

    Yes it is a soft sell so even in the end if 10s of thousand’s of people wake up to the horrors of GMO’s from this, go further with it etc then it’s a success and not necessarily taking energy, resources away from other full on activist campaigns, the two easily complement each other, it’s not one vs another which I feel your not seeing Jon, although it is true in England they’ve had labeling forever and Monsanto does just fine there but this is different, people woke up one day years ago to find labels on their food, easy come, easy go?

    This is being fought for every step of the way so sure it’s a soft sell but when those labels are rolled out in 2014, a whole state is aware and proud that they participated to make this happen so that’s alot of energy moved for positive outcome where there wasn’t any discourse on a large scale before.

    Another extremely important factor that I feel you’re not seeing, this is a state breaking from the ranks of federal control, yes, it’s a soft sell but Washington Sate has is showing the rest of the country is has the spine to give the finger to the fed’s on legalizing pot, equality in marriage and now this, we will probably pay dearly for this with some HARRP induced earthquake like Colorado has paid dearly for their continuing defiance to big brother, do you still this is soft sell?

    Blessings and love to all.

    • gmo scandals says:

      omg, this is like total con-opp selling the ‘we’re on your side” rhetoric. and throw in names like so and so to give it credibility. seen this before. no matter what,

      even those in the supposed “know” are not
      immune. remember in the beginning days of the
      “labeling” movement? some of them sold US OUT.
      and some of them SOLD OUT.

      eyes wide open and keep going beyond what other
      people in the know know. eventually, we must trust our own
      instinct and intuition.

      thanks Jon Rappoport for not going with the rhetoric.
      truth pays off.

  12. anonymous says:

    Fact hidden from the mainstream media:

    Syria’s President Assad banned GMO’s in food “to preserve the health of human beings, animals, vegetables and the environment.”

    The whole country of Syria has banned GMO’s
    out of existence.

    The country of Bhutan has determined to
    go 100% Organic and GMO-Free.

    What’s the bigger picture here?

    GMO’s cucumbers have been scientifically tested to cause baldness and cancerous tumors ( animal- tested unfortunately) on mice – and as well, to CAUSE immune system breakdown and depression.

    GMO’s are damaging. Follow the money –
    ungovt from the govt. The demopubs are too busy partying on booze during their “shutdown”. Just before the “shutdown”, it has been reported that alcohol was on their breath.
    Making decisions over alcohol?

  13. […] Yesterday, Jon Rappoport published a valid-question-riddled piece called “Are GMO Ballot Measures Just Another Covert Op?” Regular blog readers know that I am a fan of the GMO ban rather than labeling; however, I’m also a realist that the fluoridated, brainwashed, chemtrailed, GMO’d, drugged and hypnotized state of the vast majority of US citizens makes that highly, highly unlikely as an initial goal. Not gonna happen here, not right now. […]

  14. […] Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op? ( […]

  15. Eyes wide open - the big GMO cover up - GMO-gate says:

    “Yes on 522 Strategy ~ A Rebuttal | Laura Bruno’s Blog”.

    “522” trolling – psy opp on the GMO Ban coalitions.

    A BAN means loss of profit for toxic, cancerous pesticide,
    herbicide and genetically engineered companies and corporations.

    Labeling is EXACTLY what Monsanto would not mind.
    Labeling doesn’t END gmo’s nor GMO cultivation.


    Be aware of the B.S. – ‘label now, ban later’ propaganda approach.

  16. gmo scandals says:

    passing it on:

    Testimony still happening today on Kaua’i~will be interesting to see what get’s decided today after the Mayor’s request to DEFER for at least 2 months….and GUESS WHO TOOK THE MONEY?

    Meet Kauai GMO Ground Zero Mayor Bernard Carvahlo.

    He has taken $4,000 from GMO companies DIRECTLY.

    He wants to “defer” Bill 2491 for “two months” so we can wait on the State (over $400k+ of GMO money in the State legislatures’ campaign funds) to handle the poisoning of Kauai which wouldn’t even go into effect until at least 2015. He presented some very bloated figures to the Council today to try to get them to defer the bill. No, Mayor! That’s a terrible idea, you got it all wrong, we need to PASS THE BILL.

    He was given $1,000 on the same day in 2009 from both DuPont/Pioneer and Syngenta.
    Then another $2,000 from DuPont as recently as May 22, 2013, just after the State legislative session ended where coincidentally, HB673 which was originally a pesticide disclosure bill, was gutted and made nearly useless.

    Feel free to let the Mayor and the Councilmembers know that deferring the bill is unacceptable and Kauai needs protection now, regardless of the endless hope that the State will do its’ job, the County of Kauai needs to do its’ job NOW without delay. Don’t wait for the state, that’s re-election bait!

    Kauai Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr.
    TEL: 808-241-4900
    4444 Rice St., Suite 235 Lihue, HI 96766

    See the 2013 Hawaii State Mayoral Campaign Funds:


    it has been reported that Carvalho was seen holding a sign with a family on the Kauai May 25 GMO March. Three days after he took money from DuPont.

    and an SUV hybrid bought and paid off by the
    Monsanto seed companies.

    expose, out, and kick out.
    bring in the new and honest.

    keep outing and demanding accountability the GMO paid employees in your own
    city, town councils.

    or they are OUT.

  17. Yes, it’s another scam: G stands for “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV), so if you see something with a G on the ballot, it is a ploy to get you to consent to genocide:

    God, Gays, Guns, Grass and GMOs

    I’ve written morre extensively about my battle about GMO labels with the local organic co-op I used to shop at:

    F*** OB Peoples Co-op

    I know organic farmers here in California who can’t afford the non-GMO certification process, and there have already been several cases where non-GMO certified products turned out to contain GMOs.

    Caveat emptor!

  18. […] Yesterday, Jon Rappoport published a valid-question-riddled piece called “Are GMO Ballot Measures Just Another Covert Op?” Regular blog readers know that I am a fan of the GMO ban rather than labeling; however, I’m also a realist that the fluoridated, brainwashed, chemtrailed, GMO’d, drugged and hypnotized state of the vast majority of US citizens makes that highly, highly unlikely as an initial goal. Not gonna happen here, not right now. […]

  19. […] Yesterday, Jon Rappoport published a valid-question-riddled piece called “Are GMO Ballot Measures Just Another Covert Op?” Regular blog readers know that I am a fan of the GMO ban rather than labeling; however, I’m also a realist that the fluoridated, brainwashed, chemtrailed, GMO’d, drugged and hypnotized state of the vast majority of US citizens makes that highly, highly unlikely as an initial goal. Not gonna happen here, not right now.  […]

  20. "Non-GMO Project" is in bed with Monsanto or profit $? Grounds for a lawsuit or misleading the people into a GMO toxic health dump? says:

    This is fradulent.

    “This is what happens when you start reading labels, folks! You begin to understand the intricacies and outright deceptive labeling practices that are permeating our processed food industry. So, why should the Non-GMO label be any different? It isn’t. In fact, use of the Non-GMO label to purposely deceive people into paying a higher price for a product that they are led to believe is GMO free, but is chock full of GMO ingredients, is widespread. And it is not going to get any better even if regulations are put in place to require GMO labeling.

    Here is how the scam works:

    Here is the ingredients list of a Naturade power bar that fell out of my saddle bag. After we go through this list, please understand that the wrapper was from years ago, before I knew better. In fact, I considered myself an athlete, and rode 100 mile in one day equine rides for fun. I actually thought that I was doing good for my body by eating these bars during rides. That goes to show you just how the brainwashing takes effect even in the athletic community. Anyway, I digress. On to the list of ingredients:

    Notice that the only certified non-genetically modified ingredient in the list is the soy protein isolate. Let’s just go through the list and mark down what we know could be GMO:

    Holy GMOs Batman! Everything else!!!

    Yes, that is how the scam is played. A company wants to market a product chock full of GMOs and every other thing under the sun, make it appear to be healthy, and use Non-GMO certification to sell it. So how do you do it? You put one Non-GMO certified ingredient into the mix, and place the Non-GMO certification stamp on the front label. People see the label with the Non-GMO certification, and buy the product thinking that all of the ingredients in that product are Non-GMO, when in reality, only one ingredient such as the soy protein isolate in the Naturade bar is certified Non-GMO, and that allows the company to place the Non-GMO seal on the front label, which is the first thing the customer sees, rarely looking beyond that to the list of toxins in the ingredients list on the back label.
    Here is a scan of the Naturade bar front label:

    So, there I was, typical working gal, on my way to an endurance ride, when I stop at the store to pick up some energy bars for the ride, and run smack dab into an intentional campaign to sabotage my health via genetically modified frankenbars. So much for hindsight. Now I read labels. Now I know what GMOs are, and what I should do to avoid them. Now I know that simply seeing a Non-GMO sticker on the front label does not mean that product is GMO free.

    The moral of this story is…

    Even if we here in America, somehow, someway, get unconstitutional and mandatory GMO labeling laws passed, the deception will be rampant, and we will still need to read labels and know what we are reading. We need to read the whole label on everything we buy, not just the front label. We also need to know what crops are being genetically engineered and put into our food supply. We need to know what is GMO and what is not by doing the research ourselves.

    We are being deceived by those looking to make a profit off of our ignorance.”

  21. […] Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op? ( […]

  22. […] an alternative to the GMO labeling movement, activists such as Jon Rappoport, Mike Adams and others have suggested organizing around banning GMOs as 26 countries have already […]

  23. shawna says:

    This is an absolute outrage to me. I wonder why MORE people aren’t outraged? There in lies the heart of the problem…educating Americans in a way that resonates as truth-not propaganda. Jon is always right on the money. The anti-labeling ‘campaign’ has only been stoking a smoldering fire, when they should be lighting a proverbial fire under our asses. Otherwise, what is the point?! I agree with Jon, that it seems the reps for the campaign are soft pedaling and misdirecting. The nature of what we are trying to change becomes defined by this. As a result, the props are failing. It’s brilliant really. Their strategy has been working FOR GMO’s, which tells me that they’re most likely infiltrated. Not much of a stretch if looking at the money at the fingertips of the GMO companies. History shows they spend it! They’re buying up organic companies(Honest organics,etc), pouring millions into ads and commercials, bribing God knows who, the list goes on. They’re all over the world now,& the genesis of this began many yrs ago. “Control the food. Control the world” A Pres said that in his farewell address, I think in the ’40’s(?). Knowledge&education leads to truth. Not, ‘we have a right to know’!! Why not say GMO’s are bad? She really said they’re not bad or good?? That is dumbfounding. It’s interesting to me that this entire issue opens the door to the truth about so many issues-health, corruption in govt and business, conspiracies, nature, environment, alternative energies&fuel. Maybe that’s why they’re fighting so hard to obscure and derail? If one is to understand truly what is wrong with GMO’s(why they’re BAD!), then they’re also more likely to grasp the larger picture surrounding this issue,& wake from their trance.

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