Coexist with Monsanto or destroy it? Follow the organic money.

Coexist with Monsanto or destroy it? Follow the organic money.

By Jon Rappoport

October 13, 2013

Let’s stop screwing around and go to the heart of the matter. Whether the public campaign against Monsanto takes the form of GMO-labeling or putting millions of people in the street protesting against an evil corporation…

Depends on who has the money and what they’re willing to use it for.

I’m talking about the billion-dollar natural health industry.

If companies like Whole Foods, Stonyfield, Dr. Bronner’s, Lundberg, and the big-time nutritional-supplement outfits want to bankroll a popular and very visible uprising against Monsanto, they have the dollars to do it. And they have the PR people to ignite it.

If they decide they don’t really want to co-exist with Monsanto and GMOs, they could start funding something a lot hotter and more effective than GMO-labeling ballot measures.

But that’s not in their playbook. They don’t have the stomach and courage for it. They don’t want to get their hands dirty.

So they go for GMO labeling, the ballot measures, coexistence with Monsanto, the lite version of a campaign.

It’s a lot easier. It doesn’t risk everything that goes with taking on Monsanto directly.

Hey, we’re all really nice people. Don’t get nasty. Monsanto is terribly misguided, so let the consumer know what he’s buying and let him make up his mind…”

Suppose, in the 1960s, we had this: “The Vietnam War isn’t really evil, we don’t want to promote a few million outraged Americans going out on the streets, so let’s just have a ballot measure…I buy Vietnam or I don’t buy Vietnam…and then people can decide whether to support the war…”

Last May, two million people in 436 cities across the world protested against Monsanto. So far this weekend, it’s 250,000 people in 50 countries. That’s a drop in the bucket.

Those demonstrations could expand by millions, with some major PR dollars behind them. Organic dollars.

The Matrix Revealed

Here’s a quick piece of personal history that gives you a parallel to what’s happening now with Monsanto.

Back in 1994, I took an active part in what was called the Health Freedom movement. The campaign was bankrolled by a few nutritional-supplement companies.

The objective, from their point of view, was passing a federal law that would protect them from the bad guy. The bad guy was the FDA. The FDA was going after supplements, threatening to close off consumers’ access to the full range of products.

My position was: okay, pass a law, but that isn’t going to stop the FDA. We have to attack it with the truth, from every possible angle, as a rogue federal agency committing major crimes. We have to put the Agency on the defensive, back on its heels. We have to make it scramble. We have to make this a very public war.

The nutritional companies and their toadies said no. They were the equivalent of the GMO-labeling funders of today. They wanted a nice neat solution, after which they would withdraw their dollars and go home.

And so a bill was passed into law (DSHEA), and the FDA has continued, in various ways, to go after nutritional-supplement companies, saddling them with red tape…accusing them of marketing unreliable products…harassing them.

Meanwhile, the FDA approves medical drugs for public consumption, drugs that, by conservative estimates, kill 106,000 people in the US every year. The supplements kill no one.

Exit From the Matrix

Sure, pass GMO-labeling measures, but that’s not the real answer. The thing is, the people who are funding these measures are basically putting all their money into the ballot campaigns—all the money they intend to contribute.

For them, it IS an either-or situation. Pass ballot measures, or launch an all-out attack on Monsanto. They’ve made their choice.

They SAY they believe they can sell GMO labeling to the public. They SAY that’s all they can sell, because the public is too ignorant to go for anything else.

That’s a very convenient position. It automatically excludes a real rebellion against the evil corporation, Monsanto.

Well, you see, educating people to understand why GMOs are dangerous to health and how Monsanto is destroying the sanctity of the food supply…that’s too much. We can’t achieve that.”

I don’t buy it.

Everything looks bleak until you take action. In other words, we’re looking at a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The CEOs of these natural-health companies would turn pale at the prospect of going after Monsanto directly. It’s fear.

They opt for the ballot measures. They assure us that this is the only option. They stage their own version of reality and defend it with “rational” assertions.

It’s a con.

Take on Monsanto…directly? Take out ads exposing Monsanto? Promote a million people in Washington DC Mall on a Saturday afternoon? Reveal the names of the Congressmen who are defending Monsanto? File new lawsuits against Monsanto? Put small farmers on television who are being harassed and driven out of business by Monsanto? Show the American people the faces of the men and women who spend their lives growing food for us, and listen to what they have to say? Bring the outrage to a boil? Expose (gasp) Obama as the number-one supporter of Monsanto in the nation? Name the people he’s appointed to protect Monsanto? TELL THE TRUTH?

Oh my God! Run for the hills!

No no no no!

Let’s have a ballot measure. For labeling. Let’s calm down. Let’s be nice. Let’s coexist. Let’s play together in the sandbox, even if the sandbox is polluted with GMOs. Easy does it. Relax.

Take a deep breath. The cosmic glob Goo-Goo is with us, and all will be well. He instructs us thus:

Less energy. Less action. Less outrage. Less imagination. Less truth.”

Thank you, Goo-Goo. Thank you.

Your serene bullshit will sustain us in the days to come.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

30 comments on “Coexist with Monsanto or destroy it? Follow the organic money.

  1. joanie says:

    Jon, you summed it up well with the 4 letter word – “fear”

    The world is controlled with fear. As a rule, the populace fears even the next day because the weather forecaster “said” (LOL) it would be a horrible climatic day…

    Those “big” foody names you mentioned are all about business. And, they fear being in business after doing anything contrary to their existence. They happen to know how evil the controllers are – they make and break big corps. Who knows how those companies evolved, maybe evil seed money got them started so, it is business as usual. Well then, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours…

    And, think about any of those so called whole food stores that sell fluoride toothpaste, giving one a choice of that poison or another, education does not accompany it and many are now offering vaccines in store. So, why would labeling with GM be any different?

    Big corps(e) are not our friends…

    Not to get off subject — ’tis not about the physical world, even though we appear to be physical beings. We are spirits occupying physical bodies evolving with our good deeds. This hell on earth exists because there are very few persons realizing nothing will improve till more people wake up to what their real mission on earth is…

  2. PJ London says:

    Thanks Jon,
    you hit it on the head.
    As one man once said, ; “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the wishy-washy opposition of patriots and scorn of obdurate tyrants.”, or something like that.

  3. Julia etc. says:

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  4. Banish GMOs from the face of the Earth. Forever.

  5. LorieK says:

    Actually, Whole Foods Market has a company policy that it doesn’t contribute to ANY political or social cause. Having worked for WFM for over 13 yrs, I greatly appreciate that. There are over 58,000 of us. It’s our money. If we want to give some to something we have to all agree. That’s why we created the Whole Planet Foundation and the Whole Kids Foundation, etc. Instead, WFM has spent a ton of money and labor hours working with the Non GMO Certification project and educating consumers by labeling every single item that is verified to be Non GMO on the shelf. I know, because I do that at store level. People need to quit complaining about the stores, and start complaining to the FDA and the government who is allowing the crap to be in the food.. That’s the REAL target.

    • Jon has proven that the FDA does NOT safeguard our food; instead of wasting time appealing to an “authority” which is beholden to interests other than the food safety of Americans, let’s deal with the danger itself.

      Whole Foods should live up to their name and offer to its customers nothing but WHOLE FOODS.

      Let FrankenFoods wither on their vines and die.

  6. OzzieThinker says:

    Hello Jon

    You summarised your post with “serene bullshit”. My latest post “bullshit” identifies this is the root cause of all problems; lock, stock and barrel. The solution is not easy, read if you dare….

    You have also encouraged me to research and write my own post on Monsanto/FDA/Pharma. Yep, they are all neatly tied up in a pretty little bow with “our daily bread” and magnesium. More on that another time.

    Great post. Thank you.


  7. watcher says:

    The Whole Foods focus at this point is all about cash flow and meeting their investors’ financial targets. If this wasn’t the case there are many items in their stores that they wouldn’t sell, since a great many of the products they sell are clearly not beneficial to the health of their shoppers and clearly aren’t ‘whole foods’. Just because a product is natural, organic or GMO free, doesn’t mean the product is beneficial to your health. The most truthful thing Whole Foods could do in regards to GMO and all of the other non-nutritious products in their store is put a large sign over the entrance stating ‘Caveat Emptor’.

  8. I agree – another feel good liberal approach to politics that accomplishes very little.

  9. Patrick M says:

    I was in the streets of LA yesterday Marching Against Monsanto…again…and will again until the momentum grows and the light of sanity shines again. We sure could use some help from above…whatever that looks like!
    Occupy and ANON take on Monsanto…pick a side…decide! I know they bought Blackwater and plan to use them…it’s still worth hitting the streets knowing what GMO’s do to the kids and their kids and their kids…
    If not this…what? If not now…when?
    Wise up, Rise Up!

  10. Your fire would make Thom Paine, Sam Adams, and Patrick Henry proud Jon, but we are no longer colonist farmers fighting the British with muskets. This article and your previous “Obama: Monsanto’s Man” make this clear. Political bargaining is another psy-op distraction unless one is working locally in one’s community, so where else might we direct our passion?

    Hypothesis: Empires are always corrupt by their nature.
    Hypothesis: Empires are not sustainable by their nature.
    Hypothesis: Empires always collapse by their nature.

    Hypothesis: No current group of humanity or institution has the knowledge, organization, ethics, vision, courage, and will to prevent the NWO Global Empire from instituting itself. Those who could stop it are now all part of it.

    Hypothesis: The game is already over and humanity has abdicated their short dalliance with freedom and autonomy, otherwise the NWO elite would not be openly disclosing their plans and destroying the current structures of civilization.

    Hypothesis: Our challenge is not to change, resist, rebel, oppose, or try to overthrow the empire, first because no group has that ability and willingness, and second because it will ultimately self-destruct on its own without our help.

    Hypothesis: Complaining about the evils of empire wastes precious enthusiasm, motivation, and consciousness; while elucidating the mistaken principles of empire will enable us not to repeat them, and invite us to imagine, generate, and test a broad range of alternative principles from which to rebuild. Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series is instructive here.

    Hypothesis: Understanding how humanity of all types and levels have allowed the most cunning and sociopathic among their kind to use everyone else’s resources to enslave the entire species is essential to developing immunity to this parasitic disease. This understanding begins with our own self.

    Hypothesis: Our challenge is to create small, distributed, benign, adaptable, experimental, and relatively invisible networks of communities that have both the knowledge and psychological and spiritual maturity to rebuild after the fall.

    Hypothesis: This level of knowledge and maturity is something almost no members of current humanity possess. They also have no idea of how to develop this through practical experiment and testing, or even where to begin such a process. This suggests exactly where we might best direct our attention and efforts with each other.

    The US has a long fascinating history of experimental intentional communities, but the dismal results validate the preceding hypothesis. Its time to get past the childish need to flip flop between the extremes of following charismatic authoritarian dogmatist gurus and merging into the communal goo of hive mind. What of the balance of the Tao and the “golden mean”?

    Hypothesis: Facing the void of “what we don’t know that we don’t know” and imagining our way forward into this unknown to generate new ways to live together in communities that don’t depend on coercive, monolithic, corporate structures will generate a meaningful life purpose and way of relating with each other.

    Hypothesis: Without small groups engaging this living practice of human ecology in a creative diversity of ways, there will be no better human future than the current hell we have allowed to seed and cultivate itself on Earth.

    Even so, anyone who regards life on Earth as a school for souls, has had and will have a profound opportunity to learn and create from this “Pandora’s box” of mistakes, errors, and opportunities to correct. What more could we ask?

    • laurabruno says:

      Thank you for this. Are you familiar with the Transition Town concept? The focus is on local solutions that preemptively address all those things that big government and the corporations try to shove down our throats with “solutions” like Agenda 21, GMO’s, etc. I love the Transition Town concept (and actually live in such a town), because it’s not just pie in the sky theorizing, and it’s not a homogenous top-down solution.

      It’s individuals assessing their own communities and finding and implementing their own solutions for themselves on all the different levels. These vary from any overarching prescription of “what needs to be done.” Instead, the changes are specifically local and not required changes. They are just local people who see the opportunity to develop solutions and work together to bring those about as options. Nothing mandatory. Nothing trying to force will onto others. But in the event of economic collapse or other massive societal disruption, these new models are in place for those who decide they’d like to participate.

      Recognizing people’s limitations and encouraging them to stretch beyond those without bashing them over the head with the need for their imagination to expand is always a fine line, whereas modeling positive change does encourage and beget more positive, empowering change. For a small town, we have a lot of really empowering things going on, mostly from bottom up rather than any kind of top down pressure. There are at least 300 Transition Towns around the world, each adapting a loose concept of permaculture as it applies to society and transmuting that into tangible, physical and community strengthening results. Besides official Transition Towns, there are lots of people applying the permaculture principle that “the problem is the solution,” looking for the ways in which our current challenges open us to other opportunities for real, tangible solutions and empowering inner growth. Glad to see others recognizing the value of such a trend.

      • Thanks back Laura, for this and your posts going forward. I live in an artists cottage in the country, but a nearby small town has a “Transition Town,” although I have only participated in the Elders Salon. There are a good number of intentional communities and co-housing groups in my area, including schools for permaculture, organic and herbal institutes, and so on. There are also a lot of independent organic farms.

        I studied and lived in a range of experimental communities in my early years and also helped design and run two alternative therapeutic communities to help those diagnosed with mental illness stay out of the institutional system. One had a large organic garden in which we taught the residents to grow their own food.

        I also spent many years doing group and milieu therapy, and since I still work as a therapist and consultant by day, I am reluctant to get pulled into that role in my off hours. A community of “peers” would be great, but I have standards I suspect few would want to meet.

        I appreciate how you speak about working with people, both in this comment and on your website. I also educate about herbs, supplements, and alternative approaches to dealing with life’s challenges, in part through my own adapting to Lymes, chemical and GMO sensitivities, etc. Cultivating my own raw milk kefir (no refrigeration) has been part of my healing from antibiotics, so the constant attack on raw dairies has been in my face for years and I often have to buy it under the table.

        I am fascinated to watch our dialogue about GMOs here on Jon’s blog as we grapple with the usual tendency to polarize and to observe how mature people deal with that. I am a revolutionary like Jon in most ways so I generally avoid institutional forms of anything, but in managing agencies I had to learn politics along the way, as well as that sometimes one can do both. Couples therapy is one of my specialties, so helping autonomous individuals find their context of common ground is central to my work.

        As you say, its a “fine line” between head bashing and leading, so tracking that line as it moves between extremes is one of my favorite disciplines and forms of play. I address this at length in two long comments @ Jon’s recent post on “The Myth of Limited Solution.” I highly value “the problem ‘contains’ the solution” idea but for me that requires digging deep in this many layered play of illusions.

    • watcher says:

      Some good hypotheses and they all boil down to the foundational cause of the reality we’re living in now:
      The conscious obsession of virtually every human on the planet with ‘Me, My, Mine’.
      Until their is a major shift in consciousness, causing the mass of humanity to drop the obsession with ‘Me, My, Mine’, things will only get worse and worse for humans along with everything else on this planet.

  11. LBC says:

    The “playing nice with Monsanto routine” is what we see in everything wrong with the world today. We argue about raising the debt ceiling, but we never expose the bloodsucking vampire that is the private Federal Reserve cartel and its system that is designed to bankrupt us. We argue about fixing education, but we just throw more money at the problem (public education IS the problem b/c there is no competition). We argue about Obamacare, but we don’t point out the fact that the government’s involvement in the health industry is the real reason for the astronomical prices, waste, fraud, and abuse. And the list goes on and on. We’ve all been sissified to the point that if we’re not saying something “positive and upbeat,” then we’re denigrated and told to shut up.

    • watcher says:

      And we’ve all been indoctrinated to the point that if we’re not blaming ‘the government’ for everything that’s wrong then we’re lefty pinkos, when actually ‘the government’ is just the front man/enforcer for the bank/corporate controllers who pull the strings behind the scenes.

  12. Monsanto must be destroyed.

  13. AdamXYZ says:

    That Donald Rumsfeld was Monsanto’s CEO should tell everything anybody needs to know about Monsanto’s underlayment of intents and purposes.

  14. […] (Jon Rappoport) Let’s stop screwing around and go to the heart of the matter. Whether the public campaign against Monsanto takes the form of GMO-labeling or putting millions of people in the street protesting against an evil corporation… […]

  15. […] (Jon Rappoport) Let’s stop screwing around and go to the heart of the matter. Whether the public campaign against Monsanto takes the form of GMO-labeling or putting millions of people in the street protesting against an evil corporation… […]

  16. Michael Burns says:

    Interesting read Jon, I see your point totally. I find it curiously coincidental that just before the weekend started I was thinking similar thoughts, must be the cosmic the goo goo.
    I read…scanned, our local Newspaper, cute little propaganda sheet every so often, just as a measure of how deep, bullshit can get, Jon. And it deep, really deep!

    I not surprised at the fact, in the thinner front section of the paper; the grade seven class at St ClusterFuok Catholic Primary school raised the most for Breast Cancer….wow the little brain dead darlin’s. Or the one article on how we in Saskatchewan should be so proud for our farmers because they feed-the-world…cough, gag (dry heave).
    It’s the middle size supplement in the center, between the front section lies, and the fat back section post harvest automobile ads that appeal to your bumper crop money.

    These middle section supplement un-authored articles, anonymous propaganda…and I say that because, all the articles on GMO’s, Round-Up, herbicide, ‘GMO seed versus Organic Seed’, and interesting GMO slanted facts for the kiddies had no authors, that I politely, could have responded too… in a co-existent way, I mean.

    In between these GMO pep points are the half page or quarter page Ads for their deadly poisons.
    This rag sheet purported to come to common ground with such article titled like:
    “Labels on pack help Canadians select the perfect cut of beef”……….the illusion of choice. But nothing on the GMO’ed pellets that are feed to cattle here in Saskatchewan.
    “Organic and conventional farming have a lot in common”………yeah ok, GMO crops have the disposition of a bad weed; you can water them with Round-Up, several times as a matter of fact. But organics need herbicide too. Bullshit!
    “New bee species named after curator”……….the optimum word here is ‘Curator’, as in museum. The article failed to mention, he found it in the basement of the museum, in a dusty back closet. And it’s extinct now. But it presents the illusion we are moving forward. And we have new bees, instead of those old stupid bees. That keeps making bee colonies that collapse.
    “Global increase of biotech crops is rapid” ….sort of ah, diatribe to the organic fellows, ‘if you snooze you loose’ thing.
    And finally we have the……….
    “BASF reminds growers about post harvest applications”……BASF (Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik) reinvented and amalgamated with IG Farben the company that brought us Fluoride and the gas Zyklon B used on the Jews in gas chambers.
    Under a post-harvest study by the researchers at the University of Alberta (amazing how quickly these studies are completed we are only two weeks post harvest, and some areas are still harvesting) there is 7.7 million hectares of western Canadian farm land infested with herbicide-resistant-weeds. Therefor an application of BASF ‘Distinct’ herbicide, a registered trade mark, can reduce the seed set in weeds by 50%.

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit.

    You are perfectly right Jon. If we took out full page middle sections in local farming community Newspapers. Exposing the Lies and liars, the cheaters, the bribed politicians, the lawsuits against small organic farmers by the Mega Corp Monsanto. The collusion by Universities faculties in science and Biotech with the Big Agriculture. Expose the ministers of provinces and secretaries of state that are plants for Big Agriculture so that government laws that impede their progress are pushed aside or appealed.

    I personally watched and read my way to the Agricultural Minister of Canada Gerry Ritz, dismantle the CWB (Canadian Wheat Board), the only stop against the Tsunami of GMO. A hundred and some odd years of perfecting Canadian wheat is thrown away with a pen stroke. Cargill Inc. asked him to oblige them by postponing the dismantlement of the CWB for a year while they restructured locally. I’ll bet dollars to grenades, Gerry baby has a six figure job when lives public office. Sixty-six thousand farmers and their legal vote against the CWB dismantlement were vetoed by Gerry Ritz. Can you say Achtung Baby!

    I sorry but these little Monsanto demonstrations are ‘Occupy’ ideology for the mediocrity. It is feel good for the ‘why can’t we get along crowd’. These marches are turning out to be flavour of the month ideas. As opposed to those conspiracy theorists, they are ruining the Internet, and our compromise marches every month….Bastards :)!

    I moved to Saskatchewan because I thought I wanted to live the bucolic rural life. Fresh air, fresh water, wildlife everywhere. The smell of home baked bread and the sound of bells from the church next door. Clanging away in the while the Chem-trailed snow falls. Well I’m here to say, those frakin bells that clang at noon and six o’clock have driven me mad. I am surrounded by the most toxic environment a human being can possibly live in. From our solitary town worker who claims “you can drink that stuff” while spraying Round-up in the cracks in the sidewalk. To the farmers who dump millions of liters of Monsanto, BASF, Bayer Crop Science (and the list goes on) poisons onto the landscape. Wet lands are cover in algae from field run off. I have witnessed birds falling from the sky during Helicopter spraying, and the toxic harvest dust. They are waging war against us Jon. It’s a nightmare.

    A little march and a lot compromise, and fraking GMO labels are not going to do it….we are losing the war here. And it is a information war.

    Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that allows 1500 ppm of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in its drinking water, while the rest of the provinces in Canada have to abide by the 500 ppm of TDS. Why do you think that is?… I will leave the answering of that particular question to those that are able to still think.

    Michael Burns

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