How many lies can the White House tell before the walls collapse?

How many lies can the White House tell before the walls collapse?

By Jon Rappoport

October 22, 2013

Obama has no one to blame but himself:

He was the one who campaigned, in 2008, on Hope and Change. He was the one who deployed high-flying rhetoric to promise a new day in Washington politics.

He was the one who said he was going elevate the level of discourse and make government transparent. He positioned himself as a new kind of leader. He was the one who turned his candidacy into a religious experience.

He was the one who convinced voters he stood above the fray, as a man and as a symbol, and on that basis they boarded his train and rode it all the way.

He was the one who, inheriting a desperate economy, made his signature move upon gaining office:


Not jobs. Not prosecutions of corporate and banking criminals.

He made devastating choices for all Americans.

He was and is the one who has presided over a sinking economic ship.

Given his proclivity for big and bigger government, he could have launched a serious public program, one which really put people back to work, repairing the infrastructure of the nation. But even this was beyond him.

And getting out of the way and letting Americans expand their small businesses, and supporting them with the same intensity of rhetoric he used to win his election? Out of the question. Not in the playbook. Not for a second.

His big play out of the gate, Obamacare, shocked his closest advisers. They assumed jobs would be his number-one priority. They were dead wrong.

And what about “post-racial” America? That was not only a dud, it was a disaster. Division and polarization are the order of the day.

How about dependence, and government as the solver of all problems, as the beneficent giver? How has that worked out? How can it possibly work out? America is going to become one big Sweden? Really?

It’s one thing for a Clinton or a Bush to lie and skate and divert and play the usual horrific games. But Obama set himself up as a man who was fundamentally different. That was his ace. That was how he won the Presidency. That was what people bought into.

So he falls further, even as his media supporters keep launching blizzards of lies to prop him up.

Many of his loyal followers believe “powerful forces” have fenced Obama in and sabotaged his efforts to work positive transformations. If so, then as a transcendent figure, he should step forward and use his oratorical powers to expose the criminal enterprise that surrounds the Presidency. He should speak directly to the American people and lay it on the line.

Or else he confesses that he is, in fact, another Clinton, another Bush.

The public loves fairy tales and myths, but considering the shape this country is in, that fascination is wearing very thin. It isn’t going to sustain the next three years of Obama in the White House.

The Matrix Revealed

90 million people are out of the work force. 50 million are on food stamps. Recovery? Is the President really going to keep pushing that narrative?

Admitting the truth might, as a long shot, create a platform from which Obama could launch a real campaign to restore jobs…but faking the unemployment crisis has been his chosen path.

The government Obamacare website is a shambles. It doesn’t appear that a simple fix is possible, which means chaos will continue for many months, perhaps longer. Private insurance companies are canceling hundreds of thousands of policies.

The last seven years of American political life have added up to a disaster. Blaming it all on Congressional gridlock, on delaying the ability of the White House to invent trillions more in debt at the drop of a hat, isn’t working.

So many actions and omissions of madness…it leaves us with the reasonable conclusion that Obama’s Presidency was designed from the outset to flame out and fail.

And the principal target was the economy.

The President, fresh off an election victory in 2008, and in that glow, could have used his monumental leverage to put people back to work. He could have hammered on it day and night. He could have rallied support and energized the country.

But now…what do we have? Welfare America to the nth degree. Beyond what anyone thought was possible. And media traitors are backing it.

For decades, for more than a hundred years, power has been in the wrong place.

It belongs with you and with me.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

33 comments on “How many lies can the White House tell before the walls collapse?

  1. I think they’ve already told too many lies and the walls are already starting to collapse around them. We need to start creating alternative systems now before we all get buried along with them.

  2. ask? says:

    The white house continues to be the house of lies. Nothing changes when voting
    for one of the two criminal cartels(which are one). Any time another political party
    starts to get a voice in America, here comes the media pushing the propaganda.
    I have studied many governments and political movements and can tell you, the
    direction were going is not a good one. As much as I wish I could tell you how to
    change the system, the controls have been placed so that this can’t happen.

    Many people today can see through the bull shit and know when someone is
    lying to their face. The system in place is not meant to form the like minded
    minds I just talked about, it’s made for your children and to condition them
    into thinking only one way. The only words I can give you all,
    You should study your enemies as much as your heros. I’ll give you an example
    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
    -Adolf Hitler

    • Eileen Kuch says:

      The despot Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, is emulating more and more is Josef Stalin; and, the Department of Homeland Insecurity is most likely derived from the Stalinist Stasi than the Nazi Gestapo.

      Ever heard of the Communist Internationale??

  3. joanie says:

    Obama exposed business as usual in the WH and thus corruption became transparent…

    This fairytale is coming to an end this year. Hang onto your hats and enjoy the ride. Our jubilee is here at last!

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  5. Nothing will ever, ever, ever be blamed on Obama. Never. Not ever. Stand by for the Next Big Dis-Attraction, señor…my algorithm tells it me will be very big! very distressing, and very soon.


    More or less.

    And might involve the Next. Big. Thing: amnesianesty.

  6. Michael Burns says:

    They played the black card, next will be the female card and a plea to heart of the American matriarch and family.
    And the spinning machine with start up and spin out the lie called Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Wait till that consensus hits the fan.
    They have working on that one for years. There is a few lies left yet

  7. Dani says:

    I am one of the former liberals (I am white) who voted for Obama the first time. It was seeing through his lies that provoked my outrage and waking up to that and many other things, and finally turning my brain on. Now I know that the voting system is rigged, but you can still blame me if you want, for helping to vote him into office the first time.

    Even though nearly all of my friends and family are still ardent Obama supporters, I wonder how much longer it will last, before they, too, figure it out.

    One thing I have observed in my (white) friends and family is the self-congratulatory “I am wonderful because I voted for a black person and I have not a prejudiced bone in my body — what’s wrong with YOU???” attitude. I know this attitude well, because I had it, too. I didn’t realize at the time that it was reverse racism. I did, in part, vote for Obama because of the color of his skin and because I wanted to believe in my heart that we were past all that, and this would prove it, and the wonderfulness of a post-racial society would emerge. Well, we were lied to about that, as well! This is all so clear to me, now. But I cannot for the life of me explain it to my friends/family without them looking at me as though I’ve gone over to the dark side of bigotry. I can be angry about that, without being racist. I guess this is just too subtle for a non-critical-thinker to grasp. I want everyone else to turn their brains on, too, so we can have productive conversations. It is very sad to see these high IQ intellectuals saying and thinking such inane, illogical things. There is no convincing them. The ego blindness is too overpowering. It hides their idiocy from their own awareness. Too painful to accept. Hey! I went through that, too, and yeah, it is painful, but then you get over it and it’s much more pleasant to be awake and thinking.

    I still hope for change, but not the kind of change that’s been imposed on us. I feel so sad that so many are still asleep. I “hope” they wake up soon, and “change” things by getting rid of the tyrants and becoming aware stewards of our republic.

    • Defiant says:

      I give you credit. What confuses me are all the folks who supported him and STILL cling to him like stink-on-poop. At THIS point, how can people STILL not see what’s up with this tyrant?

    • honeythatsok says:

      And to add to your comment – it’s fascinating (read: frustrating) to see how many otherwise intelligent people spend so much time and energy blaming congress for everything while feeling “sorry” for Obama. As if they weren’t backed by the exact same people!

      Real change will be difficult if people are unable to let go of ego, which is what clinging to beliefs no matter what is. I just saw this nice quote by Mark Twain today:

      It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

    • kattetonnik says:

      Beautifully and honestly put.

    • RJ Mann says:

      Dani – beautiful comments, thank you for that. I came from the opposite direction that you did – from the longtime ‘conservative’/Republican side. It took me a very long time to see that it was all an illusion and that the paid off leadership in both parties carry out the same agenda. I had conservative friends that spoke a lot about the Constitution, but threw all those concerns out the window when Bush was in office.(Just like O supporters against the wars & the violation of civil liberties when he first campaigned, who make excuses for it now). People have not been taught to think for quite some time. That makes them very easily manipulated by propaganda. John Taylor Gatto wrote about the purposeful attack of the teaching of logic & history in the US public schools that has taken place over the last 100 years. His book, The Underground History of American Education can be found online and read for free at If you’re concerned about the general level of critical thinking skills that people have, I think you’d find that book very interesting. Best regards –

  8. Seems likely that all world leaders are controlled by, and accountable to, a master puppeteer not world citizens.

    Yale-educated Karen Hudes was Senior Attorney for the World Bank. Now a whistle blower, Karen confirms that controllers want all of us enslaved to debt, all governments enslaved to debt, and all politicians addicted to huge financial contributions they funnel into their campaigns.

  9. I recall something someone somewhere once said, “The people have the government they deserve.”

    • Defiant says:

      True dat. True dat.

    • The Iron Sheep says:

      Peter, you hit the nail on the head. Every single day I encounter countless fools with this despicable sense of entitlement. Nobody’s looking out for their neighbor. It’s all about stepping on those around them to get ahead. “Look at my car, look at my house, look how cool I am.” People like that will never admit THEIR actions continue to fuel the tyranny. The only thing that will save Americans through this dark time is love and unity. People need to be bigger, admit they’ve been duped, and stop acting like children.

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  12. It will be very simple and not expected as they have no heart, empathy and compassion. Love embodies it all and is far more powerful than all the lies and shenanigans. Amazing things are happening on the internet linking thousands in powerful meditations and healing.
    And Jon is right, it is only you and I who can do it. Check out November 18th launching of The People’s Voice, funded by the people for the people by the people.

  13. Ivan says:

    Next month we have the 50th anniversary of the last President that started to stand up to those “powerful forces” and speak directly to the people.

    • ask? says:

      I miss him too

      • Sheree Silverman says:

        I miss him very much. I still remember the day, what I was doing,what I thought about it,
        where I was,etc. The whole country was walking around for a month (at least) like they had
        just been hit with a brick – at that time he was murdered.

    • Sheree Silverman says:

      Kennedy is the only one I would call a President. After him there hasn”t been any,
      and it is the people that control the government – not the government that controls
      the people. That’s what the constitution is for ( at least one of the MAJOR reasons )

  14. YRB says:

    Well, if he were Pinocchio his nose would reach from here to the moon. Or beyond.

  15. laurabruno says:

    Cheers for the article with the following caveat regarding this particular quote:

    “The public loves fairy tales and myths, but considering the shape this country is in, that fascination is wearing very thin. It isn’t going to sustain the next three years of Obama in the White House.”

    The entire Faery Realm rejects the unfortunate and increasing trend of connecting their Realm, their literature and their inhabitants in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise with Obamacare, the US economy, and/or Emperor Zero. Claiming such associations is as mendacious as it is absurd:


  16. OzzieThinker says:

    The problem is, Jon, and I think you know this already, Obama was served up for a reason. The reason he was voted in was not the reason he was served up. It “shouldn’t be so” but I believe America is finished. The world power is now out-of-date and, as a consequence of senility, is delusional. The 64$ question is where is the new Promised Land? China? Oh, just as with the old Union of Jacob, “they’ll” never let go. The good ol’ US of A will always be there (short of an uncompromising HAARP experiment), but it won’t be the “dream team”.

    Obama sold “objective freedom” but delivered another dose of subjective “freedoms”. Anyone who visits my blog will know what I mean……………….

    We live in funny times. Extraordinary rumours of Drakkon overlords pissed at Bush-clan’s error after the post-Haiti HAARP attack. They claim the “brotherhood” is going to pay a heavy price for Fukushima and the way they’ve defaced their planet. On the other hand, there are big cheers and congrats all round for BP’s attack on the Annunaki, although I hear the marines are ‘getting it in the ass” in ways they never did before 😉

    Rumours are abound of a synthetic “kill switch” virus that can be activated remotely by chip. Wasn’t that one of the goals of Obamacare? Didn’t they want to “chip” all users?

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  18. theglimmerman says:

    I have always said that if a President ever steps up and exposes tptb, he/she would have the support of the entire country. He may run the risk of someone selling him out but, because it’s the President, with the support of the people, we would come to his aid and I believe the military would as well. You’re the President of the United States for Christ’s sake, Commander and Chief of the military; shut down the borders, cut off aid to countries who don’t deserve it, rat out the globalists for what they are! WE (INCLUDING THE MILITARY WILL BACK YOU UP).

    But no, what is one of the first things he does when he takes office? Signs an almost 800 billion dollar bail out for; guess who? THE BANKS. That’s the time when I knew nothing was going to change.

    If we have to go to war with every nation on Earth, SO BE IT! It’s our military plus another 40 to 80 million gun owners with about 300 million guns fighting on our turf; I already know what the outcome would be. An ass whooping the likes that the world has never seen.(for them)

    Sorry, but I am beginning to believe that every President after Kennedy was/is a flat out coward!

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