The paranormal as an object of ridicule, scorn, and fear

The paranormal as an object of ridicule, scorn, and fear

by Jon Rappoport

October 29, 2013

If you want evidence that paranormal abilities exist, Dean Radin’s groundbreaking book, The Conscious Universe, will supply it. Radin examined hundreds of well-formed lab studies and concluded that the performance of human volunteers demonstrated, statistically, such abilities.

But this article is not about that. Nor is it about woo-woo people who see extra-sensory influences everywhere.

In movies, the paranormal is usually presented as horror, something that jumps out of the wall and attacks people.

Otherwise, “paranormal” is used as a term of scorn, like “conspiracy theorist.” It refers to people who should be isolated from the general population, for fear they’ll spread contaminated delusions.

The media transmit this scorn and ridicule by choosing the most bizarre stories:

A Biloxi bus driver told a local reporter, “While I was eating a hot dog in the corner coffee shop, an invisible Martian snatched it away from me and shoved it in his ear.”

Underlying all this nonsense is a core subconscious anxiety about consensus reality: it may be a sham.

The laws of physics may be provisional and subject to suspension.

And worse yet, there may be people among us who have experienced what happens when these laws are suspended.

People may have experienced telepathy, accurate glimpses of the future, and other “illegitimate” phenomena.

We need police to squash these happenings.”

Well, we have them. Friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, scientists, teachers, pundits. Which is to say, those who collaborate to sustain consensus about what is possible and what is not.

And then, to put the cherry on this cake, we have various “people of faith” who twist that faith and label anything that borders on paranormal: demonic influence.

They will also tell you that whiny adolescents who picked up and fell in love with a rather dreary novel, Catcher in the Rye, came under the control of The Dark Prince.

Putting all this aside, paranormal means: you tapped into life beyond the belief-network of the collective. You went farther.

And that’s the problem for the collective. That’s the only problem. You found a hole in their waking dream. You walked through it and found yourself connected to something more.

Their waking dream is political, economic, and social, but it is also scientific. Their science, which conceals its own lunatic and unproven assumptions about the universe, denies “the farther shore.”

And here I want to mention an ignored aspect of the paranormal. Paranormal isn’t merely isolated gray moments of “weirdness.” It’s full-bodied and emotional. It has a joy to it. It reestablishes more of yourself.

It comes as something whole. It’s alive.

And in the same way that a child learns to repress his own natural exuberance, because it contradicts the crazed low-level conformity of the group, people who do, in fact, experience (and create) the paranormal often feel compelled to repress their full-blooded emotions.

If, on the off-chance, they are willing to admit they had a telepathic connection or saw into the future, or spontaneously healed, they’ll shy away from confessing to the thrill and the ecstasy of it.

But that thrill and ecstasy are as natural as rain. They’re part of what we are. They’re the ground of being. They’re what we are, on the other side of the stale waking dream.

There is nothing spooky about the paranormal, except in the movies and in minds riddled with fear, minds repeating the mantra: there is only the ordinary, only the ordinary, only the ordinary.

Whereas the fact of Existence itself is paranormal.

Exit From the Matrix

The Pentagon (DARPA) is working on a new program, using implants, to study in real time the signals the brain is emitting. This is a whole different animal.

Its announced medical use covers a motive that has to do with control & operation over soldiers. As usual, the mainstream scientists are looking at automatic reflexes.

True paranormal ability takes place beyond the brain. It is a voluntary creative impulse that starts in a non-material space. That’s where the action is.

And that’s where scientists fear to tread. Their entire orientation is locked-down repeatable cause and effect: the arena for dullards.

There are also research efforts to study and pinpoint and analyze imagination. These absurd programs are, of course, focusing on the brain, with the hope that eventually machines will become the new artists.

Well, machines can already create, if by that you mean rearranging data and image and word and symbol into endless numbers of patterns.

But that isn’t what art or creating or imagination are. And that isn’t what paranormal is about.

Some years ago, I interviewed a man who had scored quite high in a lab experiment testing for telepathy. I asked him how he succeeded. He said he imagined a secretary sitting in an office in Nebraska…and she supplied him with the right answers about what was being telepathically transmitted to him during the test.

Why a secretary?

Because, he said, a secretary in Omaha would be very sincere and would never lie to him.

I still laugh about that one. Try producing such an outcome with computers and brain signals.

If you think you can, I have condos for sale on Jupiter.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

24 comments on “The paranormal as an object of ridicule, scorn, and fear

  1. YRB says:

    “Paranormal” may simply be the further expansion of our awareness beyond the “normal”. It’s like “metaphysical” – beyond the physical. Uncharted territory.

  2. Mike Helms says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that there isn’t a bad side to some things paranormal. Long before becoming a Christian I delved pretty deeply into the experiential side of this. There are actually things you SHOULD be afraid of. Just as there are places we may reasonably fear going to in this world, there are places we would be better off staying away from in the spiritual realm. I don’t say this merely because I’m now a Christian, I say it because I learned first hand before I ever became a Christian that not all things paranormal are neutral.

    I would also say that a great many of us who are Christians did not come to our beliefs in a “religious” way- we were not brainwashed into some collective thought. My own course of discovery was very much an independent venture and I knew what I believed (and in whom I believed) long before I ever stepped into a church.

    As a Christian I am not afraid of experiences that come supernaturally, but I certainly do test them. Not everything that glitters is gold.

    • Michael Burns says:

      “Long before becoming a Christian I delved pretty deeply into the experiential side of this. There are actually things you SHOULD be afraid of”….
      Ok Mike I’ll bite, what should I be afraid of…
      Did you know Mike that there is a direct relationship between Christianity and the bad publicity that the paranormal receives. For instance the Catholic Church and Christianity have the oldest, and some would say the original publications that denigrate the paranormal.
      The Church for instance still performs what it calls Exorcisms. Now they are becoming little more popular these days as people need something to blame. But during the middle ages they were performed to the enth degree of terror and torture, to a public on an on-going basis. The Jesuits, the CIA wing of the church were at the vanguard of religious persecution of anything that wasn’t Christian, pagan ignorant peasants, and folk medicine, mid-wifery were centers for witchcraft and the paranormal, as preached by an oppressive Church.
      Now I have a theory about that Mike, I think exorcisms and the paranormal make people afraid because they cannot find knowledge, and because they fear the retribution of the church, if they seek such knowledge, quite like the fear of cannabis. And we know about knowledge and cannabis Mike, ‘It sets you free’.
      Now the Christian church has been at some of the really big book burnings. I mean the really big ones, Library of Alexandria, over 1,000,000 manuscripts and books all burned, lost in time. And really if you look at book burnings it’ fear that drives it… fear driven, with priests at the head of that marketing campaign. Every Sunday preaching fear.
      Its amazing Mike, that after the release of William Blatty’s ‘The Exorcist’ people were flooding back to the church. That phenomenon is exacted each time a new, ‘religious porn’ movie is released… And the Church notices such things (And aids in the making of such things). It’s strange that the upsurgence of the New Age movement have caused a similar rise in Exorcisms and religious fundamentalism, throughout the world. Christianity does not like competition.
      Fear and ignorance drives Mike. The basis of the Augustine philosophy is fear and superstition. The church is nothing without fear porn. “If you’re not good you are going to Hell” pure unadulterated fear Mike, it’s like Coca-Cola and “the real thing”. Say it enough times and people believe it.
      Your little bit of propaganda did its bit for the church as well Mike. I am afraid I have to call you on it Mike, what you state here is pure unadulterated taurian excrement. Bullshit, absolute Bullshit.
      Michael Burns

  3. Bernie says:

    This just in…
    Psychic festival cancelled due to un-expected events!


  4. flyingtigercomics says:

    Catcher in the Rye was the favourite novel- to the point of obsession- of a certain CIA spy-chiatrist, so it’s actually a useful tell as to who programmed whom.

    And note that since that psychiatrist’s death the book has disappeared from the narrative.

  5. Daniel Noel says:

    Many good points, thank you. I’ll respectfully add a few.

    Parapsychology is really applied spirituality, as telepathy and telekinesis rely on actions and transmission of information and intelligent processing of information by souls.

    Radin and other prominent paranormal figures are wolves in sheep’s clothes. It is child’s play for an advanced telepathic practitioner to get the essence of 9/11 and juicy details on its cover-up and censorship.

    Building on this point and at the risk of appearing to be a nutty conspiracy theorist, I affirm that the U.S. military has telepathically harassed 9/11 people of importance (not only dissidents but also witnesses and friends of the conspirators) to limit 9/11 awareness. Similar programs target U.S. whistleblowers and their protectors.

    Ironically, people could learn to protect themselves from this spiritual perversion as soon as they can talk, using remedies such as training their third eye on me or some other capable spiritual practitioner.

    Here is a report — still unlinked and at the draft level — of an instance of remarkably effective automatic spiritual perversion I witnessed a year ago:,%20Handling/challenging%20on%20Baby%20Step/_reorganized/baker/hub.htm.


  6. OzzieThinker says:

    This is partially as a consequence of the denial of the “false matrix”. Your Military Industrial Complex has sinister operations with hooks into D4, Jon. But you know DARPA is the tip of the iceberg……

    Humanity is heading for a switch to the sub-conscious. “They” know the 1748 Zeta/Draco “frequency fence” to immobilise the progressive DNA 4 strand development was unsuccessful. It is not a matter of “if”, only when.

  7. Jason says:

    While reading chapter 1 of The Conscious Universe on Dean Radin’s website for free, I noticed that he believed at the time of writing the book that this “new” idea was in it’s first stage of acceptance and accelerating toward the second stage. I think it would be safe to say that in 2013 we are certainly in the midst of stage 2 and heading at a fairly rapid pace towards stage 3. The stages are explained in detail in the opening paragraph for those who are curious as to what I’m talking about.

  8. Brief and brilliant. I don’t know how Jon does this day in and day out. “You found a hole in their waking dream,” just brilliant.

    As to the paranormal? It’s really normal, not beyond normal. I’ve had lots of experiences with it and I’m an ex p.i. who only believes what he verifies.

    There is something called enzymatic electron tunneling. This is when the electrons in your own body tunnel down to the quantum zone.

    The quantum zone is where the laws of physics end, and quantum law takes over. I see no logical reason why this could not be the “paranormal” zone, where all “miracles” and “phenomena” of the paranormal take place.

    • usurykills says:

      There is a THEORY called enzymatic electron tunneling…

      What’s that on my shoe?

      • Jeffrey A Friedberg says:

        It’s probably your ration of crow; foolish to challenge Me–The Long-Heralded Master of all Known and Unknown Knowledge:

        WIKI—Some enzymes operate with kinetics which are faster than what would be predicted by the classical ΔG‡. In “through the barrier” models, a proton or an electron can tunnel through activation barriers.[19][20] Quantum tunneling for protons has been observed in tryptamine oxidation by aromatic amine dehydrogenase.[21]
        Interestingly, quantum tunneling does not appear to provide a major catalytic advantage, since the tunneling contributions are similar in the catalyzed and the uncatalyzed reactions in solution.[20][22][23][24] However, the tunneling contribution (typically enhancing rate constants by a factor of ~1000[21] compared to the rate of reaction for the classical ‘over the barrier’ route) is likely crucial to the viability of biological organisms. This emphasizes the general importance of tunneling reactions in biology.

  9. Sure, they deny the possibilities of the paranormal in OUR existence, but acknowledge, seek out, and welcome it in theirs. Ask any up and coming member of some “great lodge” who their hero is and chances are you’ll hear names like Manley P Hall, Helena P Blavatsky, and maybe even Aleister Crowley. All accomplished occultists and students (Blavatsky was the only true, and NOT self-proclaimed, Master IMO) of the occult i.e. paranormal. Maybe the two terms aren’t identical, but they’re not dissimilar. The occult is the study of the esoteric (hidden) aspects of life like the astral world, for example. But it’s one thing to know about it and to study it (the true gnostic path) and another to use it to manipulate others. There, you enter the world of magick which the self-proclaimed “illuminated ones” are all too familiar with. I believe they are the practitioners of the “left hand path” otherwise known as black magick. There is much evidence that many people have been sacrificed on their behalf, both individually (Princess Diana) and en masse (9/11).

    At any rate, they have appropriated many benign, benevolent, words and symbols over the course of centuries to suit their own means and ends. The Swastika, the pentagram, the crescent, the Star of David… all have important, benevolent, and hidden meanings, yet they have been literally stolen from us and their meanings twisted to shape and distort the reality of the esoteric and therefore the exoteric. I say TAKE THEM BACK. Don’t give them ANY credence whatsoever when they are being used for evil purposes. I simply refuse to believe that the Swastika and the Star of David are mutually exclusive BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT. They both have esoteric meanings that are far beyond what they’ve been relegated to by some sawed-off stiffs with fez hats and a hatred for humanity.

    Because of the Internet, it takes very little time to uncover their true meanings. Yet most people are in such a trance that they take what they’re told at face value without a speck of research.

    And, I would agree with Mike Helms in that many aspects of the paranormal are not entities you want to mess with. Many schools of thought there. If people are too naive and myopic to believe that direct communication with unseen forces is not possible, I would point out that it has been practiced for millennium for both good and evil and everything in between (ah, where to draw the line…). If you want a good read, try anything by Lon Milo DuQuette, especially Enochian Vision Magick.

  10. I really like when you surface multiple ideas as threads in one article and then weave them together to create a larger more integrative perspective. Multi-perspectival consciousness is one of the best antidotes to simplistic, reductionist, fundamentalism. Your artistry at this shows in your pointing out the potential of integrating paranormal perception and thinking with paranormal feeling and emotion as inspired motivation. That joyful experience of meaning could create an entirely new reality!

  11. rob purday says:

    Enjoyable dip in the para-pond…….and yet, the narrow spectrum of ‘normality’ is akin to the visible light spectrum within the vast range of wavelengths within the EM field……to be so confined is to be abnormal. And, lets not forget the inquisition like intent to censor ‘esoteric material’.

  12. You speak of the normal “waking dream” of everyday life in which we no more realize we are dreaming than in a normal sleeping dream. It seems perfectly real and “all there is” to know and experience. In the next level of dreaming we begin to doubt that we are awake and that “this is all there is.” Sometimes it just feels not right, or too horrible to be real, or too repetitive, mundane, and robotic as in the film “Groundhog Day.” Nothing changes though.

    The third level is usually termed “lucid dreaming” when we partially “awaken” within the dream and realize that we are dreaming. At this point we can move to a position of detached witnessing or as in some “dream yogas” (Tibetan, Western, etc.) we can begin to steer the dream and alter its course and our relationship within it. This often looks like moving from a victim stance to a creative stance by using imagination to reframe and regenerate the dream.

    In some of my own training this was seen as the highest state or skill, which is typical of the Western desire to control everything. At some point I realized that this often got in the way of seeing what the dream (or that which generates the dream) had to teach me if I could fully experience it rather than changing it or making it more pleasant. Most importantly, as a witness I finally realized that I was still dreaming and still involved in repetitive dramas of trying to finally win or come out on top in the endless supply of such dreams.

    Many people speak about “awakening in dreams” or “awakening from the matrix” as recognizing that it is virtual or not entirely real and then taking more control of steering or directing the “dream drama” or “life drama.” In the film “Matrix” taking the right pill dumped Neo out of “The Matrix” (robot-womb) and into a world that had been destroyed by humans at war with the terminator robots they had created.

    If this were my dream I would assume that I had just awakened from one level of the dream to another one which was in many ways a much worse nightmare (of a bleak underground hippie commune called Zion in an endless loosing war with robots). I know, I know, the trance-media sound track makes it all seem so heroic, and Trinity loves Neo, and Neo magically trance-forms into Superman, and … finally he merges into the hive mind of the computer.

    In my own life I have had sleeping dreams in which I have been brutally killed and then “woke up” into what I thought was my real waking life. “Whew, it was just a dream.” Then someone attacked and murdered me “for real.” That too turned out to be a dream, so there can be many layers and levels of dreams within dreams.

    Did Neo really “awaken from the Matrix,” or did he just go from one bad dream into another? Yes he had more power, but so what and then what? What of the many spiritual teachers who claim awakening or enlightenment? Is moving into a better dream (or a better lifetime within Buddhist samsara) really awakening? How would one know the difference?

    Is heaven merely getting to a less worse part of hell? Is it, “Finally I’m king of the highest hill in hell,” or “I’m the psychiatric lord of the insane asylum?” I’d say that’s still a nightmare. Do I really want to become the head honcho among demons herding their slaves?

    Who among humans or human teachings can describe a heaven you would really want to awaken into? What would make you certain you hadn’t just got an upgrade to your status in hell or purgatory? What value or use are creativity and imagination of they can’t generate that?

  13. Skylar says:

    Thank you Jon! Posted to facebook and on my blog. Your blog is a light in the dark. I am a blogger noob and wrote a piece with a similar theme, although much shorter and with much less skill and refinement.

  14. brad says:

    Thanks for this article; insightful and right on the mark!

  15. messianicdruid says:

    “Who among humans or human teachings can describe a heaven you would really want to awaken into?”

    Heaven is the place where God’s Will is accomplished. Bringing heaven to earth is the work. Rejoice: redemption is drawing near as the doctrines and commandments of men are exposed.

  16. […] The paranormal as an object of ridicule, scorn, and fear ( […]

  17. usurykills says:

    I don’t buy into the supernatural. I have had a few “paranormal” experiences myself, but I understand enough about the nature of large numbers to doubt they are what they seem to be.

    There is no evidence for gods or demons. We seem to be little more than a troupe of monkeys, clinging to a rock spinning through space. Alone, confused and vulnerable.

    Science slowly admits truth. There are serious problems with our current theories, especially regarding time. Energy does not equal mass times the speed of light squared, for example. The speed of light squared is a constant — the equation is a joke. Close enough for atomic bombs.

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