The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare

The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare

by Jon Rappoport

November 11, 2011

Come down the road of history and watch the vast parade. There were the cave people, with their fear of the thunder and lightning and the forces behind them; there were the priesthoods rattling gourds and pointing scepters; there were the supposed witches, and the alchemists, and the prophets who, we’re to believe, deeded their highest ideas to bureaucrats and killers who would build churches in their name…

And after a time, science emerged, and all was well. Finally. A science of the brain, and of the abnormal patterns. In their great beneficence, governments determined that these scientists should rule that brain…

And here we are.

The regulations differ according to which insurance policy people have, but the overall Obamacare thrust is in the direction of enforcing coverage “parity” between physical and mental illness.

This means more and more people are going to be sitting in psychiatrists’ offices, describing their problems and issues; the psychiatrists will be making more and more unscientific diagnoses of mental disorders; and they will be prescribing more toxic and dangerous drugs to patients.

There is a cultural sea change underway as well. The whole op is to legitimize mental health treatment for everybody. Having a disorder will eventually be as common as having the flu or a cold. “We’re all disordered.”

Children will be saying they have ADHD, clinical depression, and bipolar even before a shrink slaps on a diagnosis. It’s the “in” thing to do.

People, naturally, will find more ways to explain, rationalize, and excuse their own dissatisfying lives—whatever works to get off the hook.

Political and economic oppression will be reframed as mental-health issues for the victims.

Worse yet, as I’ve exhaustively demonstrated in many articles and lectures, psychiatry is a pseudoscience. The 300 officially certified distinct mental disorders are all fraudulent.

There is no physical diagnostic test for any of the them. They are menus and collections of behaviors drawn up by committees of psychiatrists—and then stamped with labels.

The drugs to treat them are all toxic and destructive. Some of the drugs (and withdrawing from all of them) cause violent behavior, including suicide and homicide.

But given the opportunity by insurance coverage, millions of Americans will spring into action and offer themselves up for diagnosis and treatment. They’ll wear their diagnoses like badges of honor in the “new society.”

People who speak out against the political establishment, who advocate for less government, who champion freedom, will find themselves ridiculed to a greater degree than ever before…and under certain circumstances will be coerced into the psychiatric hive.

This is a gravy train for some, and a death machine for many.

The rank absurdity and illegality of government allying itself with psychiatry escapes most people’s attention. It’s all good, because government “wants to help.”

The Matrix Revealed

I, for one, don’t want to help in that way. I want to see people have more power. I don’t want to see lives going down the psychiatric-drug drain. I don’t think connecting thought and action to disorders solves anything. It only makes things worse. I don’t want to deal with people who view life through the lens of disorders.

I don’t give a damn what psychiatrists and their followers say about the brain and the mind. I don’t think we should be trailing along behind these so-called professionals and picking up their tidbits of manufactured hoke, or cleaning up the the ruined psyches they leave in their wake.

I don’t care what government officials say about mental health. Let them eat Thorazine. Let them submit to the drugs and experience the outcome first-hand. Let them taste the fruits of the monopoly they’re enabling.

I don’t believe the results of published psychiatric studies. I’ve seen how often they lie and twist facts.

Psychiatry is just one more priest class. It spins its own cosmology and appoints itself to a higher echelon of knowledge. It tries to grind down independent spirits. It tries to sterilize life-force.

What GMOs and herbicides are doing to food, psychiatry is doing to minds: making them synthetic.

I wouldn’t give a so-called mental-health expert the time of day.

In a sane court of law, with the whole edifice exposed down to its rotten core, any such expert would be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Stripping away the psychiatric verbiage, you can see the old conditioned-reflex philosophy of human existence laid bare. These charlatans view people as nothing more than walking-talking biological equipment.

Which speaks to the paucity of a cogent and forceful counter-argument: we aren’t mechanisms. We’re conscious beyond any processes of the brain.

What street drugs do to people is but a shadow of the damage wrought by psychiatric medicines. They sedate and torque brains into passive submission and despair. Doctors call it treatment. This chicanery and massive destruction can only continue if people surrender standards of comparison, surrender concepts of freedom, commitment, achievement, creative power.

In other words, a decline and disintegration of personal values underlie the acceptance of psychiatry. We can tap-dance our way around this one until the cows come home and nothing will alter the fact.

Exit From the Matrix

The country is being eaten out from the inside. It has been going on for a long time. People have sacrificed their own power on the basis that “it doesn’t really matter, only minor pleasures are important, and nobody actually built what they built.”

Anaerobic psychiatry flourishes and expands in this oxygen-deprived atmosphere.

People who are educated and inquisitive ask where the subject of philosophy has gone in modern civilization. It has retreated into 300 spacious categories of mental disorders. It has died and been reborn as a fetid catalog of universal disability, posing as a humane celebration of scientific achievement and caring.

Its culture is a series of slogans fishing for more victims, always more victims, until night falls and there are no more stars.

Unless people wake up, 30 years from now they or their children will be jockeying to assert, with pride, how many mental disorders they have and how serious they are. And doctors will be tapping directly into the neural circuits of every fourth or fifth person, to make them better: i.e., more passive, more accepting.

From the dawn of time, crazy men, presenting themselves as guardians of human life, have tried to persuade us to reduce our ideas and creations down to manageable size; to slip them into well-organized structures that demean the many and elevate the few. They preach their simplistic cause and effect, their symmetry, their prison-grid of perception.

The whole effort is the promotion of a delusion.

It uses people’s pain, suffering, confusion, and doubt to lead them into a system that promises relief but brings more suffering. It very much resembles the strategies of political leaders.

Elites fear life-force wherever it may spring up. They use whatever they can to squash it. They define reality and insist that we march into it and live there like automatons.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

25 comments on “The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare

  1. maggycast says:

    Ah, the God of “science”. All a fruit of the so called “Enlightenment” which was really the “Endarkenment”…where God didn’t exist (secularism), where truth was whatever you thought up (relativism), and where the individual was king (individualism). A) God does exist…for reality is neither self explained nor self operative and something isn’t made out of nothing (first principles of physics). B) the logical conclusion of relativism is that relativism is in itself relative which unmasks it as a logical fallacy. Truth does exist outside the physical sphere…the fact that I have typed this concept (which concepts exist outside physical reality) is proof in and of itself. C) We are made for community (Natural Law). What we do affects other people. We are not billions of little gods running around thinking we can determine what is right or wrong based on our own flawed, subjective, experience. If we are gods who can do that, tell me one human being who can will another into existence from one moment to the next. Psychiatry was always doomed b/c only the creator of our souls (God) can reveal who we are and how to become who we were born to be. That “priest” class you mock actually helped build western civilization. The only answer to all of this mess is truth…which is revealed via reason, science and historical fact via Jesus Christ and His one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. No, not the crumbling “Church of Nice” you see now…but the real one…Traditional…based on the ancients and true wisdom. Find it. It’s waiting for you all to come home:+) God bless~

  2. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare
    Nov11 by Jon Rappoport

  3. Dani says:

    There is no “good” reason that the ACA does not include alternative practitioners and herbal medicine and organic food — all things that would promote true health. Instead, we have a forced system that extracts what little extra money we had for health-promoting food and herbal medicines, so that we are more likely to get the diseases the mainstream medical industry thrives off of.

    Well, as far as psychiatric diagnoses and drugs goes, it is such a heartbreaking thing that so many in this country have been brainwashed into thinking they have a disorder and do not realize that whatever is wrong, can be healed naturally, and drugs are only a path to deterioration and destruction. Yet, this is the system our government promotes! Scary and very sad. Many people are made to feel dependent on doctors and drugs because of the fear-mongering. They can’t stop listening to it. Yet, this is a created “reality” that is anything BUT real, as Jon says.

  4. “People who are educated and inquisitive ask where the subject of philosophy has gone in modern civilization. It has retreated into 300 spacious categories of mental disorders. It has died and been reborn as a fetid catalog of universal disability, posing as a humane celebration of scientific achievement and caring.”

    This is very like THE FORCE OF CHARACTER thesis, by James Hillman, who I know you know about.

    Your conclusions, I believe, are completely correct.

  5. Megan M says:

    So refreshing to read truth from someone who hasn’t drunk the Kool-Aid. Unfortunately our numbers are dwindling.

  6. Jeanne says:

    Years ago I heard Thomas Szasz lecture on “the Myth of Mental Illness”…Another wise author at that time called psychiatrists, “Friends for hire”. Your commentary, Jon, is clearly on target…

  7. tony says:

    Another incredible article. I am so grateful to have found this blog.

  8. cpmondello says:

    Though I do not agree with 99.9% of what I just read, I agree they we all have a right to an opinion. I can only say for myself and many people I know, (and no, they are not all from some psych-ward support group), without psychiatrist intervention in my life, chances are, I and others would be dead today. I can only assume they you have never had any “mental health” issues. Well I assure you, I did not make my first visit to a psychiatrist, nor do I still see one to, as you stated: “…find more ways to explain, rationalize, and excuse their own dissatisfying lives—whatever works to get off the hook.” I leave that the the religious folks, who are the true professionals when it comes to removing all personal responsibility from their lives and actions.

  9. Philosonator says:

    Materia Medica IS the modern era “Priest Class.” They have assumed Authority in our culture — in all western society — and with their “Miracle, Mystery, and Authority” (read Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky) they rule over the people’s weak spirit. The masses WANT Materia Medica to fill this role because the masses are too weak to take responsibility for their own thought and their own actions. The fact that we all have a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILiTY for our own health and well being is just too much for sheeple to handle.

  10. QuantumVerp says:

    Religion flunked Physics.
    Physics flunked Religion.

    • John Wakeman says:

      I have been saying, “I take advice on spirituality from physicists about as much as I take advice on physics from spiritual teachers.” I think you expressed this quite succinctly.

  11. joseph bell says:

    Absolutely on point man. What a disaster! Something must be done about this.

  12. Max says:

    Have We, the people lost our minds? We’re supposed to be getting smarter, In the age of information.

  13. dave says:

    Excellent article !!!!!! Just watch TV for awhile. Every other commercial is trying to sell you some DAMNED drug. Big Pharma and the F*CKING Shrinks are truly trying to turn America (and ther entire planet) into one big walking drug store. It’s about an insatiable lust for profit, AND an absolutely DIABOLCAL and thoroughly EVIL desire by the WICKED, criminal elite to squash and oppress the masses into subservient, obedient slaves, who will never have the courage to stand up and opppose their slavemasters,the global CRIMINAL elite. I remember how, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, I started reading from different sources that a big contributing factor in these incidents like Sandy Hook, was “mental illness”. The problem (according to certain “experts”) is that too many people are walking around with dangerous mental disorders. And, of course “the solution” is mental health screaning for most people. Bring on the Prazac, and Ritalin, and Zoloff, etc. Put the whole damned population on these EVIL, POISONOUS Psych drugs. Well, OBIMBO Care is apparently the Elitists plan for accomplishing this wicked goal.Obammy Care simply MUST be de-railed, somehow.

  14. Greg O. says:

    The average cud-chewers sit on the couch watching Dancing With The Stars on the tv. (This is the “sweet spot” demographic for the drug racketeers who see these blobs of protoplasm as prime fodder for their synthetic hokum.) During the commercial break, a drug commercial comes on. The cud-chewers watch and listen as a reassuring voice-over runs down the list of warnings and adverse effects. As this bizzare ritual winds down, the cud-chewers look at each other with sage bemusement and comment on the absurdity before them. They don’t use this stuff. Well, except for those occasional bouts of “clinical” depression- but they’re above all that; they’ll never be one of those poor schmucks who go off their nut because of some “adverse reaction”. THEIR doctor wouldn’t prescribe the Lexapro unless he knew what he was doing. They’re informed, thinking adults who place their well-founded trust in the “best medical system in the world”. They turn their attention back to the dancing stars as they shovel more GMO bred nachos into their mouths and wash it down with Diet Pepsi. Nothing to get outraged about here. Everything is normal.

  15. john says:

    excellent article, and so on point!

  16. Evan Voss says:

    Lets see you get shot a few times in iraq and call PTSD fake after you come back and almost choke out your wife in your sleep. Since you know, psychology is just made up science.

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