Insanity in the poisoned society

Insanity in the poisoned society

by Jon Rappoport

November 19, 2013

This article refers to GMO labeling, but also to toxic pharmaceuticals, harmful vaccines, and other chemical assaults on human health and life.

There is a myth that the free market wins out against all odds. The consumer decides. He buys what he wants, and doesn’t buy what he thinks is unhealthy. Pretty to think so, but false.

There is another factor at work.

It’s called: crime.

It’s a crime to poison people.

If you’re the CEO of a corporation which sells poison under any name, in any package, a state or federal attorney should have your ass in court, and then in jail. For a long time.

Label the poison products as “different?” That’s a stop-gap measure which comes after the failure to prosecute. It’s a solution put together with scotch tape and paper clips, and anyone who fails to realize that is sound asleep.

Ballot initiatives to demand GMO labeling of food? Okay. But without also accusing corporations of selling poison (GMOs, Roundup)? Clueless. Ridiculous.

Unless…you really had a free market. If you destroyed any and all government enforcement-support and funding and phony praise of Pharma, big biotech, and other chemical companies, if you instituted a Wild West out there, a free-for-all, where anybody could sell anything and label it anything, then you might see some interesting results.

People dropping like flies, illness spreading like pools and lakes of cyanide, citizens gunning down sellers and purveyors and CEOs.

Then consumer choice would take on a whole new meaning.

But in this world, the one we live in, have you seen a single Big Pharma CEO put in prison for 50 years after killing thousands of people with a drug he sells relentlessly? A drug which he knows causes death?

Of course not. He pays a billion-dollar fine, after already making $30 billion on the drug, and he promises to straighten up and fly right.

If he’s a vaccine maker, he’s protected, by federal law, from civil suits filed by parents of children who died or were severely damaged by a shot.

If his factory releases toxic chemicals into the ground and water, causing cancers, he fights in court for years and ends up paying a settlement to families.

This is the sickening truth. And make no mistake, it is the government that protects and supports and bows down to these vicious criminals.

The government already runs its own labeling operation on pharmaceuticals. As skewed as it is, it’s supposed to give the consumer information he can use to make a choice.

But every year in the US, by the most conservative mainstream measure, those drugs kill 106,000 people. That’s over a million deaths per decade. (See Dr. Barbara Starfield, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”, July 26, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association.)

Would you work in a campaign to force drug companies and government to provide more accurate labeling information, unless that campaign aggressively attacked the corporations and government for supporting and protecting poisoners?

And why would you even need to launch that attack in the first place?

Because the Justice Department is a criminal racket that protects sellers of poison.

They’re an active partner in a kill-and-maim operation.

Take off the sugar coating and look at the truth.

The Matrix Revealed

So when a worker for one of the GMO labeling ballot campaigns comes to me, whining and complaining and screaming, because I criticize the leaders of the movement, I know I’m talking to a person for whom the label, “political amateur,” would be a massive compliment. That person is entirely clueless.

Good intentions don’t add up to victories.

Here is what these willing and idealistic people are told by their leaders, if you scrape away the PR and get to the bottom line: “We want you to work for us so we can get a ballot measure passed. Now, we’re not going to attack the bad guys who poison people every day. We’re never going to do that. We just want to give the consumer a choice when he buys food. That’s all. We want to get along. We’re coexisting with corporate agriculture. Get used to it.”


Imagine you live in a community where killers are on the loose. You know a big company on the hill is sending these men down your way to commit their heinous crimes.

But the local government denies the existence of this operation. They say the evidence is inconclusive.

Now you get an idea. You’re going to certify all the non-killers in the neighborhood. They will wear badges labeled “safe.” Any person not wearing a badge in public should assiduously avoided.

Your community (non-government) leaders tell you, “We’re not going to criticize the company on the hill. We’re not going to build a crescendo of outrage that will push the company against the wall. We’re not going to march on the mayor’s office and demand he arrest the CEO. We’re just going to associate with the ‘safes.’ We’ll only have ‘safes’ as friends.”

What does that mean? It means you’re going to erect a bubble and live inside it and hope that the killers will stay away from what you call safe.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

25 comments on “Insanity in the poisoned society

  1. Dani says:

    100% agree. It is insane that our government colludes in protecting these thugs, these killers. Yes, they kill with a slow-acting poison, but it’s still poison. And they lie about it, and they cover it up, they deceive us into assisting with the cover up, and the government is in on it. What kind of a country are we living in?

  2. Bernie says:

    Jon these truths are starting to make me think of the “Wise Men of Chelm” an awful lot!

  3. CriticalThinker says:

    People get hypnotized by words. ‘Government’ & ‘Corporations’. They think of them as ‘things’ or all powerful ‘beings’. The words really mean certain individuals. Those individuals poison you and other individuals help them carry it out and provide cover to them – for some reward. That reward may just entail getting rid of You, so there’s more resources left for them. But who knows what they’re thinking ? Its not easy to think like a psychopath if you’re a normal human being.

  4. getouttamyparadigm says:

    Fluoridation is a prime and glaring example of the corporate class redefining key language to suit their business interests. Wordplay is one thing. But what the 21st century is putting up on the boards is spellbindingly brilliant propaganda. Business pushes Americans around like a cue does billiard balls. And I don’t mean small business. To have market manipulating abilities demonstrates monopoly or it’s precursors. Bernays, Lippmann, and Goebbels would marvel at recent accomplishments. I’m stunned by the mind controlled servitude. It’s a testament to Skinner’s acumen and foresight. But if we don’t read Skinner and the other ‘experts’ to see them in the context of social engineering instead of as “experts”, then we fall prey to the white lab coat effect. And boy have we fallen for that ‘authority thing’ a time or two…….

  5. AwakenedLaurie says:

    Jon thank you for continuing on this path…

    since the masses are now seeing the alert that we have been offered nothing but poison for food………even if, the labeling of these poisons was to happenare we not still supporting these insane criminals to continue to produce the poison….i see your point big time!!!….

    the only way to beat this insanity and this attack on our food (which has been going on for decades already)….is to go after these criminals themselves….

    i would bet most don’t know that these same insane criminals push farmers into using waste water treatment sludge on crops for fertilizer and have been for decades as well….is it any wonder we have seen ecoli and other nasty little bugs in our veggie crops the last few decades (it goes hand in hand)….

    another thing about this labeling….it would bring to the attention of the masses that MOST food in their neighborhood grocery store on the shelves is chocked full of GMO poison… would actually be overwhelming to see that “GMO” label of poison on item after item in every isle… wonder these criminals cannot let that happen the exposure would be off the charts how deep it goes….

    if the product was so good for ALL of us….would they not want to label the product….when the exact opposite is happening and these criminals spend more on NOT labeling it means even these low life morally bankrupt criminals know they are serving us POISON….

    Lots of LOVE

  6. […] / / link to original article […]

  7. The article made an interesting moral argument for why we need more than gmo labeling I haven’t heard articulated so well before. The basic reason for gmo labels are because they are harmful to people and the environment, but simply labeling them will not stop them from being produced and consumed. Labels may temporarily protect those “in the know”, but many will still ingest gmos and suffer harmful consequences. And if gmos are allowed to continue to be grown, gmos genes in pollen will inevitably spread and transfer to previously non-gmo crops.

  8. Emmanuel Truthseeker says:

    Since members of ‘the Tribe’ control the food industry I figure, to make sure I am eating something that is safe, I look for the Kosher seals of approval; a U or a K in a circle. If it is safe for ‘Them’ it is safe for me. As for all the rest of it; it makes me sick to see how much of the food on the shelves have been poisoned with Canola, Soy, and all manner of other poisons. Several times while shopping I could not help but emit a loud expletive beginning with F. I don’t use ‘that word’ very often, but sometimes, what else can one say?

    Recently I was invited to lunch with a group that has published an alternatives to modern health care newsletter which advocates free choice. When I suggested I was done with trying to inform people what the problem is, instead to focus on holding the poisoners to account and charge them with murder, the group thought that was too radical. Needless to say I was not contracted to speak to their annual general meeting. Holding killers to account is not politically correct in the sheepified world we live in where people prefer to be served up as mutton instead of joining the black sheep running the other direction.

  9. laurabruno says:

    Jon, you’re an interesting conundrum. On the one hand, you’ve said: “Imagination is the buried key that unlocks the door that exits from the Matrix.

    “This collection [Exit From The Matrix] also contains a presentation of the vital philosophy that underpins the limitless power of the individual. This is more than theory. It’s a guide to exiting from the Matrix.”

    On the other hand, you’ve got a one way out solution from GMO’s that continues to shoot down and ridicule any co-efforts at raising consciousness enough to help people’s imagination realize it can (nay, should) demand better than poison. I agree with you about the poison and about the prosecution, even about the bans and the fact that labels won’t immediately result in bans. But why can’t everything dovetail together, along with expanding consciousness (which is sometimes different than hammering people so hard that they lapse into cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome)?

    I am sincerely curious about your imagination’s healed world. How does a world in which GMO’s and governmental corruption no longer exist “feel,” “look,” “smell,” “taste” and “sound”? Is it still full of angry vitriol and division? Is it full of “Goo Goo”? Is it *boring*? How do people work together or does everyone splinter off into their own Private GMO-free-Idaho lest they get swallowed by the Goo Goo Collective? Is there room for community in this imagined, healed world? Or do we then need to find NEW things to fight over? Is it possible some of us might opt for different worlds than you want to prescribe? Would that be acceptable, or is that outside the bounds of “imagination”?

    Do you imagine a healed world and then implement like minded and like feeling action steps to bring it into being?

    Or does imagination only create infinite new worlds and possibilities in theory, but in the “real” world, we must only use reactionary Matrix tactics like arresting politicians, protesting in the streets and attacking people who imagine different solutions to Matrix-related problems? Because … at least in MY imagination … there seem to be a lot more possibilities than just a one-size fits all solution. I would even say there’s a necessity for more than a one-size fits all solution to GMO’s and governmental corruption … or is the limitless power of the every single individual really just filtered through the exact same consciousness, values, learning styles and choice points, which just happen to be those of Jon Rappoport’s limitless imagination?

    Has anyone not 100% on board with the implementation of Jon Rappoport’s imaginary solution already been assimilated by the New Age Borg? Is all that limitless power of the imagination talk just fluff, or are there actually multiple ways to poke holes in GMO’s and blast out of the Matrix … into …. what, exactly? I know what kind of world I’d love to create. Do you? If so, would you care to share any of those details?

  10. CriticalThinker says:

    I can’t and won’t try to speak for Jon, but what does ‘raise consciousness’ mean ? (We need to be careful of vague terminology, in my opinion.)

    I know a few family, friends, and other people who quit smoking. I’ve asked them about this and none said they quit because of the warning label on cigarette packages. They had known that smoking was bad for them, even those who started as teens. The people I spoke to said they found it very difficult to quit. It wasn’t until their emotions were engaged that they took action.

    This is about creating & using the most effective message. I don’t think “You Have a Right to Know” is that message.,Most people don’t know & aren’t told why this label is important. Their emotions aren’t engaged. That approach has not worked in two states.
    In ad campaigns it is better to stick to a single message that is emphasized and repeated. Mixed messages can confuse the audience. In an ad spot you have little time to get through to people, to get their attention and hold it. Its even better if you can spend time face-to-face and talk with people, especially over complex issues.

    Jon interviewed a high level professional, – expert on public relations and propaganda. (These interviews are in the first Matrix collection). This man worked for the elites who run this world. I highly doubt that man would have used the label strategy employed in CA and WA state.

    Thank you for your comments. We all want the same thing, but differ in what we feel is the best way to achieve that.

    • CriticalThinker says:

      P.S. – – – having a different opinion than someone else and presenting supporting evidence and logical arguments for this viewpoint isn’t ‘attacking people’. This type of (often passionate) exchange is one of the foundations of Western society going back to at least the ancient Greeks.

  11. Hawaii is leading the way - GMO Bans and restrictions are just starting says:

    Thank you Jon for No Compromise. Hawaii Big Island just passed Bill 113 – The Hawaii County Council – passed a bill on Tuesday that restricts biotech companies from taking up root on the Big Island and prohibits the new expansion of genetically altered crops. It is a a start and The bans are just beginning.

    Kauai People fought HARD for restriction of pesticidesr recently,
    but they will further the reclamation of their island.

    The People worked hard and it’s just the beginning. Good and Blessed Karma for those who stayed and continue to stay true to the Path and NO COMPROMISING. That is the key.

    Hawaiian Kanaka!

  12. laurabruno says:

    @CriticalThinker, I agree with you that ” having a different opinion than someone else and presenting supporting evidence and logical arguments for this viewpoint isn’t ‘attacking people’.” I was referring to numerous earlier posts that have resorted to name calling, outright mockery, misquoting and unsupported (though suspected) allegations, which I WOULD put into the category of attacking people.

    RE: “raising consciousness,” I am referring to everything from discussions about what is in GMO labeled food; to teaching people how to prepare fresh, mostly raw organic food and encouraging them to see how their brain works differently; to yes, some of these commercials and strategies Jon suggests; to offering various models of how a positive, healthy world could look for people who are so far from that mindset or awareness that they can’t (yet) even imagine what that would look like.

    Before you call that last one vague, I will share that we are actively doing this at the local level where I live, and I know that other towns and cities have pockets of people doing the same. The message in this case isn’t “Your food is poison,” because some of the people we’re working with don’t even HAVE food. At the local level, we have organic farms dedicated to feeding the poor high quality food, teaching them how to make that food and helping them to get back on their feet enough so that they have time and energy even to CARE about something like GMO’s. The unpleasant fact in the US is that an embarrassingly large portion of the population is food insecure, living on ramen noodles (no exaggeration) and/or dependent on SNAP and food banks. Processed, crap, GMO food is usually the cheapest, unless local farmers find ways to shift that dynamic — and we are here. They are in Milwaukee. They are in Oakland … and Detroit … and many other places.

    This is a very large portion of the population who is being courted by certain political parties (no, I don’t believe in that whole system, but the system itself has turned this part of the population into a very large pawn). I am not disagreeing with Jon’s points, just wondering why someone who champions imagination as the key to everything shares so few positive imaginings and seems so intent on lampooning other routes and strategies attempting to achieve similar goals. I agree “Right to Know” has not been a winning campaign. Not including at least some of the why was, imho, a mistake. Where I disagree is that ALL labeling campaigns, including CA and WA, are therefore worthless. I also disagree that there is only one way to raise awareness that leads to a ban, i.e. blasting the airwaves with how toxic everything is.

    I don’t claim to know Jon’s sources and contacts or what social circles he runs in. I just know that I have lived in 42 different places across the US — some extremely ritzy, some poor, some mountain areas, some coastal, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Northern and Central California Coasts, Chicago, Madison, smaller Midwest towns, North Carolina, the Northeast Corridor, including the Philadelphia area and much time in NYC, and more. Too many to list. A one size fits all approach is unlikely to fit such a diverse area or the concerns of such a wide variety of people. In California, everyone I knew (except my now ex-husband) ate organic and mostly raw food. In Northern Indiana, we have a huge grassroots organic gardening, farming and community garden culture, but we’re surrounded by GMO corn syrup growers on the one hand and Amish people without TVs or a desire to vote, on the other. I have seen first hand that what works to raise awareness in Northern California is not the same as in Sedona is not the same as in Goshen, Indiana or Chicago, Illinois. They are each radically different places filled with individuals but also with their own local and state values that may or may not be shifted most effectively by a political campaign.

    Ignoring the enormous contingency of people in this country (who do vote because they want to keep their SNAP cards) who are too frazzled working three jobs and traveling among different food banks is a mistake, imho. That COULD be a very vocal contingency, since they already ARE vocal about a number of other things. In order to get these people to care about GMOs, education is required, but they are just going to tune out the above message. How do I know this? Because I know some of these people, and I know a lot of people who work in food banks, community services and social work. Together, we are working on a very local and county level to increase access to and demand for fresh, organic foods. Most of us would love a ban on GMOs, but there are layers and layers of education and action needed in our communities. Before someone is going to care if their pop tarts are going to give them cancer in seven years, they need to know they can put food on the table tomorrow night. This is a reality in much of the US — a much larger contingency than most people want to imagine. The research is there, though. There are many roads to the same goal … sometimes it just helps to know the people who COULD be traveling such roads.

    • Anna says:

      Laurabruno, you make good points about the importance of continuing grassroots efforts to educate the public about GMOs. However, I don’t think you grasp the seriousness of the larger battle at hand. For instance, the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty will have the power to downgrade our food standards and further muzzle free speech on the internet (see Stephen Lendman’s overview and warnings about the TPP). Meanwhile, as you acknowledge, the US population has less and less food independence with some 50 million on food stamps and millions more dependent on food banks. TPP will continue the race to the wage bottom and permit more offshoring of jobs. The noose of TECHNOCRACY (the word the central planners use themselves) is tightening and the collapse of health care (problem, reaction, solution) is carefully being timed to accelerate technocracy’s full implementation to include a recent proposal by Larry Summers to tax savings accounts via negative interest rates and eliminate cash in favor of a digital currency (please consider watching Patrick Woods recent youtube video on Technocracy and Trilateralists). GMOs represent just one of many facets of technocracy.

      I closely followed the California initiative and was crestfallen when the initiative’s leaders sidestepped the opportunity for a powerful teaching moment on GMOs that could have had far reaching effects in bringing many activist groups together to protect our health, our environment, and our basic rights. We can and should do BOTH: grassroots education AND begin a frank dialogue about GMOs and how they fit into the bigger picture.

  13. Anna says:

    My thoughts keep going back to the realization that Stonyfield’s CEO Hirshberg is actively working not only the faux left vs. right political paradigm and at one point supported Vilsack’s possible bid for POTUS, but even more glaringly, Hirshberg’s involvement with sellouts tied to the Gates, Rockefeller, and Ford foundations. The objective of this mob is not simply profit, it is absolute control over EVERYTHING you think and do, 24/7 monitoring and control a.k.a. “technocracy” (a word now openly used by the MSM). The end justifies the means. You don’t “compromise” with a group like this and they are rapidly accelerating towards their dystopian denouement.

    A slow insidious death by poison may not have the drama of a plane crash, in this case it is much worse because so many more people are harmed – not only physically, they are harmed spiritually as the very embodiment of what it means to be a human free to choose our own destiny is surrendered to the will of the plutocracy.

    With the middle class rapidly losing ground and the police state going into hyperdrive, we don’t have any time to lose. It’s time to take off the political correctness gloves and tell it like it is! GMOs pose a serious long term danger to our health and they were developed to control humanity with a fascist monopoly on all aspects of food production to include the most basic unit of nature – the seed. Yes, we have the right to know that too.

    Thank you very much John Rappoport for being a bold voice of reason.

  14. michael burns says:

    I like what you are saying, and organic and raw it real food, good for you.
    But something slowly happened to North America over the last three decades. People were lulled into a trust of a food industry. A trust in that they were inventing, cheaper and better foods supposedly. More improved foods from the laboratories, which study nutrition, and know what food is…so… “Were making it better”…the bastards lied, and have be lying ever since.
    It is now cheaper to go to fast food take-out shacks eg: Macdonald’, Kentucky fried chicken (if you want to can call it that), Taco bell, Wendy’s, the list on goes on. And most of the ignorant do this rather than actually cook something wholesome, for themselves, or even to try eat organic or raw; which from what I have noticed organic is getting quite expensive. Unless you can grow a garden. Real food cost real money
    I live in very small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, the local grocery store, was going through some changes, and harder times competing with the large city super stores. This town grocery is a Big Way Brand and a Home Hardware. So they renovated a little bit to bring back customers, they installed a huge massive wall of new freezers, and in those freezers. Junk food, processed foods, frozen desserts, frozen crap…GMO’ed, fructosed, and deadly.
    We have a huge aboriginal population here, as we are surrounded by three Reserves, mainly Cree, and mixed Cree and Dene’.
    The highest diabetes rates in Saskatchewan exist in the aboriginal populations. It was not long ago that their diet was fairly natural, buffalo meat, fresh fish from the lakes, local wild berries local herbs and wild grains and wild rice.
    Now there diet is Sugar, Fructose, starch, and fast carbs, its killing them in droves, obesity, and diabetes is an epidemic.
    When I asked why so much junk food was brought in the store, and not enough fresh vegetables and raw food I get the same answer, it’s about making money not teaching people how to eat, we don’t have that right to teach people how to eat, I am told.
    Now…if you look at junk, cheap food you will notice something; they are all laboratory foods, regardless if there is a GMO involved in the making of it. The ingredients are words with 16 vowels and twenty seven consonants. Usually starting with Poly’s, Dexo’s, deci’s, oxy’s its endless theses terms. Most people don’t understand these words, half of them are impossible to pronounce.
    It seems pointless to placing a GMO label on these foods.
    If you look at processed food, frozen pizzas, frozen dinner, fish sticks, breaded chicken, potatoes chips, and most highly processed foods, a main ingredient is wheat. And why is there? Wheat in practically in everything; it is actual a protein/enzyme of wheat called Gliadin. And what is Gliadin?
    Gliadin /gli•a•din/ (-din) 1: a protein present in wheat; it contains the toxic factor associated with celiac disease.
    2: Any of a class of simple proteins separable from wheat and rye glutens.
    3: n A protein substance that is obtained from wheat and rye. Its solubility in diluted alcohol distinguishes gliadin from glutenin.
    4: A class of protein, separable from wheat and rye glutens, which contains up to 40% l-glutamine; a member of the prolamins, which are insoluble in water, absolute alcohol, and neutral solvents, but soluble in 50-90% alcohol.
    ….It reacts on the brain like a narcotic, it crosses the blood/brain barrier quickly, and foods with Gliadin in them cause those who eat them, to eat approximately 25% more than normal, because of it is an appetite stimulant. And it is addictive…so food is becoming an addiction.
    “At the National Institute of Health, Dr. Christine Zioudrou and her colleagues looked at the proteins found in wheat, specifically gluten. (2)
    They found that the wheat protein gluten contains polypeptides, or protein fragments, that are able to bind to morphine receptors in the brain. These are the same receptors that the polypeptides in opiate drugs bind to. Zioudrou called these polypeptides that fit into morphine receptor sites exorphins.
    Exorphins mimic the natural opiates that the body makes. These natural opiates, otherwise known as endorphins, are responsible for things like a “runner’s high,” and they activate pleasure and reward centers in the brain. The degree of pleasure and reward depends on how often these receptors sites are full.
    This is the fundamental principle of addiction: No matter how harmful a food or substance may be to the body, the sensation of pleasure keeps us coming back for more. And every time we reach for more, it alters the brain’s chemistry.”

    Coca cola/Pepsi/ and most other soft drinks have added caffeine to their mix…why? It makes soda pop addictive. Because caffeine is an addiction.
    The new lines of foods and energy drinks are GMO’ed, fructosed, and caffeined for addictive.
    Why add another label to the ingredients, we can’t understand the ones already there.
    And a GMO label won’t stop people consuming these foods; addiction is what the problem is here. And that is not only a GMO problem.

    • laurabruno says:

      You are correct in these statistics and I agree with you about the deplorable state of nutrition in food deserts. A Place at the Table is a good film to watch if you’re not aware of what i mean by “food deserts.” The benefit of the labeling campaigns has been that we and others are actually having discussions that ARE raising awareness and paving the way for a ban. I am not opposed to any and all actions that result in a takedown of GMO’s.

      Why is it so difficult for people to grasp that multiple, different strategies can be effective? If we have one campaign with a single message everywhere, that’s actually streamlining what Monsanto needs to deal with. If we have people discovering organic foods, feeling better, building independence and food sovereignty in their own communities, talks about bans in areas where there’s a bubbling up support for that, continued different campaigns for bans of pesticides, bans of GMO’s, labeling of GMO’s, benefits of fresh, real food … If those campaigns are specific to our own areas and populations, the message gets out there and will reach a tipping point because the GMO companies simply cannot fight all those different battles with different strategies at once. They will be overwhelmed trying. No matter how much money they have they cannot fight all the different, specific local, state and a national level campaign. That’s why guerrilla warfare wins in the end. If we streamline everything into one single strategy we will miss pockets of people who might resonate more with a different message more tailored to their interests and needs. We will also handicap ourselves so that we are playing a one message game with less money and power than those who will continue to lie, cheat, intimidate and steal.

      You all can do whatever you like as a national or international campaign. Fantastic. All I’m saying is that you would be wiser to funnel your energies into actual action rather than denouncing any other approaches that ARE having effects and that ARE needed if you don’t want 50 million SNAP recipients to get whipped into a political frenzy that “elitist whackos” are trying to raise food prices. Because in this particular climate, that is very easy to do. If you don’t recognize how hungry and uneducated and desperate a huge swath of the population is, then you are missing out on the reality of the US right now.

      That’s not a judgment. It’s a very unfortunate and sorrowful fact. If people don’t know how they can feed their kids tomorrow (already) and someone tells them that some “weirdos”want to take away cheap (GMO processed) food without having affordable alternatives already in place, then they are going to be in the streets demanding tomorrow’s toxic food. Jon will get his protests, but it would be ever so easy to have the protestors be actually demanding GMOs and the status quo, regardless of long term consequences. Because when people are hungry and not given viable alternatives on their plate and a means of affording them, they don’t care what you say. They have hungry kids to feed and they are not thinking about anything more than that.

  15. CriticalThinker says:

    Some interesting comments from everyone. I think Laura’s work to inform people at a grass roots level is a great way to go. One can talk with people in a way which takes into account what will best reach them individually. – That said, I believe the issue that is being addressed is GMO not food in general. GMO must be addressed now because it is genetic pollution. Its impact on agriculture and ourselves could be irreversible. We are part of a mass experiment without our consent. – – We need to communicate to people the dangers we’re potentially facing. We can combine a one-on-one individual approach with a broadcast ad campaign. Ad campaigns need to convey a strong single message to reach an audience. That’s especially so when dealing with issues that people don’t want to think may be true – – – such as that the food they eat and give to their families is hurting them. Even big production farmers might stop to listen, if they thought their wives and daughters breast cancers were linked to the GMO foods they are growing.

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