Technocracy is failed mind control

Technocracy is failed mind control

by Jon Rappoport

December 3, 2013

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, want it or not, we are engaged in a struggle, and that struggle concerns the human spirit—understanding it, experiencing it, defending it against attacks.

The spirit isn’t some vague ghost or apparition. It’s front and center, even in this blind world. It animates action. It has great power. It defies reduction.

The spirit proliferates thought and vision. It doesn’t settle for simplistic harmonies that short-circuit its inventions. It isn’t a happy-happy rainbow. It isn’t a child’s fairy tale.

In articles about my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I’ve stressed, over and over, that human thought originates in a non-material sphere. A sphere outside conventional energy and space and time.

That means the brain isn’t thinking. It’s performing calculations directed by ideas that are far more than chemical/biological reflexes.

Technocracy and its utopian fantasies provide a perfect negative example.

Addled researchers look forward to the day when your brain, connected to a massive computer that is “a super brain,” will have instant access to so much information it will ascend to a new level of knowledge and power…and then Greater Reality will emerge.

But on what assumptions is this fantasy based?

First, you can “download” information from the super brain. You can perceive it all and somehow incorporate it. Translation: the super brain will impose itself on you. This is called mind control, plain and simple.

You’ll be able to “think with the super brain,” which directs your thought patterns and your conclusions. Again, mind control.

The super brain is like a very, very wise parent who gives you “best information and best conclusions.” You will obey, because the parent is right, correct, and is looking out for your best interests.

As if that isn’t enough, you’ll also be able “gain new insights,” because your brain and the super brain (computer) are in sync. But none of this really involves active thought, because what the two brains are doing is automatic.

So insights, whatever they may consist of, are programmed into you. If that sounds like freedom, Pavlov was Thomas Paine.

Brain activity on any level, whether biological or chemical or machine, isn’t about freedom. It’s about carrying out directives that originate in free choice.

Actual thought is based in freedom. You think, which is to say, you make inquiries and decisions and conclusions outside the automatic venue of chemical and biological activity. You do that.

You aren’t your brain.

If you were your brain, freedom wouldn’t exist and we could all pack it up and go home and forget about life and the future.

Therefore, no super brain computer is going to supply you with freedom. It’s going to enforce automatic reflexes based on somebody’s algorithms.

How did we get into this mess? The answer is simple. We forgot about what freedom is. For decades, we’ve taken it for granted. We’ve overlooked the study of freedom and its implications.

If you develop a vision about the future you want, that’s thought taking place in a sphere outside the automatic chemical/ biological reflexes and processes of the brain. That’s you thinking, freely.

Technocracy is all about “best answer.” It’s a fairy tale in which all humans go along with a master plan.

And as for the nuts and bolts…do you really believe that if you have access to a program that teaches a foreign language, you’ll instantly be able to speak in that language?

If the super brain gives you a one-second blast of information about automotive repair, do you really think you’ll be able to open the hood of your car and fix it?

Do you really believe you’ll be able to plug into a reservoir of data about playing the piano and immediately sit down and roll out Chopin and Beethoven?

Take chess. We’ve already seen that big computers can defeat human chess champions. Does that mean you can plug into the computer’s programs and become Bobby Fisher? Having access and actually doing something with that access are two very different things.

Doing something means you are making choices and decisions, freely. It doesn’t mean you’re submitting to a mechanical pattern.

The Matrix Revealed

Technocracy is the latest piece of insanity derived from the notion that you can have everything you want handed to you on a silver platter. I have news. At bottom, people don’t want that silver platter. They want the fruits of their own efforts. They want the joy that comes from those efforts and freely made choices.

Technocracy is the latest effort to explain “the genius mystery.” It offers the lunatic notion that genius is a mere program that can be loaded into a brain.

That’s called a metaphor, but it’s being taken seriously as a literal explanation.

Talent, achievement, and creative imagination are far more interesting and marvelous than programs. They originate in non-material spaces where the individual invents thought and energy.

The Matrix is the sum total of efforts to deny and bury that fact.

This is why I do the work I do.

Back in the late 1980s, when I met a brilliant hypnotherapist named Jack True, I changed my focus. Jack told me a simple thing: “I stopped doing hypnosis because I realized new patients who were walking into my office were already hypnotized.”

He didn’t mean they were in a zombie-like trance. He meant that their ceaseless activity covered a core place in their consciousness that was asleep.

In this core, people are submitting to a program about how to perceive reality. This complex program is devised to hide their basic non-material power to change reality, to invent new reality on a radical scale.

Because that is how the projection of mass reality is achieved: by spreading amnesia about the capacity of every individual human to create without limit.

Technocracy is a mirror of that amnesia.

Technocracy is a surrender to that amnesia. It’s a blockbuster movie loaded with special effects that hide its paucity of real ideas. It’s lack of free thought parading as advanced thinking. It’s simplistic plot operating like junk food—pleasant impact followed by vacuum and blank stare.

Before you can figure out all the lies, we’ll have you trapped in a new system.”

That’s the challenge hurled at us. How we respond will decide the future of life on planet Earth.

Our response depends on our understanding and conviction about what we are. Free and intensely creative beings, or sub-machines connected to the Big Machine.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

21 comments on “Technocracy is failed mind control

  1. Bernie says:

    The interviews in Matrix with Jack True are some of the most thrilling lines of conversation that I have ever read. A must read if I have ever seen one.

  2. Anna says:

    Great perspective. The global elite decided long ago that everything in life can be reduced to an equation, not only consciousness, other examples of this reductionist vision include the miracle of nature itself which is manifesting in their hubris-riddled zealotry to create GMOs, and how their sickcare model “treats” medical disorders with an endless array of procedures and pills.

    On a side note, shouldn’t the terminology used to describe TPTB’s goal of interfacing human brains and software be transhumanism rather than technocracy? Technocracy is a government run exclusively by “experts”, the scientific dictatorship proposed many years ago and briefly embraced by hundreds of thousands card carrying American technocrats in the early 1930s. Technocracy with a capital “T” is now Brzezinski’s baby. His startling quotes about the new technotronic era he and other Trilateralists have been actively constructing never entered the public consciousness. Every aspect of control we are grappling with today, the Affordable Care Act, NSA surveillance, carbon taxes and the green agenda, smart grid technology, efforts to implement a global digital currency requiring biometric identifiers to track your purchases, Agenda 21, gun confiscation, central banking, regional and world government, transhumanism, eugenics, rationing, etc., all fall under the umbrella of the Technocracy agenda – the totalitarian “new international economic order” based on energy “credits”. Even the mainstream media has been referring to globalist appointed foreign heads of state (e.g. Greece, Italy) as technocrats. No surprise these technocrats also happen to be Trilateralists. I highly recommend two informative youtube videos on Technocracy by Patrick Wood, an expert who coauthored seminal books on the Trilateralists with the late Stanford economist Antony Sutton.

    We need a broader awakening to the dehumanizing trajectory we are on. It’s suffocating.

  3. Hypertiger says:

    The 100% in the master system are slaves.

    All the slaves supply power to the Master system which the Master system uses to create the servant all slave for.


    • Anna says:

      Sadly, money is the most powerful organizing principle in our society because most people have lost a sense of the eternal values we must live by to live free and dignified lives. This self-defeating behavior could be said to be due to the dumbing down, mind control, and exploitation of hard-wired greed. There are also elements of apathy and self-entitled narcissism.

      Central banking may be the main tool used to control us but no economic system, however egalitarian and fair rationed based it may be said to be, can protect us from ourselves when our minds are weak, distorted, and controlled. There are no economic panaceas. We do know from experience that centralized control is never responsive to our inherent need to live as free souls and never fully transparent and thus centralized systems of control are always prone to corruption and abuse.

      Like most things in life, a liquid form of exchange in an economy (“money”), can be a double-edged sword. Apathy and ignorance is the problem. Jefferson was right, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

  4. Tracy Sunn Stott says:

    This brilliant article and follow-up comments are most appreciated!
    I fear that onset of the cybernetic dystopia is already upon us, and that by the time the masses awaken to the day-mare, not only will it be too late, but they will have been propaganda-prompted to do so. And the resultant trauma-based responses will be utilized to further the machinations.
    Fortunately & obviously, the transformation is not complete — though it’s being carried out as if it’s a ‘done deal’ and just a matter of time. Still, something has disturbed The Powers That Be and caused them concern, otherwise they wouldn’t have rolled into ‘desperado mode’ with 9/11 and the War on Terror (sic). Then again, there, too, we saw how the trauma-response was deftly utilized. In fact, the world is still reeling from the deviltry the hegemonic hellraisers unleashed on that fateful day. What to do …
    Inspired creativity, self-exploration & play (along with ‘unplugging’ and reconnecting with nature) are of immeasurable benefit in affirming the self/spirit and combating the Grand Archon(s) who is coming down the pike. This draconian system-lord is a formidable task master who cannot take “No” for an answer. I suspect that even light, itself, may bend to its will. Indeed, this situation is _most_ serious. We are challenged by a force that may be greater than our ability to comprehend. Nevertheless, the ‘game’ is not over.
    As Jon Rappoport has often alluded: not only are we inherently greater than our thoughts and our ‘conscious minds’ — we are much, much greater than we think we are.
    We must meditate, ‘find our center’, stay healthy, keep our head, be of good courage, and fear not — to the best of our ability. Doing so will assist with connecting with and realizing greater aspects of ourselves, in addition to nurturing the divine flame of infinite power & potential that is alight within us all.
    Also, it would behoove us to exercise sagacious compassion and remember that we are one humanity — despite appearances resulting from the various flavors of Kool-Aid we’ve been tricked to imbibe.

    Peace, Power, & Perspicacity!

  5. knagjak says:

    Like always the articles are very informative and insightful. Too be aware of all these very important is a growing process.

  6. Pam says:

    I woke up this morning thinking about the phrase “now and then”. I think we only have “now”, so what is “then”. Then it happened. Then it’s going to happen. .

    I also read something somewhere, the brain does not store memory. So if memory is not stored, “then” where does it come from and how is it triggered.

    My sister died awhile back and I spoke at her wake. I questioned whether we had free will or, if our lives are pre-programed. “Then” I read, “The Road Less Traveled”

    I chose to believe we have free will.

  7. Uh huh says:

    How about a Christmas sale for your book?

  8. OzzieThinker says:

    Ironically this post has come too early for my partially written “God is Corrupt and [He] Knows It” post. Check the blog later.

    You are only the right wavelength, Jon, but are entirely wrong. In fact, the issue is as it has always been the war between those who unerringly follow the plan, which are (here) coordinated by the Zeta Elders, and those who are progressive and allowed expressive consciousness via the Luciferian experiment. That is why the Ashtar Command is split in two with some of the “Nordics” favouring the Drakkon and others the Zetas.

    The only reason we have consciousness at all is experiments with rocks and wood produced beings that did nothing. THEY HAD NO SPIRIT.

    As for piano music, at concert level, currently there is a war between the technicians and musicians which makes your analogy so poignant in light of your arguments. The modern performers have FORGOTTEN how to play MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great post, as usual. Thanks.

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  11. roberta4949 says:

    what you just described is called the darkness(or false light) kind of like the ancient times when there were no lighthouses and the captain to find the shore had to rely on people with lanterns guiding them into safe harbor, one trick pirates like to use was a lantern to run them aground so they can plunder their cargo and enslave or murder them. hence the false light in the darkness. imagine being on the ocean and near shore you know it because you hear the crashing waves but it is pitch black, how wonderful to find tha trustworthy light. so the people in the world are following false lights in a world of very dark darkness. that is why they are meandering left right and not being able to solve problems avoid them and know where they are truly going, getting free from political and economic and reliigous slavery, but these lights promising them freedom is actually pirates leading htem astray so as to plunder and enslave them. it was found that using force and the gun to enslave people worked only for short periods in human history the best enslavement is to control our mind and heart to where you voluntarily stay on the plantation working for htem.

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