Murder at the FDA

Murder at the FDA

by Jon Rappoport

January 31, 2014

File this one under: “studiously ignored by major media.”

I posted this story in August of 2012. It was based on a Truthout interview of a man who did drug reviews for the FDA. He examined applications to approve new medical drugs for public consumption.

Pharmaceutical companies must have their new drugs certified as safe and effective before they can enter the market, before doctors can prescribe them. The FDA does this certification. Thumbs up or thumbs down. The drug is okay or it isn’t.

Here’s the story:

In a stunning interview with Truthout’s Martha Rosenberg, former FDA drug reviewer, Ronald Kavanagh, exposes the FDA as a relentless criminal mafia protecting its client, Big Pharma, with a host of mob strategies.

Kavanagh: “…widespread racketeering, including witness tampering and witness retaliation.”

I was threatened with prison.”

One [FDA] manager threatened my children…I was afraid that I could be killed for talking to Congress and criminal investigators.”

Kavanagh reviewed new drug applications made to the FDA by pharmaceutical companies. He was one of the holdouts at the Agency who insisted that the drugs had to be safe and effective before being released to the public.

But honest appraisal wasn’t part of the FDA culture, and Kavanagh swam against the tide, until he realized his life and the life of his children was on the line.

What was his secret task at the FDA? “Drug reviewers were clearly told not to question drug companies and that our job was to approve drugs.” In other words, rubber stamp them. Say the drugs were safe and effective when they were not.

Kavanagh’s revelations are astonishing. He recalls a meeting where a drug-company representative flat-out stated that his company had paid the FDA for a new-drug approval. Paid for it. As in bribe.

He remarks that the drug pyridostigmine, given to US troops to prevent the later effects of nerve gas, “actually increased the lethality” of certain nerve agents.

Kavanagh recalls being given records of safety data on a drug—and then his bosses told him which sections not to read. Obviously, they knew the drug was dangerous and they knew exactly where, in the reports, that fact would be revealed.

The Matrix Revealed

We are not dealing with isolated incidents of cheating and lying. We are not dealing with a few isolated bought-off FDA employees. The situation at the FDA isn’t correctable with a few firings. This is an ongoing criminal enterprise, and any government official, serving in any capacity, who has become aware of it and has not taken action, is an accessory to mass poisoning of the population.

Twelve years ago, the cat was let out of the bag. Dr. Barbara Starfield, writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, on July 26, 2000, in a review titled, “Is US health really the best in the world,” exposed the fact that FDA-approved medical drugs kill 106,000 Americans per year.

In interviewing her, I discovered that she had never been approached by any federal agency to help remedy this tragedy. Nor had the federal government taken any steps on its own to stop the dying.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

11 comments on “Murder at the FDA

  1. Barbara says:

    For many decades, the FDA has been systematically banning herbs one-by-one. They come up with bogus reasons to ban herbs that actually heal conditions, not mask symptoms. For example, comfrey, that heals wounds and burns. I personally experienced its benefits when I tore my thumb that went into shock immediately and the muscle protruded outside the wound. I knew it would stay that way. I had some teabags of comfrey. I heated one and slapped it onto my thumb. The muscle IMMEDIATELY shrunk down as the wound IMMEDIATELY zipped up. I tested it. As soon as I took it off, the muscle came out of the wound. Put it back on and it came out of shock and the wound closed IMMEDIATELY in front of my eyes. I left it on and in minutes the wound healed. Comfrey has also healed burns IMMEDIATELY, taken away the burning and scaring. One would think plastic surgery could benefit from such an herb. Another herb the FDA banned is coltsfoot that OVERNIGHT and with only one cup, dried out my lungs so that I never again got bronchitis. I’d had 4 acute bouts in one year that antibiotics didn’t cure. An herbalist told me that as long as mucus remains in the lungs, so do the bacteria for bronchitis, and it would return. It did until I drank one cup of coltsfoot that the FDA has just banned, so we can take big pharma’s medicines.

  2. Barbara says:

    PS: I forgot to note that ibuprophen destroys the kidneys and causes intestines to bleed. Acetaminophen destroys the liver. The FDA has never banned them. But, the ban herbs that actually heal.

  3. Messenger At The Crossroads says:

    I’d also like to know how reliable the USDA is in “certifying” “organic” foods. Must be in the same ballpark as the FDA.

    • mikecorbeil says:

      See the following short article.

      “Why Eden Foods chooses not to use the USDA seal”,
      19 June 2006

      What it says about the USDA is considerably similar to the corruption at the FDA that Jon Rappoport’s article describes, albeit without any mention of death threats.

      People can and should trust the USDA to not be trustworthy.

      Ever since reading this Eden Foods piece a couple of years ago, and living in Canada, I don’t trust labels saying certified organic unless the logo or seal of an apparently trustworthy certifier, or whatever they’re call, appears on the packaging. If there’s only USDA, then I don’t buy the product.

      Food products from the US and that’re certified organic according to what packaging says either always or usually (not sure which) have the USDA seal, but Canada and the province of Quebec have verification organizations.

      Ecocert, international,

      Ecocert, Canada

      The latter has pages or sections for the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, …, plus the Cdn territory of Yukon. NWT and Nunavut territories seem to be excluded, but there must surely be something for these.

      Quebec also has an organization specifically for this province’s producers, including for textiles, rather than only food.

      If you don’t read French, then click English towards the right-hand side of the home page and beneath the banner across the top.

      The following page provides links for organic certification bodies in Canada, the US, Europe and international. Neither the page for Canada nor the one for the US lists USDA. The one for Canada lists a number of bodies in the US, but not USDA.

      “Certification Bodies Providing Organic Certification Services Under the Canada Organic Regime”,

      So, it seems that governments don’t consider the USDA as a certifying body for organic foods. Or maybe it’s different in the US.

      The link was obtained from the “certifying body” link under “Organic Labelling” in the following Canadian Organic Growers page.

      Another resource is the Organic Consumers Association (OCA).

      It’s “an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation’s estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers” (cited from the About page).

      In the main USDA Watch page of OCA are some articles and the second one today is entitled, “Who’s in the Obama Administration?”.

      People listed and described are:

      Tom Vilsack, USDA Secretary, who previously was “a leading advocate for Monsanto, genetic engineering, and factory farming” (rotten!)

      Michael Taylor, Senior Adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on Food Safety, and a “former Monsanto lobbyist” (rotten!)

      Roger Beachy, Director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and “long-time president of the Danforth Plant Science Center (Monsanto’s nonprofit arm), became the chief of the USDA’s newly created National Institute of Food and Agriculture (a nomination that doesn’t require congressional approval)” (rotten!)

      Rajiv Shah, USAID Director (rotten!)

      Rajiv Shah, a medical doctor in his 30s with a business degree and no previous government experience, was the agricultural programs director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is on the board of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the Danforth Plant Science Center, is one of Monsanto’s key non-profit partners, …

      End quote

      Another rotten individual mentioned in the USDA Watch article is:

      Islam Siddiqui, Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (rotten!)

      He’s “currently the US Trade Representative’s Chief Agriculture Negotiator”, after having been “Vice President of CropLife America, the notorious lobbying group that represents pesticide and genetic engineering companies, including the six multinational corporations that control 75% of the global agrichemical market: Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, Dow and DuPont”.

      Monsanto, Monsanto, Monsanto, Monsanto and Monsanto again! 5 x Monsanto! How else is the Obama Administration going to vote or act? “Monsanto all the way!” is all we can and should expect from this lot of cons.

      Evidently, the “3 strikes and you’re out law” doesn’t get applied when it’s government and Big Corp. that’s striking out.

      I get a “little” annoyed by Washington, in part because of being born and raised in the US, in addition to having enlisted in the USN in 1975, but also because of being wholly against corruption of food supplies and unacceptable, destructive exploitation, as well as poisoning, of the natural environment, the Earth’s resources. To put it another way, it’s because of being against being overruled by psychopaths and liars, charlatans, …. It’s downright annoying and frustrating. While we apparently “have to live with it”, we certainly don’t have to accept or support it; no, definitely not.

      I wonder what the situation is in Canada, due to not keeping up with Canadian news, except very little. There’s an article I came across over the past two or three months about some rotten crap happening at Health Canada, which is a federal government department “with responsibility for national public health” (Wikipedia) , but I don’t recall what this news piece was exactly about; only recalling that it definitely struck me as rotten conduct.

      Actually, I think to now recall that it was about the flu vaccination. HC was sort of like imposing this on all Canadians, or maybe it’s only all medical professionals, so nurses and probably all other hospital employees.

      I forget if it’s in the US or in Canada, but there was some report about government forcing nurses, or nurses and doctors, f.e., to receive the vaccination. The government threatened these professionals by saying that if they refused the vaccination, then they’d be fired. Apparently many were wholly refusing.

      Their refusals should be a sufficiently clear signal to the rest of us to be wary of these vaccines. Why would they have been refusing if they believed that it was safe to receive the vaccination?

      Another article that might be older but which i came across and read over the past few months explains one of the problems with or about the vaccine and it’s that all vaccines contain mercury, which knocks out our immune system. The IS then requires a month or two, some considerable period of time anyway, to re-build itself, say, and until it does, a person who’s received the flu or anti-flu vaccine becomes much more susceptible to contracting the flu than if the person hadn’t received the vaccine. Iow, and due to the mercury, the vaccine is like totally counter-productive for the period of time that it takes for the IS to re-build itself.

      If the flu period is shorter, then receiving the vaccine evidently isn’t going to ever help. How long does the typical flu period last, maybe a month or so?

      This almost is darkly hilarious and is sickening.

      When is it a good idea or recommendation to listen to, like to obey, government? Are there any serious or important examples? Of course weather reports and explanations about climate conditions, f.e., are of value, but there’s nothing at all political, so politically or socially sensitive, about this. It’s not likely that corporatists are going to corrupt meteorological reports. We should also obey driving regulations, albeit safely driving above the speed limits on highways isn’t a problem; except that it can get a driver fined, along with a loss of merit points or whatever they’re called. This also isn’t political though.

      Are there any examples of when it’s politically important to obey government?

      I can think of what I recently learned about President Eisenhower and it’s that he ordered and and ordered enforcement of racial desegregation, which the Democrat Party apparently wouldn’t do and which caused JFK as well as RFK to become pro-civil rights in order to be able to politically compete; in the case of JFK, for the Presidency. They apparently wouldn’t have done this if it hadn’t been for Eisenhower and, therefore, the Repub. Party forcing desegregation. This is an example of when it was important to support the President.

      The following is a recent 2-part interview with Glen Ford, editor and founder of, on

      “Ford: “The Kennedy Brothers Thought the Civil Rights Movement Was a Nuisance at Best””, part 1 of 2, 21 Nov 2013 (15:22)

      Part 2 of 2, “Ford: Kennedy Was A Cold War Warrior to the Core”, 23 Nov 2013 (13:36),

      TRN Web index TRN pages for each part:

      The two TRN pages include transcripts.

      Many pro-Dem. Party supporters will probably be outraged because of what Glen Ford says about the two Kennedies, but I’m politically independent and only seek truth. From what I’ve gathered about Ford, he’s a very honest and knowledgeable individual; and while I certainly learned new things from the interview, I’m not really suprised or shocked.

      Anyway, are there any recent or relatively recent examples of when it’s a good idea or conscientious civic duty to obey the government? Even just 1 example?

      There should be 1, but nothing is presently coming to mind for me.

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  5. C. Burkey says:

    Sort of like the “FDA Safety Act” passed in June 2012 which allows medical implant devices to be put on the market without clinical testing. Without clinical testing!! See the Safe Patient Project’s online reports on that one. It’s hard for me to understand people letting their reps get away with approving these criminally negligent pieces of legislation.

  6. […] Yet neither political party has forced a deep investigation of the FDA, which routinely certifies those drugs as safe and effective. And no Attorney General has lifted a finger to bring criminal charges against FDA employees or pharm…. […]

  7. […] (Jon Rappoport) I posted this story in August of 2012. It was based on a Truthout interview of a man who did drug reviews for the FDA. He examined applications to approve new medical drugs for public consumption. […]

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