Stunt: The Guardian destroyed Snowden hard drives last summer

Stunt: The Guardian destroyed Snowden hard drives last summer

by Jon Rappoport

February 1, 2014

Buffoonery at its finest.

Last summer, we now learn, The Guardian made a deal with the British government to grind down and drill holes in the hard drives of four laptops, under the watchful eyes of gov agents (see also this link).

Thus destroying the Snowden materials. Of course, the Prime Minister and his doofuses already knew there were other complete copies of the Snowden cache out there, copies they wouldn’t find. The Guardian editor told them that himself.

But they went ahead with the secret drilling and grinding last July.

Accomplishing what?

The Prime Minister had already threatened to shut down The Guardian. The threat worked quite well. The Guardian hasn’t published any more leaks exposing the British Surveillance State.

So the drilling and grinding was a PR stunt. A symbolic moment.

According to The Guardian, Brit gov agents didn’t read or copy the hard drives before they were destroyed.

But is that really true?

Possibly the symbolic event was a cover story, and Brit gov agents actually did read/copy those Snowden files.

And then they said: “You people at the Guardian can claim we read nothing. You can just say you destroyed the hard drives. You won’t tell the truth and we won’t, either. So you can save face. You can tell the world you stood strong against the government and refused us access to the files.”

The Matrix Revealed

Another possible reason for the “drilling and grinding” stunt? British agents had already come into possession of the Snowden files, through another route, and wanted to conceal that fact from their “American friends.” So they made a big deal out of destroying the hard drives.

Then they said to the American NSA: “Well, we limited the damage. We went to The Guardian offices and drilled those hard drives to bits. Rest assured, we didn’t read what was on them. So, aside from what was already published by the press, we don’t know anything about what you boys at the NSA have been doing—other than what you’ve confided to us.”

Remember, all intelligence agencies lie. That’s what they’re trained to do. If they’re not lying, they’re not doing their jobs. They lie to the press, the public, and to other intell agencies.

How many lies did you tell today, Jones? Only sixteen? That’s not enough. Not nearly enough…”

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

16 comments on “Stunt: The Guardian destroyed Snowden hard drives last summer

  1. Julian Lev says:

    Politics is a blood sport conducted with armies of volunteers and paid staff who are operatives. The plots have gotten flimsier just as Hollywood productions have in recent years. The only constant is that it is all theater, bad theater at best. Politicians really need a good background in fiction writing so thet can hone their skills in telling “the truth”.

  2. paschn says:

    It would appear that the same “synagogue” is behind virtually ALL corrupted governments. Will it take a global French Revolution to regain our standing as human beings deserving of the basics in life which should include personal privacy and an inhabitable planet. Perhaps the powers that be see it coming? This would explain the ridiculous militarization of Sycophants-in-Blue, (cops), in many developed countries.

  3. Jim says:

    The NSA operatives and number of officers of the courts need to be arrested and tried for the crimes their guilty of and the law and or acts they are hiding behind has no constitutional bases to protect them and there are a large number of laws they have broken! There are no degrees of Constitutionally.

    • mikecorbeil says:

      Are “the NSA operatives” hiding behind any known laws? If so, then which? I might be wrong about this, but from I believe to have gathered about all of this NSA spying on citizens and other innocent people, no laws permit this.

      As for what act they might be hiding behind, I’m also quite clueless about this. What act?

      There’s the Greenwald-Omidyar-PayPal (so also eBay)-NSA act, and PayPal isn’t the only business the NSA has secret relations with for spying, but I don’t think that this is what you’re referring to in terms of some act that the NSA operatives are using to try to hide. My guess is that this isn’t the act you’re referring to, so you’ll need to correct me about this if the guess is wrong.

      NSA and other government secrecy isn’t the question, for everyone should know by now that there’s a lot of this.

  4. mikecorbeil says:

    Regarding one spying agency lying to another, as if the other isn’t going to anticipate being lied to, it seems far fetched to me. Why wouldn’t the NSA or GCHQ,fe., expect the other to pry?

  5. Adam Evenson says:

    Well, you’re right, Jon. (This is beginning to sound like a broken record.) How can one tell when a government agent is lying? The lips are moving and sounds are issuing forth. When one sees this happening, one may truthfully, with authority, say, “The agent is lying.” But this is true of pretty much all government officials, especially when one is testifying under oath. If the official is testifying under oath, one can attest: “It’s a lie.” Such lying is so routinely a hard reality that this wisdom ought to be able to stand up in a court of law, but judges are in on the skinny, too. So, dear reader. how does it feel to wake up in hell? Thought you were on earth, right? It’s a common error. Once one is processed, it gets even more telling, more jelling, and one is able to spell better.

  6. OzzieThinker says:

    Well, Jon, they say timing everything….

    Did you know what the message says in the latest Zeta crop circle (the one Nvidia quickly claimed to have “faked” – note their “Illuminati” logo)?

    Actually there are numerous messages, because the Zetas are complex and have [relatively] infinite intelligence [compared to humans]. However, the most important messages in relation to “now” and that crop circle are two fold. It is the first time [to my knowledge] they have presented a negative message (in fact they may be warning of an invasion; though that’s not important).

    The two important messages are that Global DISORDER or chaos is the creation of the masonic police force at HQ LONDON. Disorder has been enabled by hidden “super” technologies under the control of the Illuminati networks.

    And then I read your article……

    • mikecorbeil says:

      That so-called Illuminati symbol of the eye probably long predates the Illuminati, or so I’ll guess anyway.

      The Iluminati bla bla talk is just that, bla bla. They didn’t start a new paradigm among humans. “Elitist” crap has been going on since ancient times, long predating the Illuminati as well as Free Masonry.

      Global disorder isn’t only due to London. “For crying out loud”, even Rome was disorderly and rather globalistic about it, as well. They might not have yet known what the full scope of Earth is, but they were warring on others in quite globalist manner.

      This or these currents have existed since ancient times. “Leadership” being dysfunctional, to put it nicely, is nothing new or recent.

      Free Masonry became corrupted. It should be about constructing affordable housing using masonry; but this became corrupted a very long time ago. 🙂

      Nothing surprising about that though. The construction industry has Mafia and other criminal organizations as well, f.e.

      • OzzieThinker says:


        A number of bloggers questioned Nvidia’s Illuminati status back from 2010. I haven’t checked, but who’s on the board, etc. usually gives big clues on “affiliations.

        Oh boy, Lloyds of London and a whole host of other fine bankers that make up the Fed Reserve can be traced back to London, although the Zeta’s did surprise about Interpol’s Scotland Yard HQ. Mind you look at Diana Princess of darkness…..;-)

        As for masonry we can only look at the Paedophile connection between the Scottish Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, David Icke only issues bullshit……ha ha

  7. NakedOnFire.Com says:

    Ed Snowjob is a distraction.
    We are supposed to believe that the TCP-IP internet protocols are not sufficiently honeycombed with back door access from the start. We are supposed to believe that “new” sophisticated software allows them to spy on us.

    • mikecorbeil says:

      We shouldn’t be surprised if there’s new software that has backdoors that can be used for spying. This now formerly secret practice is surely going to continue and it apparently isn’t only with software. It apparently also is with computer hardware and/or firmware.

      Whether or not TCP-IP was “honeycombed with back door access from the start”, I don’t know. If it initially wasn’t, then it surely wouldn’t be difficult to change this. If it’s fully open protocol, then independent parties can inspect this. If that has happened, and can continue to be done, then inspection should be performed specifically for finding the ways in which the protocol can be exploited. If any people with the necessary skills or knowledge do this inspection and detect anything that permits exploitation, as opposed to functionally only for normal use, then they need to report their findings. Whether or not such people would, however, is an unknown. Maybe some would find such weaknesses and would stay silent about this.

      From what I’ve recently gathered, however, the NSA has been working with many software, firmware and hardware vendors. This can surely include what’s called freeware.

      I’m not particularly worried about this, for if it’s happening, then it isn’t new and the NSA could’ve “nailed” me a decade ago or even in 1998 in terms of foreign politics of Washington. I say speak or write no differently today; always against Washington bullshit.

      Regarding TCP/IP, however, maybe is a good organization to inquire about this. I don’t know how deeply they evaluate this, but if it isn’t deeply enough, then they should be able to tell you what parties are.

  8. Clem Kididdlehodder says:

    According to The Guardian, Brit gov agents didn’t read or copy the hard drives before they were destroyed. OH COME ON………… “BUT I DID NOT INHALE” I WISH THIS KIND OF BULLSHEIT WOULD WORK FOR ME IN A KANGAROO COURT, BUT OF COURSE, WE KNOW IT WOULDN’T….

  9. Jon, Good article but more generally I’m @ a loss as to what we are going to do. In Australia the awake people are just cynical and taking what they can get. All our news is filtered and the major websites including many blog sites of this country are a completely controlled opposition. Completely compromised by their own blinkered beliefs and a little nudge from the powers that be. I don’t see a big calamity here, just an ongoing series of little shifts that erode the economy away until we are beggars in our own country. I can see the big picture and it isn’t going to be changed. Nothing can get better because we are using a economic system that works on exploitation of the masses. Once upon a time those masses were in another country. Now they’re us.
    Sorry, off topic. Totally agree with you on your speculation about what possible actions were taken on that day. Look, we all keep on getting played for fools and we keep on letting them. I’m just getting confused by all the shills @ work on the net. Take Bitcoin for instance. Isn’t this a cashless society we’re talking about here and wasn’t it in ‘Truth Seeking 101’ that this would be surrendering all your financial dealings into the electronic surveillance arms of governments who have been shown to be running a shadow internet from it’s inception!!!!

    They say it’s decentralized and there are only 21 million numbers to be mined through the equations that underpin the M.O. of Bitcoin, mimicking the finite deposits of gold on the planet.
    Yeah! Well what happens if someone or something develops a virus that disrupts the process somehow? What’s the go if someone or something finds out how to turn that 21 million numbers to one number; 0! Or makes it 21 billion instead. Or hits some other part of the transaction process. It just sounds like a bunch of college kids getting together and thinking the world is basically good. It’s not. Sorry!

    Jebus! I just don’t think the ‘masses’ have a chance when the only alternatives we are offered seem to be no solution @ all. I just think now that Snowden, whether he was in on it or not, was another limited hang-out. Why? Because they are too compliant with the papers they teamed up with. In the end I just see how the ‘power’ just overwhelms any useful information.

    We all know the game is up but we are powerless to do a damned thing about it.

    I read constantly how if we all band together and boycott these corporations then they will fold. It just never happens because it can’t. We are past the point of no return now. The world is changing fast and we wont even know how bad we are being sold out until it’s too late. In fact it already has changed but no one from the government bothered to tell us the truth. We had to figure it out ourselves. But that took time and by then they had already moved into a more highly leveraged psychological control game, mixing and pulling all the little shifts together into one huge morass that holds our minds in a state of arrested development and fear.

    Oh well, @ least I can say ‘Keep up the Good work Jon.’, even though I feel we are doomed to never stop being a vicious race when manipulated into that mind-set by our slave-masters
    Apologies for my unfocused rant….. And how do you deal with that snow you can burn over there stateside?………It’s just endless. Eating Pacific fish? I’m not eating any fish anymore. Just a macrobiotic diet. It’s all I trust now with Fukushima pissing its poison into the toilet bowl that are our oceans.

    Good times are in the spaces between these calamities. Get yours while you can!

    • Doug says:

      I believe the idea of Jon’s article is to continue working on ourselves to learn what we see and how to control your thoughts. To live only in the now may help though it is something that can be a lot of work for many of us, myself included for sure.

      By not watching TV and not watching too much of anything that you feel could have been tainted you may have a little better chance but learning to meditate and believing we are one, partially broken one maybe but still one planet with a single shared consciousness. Of course the issue is that we are not fully participating in it any longer for the most part.

      Learn to control our thoughts and we are back I believe. Not saying I have done it but I am trying.

  10. […] Stunt: The Guardian destroyed Snowden hard drives last summer […]

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