Monsanto’s Roundup: new deadly scam exposed

Monsanto’s Roundup: new deadly scam exposed

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2014

Roundup is the Monsanto herbicide that is touted as the cornerstone of GMO food crops. Monsanto claims these crops are genetically engineered to withstand heavy spraying of Roundup.

Therefore, the crops live and the weeds die. Breakthrough.

There are several key lies associated with these claims—but a new one has surfaced.

A study to be published this month indicts Roundup and, in fact, the general class of insecticides and herbicides. On what grounds? When they’re tested for safety, only the so-called “active ingredients” are examined.

The untested ingredients are called “adjuvants,” and they are said to be inert and irrelevant. But the new study concludes this is far from true. The adjuvants are actually there to INCREASE the killing power of the active ingredient in the herbicide or insecticide.

Safety tests don’t take this into account. “Active ingredients” are already toxic, but the adjuvants ramp up their poisonous nature even higher.

And the worst offender is Roundup.

Here are key quotes from a January 31 article at GM Watch, “Pesticide approvals misleading—and Roundup most toxic of 9 pesticides tested.”

Pesticide formulations as sold and used are up to 1000 times more toxic than the isolated substance that is tested and evaluated for safety.”

Roundup the most toxic of herbicides and insecticides tested.”

…the complete pesticide formulations as sold and used also contain additives (adjuvants), which increase the pest- or weedkilling activity of the pesticide. These complete formulations do not have to be tested in medium- and long-term tests – even though they are the substances to which farmers and citizens are exposed.”

This is a serious defect of the regulatory process, according to a newly published study by the team of Professor Séralini (Mesnage et al. 2014, Biomedical Research International). The study found that for eight major pesticides (out of a total of nine analyzed), the commercial formulation is up to 1000 times more toxic than the active ingredient assessed for safety by regulators.”

The study was carried out in vitro on three types of human cells.”

The study produced another surprise outcome. Roundup is often claimed to be a benign herbicide that is widely used in public spaces and by home gardeners as well as by farmers. Yet the researchers found it was by far the most toxic of all the herbicides and insecticides they tested.”

Obviously, we are looking at a major crime and major scam here. It boils down to this: the manufacturers who put these adjuvants in their pesticides and herbicides know very well why they are there—to increase the killing power of the “active ingredient.” But this fact is overlooked and ignored. The pretense is, the adjuvants are inert and harmless.

The Matrix Revealed

The new study that exposes this crime is led by French scientist Gilles Eric Seralini. He previously published a study showing rats developed tumors when fed GMO food. A firestorm of criticism was leveled against him. He was “discredited.” But in case you think we should reject Seralini’s latest findings, here is my piece on the earlier manufactured firestorm:

Remember a researcher named Gilles-Eric Seralini, his 2012 GMO study, and the controversy that swirled around it?

He fed rats GMOs, in the form of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn, and they developed tumors. Some died. The study was published in the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. Pictures of the rats were published.

A wave of biotech-industry criticism ensued. Pressure built. “Experts” said the study was grossly unscientific, its methods were unprofessional, and Seralini was biased against GMOs from the get-go. Monsanto didn’t like Seralini at all.

The journal which published the Seralini study caved in and retracted it.

Why? Not because Seralini did anything unethical, not because he plagiarized material, not because he was dishonest in any way, but because:

He used rats which (supposedly) had an inherent tendency to develop tumors (the Sprague-Dawley strain), and because he used too few rats (10). That’s it. Those were Seralini’s errors.

Well, guess what? Eight years prior to Seralini, Monsanto also did a rat-tumor-GMO study and published it in the very same journal. Monsanto’s study showed there were no tumor problems in the rats. But here’s the explosive kicker. Monsanto used the same strain of rats that Seralini did and same number of rats (10). And nobody complained about it.

Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumer’s Union, explains in an interview with Steve Curwood at

Well, basically what Dr. Séralini did was he did the same feeding study that Monsanto did and published in the same journal eight years prior, and in that study, they [Monsanto] used the same number of rats, and the same strain of rats, and came to a conclusion there was no [tumor] problem. So all of a sudden, eight years later, when somebody [Seralini] does that same experiment, only runs it for two years rather than just 90 days, and their data suggests there are problems, [then] all of a sudden the number of rats is too small? Well, if it’s too small to show that there’s a [tumor] problem, wouldn’t it be too small to show there’s no problem? They already said there should be a larger study, and it turns out the European Commission is spending 3 million Euros to actually do that Séralini study again, run it for two years, use 50 or more rats and look at the carcinogenicity. So they’re actually going to do the full-blown cancer study, which suggests that Séralini’s work was important, because you wouldn’t follow it up with a 3 million Euro study if it was a completely worthless study.”


I can just hear Monsanto felons gibbering: “Well, we the biotech industry people published our study. We used 10 rats and we used the Sprague-Dawley strain. And that was fine. It was especially fine because our study showed GMOs were safe. But then this guy Seralini comes along and does the same study with the same kind of rat and same number of rats, and he discovers tumors. That’s not fine. That’s very bad. He…he…used the wrong rats…yeah…and he didn’t use enough rats. He’s a faker. Well, I mean, we used the same kind of rat and same number of rats, but when we did the experiment, we were Good, and Seralini was Bad. Do you see?”

Yes, the mists are clearing and things are coming into focus.

Any comments, Monsanto? I’d be happy to pass them along to Michael Hansen.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

34 comments on “Monsanto’s Roundup: new deadly scam exposed

  1. paschn says:

    If any of you out there are still in denial as to the failing state of this republic, consider this; We have a stable of whores in D.C. “servicing” their corporate masters at the expense of our lives, our children’s lives and our environment. All because of a little known case in CA. where a supreme court clerk inserted his “opinion” into a case where it wasn’t even being considered and, voila! Corporate Citizenship.

    How’s that for a nation of 312 million human citizens being dry “assaulted” by civil servants/blow flies and amoral corporate dogs? This occurring in an “advanced” democratic republic while lesser nations make it a non issue by simply banning GMO’s altogether. Can someone tell me what the going rate is (per blow-fly), for a government in Bizarro World?

    • It goes MUUUUCH deeper than that!

      The general “plan” is to wipe most of us out of existence, and replace us with GMO-humans who are programmed to strictly serve, not think on their own.

      – Jim

  2. 7thpillar says:

    Thanks so much for the follow-up research, Jon. I was one of those folks who was hood-winked by the whole “rat strain that is supposed to produce tumors” sleight-of-hand.

    As a former Bonsai horticulturist I refused to use any non-natural means to control pests, preferring biological controls such as mantids, ladybugs, green lace-wing larva, and nematodes – all beneficial species.

    Nature always wins, it’s best to work with Her than against Her.

    The Boot-Strap Expat

  3. Orion says:

    Watch out Big M, The hoomans are awakening…..

  4. OzzieThinker says:

    I understand where you are going with this, Jon, but your crusade logic ultimately will not work. Removing “pushers” doesn’t fix the drug addict problem. They turn to petrol or glue. In fact in Africa they use faeces.

    In this little backwater called Australia, we have a nasty Corporation called Wesfarmers. Their agri-pest division sells all the Monsanto products and others. Fifteen years ago I did a telephone survey of all Australian farmers (and we have quite a few) on the effectiveness of the Grazon and Roundup products. From that survey, I determined about 50% of Australian farmers knew chemicals were bad and did not believe ANY of the Monsanto bullshit. But, as with the precession of heroin addicts, they needed their “fix” to kill their woody weeds, such as St John’s wart, blackberries and so on. In fact, only three farmers (I interviewed) gave a “bugger” and used machetes and fire (as best they could) to fix the problem. Two other farms invested in goats.

    So, bottom line, Jon, if you want to get serious about this you need to be pushing ALTERNATIVES to users and not attacking big Pharma.

  5. Debbie says:

    Just a reminder that Seralini’s study was NOT set up as a tumour study. It was a toxicology study. Being the responsible scientist that he is, he had a DUTY TO REPORT those horrible tumours as they arose. This was the source of the trashing of his incredible study. He followed the correct protocol for the study he was actually conducting and used the SAME strain of rat (as you have noted) that Monsanto used and which led to the approval of the GMO corn. Hopefully the original shoddy study done by Monsanto will be retracted and the GMO crops will be banned…along with the poisons sprayed on them.

    • paschnn1 says:

      It would be wonderful. But I’m afraid we have more of a chance to have the iron wall protecting objective/open research into the holocaust taken down,…. It just ain’t gonna happen in our lifetimes, if ever.

  6. Michael says:

    Seems to me you are worrying about a fire in a bucket…meanwhile the barn is burning down around the bucket…

    If all the the farmers in the world stopped using Round-up today it wouldn’t do quat to the amount of this poison entering the environment.

    It is all of YOU, the public at large who are responsible, those unsightly weeds on your lawn…God forbid, you walk around like the bastard that you are, with a grass color chart comparing your grass color to your neighbors…dare another species of plant grow in that green desert, you cultivate.

    Not a butterfly is seen, nor bee dare land on your lawn because of the Round-up(or facimile… there are other versions of it)… there’s a dandelion growing from crack in your front sidewalk. Aghast! You spray…The weeds are encroaching,”Oh my God!.. next to you prize roses, spray… landscape maintenance companies spray it in mall parking lots. Around that generic landscaping next to the Walmart…along the cracks that seem to show between the wall and the sidewalks….and in an infantile war to kill supposed weeds and suppress the real life.

    I have even seen it sprayed on growing areas inside large buildings.

    I have seen maniacs, with back packs, as if they are carrying a flame thrower spraying it around the edges of school walls, the places were children like to sit and congregate against the walls with their iObjects and their BFF’s.

    In the end the only real reason for Round-up, is to nurture Round-up ready corn, canola, cotton etc, etc. Monsanto seeds love it, grow and thrive in it!
    Poison loving poison.

    Glyphosate is a base chemical, Round-up is only one of the products that it is in…the Chinese knock-offs are endless.

    In the end nature’s response is supposed super-weeds…I can’t wait for the day when a six foot dandelion is seen growing out of a crack in a sidewalk. Like a beanstalk heading with slow and loving sway for heaven. God bless-em everyone.


    Ah, Sunflower! weary of time,
    Who countest the steps of the sun,
    Seeking after that sweet golden clime
    Where the traveller’s journey is done;

    Where the youth pined away with desire
    And the pale virgin shrouded in snow
    Arise from their graves, and aspire
    Where my Sunflower wishes to go.
    -William Blake

    “The only reason man was created, was because the earth needed plastic..”- George Carlin

    • OzzieThinker says:

      Well spotted. Michael. I was going to mention that myself, but I thought I would go easy on Jon.

      Ultimately it amounts to the same thing. We need a NEW solution and not NO solution, because humans are incapable of being good.

      • nilvehsd says:

        Everything reported on this site, including 99% of comments, is outstanding information and completely bona fide IMHO. Jon you are fab!! My reply to michael and ozziethinker is to ask them to please not be so negative. If all farmers stopped using this poison it WOULD help tremendously, are you guys serious thinking not?? That would be one huge “solution” ozzie. A solution because then the humans you think that are incapable of being good would “see” this non-action taken by farmers and would follow. I do not believe people are incapable of being good, I believe people are brainwashed to thinking as they do or should I say “not” thinking as they do. They do not know because they are distracted, lied to, and made to behave in a society that pushes convenience over the right thing. To me this is the core of most problematic issues, “convenience” is the cloak and humans seem to be entranced by the wow factor incorporated in convenience. If they could they would take a pill to give birth in one week rather then wait it out naturally for 9 months. IF “convenience” were uncloaked for the monster that it is there is a second solution. What you must do is be an example. Do what you know is right, live it and others will see your happiness, your healthiness and want to be like you. This is how it will all work and no other way ( i.e. my farmer example above ). The more this happens the faster the truth spreads and only known truth by experience or first hand sight will be effective. Be one of the examples of truth and show off loudly!! Thanks everyone for all your truths.

        • OzzieThinker says:

          Unfortunately, Nilv, we had this guy who came along called Jesus (well, actually, he was a number of guys) and he said some “nice” things to humanity.

          For his trouble humanity either sat on its backside or opted for “positive validation”. Sorry, Nilv love, but Jesus Inc PROVED complacency does not fix the problem.

          ONLY POINTING AT REAL OFFENDERS AND SCREAMING works. THE FARMERS AND OTHER GARDENERS ARE THE OFFENDERS. They need to fix their conscience. Monsanto is fuelling the evil-doers.

    • Well,

      There are some of us who see “weeds” as great sources of nutrition and the basis of well-being.

      What you MAY be missing here is the fact that MONSANTO has a LONG history of helping to make all of this happen. You see, it is all a matter of “convenience”. People LOVE conveniences, EVEN if they have nary so much as a clue about the possible ultimate costs of those “conveniences”.

      Those of us who made a small living doing the weeding and gardening for all the nice little old ladies who were getting too frail to do the work themselves, were drastically impacted by the advent of such nuances like Round-Up ™, and so forth. So then, the argument can be made towards scrutinizing the marketing of such “conveniences” and the deliberate withholding of the facts from the general public (until it is too late, that is).

      So I think Mr. Rappoport is on the level here, as far as I can see.

      – Jim

  7. paschn says:

    Reading some of these posts makes you wonder if you have “shills” for GMO poison manufacturers snaking in to “comment”.

    “I can hire half of the working class to kill the other half”

    Jason (Jay) Gould, “Industrial Giant”, (insert Robber Baron)

    Good luck, Jon.

  8. Well,

    If it is any consolation;

    The whole effect of “Genetic-Engineering” was originally to cover up the fact that most natural crops were no longer able to grow in the herbicide-laden, mineral-deficient soils (courtesy to years of poor farming practices)! These “GMO’s” would “miraculously” grow better than the original heirloom varieties of these crops. So, rather than actually come up with a real solution to the big problem, like figuring out ways to remove all of those petro-chemical-based toxins from the soils down to a much lower level, the idea was to create “Franken-Crops” which could “grow” just about anywhere (and require MORE Round-Up(tm) to be applied) – and . . . “problem solved”!

    Don’t you just love it when profits seem to drive for MORE profits, regardless of the ultimate costs down the road???

    ” Brought to you by: Commonsense. ”

    – Rev. Jim (aka: Dragon’s Eye)

  9. Michael says:

    Most people don’t get it, they get caught in details. Exactly what the devil wants…shows you the left hand while the right smacks you upside of the head.

    You think they give a shit wither you eat or not…it’s a ‘Rocking Horse Winner’.
    GMO farming when you look at it very very closely, has nothing to do with farming at all, it neither nurtures the land or grows a good real crop, but, it does service many other things… it is, how could I put it…a synergy of effects.

    You win the boobie doll Dragon eye.

    How do you solve the desertification of farmland and the possible collapse of Agriculture, after an extremely destructive Great depression, control that process and make huge fortunes doing it.

    By inventing GMO’s and controlling seed; hide the enormous amounts of toxic waste accumulating from Petroleum production, by converting it into new fertilizers, herbicides fungicides and suicides, and by by’s etc., and kill off, or make terminally sick 90% of the population of the planet, enabling the placement of those sick into your petroleum funded hospitals and feed them more petroleum based medications. It makes a lot of money…the kind of wages God gets.

    In the end the goal will be to change the human, not the crop being grown.
    And that’s what happenin as we speak. Nanobots are at present changing you.

    Monsanto has an aluminum resistant seed. Why would they want that…here’s a hint… they own Climate Corp.

    The most adaptable thing on the planet is a man.
    The Gods have tried comets and asteroids, ice, fire…still we persist.

    These controllers, these motherfracker’s have computers and science geeks running double time trying to find the commonalities of zippers to sphincter muscles, from bees to drones.
    Masonic idiots believing they will be able to release GMO’d bacteria, or a fungi or even GMO’d plants on Mars or some other George Jetson wet dream, and terraform the place as a new earth, a next!.

    So in the grand experiment Earth becomes a Lab for such ambitions. It has always been a Lab.
    If it works here it will work there on George Jetsonland.

    Or is the terraforming really happening here?…cognitive dissonance again.
    Am I being negative?
    I’ll have to take a walk with Mary Jane…again.


    “Question of the day: Why is there more packaging than product in the box…and why do I need a blowtorch to get into it?”

  10. notocriminals says:

    I worked for 3 weeks around Key West, FL, I traveled about 5 times both way (mornings and nights) and on my front car glass I never saw one smashed insect. And I thought: how can the birds survive?; by-the-way I didn’t see birds enough. And they say that Florida has more than 300 or 350 species of birds!…?

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  12. […] Eine andere Studie belegt, dass Monsanto beim Testen seiner Gifte (Round-up) nur das chemische Mittel an sich untersucht – ohne den Verstärker-Stoff, der das Mittel im Handel bis zu 1000-mal giftiger macht! […]

  13. […] Eine andere Studie belegt, dass Monsanto beim Testen seiner Gifte (Round-up) nur das chemische Mittel an sich untersucht – ohne den Verstärker-Stoff, der das Mittel im Handel bis zu 1000-mal giftiger macht! […]

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