RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead

R.I.P., psychiatry: the “chemical imbalance” theory is dead

by Jon Rappoport

March 7, 2014

This one is big.

Dr. Ronald Pies, the editor-in-chief emeritus of the Psychiatric Times, laid the theory to rest in the July 11, 2011, issue of the Times with this staggering admission:

In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend — never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.”



The point is, for decades the whole basis of psychiatric drug research, drug prescription, and drug sales has been: “we’re correcting a chemical imbalance in the brain.”

The problem was, researchers had never established a normal baseline for chemical balance. So they were shooting in the dark. Worse, they were faking a theory. Pretending they knew something when they didn’t.

In his 2011 piece in Psychiatric Times, Dr. Pies tries to cover his colleagues in the psychiatric profession with this fatuous remark:

In the past 30 years, I don’t believe I have ever heard a knowledgeable, well-trained psychiatrist make such a preposterous claim [about chemical imbalance in the brain], except perhaps to mock it…the ‘chemical imbalance’ image has been vigorously promoted by some pharmaceutical companies, often to the detriment of our patients’ understanding.”

Absurd. First of all, many psychiatrists have explained and do explain to their patients that the drugs are there to correct a chemical imbalance.

And second, if all well-trained psychiatrists have known, all along, that the chemical-imbalance theory is a fraud…

…then why on earth have they been prescribing tons of drugs to their patients…

…since those drugs are developed on the false premise that they correct an imbalance?

Here’s what’s happening. The honchos of psychiatry are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Their game has been exposed. They’re taking heavy flack on many fronts.

The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the 300 so-called mental disorders. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters or menus of human behavior. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence. Suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.

Psychiatry is a pseudo-pseudo science.

So the shrinks have to move into another model, another con, another fraud. And they’re looking for one.

For example, genes plus “psycho-social factors.” A mish-mash of more unproven science.

New breakthrough research on the functioning of the brain is paying dividends and holds great promise…” Professional gibberish.

Meanwhile, the business model demands drugs for sale.

So even though the chemical-imbalance nonsense has been discredited, it will continue on as a dead man walking, a zombie.

Big Pharma isn’t going to back off. Trillions of dollars are at stake.

And in the wake of Aurora, Colorado, and Sandy Hook, and the Naval Yard, the hype is expanding: “we must have new community mental-health centers all over America.”

More fake diagnosis of mental disorders, more devastating drug prescriptions.

The Matrix Revealed

As Dr. Peter Breggin explains in his classic, Toxic Psychiatry, half a century ago the psychiatric profession and the drug companies began to shape a deal.

Psychiatry was dying out. Patients didn’t want to talk about their problems to MD shrinks.

So the deal was this: psychiatry would go along with and promote chemical-imbalance propaganda. In turn, the drug companies would turn out the pharmaceuticals, and they would bankroll psychiatry, sponsoring conferences, taking out massive numbers of ads in journals, offering grants to universities.

The deal paid off.

Psychiatry experienced a resurgence. “Talk therapy is useless. Mental problems are all about the brain, and the brain must be drugged.”

But now, the charade is exposed.

You can be sure major Pharma players are meeting behind closed doors with leaders of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The mafia is making a house call.

They are reminding the APA that they have a deal. No cancellation allowed.

You guys promoted the chemical-imbalance theory. That was the arrangement. So keep promoting it. We don’t care how many lies you have to tell. Don’t try to develop a conscience all of a sudden. This is business.”

The mafia doesn’t like it when people try to interrupt business.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

90 comments on “RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead

  1. Amaterasu Solar says:

    The whole of psychiatry is driven by money, and money creates the soil in which the LOVE of money (the root of all evil) grows. Is there a solution?

    My latest article offers ideas to solve for the money/power motive:

    Thank You, Jon, for all You do to keep it real in this world.

  2. Dani says:

    Well, this is just too sad for words. I can’t tell you how many of my friends are on these pharmaceuticals, some of them for 20 years or more, because, as they say and believe, “I have a chemical balance. I need this drug. You don’t know what I’m like, without it.” And I know it is irrational and sad. I wonder where my friends have “gone.” I wonder how I managed to escape the dreaded “chemical imbalance” affliction that has stricken so many of my friends.

    How many psychiatrists have chemical imbalances and take these drugs? I wonder.

    • Mary says:

      There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance except from the environment. Foods containing MSG or aspartame can create a chemical imbalance and do horrendous things to the psyche.

  3. john says:

    I look back forty plus years to a shy, nervous science undergraduate on his first day at Brunel University walking past what was to him a vast skyscraper labelled “Social Sciences Dept.”, and thinking with pride that the greatest minds of the age were finally going to solve the mystery of human nature, find cures for madness and criminality, and herald a new age free from war and stress.

    What a naive plonker. Still, it only took me a decade or so to wake up, which I think was quicker than most.

  4. 7thpillar says:

    While I concur with the continuing fraud of psychiatry, I have a nephew who has been institutionalized a number of times, and the toxins prescribed seem to keep his violent outbursts to a minimum. This is the dilemma – symptoms are managed, but underlying causes go unaddressed.

    Were he my son, I would opt out of the Rx toxic soup, and work on his mind, so I am but a witness at arm’s length..

    Only people can help people. Jung had it right, Psyche=Soul, not “brain”

    • Lorenzo Carbone says:

      There are people around the world who can help with these types of issues. I found help for depression and obsession at a healing center in Central Brazil. A lot of times the cause of these problems are disturbances in the energy fields of people. The symptoms manifest in the behaviours of people and their emotions and if bad enough in the physical brain. The brain is not the mind, it’s an interface between the spiritual levels and the physical. Science hasn’t realized this yet. Anyway, if you [do a web search (via for] John of God, he is the medium that has helped millions around the world. It certainly has helped me. I no longer take medication and haven’t since I first went almost 9 years ago. Please feel free to contact me. I am willing to help.

    • Mary says:

      you may want to work on his diet. You would not believe the terrible character changes that can come to a person who reacts negatively to aspartame for one!

    • Very sad. Obviously he can’t go around yelling and smashing stuff or whatever he does. People in that state might do well to be locked up as a consequence for bad behavior till they cool off. The legal system might do a better job than the psych doctors.

      Sadly drugging them makes it harder to fix the long term problem of an out of control temper. For a while I threw hideous fits of rage. Part of it was grief and anger that my dreams were shattered after an SMI diagnosis and this made folks treat me like a leper. I believed I was hopelessly insane and this made me act insane. Plus it was a very slight compensation for being stigmatized and drugged.

      Loved ones tiptoed around my personality. “Sigh. Poor Rachel can’t help herself. The chemical imbalance in her head forces her to act like a selfish, bad tempered jerk.”

      The “meds” messed up my thinking like alcohol or street drugs. The doctors swore they would restore me to sanity. When I got worse they said they might not work perfectly but if I quit I would run around biting people like a rabid dog. All lies..

  5. Ding dong the witch is dead…I don’t think so…

    It would not surprise me in the least, to see psychiatric evaluation move to a host of specimining on your next visit.
    As mandatory precautionary methods to fortify the Doc’s diagnosis. Also it would go along nicely with the ridiculous 1000 true or false informational questions on the questionnaire. The concise and Coles notes version of your life to this point. Finally you get to see Dr Nazi Shrinkyourhead…bastards! May a plague of super GMO’d fleas invest their armpits.

    Blood samples, urine and poop samples, hair and ear wax samples (cause that’s were madness concentrates). Maybe a test involving something with EMF, with a lot of buzzing, bells and whistles, and blinking lights.

    Somewhere down the line, an upstarting young psychiatric intern will devise a devise to core into your brain and take a brain sample, the ultimate uninvasive procedure, like taking core sample from your sick birch tree out front of your house. Or an army of Nanobots will march up your nose and retrieve the goods for the Doc.
    ”Alas we can now prove the poor simpleton had a chemical imbalance. His bad axioms were fighting with his good dendrites, which confabulated his synapses to the point of dereliction, it has created a ‘Chemical Imbalance’. No…Its nothing a Prozac the size of hockey puck can’t fix…Bwahahaaha(That’s how psychiatrists laugh…usually with a German accent…bastards)”

    Love and postcards from the deep end of the universe Michael

    “Can you smell his sweat? That peculiar goatish odor is trans-3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid. Remember it, it’s the smell of schizophrenia.” – Thomas Harris, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’

    “You see, people in the depressive position are often stigmatised as ‘failures’ or ‘losers’. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If these people are in the depressive position, it is most probably because they have tried too hard or taken on too much, so hard and so much that they have made themselves ‘ill with depression’. In other words, if these people are in the depressive position, it is because their world was simply not good enough for them. They wanted more, they wanted better, and they wanted different, not just for themselves, but for all those around them. So if they are failures or losers, this is only because they set the bar far too high. They could have swept everything under the carpet and pretended, as many people do, that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds. But unlike many people, they had the honesty and the strength to admit that something was amiss, that something was not quite right. So rather than being failures or losers, they are just the opposite: they are ambitious, they are truthful, and they are courageous. And that is precisely why they got ‘ill’. To make them believe that they are suffering from some chemical imbalance in the brain and that their recovery depends solely or even mostly on popping pills is to do them a great disfavour: it is to deny them the precious opportunity not only to identify and address important life problems, but also to develop a deeper and more refined appreciation of themselves and of the world around them—and therefore to deny them the opportunity to fulfil their highest potential as human beings.” –Neel Burton –Philosopher, Psychiatrist, and general all round Polymath

  6. brad says:

    I read some number of years ago (wish I could remember where) that it’s been known for a long time that the current brain chemical-balance model is incorrect, and as the patents run out on the psychotropic drugs designed under that model, and profits begin to dwindle, a new brain/biomedical model will be proposed, treatable with a new class of psychotropic drugs (that already exist but not available yet, or are under development). It would be interesting to know if that’s why we’re hearing from the ‘establishment’ lately that the current model is wrong. I guess time will tell.

  7. Vinnie R. says:

    Sandy Hook was a proven HOAX. Research it [by doing internet searches using the search engine]. But it sure helps raise issues of mental health, chemical imbalance, and oh – it helps pass gun grabbing legislation. FWIW, I don’t own a gun and don’t plan to, but I see what is happening…

  8. Sally Heming says:

    The next place to make a noise is the use of psychiatric/psychotropic poisons on the elderly in “care”/elderly facilities and institutions. We need to also consider how the use of statins, blood pressure meds, and other “normalised” middle age drugs cause deterioration in our older folk

  9. theodorewesson says:

    Top 5 Ways The Elite Are Dumbing Us Down [VIDEO]

    March 7, 2014

    Alex and Dr. Edward Group break down the flaws of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM), and explore natural solutions for popular psychiatric medicines.

    The conversation also turns to how the pharmaceutical industry is waging a war on masculinity, and the true medical facts of fluoride and its long-term effects on society as a whole, with emphasis on children and babies.

  10. Yahdah says:

    How do you treat Mental Disorders then, … Just talk to them …. maybe electricity ?

    • Amaterasu Solar says:

      Maybe We need to have a definition of “mental disorder” before We try to treat it. Normal restlessness in class because the subject is boring is called “ADD…” Should We treat this, do You think?

      • theodorewesson says:

        Agreed. And, let’s also not underestimate the toxicity levels in the Western environment.

      • “Maybe We need to have a definition of “mental disorder” before We try to treat it.”…Amaterasu Solar
        We do have a definition for ‘Mental disorder’, those who have it still have a conscience left, compared to the mad bastards who run the system. A mental disorder is a label devised by the taskmasters to keep you down.
        Define if you will the conquerers, Alexander the great, Julius Ceasar, Colombus, Winston Churchhill, any president to date in the United States. All by definition of the DSM IV are mad and totally insane. But yet they set the beat.
        Free yourself from any of this labeling.

        • Amaterasu Solar says:

          My point is that We really can’t define “mental disorder.” We can define unacceptable behavior – hurting/killing Others, taking/damaging Others’ property, defrauding Others. There is no mental “standard.” We each are unique.

      • Vicky says:

        Although I am sure that ADD is over diagnosed, if all instances of this were simply the result of boredom, I would imagine everyone would have it at one time or another. Maybe it is not a “disorder”, but it is definitely a “way of being” that is NOT the norm. I hope you have done your research. You simply cannot say that the human brain is completely invincible, and cannot suffer from problems which affect behavior. Maybe the toxins in our environment are causing problems. Who knows? it is irresponsible for you to be so nonchalant about ADHD, and to assume that either children or adults who suffer from its symptoms do not have legitimate complaints. Shame on you for generalizing and assuming.

        • Amaterasu Solar says:

          Define “normal.” I recommend looking into Choice Theory by William Glasser. There are reasons We choose the behavior We do. To drug Us without addressing the reasons for Our choices of behavior is leaving the issues in place is no help. All it does is create real health issues that ensure druggies for life, and big profits for Big Pharma.

    • Mary says:

      Clean eating. Avoiding all food that your grandmother would not recognize as ‘food’. Start with eliminating aspartame. That is the #1 chemical disorder in many young people.

  11. Mike Iannucci says:

    Why do you use the term mafia, you’re a […], most psychiatrists are […] …so just say the […] syndicate! You f****** self-serving […]!!!
    Mike Iannucci
    Asheville NC

    • Have a better term for it then?

      How else does such an industry “protect” its interests, even from the law itself???

      BTW: How immature a response! Is THAT how a “professional” is supposed to respond to legitimate criticism???

      • Ma·fi·a mäfēə/
        1. an organized international body of criminals, operating originally in Sicily and now esp. in Italy and the US and having a complex and ruthless behavioral code.

        Am I missing something I can’t see anything wrong with using the term Mafia.

  12. The Skeptic says:

    As someone who comes from a family of alcoholics, and dressives I am not ready to tell my family to toss their meds into the trash can.

    I do not like the idea that some people seem to have lower seritonin levels I’m their bodies and have to take toxic medication to mediate the devastating effects of the condition. However, all the therapy and positive thinking, exercising, dietary changes, prepaying and every other thing other than medication didn’t work.

    I agree that psych meds are over prescribed and can be dangerous. However, based on my experience in dealing with people who somehow got the crappy end of the psychological stick, the meds make a huge difference in the quality of some lives.

    A woman driving her car into the water, who happened to be on meds, then saying all psych meds are bad is no less irresponsible than people who want to ban all guns because of the statistical insignificance of a handful of shootings.

    • Well,

      There are and always HAVE BEEN Natural alternatives (think: Man’s Original Medicine. ).

      The problem is:

      Those Natural Alternatives are not patentable! Therefore, if they can not be controlled by the private industry, the are simply discouraged (strongly) and in some cases, outlawed. Does it not surprise you that these cases of “mental illnesses” seem to have sky-rocketed over the past thirty or so years, and have multiplied in various “types”???

      Let’s not also forget to mention that modern psychology’s father, Sigmund Freude, was a chronic drug user too. Among his favorite “poisons”, were Opiates, and various Psychedelics. He experimented on these substances quite frequently, and even shamelessly-experimented on his own patients! Most of today’s “modern medicine” is just one big experiment after another. Only, we are paying for them in a multitude of ways. I, for one, am tired of being someone else’s Guinea Pig all so that they can make the gargantuan multi-billion-dollar-a-year profits – while my personal health goes further South!

      The UNITED STATES now easily has the MOST EXPENSIVE healthcare system in the world, yet it also has the highest mortality rate due to poor practices, malpractice, and too many synthetic DRUGS; often misprescribed or prescribed with other incompatible drugs. The latest estimate had it at above 150,000 deaths per year in these UNITED STATES due to our “modern medicine”. Now WHY is there no outrage over this?!?!? That virtually makes today’s “medicine” the leading killer of Americans! Do you doubt this? The press sure will not touch it, but independent investigations and the PhD-researchers themselves revealed this.

      This article just further demonstrates the sheer level of corruption and outright evil that “manages” one of our least understood industries.

      Time to re-take control of ourselves and our future.

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • john mcintyre says:

      Thank you for adding some real world practical experience to this debate. The fact is that some people with severe psychological symptoms are able to be stabilized with certain medications, and are able to live productive lives because of this. This whole area is very complicated because it concerns the brain and the entire central nervous system. Human beings are very complex, and no one has yet, and probably never will, have the final answer that fits every single human condition

    • @ The Skeptic
      There’s a “crappy end of the psychological stick”.

      Serotonin is a monamine neurotransmitter mainly found in the gastrointestinal tract. Well over 90% is in the gut, in enterochromaffin cells.
      Would it not seem to you that food has a great effect on that serotonin.
      For instance… there is a clear connection between gut flora and brain function. It is theorized and yet to be studied that gluten intolerance, GMO’d foods killing of gut flora, and an epidemic of Candida (yeast) are possible and probable causes of Bipolarism. As it is suspected that they cause a brain inflammation. Rightly so! i would say.

      Gliadin a food additive, put in nearly every processed food on the planet. Gliadin is an enzyme found in wheat, which causes one to crave more food, and enables one to eat 20% more food than without the additive (Gliadin)
      Gliadin works on the brain like a narcotic, it is quite similar in fact…Startling actually!
      Narcotics used on a prolonged basis cause psychosis and neurosis. Therefor if modern wheat is GMO’d to create more Gliadin in the product, prolonged use of that product would seem to result in…..I will leave it up to you to answer.
      Food is being made to be addictive.

      There is a clear connection between diet, organic diet, exercise, spiritual growth, genuine love, a sense of self worth and depression. One must be able to truly heal. Just because you medicate someone with a toxic medication, does not mean you can throw that individual back into the situation that cause the problem to begin. But that is being done to a majority of those treated. Cognitive therapy does exist in modern psychiatric treatment.

      Giving a highly additive medication to an alcoholic or depressive, is the same as putting a fire out by throwing gasoline on it.

      • Mary says:

        You are right. Diet is the first thing that should be considered. And avoiding aspartame is the main priority. It causes terrible mood disturbances, negativity, distrust in even the closest friends and family, feelings of suicide, on and on…..

  13. The Skeptic says:

    “alcoholics, and depressives,” and obviously bad spellers.

  14. Thank you for your continued affirmation of the myths around mental illness Jon. My own first hand experience with depression is no longer a mystery for me. The story of why or how the drugs help always had some hint of blind faith required by religion.

    A young man I’ve mentored has been drug fed since age 5. And he experiences so much inner turmoil in his struggle for acceptance. He knows the drugs combined impact keeps him weak. So I tried to motivate him by sharing the facts you present in these articles.

  15. […] RIP, psychiatry: the "chemical-imbalance" theory is dead. […]

  16. wallerya says:

    After years of researching all professions, both scientific and medicinal, I conclude we have been lied to just about everything, including political.
    Mankind is a lie in itself. They serve those with the dollar and notoriety, and the honest ones murdered or silenced.
    However did this planet ever become overrun by such evil?

    • theodorewesson says:

      I resonate to what you are saying. And, in response to your question, and in no way to sound glib, I feel that a key part of the “evil state of affairs” is due in a very, very major way to a “lack of imagination” and a “lack of poetic consciousness” on the part of those that are NOT inclided towards evil. This answer would need to be “unpacked”, of course. But, before it is unpacked, think of it or feel it as that of standing and then slowly walking barefoot on a beach — that is all small smooth stones that you feel upon your insteps with every step.

    • Amaterasu Solar says:

      Easy, wallerya. We adopted the practice of accounting for Our meaningful energy expended via exchange – which is both a tool and the soil in which the root of all evil grows. Money, the need to exchange to survive, gives power over Others and promotes the matriculation of the most ruthless (psychopathic) to the top.

      Today there are many psychopaths paying toadies to behave poorly with respect to the rest of Us.

      See the article I link to in the first comment here for a solution to this problem – and share the info widely.

    • Mary says:

      There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot. JFK ~ 7 days before his assassination.

      If you want to find out who rules over you, simply ask whom you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire

  17. ask? says:

    Thanks Jon, I try to inform people about the information I read regrading this topic & others.
    More are coming around I believe to the dangers of Pharma and the wacko’s that push for them.

  18. Interesting that!

    Of course you mentioned that the next “big lie” would have it on genetics and “predisposition to”. I have already, for a few years anyway, noticed that genetics is being blamed for a lot of perceived “faults” in human character. Now, the gene-sciences are rather astonishing and there is much to be gained from its genuine breakthroughs, but much of that science field is now also being polluted with clap-trap garbage! – What a shame!

    Though we have legitimate areas of scientific study, with established findings, these elite-ists always find a way to pollute them with some pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo that has very little basis in facts. Therefore, this makes it much harder for the average Joe to trust any future findings that may in fact be truthful. – Thus, we are in the times of confusion: Where we struggle to sort out truth from fiction, all thanks to the sheisters and quacks in our midst.

    Very good post, Jon!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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  20. Bozo says:

    I wonder if those who do get help from the medications do so because of belief (placebo affect) and not the drugs themselves? If this is true, they should just give everyone sugar pills and avoid the harm from the chemicals. This way they can have their evil profit and at least spare people the harm from the drugs.

  21. Guest says:

    So if mental illness doesn’t exist,how does one explain schizophrenia,clinical depression,narcissism,ect.,ect.How do you explain people that are totally out of touch with reality? (liberals) I’ve read this article and it says that bipolar disorder is BS,if that is the case,I wish the author would explain what parts of mental illness are real in his opinion.I’m constantly hearing that their is a “natural” cure to most afflictions,followed up with a video that tries to sell you these natural remedies,I call BS until I’m shown proof that what the author writes is true.

    • theodorewesson says:

      “Objectively speaking, mental illnesses and disorders do not exist. /// Officially, all mental disorders are said to be chemical imbalances in the brain. Not just any imbalances, but specific ones. This is assertion is unproven. There is no evidence for it. /// For example, for any of the 297 so-called mental disorders listed in the official publication of the American Psychiatric Association, there are no defining physical tests. No blood tests, no urine tests, no saliva tests, no laboratory tests of any kind. /// This is a fact.”


      People definitely have “mental” problems. This is a fact, too. For any one individual, the cause might be any number of things. A resposible “doctor” needs to, first, treat each person as an indiviadual, and then do a thurough diagnosis on that individual — while asking the patient lots of questions (but i believe that the allopathic system (which includes psychiatry) is not set up to do it that way).

      For example, is the person eating too much toxic food? Is he consuming too many beverages made with toxic water? Is he working in a Felt Hat factory? (Mecury exposure. Mad as a Hatter). When he fell off his motorcycle, did he injury his head?

      Never underestimate the power of chemical toxins (even low-level, long-term exposures) to mess with peoples’ “mental clarity”.

      Which “scientific, cause & effect” frame-of-reference gets more “patients” on the road to recovery faster? It’s not rocket science. It’s bacically common sense analysis. But, the vacuum created by that statement implies that there many allopaths out there operating on fraudulent level — which is very, very hard medicine to swallow.

      • Well,

        MOST of allopathy IS based on fraud!

        Naturopathy has worked for mankind for thousands of years! The big pharma industries can not patent natural medicine, so they helped craft and push “laws” that would establish their hegemony over medicine.

        The American Medical Association is nothing more than a private TRADE ASSOCIATION, whose original purpose was to protect the “profitability of allopathy”! This was actually stated in their original charter! – It was all to protect the profitability of a competing medical industry, allopathy – that is, the use of artificial drugs – which can at best “alleviate symptoms” but not actually heal or cure anything.

        Most of the early allopathic medical industry was heavily bankrolled by the Rockefeller Trusts, which also held controlling interests in the chemical industries; the very ones that were used to produce all those chemical drugs.


        Do you seriously think that any big-money-minded folk would ever want to spend eight to ten years of his life in medical school, along with about one or two years on internship, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on school expenses if he knew that most of his community was very healthy??? Do you SERIOUSLY think that billions-of-dollars-a-year profit margins are possible if that same industry was actually healing and curing people of any diseases???

        An industry only remains profitable if there is still a need for its products and services. The ONLY way that the medical and pharmacological industries are able to sustain their multi-billion-dollar-a-year profits, is to keep the population sick, and even try to get more of the population sick. It is referred to as “disease-management”. That is a very real term!

        Perhaps we should go to the system that the Chinese once had: You pay for a physician to help keep your family healthy. If someone in your family gets sick, the physician does NOT get paid until he successfully remedies the illness.

        Let’s face it! Today’s “modern medicine” is so corrupted and so fraudulent (when much of it began as a fraud), who in his right mind should dare to trust what the “doctor” says, when the “doctor” has only one thing on his mind: Big, fat PROFITS.

    • theodorewesson says:

      Harvard Says Fluoridated Water is Causing Cognitive Disorders

      Christina Sarich
      March 10, 2014

    • LynnieM says:

      All that anyone needs is an organic, GMO-free diet, a clean environment, and the ability to keep their body frequency at a high enough level that they maintain brain health and higher level of consciousness. Yes, “all”; I know this is almost impossible to attain today – but the powers that be know this, and attack us in these ways for this very reason.

      Look up this information. I think it will give you some answers, including most that do not require you to purchase anything other than clean food (and perhaps the supplements that might be necessary because even our clean food today is lacking the nutrition it SHOULD have).

    • DW says:

      For depression look up “default brain”. It seems that the brain sends you in a cycle of reexpirience of the reason for free time. You lost your relation, job= free time= ruminating the reason for this free time. And this is depression. The inability to shut off the negative thougths.
      Schizophrenia seems to be a form a brain damage, if it is anything. Alot of people who express their unhappy state in a negative way , without any brain damage, are also deemed schizophrenic.. In that way depression and schizophrenia are opposites. In the way the negative state is expressed. Also the most common hallucination in schiphrenic people is auditory. Recently there was recherche that proved that electromagnetic therapy used for tinnitus was able to cure “hearing voices”.The professor said the following; “It is strange, when we hear sounds that aren’t real we think of hearing disorder, when we hear voices we think of mental disorder.” I wonder how these things do not cause an big action against the most fraudent of sciences.

    • Mary says:

      Food poisoning. And I mean that not by spoiled or rotten foods but by chemicals that are added to all the food that humans create. Aspartame, MSG, food colorings, flavorings, preservatives, on and on…. Many of us are not able to deal with them. Some of us do just fine and then end up with cancer!

    • x says:

      That should read, etc., etc. (Etc. is an abbreviation for the Latin “et cetera”, meaning and so forth.

      Depressed people are not out of touch with reality, unless they are also having hallucinations. Depression is simply an emotional state, as being in love is an emotional state. Depression is not a disease. Yet millions are given drugs to “treat” depression, as if it were a disease

      People get depressed about phenomena in their environment. For example, some people might get depressed about those who get massive tattos or piercings. Or about the decrease in literacy.


  22. I can just imagine the backlash I’ll get for saying this, but I will say it anyways. Sometimes depression can be caused by demons.

    I tried many of the anti-depression meds out there, but nothing worked. Only when the depression demon was cast out of me,in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was I healed.

    Maybe there are others out there like me, who simply need a hefty dose of deliverance…

    • Amaterasu Solar says:

      While I respect Your beliefs, I am inclined to see issues as choices made. The choice of how We think about things affects how We feel, and that affects Our behavior. Your choice to think about things in terms of demons and protection affects how You think about things. This affects how You feel, moment to moment, and that affects Your choice of behaviors.

      Merely My perspective.

    • michael says:

      Ah! Now there is a perfectly novel idea. Treating a psychological response to the insanity of it all with a psychosis.

    • LynnieM says:

      Look into frequency manipulation, healing tones and aura cleansing. I am not saying I think you are incorrect – I find SOME relevance in this – but what I suggest can definitely help keep the aura less susceptible of attracting negative energies no matter what their origination.

      • Dreams Of Dunamis says:

        Hi LynnieM
        Frequency manipulation and healing tones sound interesting. Aura cleansing however, is something I would avoid at all costs…
        Blessings be upon you LynnieM

        • LynnieM says:

          I’m talking about real aura cleansing, not a sideshow. Not trying to be offensive here. I see your point. There is a definite difference between what I read at your link than what I am talking about. Most significantly, you do aura cleansing – correct aura cleansing – yourself. It is all related to activating the pineal gland in the brain, and activating the different chakras. You cleanse your chakra, which cleanses your aura, and in doing so you can change your energies. Nobody needs anyone else’s help for this though, and of course people should learn some about what they are doing before they do it. 🙂

    • I think “The Manufacture of Madness: A comparative study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement,” by Dr. Thomas Szasz would be of some interest to you.

      Until then, maybe you can convince the government to fund a few billion dollars worth of “research” and “clinical testing” to determine what a therapeutic dosage of Jesus’ name might be. How many milligrams of deliverance would be effective to “treat” this “illness?” I’m joking with you, but psychiatrists seriously do their so-called research on subjects just as ridiculous (oh, and the tax-payers foot the bill).

    • Mary says:

      Good for you. Healing ought to be a personal choice. Don’t forget to also eat ‘clean’. Avoid all food additives that Jesus would not recognize as ‘food’. Believe me, some of those things they put into our foods can make you see demons.

  23. Let’s face it: – If you think differently or behave outside of the “established norms”, you are “mentally ill” (according to the theory behind the DSM-V).

    Freudian Psychology was all based on the idea that we are all the same, and should think the same. Funny coincidence: “Dr.” Benjamin Spock thought that all children were the same too! He taught many pediatricians that very flawed “theory”.

    • Just a quick addition:

      I reblogged this post on my blog, AND – included a link to a very informative video on the subject of the cancer industry.

      So please see this as attempting to “spread the word, far and wide”.

      Please keep on rattling peoples’ cages with the resounding roar of truth!

      – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  24. Reblogged this on Through The Eyes of a Dragon and commented:
    Just thought about incorporating this blog post with a video link I had found a while back:
    * * *
    The medical malfeasance must be exposed for what it is; Its history, and its continuation of the fallacies of what constitutes “medicine”.
    Especially in today’s world, we need to seriously scrutinize ALL “laws”, policies, and edicts that attempt to completely outlaw the people’s choice of healing methods! Remember, just over a century ago, We – The People had a choice.

  25. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics.

  26. Roger Fuller says:

    March 10, 2014
    Dear Jon Rappoport:
    I believe chemical imbalances of human brain neurotransmitters are real, but they can only be found by autopsy. ( after the patient dies ). Since this cannot be done on a live patient in a psychiatist’s office; the test for a chemical imbalance is simply not done. So I say that the rest of what you say is true: the real test cannot be done, so the doctor makes a fake claim that there is a chemical imbalance, when no such test was ever done. When you rightly say that psychiatric drugs cause permanent brain damage; ( a fact that most people won’t face ), much of that brain damage is in the form of psychiatric drug induced chemical imbalances: Example: very low dopamine levels causing Parkinson’s Disease, caused by phenothiazines ; high Serotonin levels causing rage, caused by SSRI’s. Teams of advanced scientists, in major universities, looking at autopsy results found this out decades ago but the average patient is never diagnosed in a scientific way. The chemical imbalance claim is simple used by doctors who get drug company kickbacks, so they can push lots of drugs for drug companies, but there is another element: the evil people throughout our society who use the ” mental health system ” to simply get rid of anyone they don’t like. Those ” lock em up ” types are the other Ace in the Hole for drug companies and why the drug companies have been so successful for so long: 60 years this year.
    So to sum it up, Psychiatry’s reservoir of knowledge about brain disease is large and it good researchers have done good work; but over the past 60 years of the psychiatric drug growing epidemic, the whole psychiatric profession has done enormous harm because drug companies had a free hand to recklessly push drugs, with practically no government oversight or Public oversight. I’m not a fan of Psychiatry but I wanted to explain the problem as clearly as I know it.
    yours truly,
    Roger Fuller

  27. LynnieM says:

    What people – and even many physicians – fail to realize is that WE can make ourselves better, but since it is not in Big Pharma’s best interest that we do, we are prevented from doing so.

    All anyone needs – and I say “all” lightly, because if it was easy to attain we’d all be there – is CLEAN food, a CLEAN environment and – something that not many people understand – to be allowed to live in an environment of positive and correct FREQUENCIES. The powers that be understand this, and keep our food and environment not only dirty and poisonous, but attack with undetectable low frequencies that do everything from keep people in a state of depression, and from reaching higher, and more positive consciousness, to actually cause illness within their bodies and make us apathetic to the terrible things happening in the world around us.

    THIS is what anyone suffering from any kind of “off” mentality must realize, and then do their best to take control over. It’s not easy, either, because the cards are most definitely stacked against us to KEEP us sick.

    The best thing that anyone with “brain imbalance” can do is to correct themselves through organics, non-GMO foods, living in a clean surrounding and learning how to positively change themselves and increase both their brain health and their health overall with binaural frequencies and solfeggio frequencies.

    Look it up and give it a try. There are THOUSANDS of free audios on YouTube. Try it, and many of you will not believe at first the difference it can make in just 10 minutes.

    • Amaterasu Solar says:

      If a solution were to be offered, and the awareness of that solution were to propagate such that it reached the tipping point, do You think We could implement it? I suggest that We can end the motive for this behavior in Our society.

      Please read the links offered in the first reply here. Also, spread the information You read if You see value in Humans on this planet discussing what is offered.

    • Mary says:

      You are so right! Please let people know if they are not willing to avoid much in their diet, to just avoid aspartame. It is so highly toxic to a healthy mental outlook on life. Avoid aspartame for just one week creates a completely different world in you.

    • Steven Fecser says:

      binaural beats are very powerful. I listen to them every day.

  28. […] By Jon Rappoport | Jon Rappoports Blog […]

  29. […] RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead […]

  30. Big pharma will fight tooth and nails to discredit this doctor […]

  31. […] via RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead. […]

  32. Altostrata says:

    Ron PIes is still saying psychiatry was framed with this stupidity — by “anti-psychiatry”!! He’s published a half-dozen articles on this theme. I guess he believes if you repeat a revisionist construction often enough, it becomes the truth.

  33. action bronsolino says:

    To write that article without even mentioning the name of Dr. Thomas Szasz is loose scholarship (or worse). Haven’t enough people made careers of stealing his ideas and passing them off as their own? In any case, they aren’t able to state them as poignantly or as eloquently as he did. Everything you said was true (except for the drugs “inducing” violence), but it seems to me that you should give Szasz credit (or at least make one mention of his name) next time. Thank you.

  34. keep up the good work, by the way

  35. jonnnyfive says:

    I’ve always fought with depression & anxiety throughout my whole life. I’ve never believed the cure all lied within pills that were prescribed to me. I looked at all the people around me that were diagnosed as clinically depressed or bipolar and what these medications did to them and I never wanted a part of it. Doctors practice medicine. They don’t know everything. A lot of times they have no clue how these medicines will interact with other drugs until there are verified cases. I don’t want to be a test dummy. I figure the best way to fight chemical imbalances is exercise, diet, knowledge & the motivation not to be a sheep.

  36. Vicky Jo says:

    I don’t have any problem with challenging psychiatry as an overall profession; however, I do know one Jungian psychiatrist who is doing brilliant work in the world, and I’m unwilling to tar him with the same brush that your criticism takes aim at. Yes, he can prescribe drugs, but only does so as a temporary measure before starting to look at the underlying issues and treat those — in this case, by studying a person’s dreams. That’s dramatically different from what most psychiatrists do, but there ya go.

    Accordingly, I’m uncomfortable blasting ALL psychiatrists, because all psychiatrists are not the same. And by taking unilateral aim at the profession overall without recognizing the hold-outs who are making valuable contributions, I confess your post reads a bit like the hysterical scientologists I run into all the time in Hollywood who are anti-psychiatry purely on ideological grounds… Yet judging by your credentials, I don’t think that describes who you really are. Therefore, I wish there were more moderation and balance in your article to account for those psychiatrists who don’t take the approach you are criticizing.

    Where are their voices? With a little more gray and a bit less black-and-white, the criticism would be more credible — at least to me. Having said that, I appreciate your using the bullhorn to debunk what has long been a bad idea, so thank you for that contribution. 🙂

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