Will healthy food crops go extinct?

Will healthy food crops go extinct?

By Jon Rappoport

March 12, 2014


A new US survey highlights the ominous “gene drift” problem, the contamination of organic food crops by GMOs from other farms.

This is not a new situation. It has been present since the introduction of commercial GMO crops in 1996.

The survey was conducted by two groups: Food and Water Watch, and Organic Farmers’ Agency for Relationship Marketing (on Facebook). Questionnaires were sent out to 1500 organic grain farmers. From the 268 responses, a key factor emerged:

One out of three responding farmers have dealt with GMO contamination on their farms. Of those contaminated farmers, over half have been rejected by their [organic] buyers for that reason. They [the farmers] reported a median cost of a [rejected] semi-load (approximately 1,000 bushels) of $4,500.”

Contamination is accomplished by insects, birds, and wind. It’s a fact of life. It can’t be avoided, despite establishing buffer zones between farms.

In the long run, every healthy food crop is threatened. How can pure farming survive intact, when particles containing GMOs are in the wind?

We’re looking at something roughly analogous to lab safety, where contamination is famous. Stricter and stricter measures are put in place to avoid it, but even in the most secure facilities, it occurs.

For the past decade, in the US, major activism has been directed toward the labeling of food containing GMOs. It has been an uphill battle. Meanwhile, the gene drift continues.

At what point will labeling become an empty gesture, because the overwhelming majority of food grown in the US, including organic, is contaminated with GMOs?

Facing up to this is difficult, to say the least, for those activists who have been working themselves to the bone to achieve labeling of GMO crops.

They make an assumption of what I call temporary coexistence. The argument goes this way:

We’ll use the battle to label GMOs as step one, which involves educating the public and acquiring a few victories in states. Soon, hundreds of thousands or millions more Americans, who are able to see, finally, what kind of food they’re buying, will reject GMOs. Food growers and sellers will be forced to switch over to non-GMO. This action will starve Monsanto and other food giants, and they’ll have to concede defeat…”

That’s the best-case scenario. Ignoring several questionable assumptions in that argument, the long haul to achieve a few labeling victories will compete with gene drift, which goes on no matter who wins or loses.

You can be sure Monsanto is counting on this. Monsanto sees a fait accompli. “Doesn’t matter what you people want, we’re all GMO now, all food crops contain GMOs, the gene drift wins.”

Activism took an inadvisable turn in the road some years ago. It opted for labeling, instead of outright bans on growing GMO crops.

Activist leaders decided coexistence with Monsanto was unavoidable—at least for the time being.

The result of that decision was available, for all to see, in the nature of the television ads taken out in California and Washington state, during the campaigns to pass labeling initiatives.

The ads were weak, bland, and without anything resembling a hard edge. Attacking Monsanto head-on was out of the question.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again—being on the side of the angels in a political battle doesn’t guarantee victory. That’s a brand of New Age thinking that will take you into extinction.

Exit From the Matrix

To achieve bans on growing GMO crops depends on showing people the true threat GMOs and Monsanto pose to: human health, the survival of non-corporate farmers, and the future of agriculture (and therefore life) itself.

In other words, you have to attack, no holds barred.

If the public feels no threat in their guts, they will walk away from the whole situation.

And again, most importantly, the gene drift isn’t waiting for a political vote on a ballot measure.

The US still leads the world in GM plantings, with 170 million acres in 2012, which produce 95% of the nation’s sugar beets, 94% of the soybeans, 90% of the cotton and 88% of the feed corn.” (USA Today, 2/28/12)

Think of that acreage as a weapon. It launches genes to organic farms, to non-GMO farms.

Monsanto is fully aware of this.

We’re past the point of arguing labeling vs. outright bans on growing GMOs.

Those men who have been leading and bankrolling the battle to label GMOs are businessmen. They see market forces, PR, consumer power, buying trends. They try to apply that knowledge and mindset to a political struggle. It doesn’t work.

And it certainly doesn’t factor in the rates and results of Monsanto genes drifting on the wind all across America, contaminating food on the land.

The counter-plan is simple and obvious:

For starters, at a fraction of the cost of bankrolling GMO labeling initiatives, engage fearless, talented, ingenious artists and filmmakers who absolutely take no prisoners.

Within several months, spread their new ads all over the Net. All over the planet.

These attack ads feature small farmers who have been put out of business by Monsanto and driven up against the wall, families of farmers who committed suicide, outraged mothers with their babies who are destined to grow up in a toxic Monsanto world, scientists who are ready to torpedo Monsanto with the facts about GMOs, terminally corrupt Congressmen who are on Monsanto’s pad

I’m talking about ads that are in your face, in your mind, in your soul. Ads that mock, that destroy, that rip open the truth and expose a nest of scrambling maggots.

Mercilessly go for the throat. Day by day, hour by hour. Attack the enemy.

Law suits mounted by Monsanto?



Make a public non-stop spectacle of those law suits.

I know several stone-cold lawyers who would love to bring Monsanto executives and scientists to a deposition table, uncovering decades of corruption and driving the enemy to a Hell beyond his wildest dreams.

After six months, the idea of banning GMO crops will start to look very good, like a very, very sane action.

Do we want to win? Or be nice, and lose?

In this kind of battle, being nice is nothing more and nothing less than living in a trance. It’s a form of mind control.

Stop thinking of the war as fanning a small spark through polite education, and trying to make it spread.

Stop thinking of the public as a mass of politically correct cowards who have to be coddled and led through hoops, one at a time.

Stop thinking of the war against Monsanto and its allies as a consumer joust in the free market.

Anyone out there with a few deep pockets and an appetite for causing a very good kind of trouble should take note.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

23 comments on “Will healthy food crops go extinct?

  1. paschn says:

    From the get go it was rather silly to waste time/resources to just force the Synagogue to label. More telling is the fact that here, in the “enlightened” U.S. our “benevolent leaders” didn’t simply say “no more, Europe has banned it, India has banned it, we too are banning it”. Sadly, in this country when whores are bought, you buy them for keeps. Still, far too many refuse to accept the obvious FACT that this government is beyond correcting. We are a co-opted people, sold out to foreign nations to the point of being killed by them with immunity. whether rapidly or slowly through GMO poisoning. An honorable governing body would have rapidly seen how the dangers had been hidden, (and by whom), taken those involved, (whether G.O’s or corporate vampires), into custody, literally tried them for crimes against humanity and dealt with them as rapidly as they did the poor idiot McVeigh. Their poisoning of our planet, theft of property/livelihood in multiple nations more than warrants it. Here, however, murderers/thieves and traitors aren’t dealt with, they’re lauded as giants of industry.

  2. Hackler, Tom says:

    Awesome article

  3. Great post, once again. Thank you for all of your effort to educate the population on such important issues. Peace.

  4. David Marino says:

    “These attack ads feature small farmers who have been put out of business by Monsanto and driven up against the wall, families of farmers who committed suicide, outraged mothers with their babies who are destined to grow up in a toxic Monsanto world…” Add South American mothers with children who have severe birth defects as a result of their father’s use of Round-up on the fields at home. This is real. I lived there in a valley where almost every morning the farmer’s would have their backpack sprayer (often leaking) on and spraying away.

  5. I appreciate the Eurocentric sentiment, but ancestral genetic American native species that have not been crossbred with GMOs do exist and it is imperative that we protect them. If it weren’t for the tribes, ignored in this blog, none of you would be eating. No, coexistence is not acceptable now, nor ever, I turn my back on your futile attempts at forced assimilation and choose instead to decolonize my life and my diet. Leaders in ancestral native species seeds are the “White Corn Project” started by John Mohawk and the “White Earth project” started by Winona LaDuke…For our next seven generations….

    • molecule says:

      Hi Valerie — I’d like to investigate your thinking some more. I was told by a shaman with whom I studied for three years, and for whom I have the greatest respect, that the Mohicans gave the settlers corn, with the intention of poisoning them, with the intention of making these interloping disease ridden creeps go away, as one would poison a parasite in the gut to make it go away.

      Ancient maize, or certainly pre-GMO “feed corn,” was never considered by the Indians to be a food. At best it was a soil fertilizer. They observed that in nature, no wild animal, given free choice, ever eats that s**t. They may nibble a sprout top in spring, but never the grain. The only things that eat corn are worms. Indians observed this and understood this. The men of those few tribes who relied mostly on maize, eventually turned into cowards and their cultures were either destroyed or enslaved. Even then they survived only after hours and hours of actual (not virtual) physical pounding of the grain, with salt, before consuming it. This goes deep into ayurvedic stuff, but the pounding literally beat the some of the poison out of the grain and grounded it into the stone mortar.

      We are totally misled about surviving Indian culture. Many many fakes are pushed out front and sponsored by the Monsanto-Black Guelph-Gladio-Pentagon crowd. These fakers are unable to speak the original language, which was far more advanced and poetially far more complex than modern English, and even German. In fact, it may have been more complex than the modern corn-fed brain can handle. The fakes are dressed up to dance in parades and public squares, chanting the ooogha boogha. It’s a Hollywood put down. In point of fact, the tribes who were forced by European oppression to rely on maize, survived only by heavy physical pounding on earth connected stones, and they were still not strong enough to protect and carry forward their cultures. This is not because of the cowardice and weakness of their men and women, or of their cultures. It is due to the inherent pre-GMO poisons within one of their primary foods, maize. (Be assured Monsanto knows that. They also know that their GMO makes it worse!!) The invading demons of the European culture allowed the conquered and depopulated tribes to consume maize, because the demons recognized that in the spiritual realms, even after pounding on stone, maize represents a spiritual process whereby strength will be diluted.

      The Eurocentric agricultural “products” to be avoided at all costs, GMO or not, are (a) corn — no wild animal with free choice in nature ever eats it, the coastal tribes fermented it with fish and seaweeds to produce their soil fertilizer; (b) soy — again the same thing, the ancient Chinese used it only as a soil fertilizer, much as Indians used maize, (c) cotton and tobacco — they are improper substitues for hemp, and (d) refined sugars and alcohols. I’m still not decided on the raw juices of cane (grown above ground with air and light) versus beet sugar (below below ground with water and darkness), so I lump all sugars together.

      It is nice to be romantic about the lost tribes and their cultures. But one must also be dispassionate when observing the destiny of cultures who include maize, soy, cotton, tobacco, sugar, in their diets. The spiritual forces behind Monsanto know that if a population can be forced to consume maize, soy, cotton, tobacco and/or sugar, it will eventually [be] exterminated.

      • theodorewesson says:

        Molecule, you are simply on fire! Thank you so much for these insights! This comment of yours opens up a whole new avenue of research for me — along many different avenues. I also like how you get down to brass tacks with attitude and poetic consciousness.

        “corn — no wild animal with free choice in nature ever eats it.” I NEVER knew that basic knowledge. Having been a suburban/city slicker my whole life, I am now even more committed to learning about farming and animal husbandry, and, real Indian history, and real history in general.


        Speaking of real history, just to digress a bit, and, in no way to conflate with anything you said, but I recently read about…

        A) a ‘war of 1812’ skrimish. The brits in the pending skirmish where lined up — to begin a seige on a fort, and, had more force in numbers and firepower. The general of the brits sent an unarmerd soldier to deliver a hand-written message — met half way on the battlefield by an unarmed US soldier. The letter basically said, if you do not surrender the fort now (wherein we spare your lives) and you let this battle go forward, then not only will my british soldiers take your fort (and some of you will be killed in the process), but, ‘well, see, I also have these here regiment of Indians will me, and well, see, I can can not be responsible for what my regiment of Indians (savages) will do to you (implying in the letter that the Indians have a fierce take-no-prisoners attitude and will act accordingly, meaning you will meet your death, EVERYONE LAST ONE OF YOU).

        B) in one revolutionary war battle, a written order from a britsh field officer to a lieutenant to ‘burn down the village and poisen the well water with lead’.


        It is this comment of your about food that gives me an big energy jolt to want to learn even more about water and food and spirit. Just like the big energy jolt I get from reading military history. Exciting!

        “…the Mohicans gave the settlers corn, with the intention of poisoning them, with the intention of making these interloping disease ridden creeps go away, as one would poison a parasite in the gut to make it go away.” — Molecule

        • theodorewesson says:

          The other thing that i wanted to add is that i enjoy “health and wellness” radio shows because there is always a nugget I get out of the show, but the pet peeve that I have with most of them is the ‘very science-y droning-on type explainations’ of why such-and-such a nutrient works… this puts me to sleep. The ‘inside baseball’ explanations of what the double-blind study researchers found.

      • Well Molecule, when you cite your argument from peer reviewed Indigenous Native scholars, instead of your “shaman” expert on Mohican history, and maybe throw in a little science citations from the National Science Foundation, your “Romantic Indian” theory might have weight behind it. But since there are several species of corn ancestries grown by thousands of tribes of the Americas, not just “Mohican maize”, including tens of thousands of years of corn oral histories, besides your shaman friend’s, (DNA proves this) you might be interested in how important corn was to many tribes including the Haudenosaunee. The major point you miss about corn worms in Indigenous cultures, is that Tribes live reciprocally. The Eurocentric world view of “pests” do not apply to Tribes. If corn was not considered food, then why would the grass teosinte be selectively bred into maize? Why would corn, tobacco, potatoes, peppers, and more be traded across the Americas, to feed worms? If you truly are interested in the truth about native plant species, their importance in ecosystem services communities, the Tribes, and how sustainable land management practices by Indigenous American’s surpassed any corporation for over 250, 000 years, I would be glad to give you a list of reputable scholarly literature and research….In fact, here is a start…

        National Science Foundation (NSF) 2005 Indigenous Farmers Bred the Plant for
        Hardiness and Better Food Quality Scientists Trace Corn Ancestry from Ancient Grass to Modern Crop Press Release 05-088

        John Mohawk, Winona LaDuke, Don Grinde, E. Barrie Kavasch, F.W. Waugh, Arthur C. Parker, Ted Williams, Vine Deloria, Oren, Lyons, David E. Wilkins, James, Macauley (1839), Fikret Berkes, Charles R. Menzies, Alison Hope Alkon, Gretchen C. Daily, C.A. Bowers, Steve Newcomb, and so many many more.

        I am so discouraged that your “shaman” whitewashed Indian hating story is seen as reputable. Just the fact that a “man”, can say he talked to an Indian, therefore every word he speaks is fact, about America’s Native American history, proves what James Loewen writes in “lies my teacher told me”, “Historically, American Indians have been the most lied-about subset of our population” ~James Loewen~

        • molecule says:

          Well Valerie, I do not impugn the 16 century Indian tribes. Let me first say that some of us are aware that a poor choice of food can change our emotional and spiritual outlooks and our intellectual capacities. And even our DNA as well. If you are free to observe the danger of this seizure of our future food supply by corporations, then, I might suggest that, to the contrary of your delicately spun ad hominem, maize and its brethren are known to foster in humans, a perpetuate a state of political victimhood. The essence of the corporate danger to our spiritual dignity ultimately gets down to corporate control of our food. Poor food choices can affect our ability to muster our spiritual powers. Maize and its similar corporate farm products are known to foster in humans (to all who will open their eyes and see, by direct observation and open critical thinking) a dilution or weakening of spiritual awareness and sovereignty. If you can see that there are foods amongst us that tend to foster a negative spiral, then …

          Over the years, I may have heard some of the doubtless “big names” you mention, on MSM, and NPR, and on History/Discovery channels, etc. Not only is everything on the MSM and its peripheral adjuncts to be considered as an absolute fraud but I immediately spotted the so-called self-represented true Indian guests as political phoneys. Opportunistic gag men. It’s only a shallow and greasy intellect that proposes that tribal leaders grabbing money is justification for media fraud. They want their nations back with reparations, so they can build banks, with houses for gambling, money laundering, prostitution, child and drugs trafficking. In reality, these phoneys trade the dignity of their claimed ancestors for a handful of pottery chards, otherwise known as FRNs, which are themselves the essence of yet another form of debt fraud. They want the dignity of their ancestors, and so they join in secret brotherhood with Bush and Abramhof. The crude sets of “Indian talents” that the corporate media allows them to put on display is an insult to the dignity and honesty and integrity, more importantly, the higher intellectual and linguistic talents, of every 16th century Indian. I had studied the Algonquin languages in the 70s, and the clowns representing the nations that I heard were mass media fraudsters through and through. Back when library shelves were open to the public, I had come across some books from the early 1800s, which detailed the languages. Their grammatical structures, with complex declinations of nouns and tenses of verbs etc., were at least as highly evolved as Latin. The media shills that I saw did not have any of that grammatical discipline in the thought structures that came from their minds.

          You mention the National Science Foundation. It, and its shadow organization, the National Institutes of Health, are both a fraud. They were both created by corporations, for the benefit corporations, and for no one else. They are so thoroughly “federally funded” (meaning funded with approval by corporate lobbying), it amazes and saddens me, that anyone would believe anything that comes from the mouths of their corporate chosen mouthpieces. Let me put it this way, their leaders are not locally elected.

          For example, you cite a completely hilarious MSM press release, “Indigenous Farmers Bred the Plant for Hardiness and Better Food Quality[;] Scientists Trace Corn Ancestry from Ancient Grass to Modern Crop.” I’m writing actually, because the fraud of this “scientific” claim can be immediately debunked by a little critical thinking. Let’s assume that by indigenous farmers, the NSF media fraudsters intend for us to believe they are true descendants of a 16th century Indian tribe. OK, so 16th century Indian tribes had glasshouses and plastic bags, so that they could carefully breed their maize plants for hardiness (ahh, yes, the smell of future corporate profits?) and for food quality (ahh, yes, but what quality … tending to produce a mindstate of slavery and perpetual victimhood, or personal dignity and national sovereignty?). Or course, 16th century indigenous farmers didn’t have glasshouses and plastic bags. I proposed that distraction as a reason. OK, so let’s say they used critical observation, and selective breeding. Ah hah! But, wait. I proposed that as a lie as well. Or as a lie by half truth anyway.

          But, if these 16th century indigenous survivalists didn’t use plastic bags and selective breeding, then how did they “breed” their truly amazing maize.

          We have to back up a bit. DNA is a BIG LIE. There is no such thing as DNA! DNA does not exist. It is 100% big lie, because it is 50% half truth. The big lie about DNA, i.e. the part about DNA that is intentionally hidden from view by the corporate scientists at the NSF, is that DNA is created and changed by the environment, every minute, by every thought even. The NSF media liars want us to look at 1% of the DNA strands, and they say, look, this part never changes. They claim to have discovered the great fixitude. They want us to ignore the changes, which they observe and know about, in the remaining 99% of the strands. But wait. The corporate scientists at the NSF are not done lying to us. In the next sentence, they reluctantly admit, carefully hidden in obscure footnotes, that environmental factors can change even the 1% that they claim never changes. Because of the NSF, everything that you have been taught to believe about science is a corporate funded, corporate sponsored, BIG LIE. Everything from the NSF, and the NIH as well, is carefully designed, corporate sponsored, political fraud!

          Here’s the truth Valeria. We know that the corporate-selected and NSF-vetted “indigenous farmers” (implying populations with the dignity of 16th century Indians) did not breed plants for hardiness and food quality. Because unlike the vast stupidity of the worm infested brains of today’s maize-fed populations, the antients were smart enough to know that a plant’s characteristics (which we now think our corporate sponsored scientists can know through the great scientific fixitude of 1% of the DNA) are NOT determined plant to plant. The antients knew that a plant’s characteristics are determined by the quality and abundance of life in the soil. They knew that a plant grown in good soil, will have better “DNA.” (Using since you believe in the true science of DNA, the unseen predicates of which I assure you again are pure corporate big lie.) The antients knew that if you take that same plant (that same DNA in your mindset) and you put it into a dead soil, by the seventh day, you will get a completely different plant, in terms of bulk yield (now directly equated with corporation profits) and nutritional value (now inversely equated with corporation profits).

          Here’s the truth. The DNA in a plant is created by the fungus in the soil. Change the life in the soil, change the DNA of the plant. (If you believe in the great scientific truth of DNA, which I don’t.) As Pasteur said on his death bed, the environment is everything. The DNA is nothing. It is but a snapshot of a momentary apparition. This momentary snapshot of a plant is created by the environment and by the soil, much as the momentary DNA of our bodies is created by our thoughts, our prayers, our choices in food and environment, and our honesty, … I may as well add that plants have more consciousness and more righteousness than any animal, including humans. We were created by the plants. And the fungus in the soil has vastly more consciousness and righteousness than do the plants. Because they were created by the fungus.

          I’ll close by saying this. We are a part of evolution. And, the terrain of evolution is a pleomorphic domain. The true name of the true creator of all things, from the galaxies, to vast electrical fields, to a periodic table of the elements, to the platonic solids, and the harmonies and proportionalities that bring joy, truth and happiness into this moment of illusion called the temporary world is … the Fungus Humongous. He (monaceous), the Fungus Humongus, has a Son. The name of this junior fungus is … the Fungus Amongus. The Fungus Amongus is in the soils, and in the oceans and in the air, and it is in the fungus in our guts. They are all one and the same entity. Disrespect one, and the others will respond pleomorphically. This Fungus Amongus is vastly more intelligent than we are. It creates our DNA on the fly. And it does so in a well regulated, self correcting, pleomorphic manner. That means that the spiritual white worms of the bad food choices that we make, or that are foisted upo us (such as maize) are in the food itself. That is, IMHO, why the corporations have chosen to push the white worms of maize into the livers of populations that have been targeted for political victimhood and economic oppression. 16th century Indians did not have 1,000,000 acres of maize monoculture, with carefully “bred” maize selected for hardiness and nutrition. The spiritual white worm of poor food choices has so sucked out the spirit of its consumers, that they are ready to blindly accept, the wild proclaimations, through carefully selected “leaders,” who have been thoroughly vetted out by the corporate media, who claim they are the true resurrection of10% of the rare DNA fixitudes of 16th century tribal leaders, with not even one-tenth the intelligence or language skills of their ancestors, that have a duty to reclaim the righteousness of their ancestors, by doing what? … by getting federal approval (meaning. corporate approval) for conversion of their nations into gambling casinos. These schills do nothing but trade the honesty and dignity of the ancient Indian populations, so that Bush and Abramov and company can toy with their corporate pride: money laundering, drug running, child trafficking and prostitution. These carefully vetted millionaires use the poverty of others as their smokescreen. They have no dignity at all.

          You are right about one thing. Lies are still be being told on the Indian nations. Big Lies. Let’s start with the carefully crafted lies hidden within the predicates of the Press Release you cited.

          Start with what the ancients knew … change the soil, change the DNA. Start from there. Every “little truth” that has been pushed on us, by the millionaires, the corporate schills and their media resurrected “tribal leaders” claiming 10% of the DNA fixitude of a true 16th century leader, has been used to hide a bigger lie. Every “little truth” that you’ve been pushed by the corporate fronts known as the NSF and NIH, for example, about the great fixitude of 1% of the DNA of anything, has used to hide a bigger lie. They are experts at deception by omission and half truth.

          Sorry for the long reply. The lies of modern scientific fixitudes are so big, they are almost impossible to address.


          • paschnn1 says:

            Actually, I apply what I like to call the “faith rule”. Judging from the reprehensible way our “scientific fixitudes” of the past have ruined our earth/lives…. I have faith they are sub-human lying swine and are incapable of telling an unsullied truth. A nice accurate way to address the filth and their owners.

        • OzzieThinker says:

          …..and that is why the “devil is in the detail” 🙂

      • OzzieThinker says:

        I missed this comment. Thank you for the information. I need to research this more deeply.

  6. OzzieThinker says:

    This has always been the issue, Jon. However I would not worry about it too much. The science bigots cannot comprehend the power of DNA because they do not know what it is. Sure, they label cultures in test tubes and “sound” professional…….but,

    There is about to be a big change which will make a lot of stuff irrelevant.

  7. .i agree wholeheartedly..besides all labeling initiatives contain so many loopholes,rendering them totally worthless.

  8. jjsanto1962 says:

    “The ads were weak, bland, and without anything resembling a hard edge. Attacking Monsanto head-on was out of the question.”

    One would have to ask themselves why they would use our donations to create such ineffectual, advertising opposition? Every day for the past two weeks I have been getting my inbox flooded with pleas for more money to “defeat Monsanto”. If only I would send just 35 dollars we could defeat Monsanto!

    This is what I am coming to realize, all charities and research groups really do nothing to change the status quo. They collect copious amounts of money from their constituents yet somehow fail to achieve our collective goals. Year after year after year of throwing paper and coin at profound social issues I have found that nothing changes. Nothing. At this point my radar has gone far above the chaos and incessant drama here on Earth and I am attuned to the reality that no one really wants change. If they did they would have stopped legitimizing the mafia industries and institutions by challenging them to litigious duels therefore securing their illegitimate positions of authority and power.
    We don’t call things by their true and inherent values and herein lies the deeper issue of fomenting real change.

    The challenge is not to ‘label’ life destroying industries but to stop investing in it’s legitimacy with our paper and coin.

    To my observant and measured eye, there appears to be a blatant disregard for human life by those who defile the sanctity thereof ,and, equally by those who oppose the defilers.
    It is very possible that we are being scammed all the way around.

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