Disease hoax, disease game

Disease hoax, disease game

by Jon Rappoport

March 17, 2014


At Gilead Sciences, they’re popping champagne corks. They’ve got a blockbuster drug, a once in a lifetime winner, Sovaldi. As FiercePharma reports:

With a revolutionary approach to hepatitis C and a price tag of $84,000 per 12-week treatment course, analysts expected big sales from Gilead’s Sovaldi. Some even forecast it would reach $9 billion or more by 2017, at which level it would surpass Pfizer’s Lipitor to take the crown for biggest-selling drug of all time. But none expected the exponential growth the drug is posting right now…”

A drug for hepatitis C. What a drug, what a price. $84,000 for 12 weeks of treatment.

So…what is hepatitis C?

Back in the day, there was one US mainstream reporter who wrote unflinchingly about medical matters. The late Nick Regush, at ABC News. He had serious questions about hepatitis C. In his weekly column, he wrote:

Consider this a challenge in progress. This scientific adventure raises the question of whether the hepatitis C virus, blamed for a major silent epidemic of liver disease and even cancer, actually exists. That’s right. You read this correctly: I am raising a question that may disturb scientists and hepatitis C patients alike. But I’m raising it anyway because it is vital to do so in the interests of public health. I’m issuing a challenge to the scientific community to present me with the published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that such a virus actually exists— namely that it has been properly isolated, according to accepted, fundamental principles of virology.”

If the medical community decides a particular disease exists, then they are also saying there is a particular germ that causes it.

Regush was challenging the medical community to offer proof that the hepatitis C virus exists.

Regush pulled no punches: “Thus far, I should tell you, I’m underwhelmed by the evidence for the existence of such a virus… I’ve decided to offer those who believe the science supporting the virus is adequate the opportunity to educate me on the subject…You can do this by providing me with key references for proof that hepatitis C virus is real and not some meaningless biotech concoction posing as a real virus. I plan to ignore any speculative theories, pole-vaults in reaching conclusions and the usual harangues from the medical and scientific community about the stupidity and irresponsibility of journalists.”

Regush provides background: “In 1987, a scientific research team went on the hunt for a virus to explain liver disease linked to what was then called non-A non-B hepatitis. The team, including scientists from the CDC, Chiron Corp. and others, claimed to have detected HCV [hepatitis C virus].”

Then Regush applies the real daggers:

“But to this day, no one has ever been able to isolate such a virus in an intact form, nor has anyone been able to grow it in a culture. And no one has been able to fish out such a virus, purify it (meaning separate it from a cell), inject it into an animal and cause hepatitis. No one has ever been able to document, according to basic long-held standards of virology, that such a proposed virus is infectious. No one.

From the beginning, the researchers presumed too much in making their claim. They began by injecting blood from hepatitis patients into chimps. In half of the animals, they noted signs of infection in the form of a biological marker of hepatitis called alanine aminotransferase. The injected blood, however, did not cause hepatitis [disease]. That should have been a big red flag. The marker they detected may have had nothing to do with a virus. In any case, the scientists began fishing in liver tissue to find one.

What they found, with the use of high-tech amplification tools, was essentially a small piece of genetic information (encoded in ribonucleic acid, or RNA). On the basis of tests to reconstruct pieces of what they believed was a virus, they presumed that this bit of RNA was foreign and viral — even though they had no basic evidence that their ‘catch’ behaved like a virus. [And they could take pictures of this unidentified material with an electron microscope and publish them, calling them ‘the hepatitis C virus.’]

But never mind. Just clone the pieces of genetic information; work out the genetic sequences; using indirect methods, generate proteins presumably coming from a virus’s genetic code; create an antibody test against this genetic information; test many patients who turn out to be positive against this genetic information — and lo and behold, you have an epidemic.”

The Matrix Revealed

Regush challenged researchers to come forward and debate him, publicly, on the question of whether the hepatitis C virus actually exists. To my knowledge, no one did.

Instead, Regush received a flood of letters from hepatitis C patients and groups. Many of these letters attacked him, and he even received death threats.

But, no problem. Hepatitis C and its virus exist merely because the medical cartel says they do, and they just keep driving their steamroller over doubts and questions.

And Sovaldi, the latest and greatest drug for treating hepatitis C, is a $$ blockbuster for the ages.

Invent a disease for which there is no convincing proof, label it with a name, develop a drug to treat it, and make billions.

Yes, there are millions of people with liver problems. But that in itself is no proof that the hepatitis C virus exists.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

25 comments on “Disease hoax, disease game

  1. sylphsandcloudships says:

    Thank you for bringing this to light! As always, fascinating blog! Thanks! Jeanne

  2. brusplace says:

    Com-premise the overall health of the organism thru denatured foods, pollutants, drugs, chemical additives, toxins, bad water,fear, and polluted air, and what happens? Many profit potential conditions arise as a result. The human body is a wonderful healing machine, but it can only take so much.

    Are we blind to this sequence or what?

    Is greed such an enticing mindset , that we will abandon all human considerations to follow it?

    And now the shift of focus to health care, instead of maintaining health. We are now expected to accept health problems instead of maintaining health.

    We don’t need to buy into this ethic unless we chose. We can turn it around, and go for the light. We are capable of a much higher and brighter future.

  3. sunsine says:

    […] how do you explain all the people dying from liver failure with viral loads in the millions[?] [T]his drug […] is clearing people who should be dead.

    • Tectonic Taniwha says:

      My father was offered treatment years ago to clear his hep c, he believed in the fairy tale of it being a fake disease and now has weeks to live when he should have had another 15 to 20 years!

  4. […] example, in my last article about hepatitis C, I mentioned Nick Regush, the late ABC News medical reporter, and his discovery that the so-called […]

  5. THANK YOU very much!

    Now if only articles like this one, AND the aforementioned challenge issued by the late Mr. Regush would make it main-stream, BIG TIME, maybe we can really start pulling apart the great medical myths of “today’s medicine”.

    Ya just gotta hope.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • Susan says:


      [I contend that what you are saying is not true. And that you are putting people’s lives in danger by writing what you write.]

      • OzzieThinker says:

        Is this a “joke” or [a] troll?

        Wikipedia demonstrates how dangerous scientists are at affirming ignorance. Wikipedia confirms hep C is a ‘label’ designated to Jon’s,

        “What they found, with the use of high-tech amplification tools, was essentially a small piece of genetic information (encoded in ribonucleic acid, or RNA). On the basis of tests to reconstruct pieces of what they believed was a virus, they presumed that this bit of RNA was foreign and viral — even though they had no basic evidence that their ‘catch’ behaved like a virus. [And they could take pictures of this unidentified material with an electron microscope and publish them, calling them ‘the hepatitis C virus.’]

      • Paul Fassa says:

        I was diagnosed with hep C a decade and a half ago. I avoided interferon and processed foods, alcohol, etc while taking herbal remedies and my health improved. My liver enzyme count is now int the normal range. Meanwhile, a gal I knew who didn’t clean up her act and kept drinking wine “socially” went on inteferon and got worse. She needed a cane to get around last I saw her. Are you trolling out of ignorance or are you a pharma shill? Others have questioned the validity of Big Pharma’s virus find. Oh, right. You’re a wiki fan – just one step from “Quackbusters” screaming shillery!!!

  6. Paul Fassa says:

    I think Chiron is the company that had developed the Hep C blood test – using only markers and genetic reverse engineering to put people into needing expensive treatments. Of course, they never met the virology standards expressed by Regush. This is all very similar to the AIDS issue – Google “House of Numbers” video documentary to better understand phoney baloney virology for fame and fortune.

  7. Max Pont says:

    Well, if it doesn’t exist, what is it? And what are the drugs “curing”? I have a friend who had HepC and a couple of years ago he went through a very expensive drug regime. Today his liver is better. Are the alleged HepC drugs treating something else?

  8. Nicole says:

    I know people with chronic liver problems exist. I wish more people knew about how the diet affects the liver, because there are so many other ways to reduce liver inflammation without drugs. I remember reading an article somewhere about a guy who worked at a slaughterhouse. He described the huge difference between the livers of cows that had been grass-fed versus grain-fed. The grain-fed cows’ livers were huge, swollen, soft and squishy, and they often had to be thrown away because they were of such bad quality they could not be eaten. The grass-fed cows had normal-sized livers that weren’t swollen, and they were of good quality and could always be eaten. He made the point that if this happened to cows, then what was happening to human livers? Probably the same – swollen, fatty, weak, and sick. I wonder to what extent this is affected by Roundup-poisoned grain, versus just grain in general, but even so, the point is that trying a grain-free diet is worthwhile for anyone with a swollen liver, just as an alternative to drugs, at least as an experiment.

  9. Me says:

    And what will happen if [you get] diagnosed with Hepatitis C and [are] fighting for [your] life in a hospital? IS THAT REAL ENOUGH FOR [YOU]???

    You truly got to be out of your […] MIND that diseases don’t exist! […]!

    • Elsa says:

      The article does not claim that liver disease does not exist. It challenges the virus theory and the outrageous cost of the latest so called treatment. Bad dietary habits are the biggest cause of most illnesses and liver disease can be reversed using diet changes and herbal supplements. The medical establishment want to convince us that viruses and germs cause disease instead of looking at the real causes. It is no coincidence that Big Pharma and the giant food corporations work hand in hand.

    • Paul Fassa says:

      I guess you don’t realize (or don’t want to) that modern allopathic medicine kills more than cures – the stats are in if you’d look. Bad livers are the result of toxic consumption (processed foods) alcohol, and stress – not viruses or other bugs.

  10. goatseye says:

    Studying the case, blood transfusion alone causes in some cases liver problems including liver failure and hepatitis like symptoms and high enzymes. Hepatitis is an liver inflammation, some people just attached some letters calling the liver inflammation with different letters and non existing viruses.

    So if we speak about the liver inflammation caused by bad food, is named hepatitis A, what i am thinking is that the liver inflammatory disease are caused by a different agents, for example – hepatitis you can receive if you eat a bad food, or drink dirty water polluted with stools, the liver got poisoned and fell ill and infected, this is not a virus but inflammatory disease, you will ask them how they then know that is hepatitis A, certain causes, cause certain reaction and the production of certain enzymes and RNA,as the RNA is a part of the immune system, so certain food or drink cause inflammation disease will produce certain RNA chains, this bit of RNA which is actually part of the immune system they actually called virus, the same stand with hepatitis C blood transfusion alone by itself can cause liver damage, failure, so with the transfusion of blood some organysms take it some no, those who had dificulties to accept it develope a RNA chain, as a decoding agent again part of the immune system is called hepatitis C simple, but the lie is so fat and huge, I wish healthy for everyone, and Thank you Almighty Allah you gave me this knowledge.

    ps The liver can regenerate itself alone.

  11. Andy says:

    I believe you Jon,Doctor said I Have Hep. C,but no symptoms& no independent lab can isolate,photograph,or find it!

  12. tguven says:

    They injected blood from hepatitis patients into ANIMALS. Can the species of animal even get human hepatitis?

  13. dennis w pompa says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Hep C ,Have always doubted the cost of cure. Also the true existance of the virus.The liver will regenerate, that has been proven. So I am going to change my diet, cancel my Dr. appointment, (for the supposed cure)Keep my approx $ 100,000.cure cost, Live my life,with a few more dollars,in my pocket, that I didn’t hand over to some greedy pharmacutcal co. for their highly over priced drugs. I’ve made it this far on my decisions.

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