How effective is electromagnetic thought control?

How effective is electromagnetic thought control?

by Jon Rappoport

May 27, 2014

The number of methods of mind control has proliferated as funding for research has expanded.

Here, I want to consider what could be called thought substitution, one ongoing facet of this research.

My conclusions on this subject come from accounts of modern mind control research, which utilize forms of signal-broadcasting aimed at the brain.

More importantly, I’m drawing on my observation of the differences among people, when it comes to their awareness of their own thoughts and emotions.

First of all, we need to make the distinction between passive and active people. Passive people are either sedentary or going through the motions in life. They are easily controllable, and it doesn’t take sophisticated electronic measures to do the job.

Television, a few tranquilizing drugs, peer pressure to conform, and the game is over.

Such people will also mistake the invasion of outside thoughts for their own. It doesn’t really matter where the impulses come from or who delivers them.

By active people, I mean those who are passionately pursuing conscious objectives. They know why they’re doing what they do. They have energy. They’re inventing their own futures. They’re aware of repressive forces in the world.

They’re also quite familiar with their own feelings and thoughts.

Yes, mad scientists can affect these people via electronic harassment, no doubt about it—just as you can affect someone by kicking him in the ribs. But this is no monumental scientific achievement.

The early CIA MKULTRA programs were all about harassment and torture and disorientation, utilizing high-dose drugs, isolation, threats, hypnotism, and the provoking of fear.

The combination of these elements, according to witness (victim) statements, could result in programmed personae. Multiple personalities. But it should be understood that the primary driver in this operation was fear/pain—the very same combination that made the Catholic Inquisition successful.

Active people, as I define them here…could they be fooled into believing that electronic signals aimed at their brains are really their own thoughts?

This is an important question. And I must say, too many casual observers are eager to jump on the bandwagon and assert that, yes, this is eminently probable.

But I point out, mind control is not just about planting suggestions, it’s also very much about slipping them past a person’s overwhelming history of knowing how his own thoughts feel.

That’s the kicker. That’s the limiter.

The eager beavers who want to believe, full bore, in the efficacy of thought substitution, would rather not consider this limiter. But they should.

Active people would instantly become aware that an idea masquerading as their own is a charlatan. And they would reject it.

Researchers are attempting to use a person’s own brainwaves—capturing them and then outfitting them with thought-impulses and broadcasting them back to the brain. This is an effort to carry off a grand deception.

However, thought isn’t, for some people, a gross and crude activity. It has many subtleties and nuances.

And in its original and primary form, thought is not a material phenomenon at all.

It doesn’t start from the brain. The brain carries it forward, but the brain is an intermediary device.

Thought begins in a space that has no physical characteristics at all. Thought at its core isn’t physical.

What I’m discussing here isn’t mystical. Mystical is actually presuming that the brain is the seat of all consciousness.

So…what form of mind control can work against the non-physical? And now we’re back in the realm of early MKULTRA. Pain, fear, harassment.

The Matrix Revealed

That works on the brain, on a leg, on an arm, on a foot. It works on a non-material soul who inhabits and wears a physical form. It isn’t sophisticated at all, any more than spraying pepper on a crowd or blasting an acoustic weapon at protestors is sophisticated.

Yes, a thumb-screw is mind control. So is the rack and the threat of execution. So is fear of excommunication for a believer. So is a bullet in the shoulder. So is a disruptive burst of electronics from a transmitter.

They can grossly control a person because he exists, here and now, in a physical body. We already know about such physical effects. Humans have known about them since the dawn of time.

But to slip through, to achieve the smooth and seamless substitution of somebody else’s thought for your own, is an entirely different matter.

If you’re aware.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

26 comments on “How effective is electromagnetic thought control?

  1. patriciarobinett says:

    oh, i LOVE how you think, Jon – and that you share so generously. this information is SO true. I was being harassed electronically and i KNEW it wasn’t ME, for exactly the reasons you forward here. THANK YOU, dear friend.

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  3. wfdunlap says:

    Well Said. It’s certainly an interesting subject. There’s a huge investment in this stuff from a variety of different angles by the control industry. This is simply my speculation, but I think they’ve had more success manipulating emotion than thought, implanting general impulses to “buy”, or “not to steal” in a consumerist context. People simply don’t reflect on emotional states that often, since, when you’re driven into an emotional state that is a different frame of consciousness than reflection. My suspicion is that when thought manipulation is attempted it would have to coincide with intense emotional states to try and drive the individual out of rarified contemplation and analysis. Luckily, the control industry is working from false premises about consciousness, one being that individual consciousness is dependent on external influences—we can’t change our own minds. This particular false premise severely impacts this research. And I think that the many false premises that are held by these particular interests is why they seem to continually double down on their programs. What they thought would be a simple enough process at the turn of the 20th century, turned into intense chemical treatments, then into electromagnetic,nano-particle, and gene manipulation, and even near universal data storage of trends and habits for the purpose of management, yet they still are unable to eliminate chance for their game theory.

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  5. jarrodschneider says:

    This is speculation, but I can’t help but wonder if the soft metals in anti-depressants and chemtrails (in addition to the geo-engineering) may facilitate the transmission of electro-magnetic thought wave manipulation. Granted, consciousness does not emanate from the brain, rather it moves through it- like a radio signal moves through a device called a radio to produce sound. If these soft metals are present in the physiological circuitry of the brain, might the electro-magnetic signal somehow be amplified or aided by their presence? Perhaps this is one reason for the “voices in one’s head” or the malicious or suicidal thoughts of a person who takes these drugs. Maybe an all-sweeping, malicious signal can be aimed at mass populations and certain individuals with a higher metallic content in their bodies are more prone to this technologies effects, or perhaps the technology is more personal, and aimed to harass individuals, playing on their personal fears and past traumas? Again, this is speculation, but I have a “feeling” there is something going on here.

  6. Self-Healing Connection says:

    This is a good one Jon and to the extent of awareness, is actually closely related to my area of study. Thank you!


  7. OzzieThinker says:

    Good post, Jon and thank you for asking the questions.

    We are shortly going to move into a very different, where things that were not possible are and where things we had not considered will become there – positively or negatively. There are a few special human beings, even today, that can communicate without saying a word; not telepathy, just extraordinary body expressions. I have heard numerous reports of “mind scans by grey aliens” (either Zeta’s or hybrids) via regressive hypnosis. These creatures apparently lock eyes with their captives and are able to collect historic data on actions, thoughts as well as the current state of mind of the abductee.

    There are extremely rare human personalities that can change the “group” emotion simply by their infectious presence. This is not “just one of things”. In fact it is a separate sense. The Draco, for instance, can channel emotions such as fear, happiness and so on. We have the ability to ascertain what is “real” and what is not. Your blog has admirably contributed to raising awareness of some of the pitfalls in believing the “mainstream”. I realise you were discussing the validity of induced, deranged states and how the mind/body compensates, but that game is going to be raised, sharply. Thank you for pushing this topic.

    More on the Draco here for those that missed it.

    • Jennie says:

      Ozzie, what you described here, is “spiritual wickedness in high places” and the “draco” person is a mere channel and has none of that power by himself, it is satanic empowerment. That person is a vessel for evil powers.

      • OzzieThinker says:

        In this case, incorrect & very “Zoroastrian”. Draco are a reptilian version of “man” that have “evolved” into the “4th dimension”. They do create hybrid bodies that can be seen in this density, but these are [relatively] inferior beings. As our DNA clicks forward we edge ever closer to experiencing the Draco “for real”. By those parameters, our reality will change instantly for some, or for all, at some point in the future. That “some point in the future” could be tomorrow, next year or, pick a date. The one I have picked is the 17th October 2084.

  8. Just search for the “lily” wave. If true, which I believe it is, is mind-boggling. The carrier wave is 60 Hz AC and they can program anything via it. Now GWEN towers, cell towers, the matrix grid is purely electronic.

  9. Vigithunor says:

    The movie “Inception” was all about incepting, To take in; ingest.
    [Latin incipere, incept-, to begin, take up; see inception.] in·cep′tor n.

    If the movie, Inception, were as it claimed at face value, about ‘taking out’ ideas from ‘dreams’ – read, subconscious -, then the movie would have been called “outception”.

    spiel (spēl, shpēl) Informal n
    A lengthy or extravagant speech or argument usually intended to persuade.
    a glib (fluent, artistic, artificial, beautiful, and not sincere) plausible style of talk, associated esp with salesmen

    and *berg again means “mountain, mine”, what does the following quote about him,

    “You have many years ahead of you to create the dreams that we can’t even imagine dreaming. You have done more for the collective unconscious of this planet than you will ever know.”

    as referenced in his biography, really mean?

    Meaning: mountain, bank
    Gothic: *bɛrgahī f. (n) `mountainous area’
    Old Norse: bjarg, berg ŋ. `Berg, Fels’, borg f. `Anhöhe’
    Norwegian: berg
    Swedish: berg
    Danish: bjerg
    Old English: beorg (beorh, biorg, biorh), -es m. `hill, mountain; heap, burrow, barrow, heap of stones, place of burial’
    English: barrow
    Old Frisian: berg, birg
    Old Saxon: berg
    Middle Dutch: berch
    Dutch: berg m.
    Old Franconian: berg
    Old High German: berg (9.Jh.)
    Middle High German: bërc (-g-) st. m. ‘berg; weinberg; bergwerk’
    German: Berg

    Yes, aware souls can identify alien thoughts that are incepted into one’s mind by daimons, daemons, demons, spirits, ghosts, and the John 8:44 devils who give each other awards.

    Anyone who loves God is automatically immune to mind control to the degree that he/she asks for God’s protection and guidance.

    Containing these ‘mavericks’ is what the movie the Matrix was all about, and in the Brave New World towards the end, such uncontrollable humans immune to zombie sheep-herding, are given their own island or place to be amongst awakened souls.

    Stay close to God. Stay awake. You don’t have to wake others up. Simply be awake, and that will take care of the rest.

  10. Daniel Noel says:

    Actually, the U.S. military has been very successfully using electromagnetic devices (PCs, head electrodes, amplifiers, waveguides, satellites) to amplify spiritual perversion (spells) emanating from the brain of highly qualified and immoral spiritual practitioners (sorcerers). This work started around 1990, experienced a peak to support 9/11, and has been used continuously to harass would-be whistleblowers and dissidents. People who experience unexplained discomfort by simply formulating a thought of agreement with a dissident web are being attacked by some automatic spiritual malevolence enhanced with electromagnetic machines. 9/11 censors can experience this same automatic discipline when they formulate a thought of disclosing what they know. An introduction to this important system of repression is available at, in section 4.5. And yes, these U.S. military agents can not only inflict pain at will on a particular target, but also engage in a telepathic dialog with that target. The results can be devastating if the targeted individual does not know the existence of this phenomenon, which should but is not taught in public schools or in Sunday schools. Victims have gullibly believed that they were receiving a punishment from God and that their mental promise to God to correct their bad thoughts convinced God to stop the punishment.

    A simple remedy to such attacks is to train one’s third eye on me or some other capable healer. This is not taught in schools either.


  11. Jennie says:

    I have felt some of that personally. There is a way to overcome it, and that is to (what we call) “have the mind of Christ”. Before you switch off thinking this is just religion, it’s not mere “talk”, it’s active power against those weapons and the way OUT of it. By Christ, we learn not to walk after (be controlled) by sensations of the body, or by thoughts that contradict our standing in His perfect holy righteousness and authority over all principalities and powers. I am not saying it is slap bang easy, it is a process to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” and to unlearn walking after sensations and our own thoughts (which are not always our own, but suggestions from elsewhere). There is a saying, “the battlefield is the mind”, and so it is. Yet victory is not by mere mental power, but by the Spirit of God which’ influence is greater than any other influence, guarding and purifying our thoughts as we bring our thoughts to obey (believe) Jesus Christ and what we are in Him (when we have turned to Him to save us).
    These methods you described, Jon, are the precise carnal mimic of how it happens in the spiritual realm – and we know that the spiritual realm rules over the natural/carnal realm. It’s where everything begins. The Sword of the Spirit is God’s Word and nothing can stand against it.

  12. Max Pont says:

    Not traditional positivistic western science style electromagnetism. But we live in a vibrational universe and if the enemy is smart enough they would understand that they can create energy fields in favor of the thought patterns they want.

    But you need something strong to make it work. The thought patterns are re-enforced by millions of people taking them up as their own. The only machine for generating these thought patterns are the human brain. Me thinks that advertising and the lust for buying products is the most obvious example.

    But so can we. If millions of us think about a world without Monsanto, Big Pharma and war mongering neo-cons we re-enforce these thought patterns.

  13. 3duir says:

    It makes sense. Our brains are electromagnetic in nature, and so are our emotions. It’s all energy so EM would be a fine avenue for tampering with them. But if we learned to govern our emotional bodies, such exotic emotional weaponry would have greatly reduced influence.

  14. watchcarefully says:

    fortunately a person (which is actaully a spiritual being) can never be influenced by any electronic means, if the person itself does not agree with it. This fact drives the suppressors and criminals crazy, and will make them finally lose the battle to have control over others.

    • patriciarobinett says:

      so true. and the emPHAsis is away from the fact of who and what we truly are… so it is a pleasure and an honor for people who know, to remind those who have forgotten, if only to silently model what is true in an elevator or at the grocery store.

  15. 3duir says:

    Excellent and empowering point, Watchcarefully. Yes part of my self realization process after having some ‘thing’ attempt to enter my room— for whatever reason. I suspect it may have been an abduction or mind hijacking attempt, or at the very least it was there to tamper with me. It was wasn’t there to ask for my hand in marriage that’s all I know. But it did show me we have power over such circumstances. Increasingly I’ve found that is not just the controllers but people in society with victim mentality who like to perpetrate the notion that we are powerless against such things. That suggests there is a mechanism, a pre installation by agreement (as you’ve suggested) , to allow a variety of things to control us. It’s been called dense ego mind or overgrowth of ego when it no longer serves as a protection mechanism but one of self destruction, wetiko mind, parasitical mind, ‘their’ mind. Called ‘their’ mind because we adopt controller attitudes that we should be predated on. ~Ro

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