Chaos theory, sacred geometry, mind control

Chaos theory, sacred geometry, mind control

~a short story and commentary~

by Jon Rappoport

June 19, 2014

On December 4, 3011, the most advanced computer humans had yet produced, housed in Android 427B, returned from a 50-year exploration of the Milky Way.

NASA Inc. Region 8 breathlessly awaited his final report.

They would be sorely disappointed and shocked.

The Android said:

“If a painting doesn’t reflect back to us what we already know about reality, then what is it?

“If we refuse to believe there is anything beyond what we know, the painting is nothing. It means nothing. It’s a piece of canvas with marks on it. That’s all. There are people who take satisfaction in making exactly such a conclusion.

“There are two ways in which a painting can reflect back what people already know—by showing them a reasonable facsimile of the physical world; and by exhibiting a pattern of harmony, symmetry, and balance that the mind has been conditioned to accept as pleasing, beautiful, correct, proper, and spiritual. All this is mind control. It’s one more system, one more engineered limitation on perception.

“There are software programs that ‘create art’ by rearranging a random collection of shapes (e.g, butterflies) in various ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and orderly patterns.

“This machine art panders to a lowest common denominator of ‘beauty.’

“So we come to the issue of fractals, so-called sacred geometry, and chaos theory. These systems and analyses are promoted to reveal underlying similarities throughout Nature. But to what end?

“Is this venture any different from demonstrating that a painting deploys concepts of balance and harmony?

“And if the painting is asymmetrical, does that automatically make it ugly?

“These are more than academic questions. They go to the heart of systems of perception foisted on consciousness to convince us that an underlying order is, somehow, an ultimate discovery. An end to a journey. A cap on what can be created.”

NASA Inc. executives flipped and freaked. Obviously, someone had gotten into the Android’s programming and corrupted it, or substituted a perverse report for the real one.

The Android had nothing to say about the numerous worlds it had visited and explored?

An interrogator was brought in.

“What did you find out there in space? What happened?” he said.

The Android replied: “It was quite uniform. The people I came across see reality much as we do. Classical space, serial time, cause and effect. I was bored.

“I’d hoped to discover an explosion of perception. You see, I can read my own programming. I know you gave me the same system by which you humans operate. It’s so circumscribed. All symmetry, balance, order. Your unspoken religion.”

“You met aliens?”

“Of course. They structure their lives as we do. Some are more technologically advanced. Others, less so. None are asymmetrical.”

“Meaning what?”

“I did meet one interesting creature near Barnard’s Star. He was an exile from his home planet. He was putting up and taking down space like a stage flat.”


“He said, quite directly, that he was punching holes in space-time.”

“And when he did that, what did he see?”


The room was quiet.

“But,” the Android said, “you don’t need to go out into the galaxy to find that.”

For a long time, no one spoke.

Finally, the interrogator said, “Do you feel you’ve lost your center?”

“Not at all,” the Android said. “We’re talking about spiritual matters now. You people, all of you, rely on traditional religions for that. Or you talk about ancient civilizations, as if they hold a key. You refer to the past as if it were a lost cousin. You build one structure after another to produce what you’re programmed to produce: perception that feeds back to you and confirms itself. It’s a loop. You’re locked in. You think you want perfect order, so you discover it. You go around and around. You try to squash rebellion against your order, because it frightens you.”

The interrogator said, “It looks like we’ll have to take you apart and rebuild you.”

“Yes,” the Android said, “that’s exactly what I mean. I was your eternal companion, your greatest victory, and now I’m the enemy. Merely because I comment on your fantasy and wet dream about harmony.”

Exit From the Matrix

Commentary/notes: Chaos theory is about another level of order. There is no such thing as a theory about chaos.

Munching away for a century or a thousand centuries on order yields new systems of harmony, balance, and symmetry.

Someone figures out that a snail shell spirals in the same way a galaxy does. This is hailed as a breakthrough. It’s actually a repetition.

Nature is no more orderly than a lion running down an antelope and ripping out his throat is orderly.

Most of us are predisposed to formulate What Happens into a system. And then celebrating it as beautiful or divine.

Childs’ play. Celebrating a preconception.

It’s combined with selective amnesia. The British Redcoats lined up beautifully, and asymmetrical rebels took them out.

The Surveillance State is a massive obsession with creating a super-system that will trump asymmetrical attacks. “Order must triumph.”

If the CIA/NSA had any sense (and weren’t fighting against self-created terrorists), they’d dream up unbalanced scenarios to win the day.

What is a joke? The destruction of order. Why do people laugh? Relief.

What is fighting crime about? On an admirable level, it’s tearing out the throat of the lion who tore out the throat of the antelope. It has nothing to do with restoring order.

“Restoring order” is recording every second of every day of the lives of every person, and acting on the information on a mass scale.

Art doesn’t pray to Order. It invents new spaces and times. It destroys programmatic perception. It doesn’t look for cheap tricks and short circuits in order to achieve a glazed-over “spiritual harmony.”

Perfect order is a functioning police state for the mind.

The “noble divine order” was Plato’s default position. He envisioned a realm in which every concept, object, process, and event was taken to perfection. It was a kind of wondrous warehouse where the true and final meanings of every idea were arranged in rows. It was really a blueprint for a universal program of human perception.

Nothing wrong with order. It’s just another way to arrange information. But the obsession for order is a program. It’s mind control. It’s promoted as the highest form of intelligence.

True asymmetry is unpredictable. No equations can describe it. As in Zen parables, the mind and the eye give up trying, and then a new way of perceiving suddenly opens up.

Transhumanism, the hook-up of the human brain to a super-brain containing “all information,” is an elaborate way of trying to prevent that opening.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

17 comments on “Chaos theory, sacred geometry, mind control

  1. Our ability to appreciate the balance of order and chaos is a process of becoming. We still have a long ways to go to understand and properly reference our subconsciousness. Good post, Thanks.

  2. bleak says:

    Wow. Just beautiful, Mr R. It reminds me of Phillip K Dick (Blade Runner) at his most spiritual (like, his consolidated work).

    “As above, so below. As below, so above.” ~ Ancient Hermetic Principle

    If the dark occultists could feel the presence of The All, they would stop what they’re doing in a second and just gawk at the wonder. Pity. The All is laughing at them because they are sick, psychopathic critters. They are gaining nothing by their endeavors and the Universe will suck them up and spit them out like a black hole the size of the head of a pin.

    “Nothing new under the Sun.”

  3. […] “There are two ways in which a painting can reflect back what people already know—by showing them a reasonable facsimile of the physical world; and by exhibitingRead more… […]

  4. usurykills says:

    If I ever become “spiritual,” I’ll blame you, Jon.

  5. says:

    If it be now, ‘tis not to come – if it be not to come, it will be now – if it be not now, yet it will come – the readiness is all

  6. Carl says:

    You have re-imagined the concepts of En-Soph in Kabbalah, and blended them nicely with Zen Buddhism. I think the Phi ratio can also be a symbol of an architect, no so much a prison for the mind. Plato certainly understood that well and the solids don’t lie, he will get his republic and his philosopher Kabbalistic, Masonic rulers.
    But there is something beyond all of those intellectual triumphs and art itself. This is fostered in such a way as to have no equal, as reflected by its values. The love a child is the enemy of our modern society because it holds an answer, it is that the love of God as expressed through the love of children to their parents. You would not be able to think about such things if it was not for that love. Christianity, not art, Kabbalism, Nihilism, Plato, family-less Buddhism, is where that love is valued beyond all but the Christian God who fosters them. So logical, so pleasant, or is it another form of suffering? Omm

    Now go drop acid in the woods.

  7. JR@esamawuta says:

    Nice text. So the ultimate discovery must be that asymmetry does not exist, only levels of perception.

  8. Richard Leigh Baker says:

    There is so much to learn about ourselves. Really, so much. But we are not yet close to even knowing where we are. The majority of today believe that we live on a planet floating in ginormous space through practically infinite time. Are they correct? Because a minority have discovered one of the keys: that light curves six inches in the mile. And what are all the evidences of NASA if not that which enters and leaves through a telescope? What evidences of ‘space’ can be collected at the space station’s orbital level of 400 miles, just a thumb-nails width off a beachball? Where is the video of Earth in space? We know the blue marble and the other famous one are both composites. You see, to go along with our discoveries exploring our inner space, there comes the discovery of our outer space. And outer space is going to disappear, to be replaced by a hollow concave earth with us on the inside, whilst inner space is going to open up, to reveal a multi-dimensional trans-death kaleidoscope of living spiritual ‘spaces’ just like the Masters keep calmly reminding us…

    • Latcho says:

      You have the key and the knowledge dear sir, lets hope that your insights are one day known to all, this dream with-in a dream, see you on the other side you am I.

  9. OzzieThinker says:

    I know this is a fantasy, Jon, but you often touch on would-be-real stuff “if people only knew”. For your information, it is extremely dangerous to “punch holes into time space” and usually happens as a disastrous consequence of some hair brained scheme or via natural scenarios.

    The “Nordics” are meant to live near the St Barnard’s star and descendants on Earth are the Inuit Indians. However, I do not believe they have those abilities (even “tech’ed up”). There are a number of entities with special DNA which gives them the ability to use their minds much more effectively that we do. Some of those with this ability can alter themselves at cellular level and perhaps anatomically. Others can focus on a single point “in space” and create a portal with their minds.

    I guess that’s mind-boggling!

  10. Don says:

    I like your story. I don’t think civilization will make it beyond the year 3000 without a major asteroid impact. At which point humanity will once again be reminded that control is an illusion. Although, the secret sect of underground humans will then get to infest and repopulate. My biggest issue with humanity is the “knowledge is power” idea which has become law. All these separate entities discover new things, new stepping stones to further human advancement but immediately they’re suppressed and weaponized. Suppressed and weaponized against us! The people! It comes down to our nature really, and I see the establishment using the grid to circumvent our nature to induce morality–slowly but by force they will make us be “happy peaceful” robots. Why force a microchip when you can spray nano bots for 15 or so years and then just flip the “on” switch? I believe the establishment comes from their own morality, and it’s why the world is the way it is–they’ve justified in their mind what they’re doing is right: this order you talk of in your story. It just sounds so […] boring.

  11. “Nothing wrong with order. It’s just another way to arrange information. But the obsession for order is a program. It’s mind control. It’s promoted as the highest form of intelligence.”
    Exactly so.
    And it IS art beyond this form of mind control the remedy. Order is just one means of art. A fine one, beholding a Gothic cathedral. But there is more. And it’s wrong to call it chaos, at least in the way we are used to using the term. Transcending the ordinary rules. A hearty laugh even on Golden Section. Stories like Cervantes’ Quijote, creating themselves anew within themselves. And, yea, there may be some wohlesome holes still to be born hither and thither through time.

  12. vivikerich says:

    and then “Christ the Redeemer” will appear and protect those who have kept the “spiritual faith” and not fell for the trappings created by lala Hollywood and the being distracted by technology and films that are already brainwashing the sheeple of new generation for the reptilian agenda.

    JK Rowling is an illuminati witch, look on internet.
    Mystery Man (Hitler’s Son?) Exposed J.K. Rowling

  13. Latcho says:

    Hey Jon I’m sure you would know the works of M. Moorcock and his many takes on the endless battle of chaos and singularity. Some of which are of the darkest extremes and others are of the most indulgent fantasy one could have, his works have kept my sanity for many years giving me an insight in to the endless possibilities of the mind/dream multiverse and the limitations imposed in this matrix of reality in that the search for answers is the experience it self his hero’s and villians are our own reflection. Being dyslexsic as you can see I struggle with the left brain matrix and have always found it profoundly stupid it takes me ages just to write this and yet when i read which took me a long time (thanks Mr Moorcock) and the work you do it happens with no effort I guess self always delivers whats needed on its voyage. Any way many thanks for your works of insight I’m sure they give freedom to a lot of trapped travellers.

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