Secret Space

Secret Space

by Jon Rappoport

June 25, 2014

“Space can be mapped and crossed and occupied without definable limit; but it can never be conquered.” — Arthur C Clarke

“I dream with open eyes,” he answered, looking around at the door, “and others see my dreams. That is all.” — David Lindsay, A Voyage to Arcturus

“That night, at the northern end of Italy, perhaps because I was in a foreign town, when I looked up at the black sky and the stars, it occurred to me I might be looking at several universes. They all pretended to be parts of one, but underneath the masquerade, they were quite different, and I only saw the one that was familiar.” — Jon Rappoport, The Underground

Space is real. The consensus space we all perceive and operate in is real. The space an individual discovers for himself is real. And the space an artist, or anyone living a creative life, invents is real.

Space does not start from a material place. It doesn’t start from the brain. The brain and the rest of the body follow suit once space is in the process of coming into being.

Space is, in that sense, a spiritual quality.

Everyone wants more space….this is the urge of the individual soul.

Plato was, on the other hand, a space program. He reasoned that there must be a separate realm where all meanings were final and perfect. Proprietary space. The Vatican has been a space program. Its cosmology is a final description of space. Closed, not open. All of Western metaphysical philosophy is a space program….it shrinks what can be contained in space. The history of priest classes on this planet is a space program: the description of what is in space and what isn’t. Exclusive space, owned by the privileged few.

Key precepts of physics compose a space program: energy cannot be created or destroyed; unused energy falls into a special bullpen—entropy. These are massively insane ideas.

Modern psychiatry is a space program—defining states of mind as disorders without evidence…attempting to tell us what “spatial” states of mind we tend to inhabit. Another priest class.

GMO crops are a space program—protected patents on the insertion of genes into plants, randomly…that is a controlled and owned space.

Transhumanism is a space program. It wants to create a collective territory in which all human brains are linked to a super-computer, where all knowledge is defined and downloaded.

Collectivism, overt and covert, is a space program, in which some vague syrupy notion of togetherness is placed ahead of the individual and his uniqueness, “for the good of all.”

These are all space programs, because they define what is in those spaces and rule out what cannot be there.

The Surveillance State is, of course, a space program, because it seeks to limit what can happen in thoughts and in speech. Less space. Constricted space.

The individual wants more and freer space. This is a basic urge that is, at bottom, a creative impulse.

Painters understand that in their bones, because they are always inventing new spaces.

Exit From the Matrix

(I’ll be speaking at the Secret Space Program Conference 2014, in San Mateo, California, the weekend of June 28-29. I hope to see some of you there. For information and tickets: For a synopsis of my talk, click here.)

When I started painting in 1962, my life changed overnight. Every aspect of it changed. I finally decided I would invent space and imbue it with my own thoughts, ideas, feelings, come hell or high water. And no one would have the right to dictate terms—the very idea of that happening was the height of absurdity. I obtained the dose of a tonic that could come in no other way. There was no need to compromise, adjust, or pay special homage.

If every individual shoved in his chips on a creative declaration of independence, we would have a different world. It wouldn’t be a single world. It would proliferate spaces into an open society unprecedented in the history of this planet.

At the root, this is why, historically, various leaders and groups determined they needed a “space program.” They wanted to enclose, limit, and shut down creative force, which is to say, authentic spiritual force.

Space is a fundamental aspect of the soul….free, open. The history of life on this planet is about limiting space and defining it and claiming it is owned by the few.

These are not trivial factors. They are incursions on the soul’s desire to have space and define it and create it.

So it is no surprise that a shadow government would try to own outer space and populate it with weapons and use it for mind control. I have no doubt that frequencies beamed from space would be used in an attempt to lock down consciousness on this world and eliminate private spaces.

The creative individual brushes this off like a few flies at a picnic, because he is not subscribing to any program. The commercial concentrate of humanity’s obsessions is meaningless to him, because it is reduced down to senseless remorse.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

17 comments on “Secret Space

  1. As a painter myself, you described what I’ve struggled to find the words. I truly love this blog, your writing and am glad I found you.

  2. kara says:

    Soooo, The difference between a rich man and a poor man is the space they occupy.. The more creative you are, the more you are able to apply your imagination, By applying your creative imagination to your own life and experience, the more space you are able to create/explore/occupy. LOVE IT!
    This is profound! I am a painter/artist too, and I know without my imagination I could not do what I do, see what I see or feel what I feel.

  3. ErnieM says:

    The message of more creative space is something i believe in. I have created my own noo-biome, examples of which are at Your condemnation and rejection of the collective I take issue with though. The collective-consensual is real and necessary–a fact– just as the individual-isolated can be considered secondary and fictional. The idea of “Individuals” in the sense of complete isolani is false-to-fact: we are like waves that push up above the surface, but remain thoroughly part of the ocean. So the collective-consensual, such as the language we speak, needs to be given its due, and a sane balance struck.

  4. Lonni Clarke says:

    As a painter myself, I was delighted to read that you paint and was disappointed not to find some paintings on your site! You’re holding out on us.

  5. OzzieThinker says:

    I think Plato reasoned a lot more than that, Jon. Indeed some of it makes our “old guard” so uncomfortable it is kept under lock and key.

    Good post.


  6. Richard Leigh Baker says:

    We have no evidence for astronomical space. Popular fascination with the sky is the definition of mass mind control. You see, ‘space’ is a part of the thing we call ‘the sky’, and that is simply a globe with lights in it. The answer to the conundrum is that the Earth is hollow and we live on the inside looking up at the sky globe. Accept the chance it might be true now and test it for yourself, or wait until the truth is out, the choice is yours. I recommend that you test it.

    Find out if light curves. Find out what causes the horizon. Find out why optically zooming-in reveals more ‘over the horizon’. Find out about fish-eye lenses in the space programs. Find out about optical surveying limits. Find out about the Bedford Canal experiment. Find out what sonoluminescence is. Find out because everything you think you know about astronomy is based on stuff that first goes into and then comes out of a telescope, light. If one of the scientific premises about light is wrong, namely that it always travels in straight lines, then astronomy is wrong. Worth checking, ay?

    I know you already have suspicions about space because you are reading JR. So, I suggest to you that the understanding of the motive for a faked Apollo program, for the ISS being in the upper atmosphere only, for all of NASAs shenanigans, is at hand. There is no footage of Earth from ‘space’ and there never will be. There is no ‘space’. The blue marble video is composite.

    It is time to use your spiritual space, the sacred space of your own thinking, the sacred place where Reason lives, to really, really check the premises behind the things you believe about light. Go and find out if light curves, find out about the Concave Hollow Earth, especially if you feel like you can disprove it in ten seconds. Starting with Rolf Keppler, Lord Stephen Christ (YT), the Wildheretic (YT) and Cyrus Teed would work.

    Concerned Reader,

    • OzzieThinker says:

      Wise words, but the truth is far scarier……

      • kara says:

        and you know the truth? I like what Richard said “it’s time to use your spiritual space, of your own thinking…. anyway, how can that be scarier? it’s up to you!

        • OzzieThinker says:

          Yes I do know the truth and that is why I can say it is far scarier. You are guided by the external and managed by the internal. NEVER FORGET THAT!

          • kara says:

            hmm? tell us what you mean by guided by the external and managed by the internal. My subconscious (internal/subjective) records what I experience objectively/externally and takes as truth what I react to and hold as a truth… and makes real in my reality/experience… is this what you mean?

            • OzzieThinker says:

              A series of filters define what you call reality. There are a number of impetuses defining your conscious that collectively contribute to your sub-conscious. The sub and super consciousness are expressions/resonance at different dimension/density/energy settings where rules/rationale/reality is very different. Everything is recorded because that is what is and what was. Time is located at a central point. Events are referenced in no or relative particular order. Perception is the guide which is populated and determined by external space. External is what is not you, passive or active. Though you might know it, influence it, it is not you so it must be heeded.

              An illusion makes you feel real and [therefore] if you feel real you have fallen for the illusion. Does that answer your question?

  7. kara says:

    Thanks Ozzie, it does answer my question. although I am not sure if it is complete truth. I think you described more clearly what I was saying. Are you also saying that subconscious/super conscious is a resonance/vibration, a program at another level of the simulation/illusion? I still want to know why this is scarier? Is it because when you know this, you understand you are not real? To me that would be very freeing. wouldn’t it indicate that we then can manifest anything by imagining it first?

    • OzzieThinker says:

      You are beginning to understand, Kara. Although “illusion” is a poor word as, whilst correct, it demystifies reality. There are a number of holographic universes. The ancients talked of Earth, Tara and Gaia. Einstein became very dismayed when things are very small – at quantum level. We have not yet identified an electron in isolation. However if and when we do, we will find a new later of “holes”. Imagine technologies that could “flat pack” and/or reconstitute atoms. I have been informed of a frequency shift when all our atoms will move from the “carbon” standard – to silica? Our science will not notice. We will not notice.

      As for our imagination that is defined by almost limitless templates, however Chopin is a mystery. Of all humans, he is the fascination of the other worlders. Did he bypass the system and truly create something new via the power of his individuality rather than tapping into the network? That is the $64 question….

      Check out my blog as I write a number of posts covering the subject of existence.

      • kara says:

        I’ll check out your blog Ozzie. Till then, I suppose as long as we can think, imagine, and consider things, we are connected to this “program”…but isn’t that the point?
        To feel fear at all would only enforce that we are still connected to the program/illusion/simulation, and have fallen for it as true. Apparently none of us can truly explain it. If Chopin bypassed this “system” what’s that really saying? That we have the potential to be free of the program, to actually be “The Thinker”? or was he just a computer glitch?

        • OzzieThinker says:

          The greatness and power of the prime source is beyond imagination. As Chopin was and is an element of prime source, there is no reason why he could not spontaneously create. Some of the other worlders connected to our planet have staggering mind power and thus are generally fairly uncomplimentary of humans. Maybe they view us as “children” (or, perhaps, vermin in some casers). Generally speaking, our “best” would not contest with their social rejects.

          • kara says:

            I agree with you Ozzie, Prime source is beyond imagination, at least mine, well beyond pin pointing and defining.. unless of course there is such a thing as spontaneously creating. What I am wondering here is .. that even our imagination is given to us based on what Prime source is directing. I can only “imagine” what prime source allows me to imagine.. I can only desire what prime source inspires in me… unless I AM Prime Source. Was Chopin, Tesla and the likes Other worlders? and Does Prime Source just inspire them with more potential to create than us vermin?

            • OzzieThinker says:

              We are all aspects of Prime Source; “windows” as it were. Some of the other worlders have extraordinary, breath taking abilities (some technologically aided). Thus, “relatively”, some are correct in viewing us as vermin. Look at the behaviours of our governments and so-called social “management”. Not good. Not good at all.

              I believe some [humans] have had and will have the ability to shine so bright they are able to break fundamental mediocrity thresholds and desire, invent and produce something new, something intrinsically un-thought of, something that will change universal dynamics. Jon is onto something…..;-)

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