Deleting a promising cancer treatment

Deleting a promising cancer treatment

by Jon Rappoport

July 1, 2014

The following information comes from Daniel Haley’s brilliant book, Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine.

Haley recounts how a 1991 clinical trial of the innovative and “alternative” cancer medicine, hydrazine sulfate (HS), was rigged.

Rigged to fail.

A spectacularly promising medicine, HS had shown good results in trials at Harbor/UCLA hospital and in Russia. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) felt obligated to test the drug. But there was a catch.

The drug’s discoverer, Dr. Joseph Gold, had found that HS could provoke very dangerous effects if patients were taking other drugs, especially tranquilizers. Several warnings were given to NCI before it began its test. The warnings were explicit. Patients could die if they were taking tranquilizers.

It turned out that none of the NCI patients were warned about this. It turned out that 94% of those patients were in fact on tranquilizers.

Barry Tice, an investigator for the US General Accounting Office (GAO), looked into the NCI trial of hydrazine sulfate after it was over. He called Dr. Gold and told him he had found a “smoking gun.” There was an internal NCI memo which showed that NCI was well aware of the problems involved in the drug combinations.

But the GAO did not back up its own investigator. The final GAO report on the NCI clinical trials of hydrazine sulfate simply accused NCI of sloppy bookkeeping.

In the June 1995 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a letter from the NCI was published. The letter stated that NCI had omitted mentioning, in its own published account of its cancer study, that 94% of the patients had been on tranquilizers. But, because this letter did NOT mention how dangerous that situation was, it looked like NCI was simply admitting to a technical and unimportant mistake. A clerical error.

So what did happen to the patients in the NCI hydrazine sulfate study?

The results have been suppressed. But NCI concluded that hydrazine sulfate was ineffective.

The drug, hydrazine sulfate, a competitor for chemotherapy dollars, was eliminated. Hydrazine sulfate is a cheap, widely available, unpatentable substance. No profit there.

Was this story splashed across the front pages of major newspapers in America? Did the “great men” of television, those holy anchors, insist on covering it with the emphasis it deserved? Of course not.

The story was originally unearthed and published in Penthouse, by reporter Jeff Kamen, who should have won a Pulitzer for it, but won nothing.


There is more to this incredible story. Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione’s wife, Kathy Keeton, who was the founder of Longevity, a magazine that was part of the Guccione empire, was diagnosed with “galloping breast cancer” in 1995. She was given 6 weeks to live.

She refused chemotherapy and became a VERY high-profile case of a person taking hydrazine sulfate instead.

She also chose radiation to reduce one of her many tumors-a growth around her bile duct. Dr. Gold said the dose of radiation should be small, because hydrazine sulfate would enhance the effect of the radiation. But the radiologist gave her the full dose instead, burned her liver and caused later scarring.

Overall, Keeton recovered. In fact, a year after her predicted death date, her cancer was in full remission. The hydrazine sulfate was a remarkable success.

Guccione ran ads in Penthouse, asking for families of the dead victims in the NCI experiment to come forward and join a class-action suit against NCI.

Guccione estimated there had been 600 victims in the NCI clinical test.

In October 1997, Kathy Keeton went into a major and well-respected NY hospital for surgery. From all accounts, this operation had nothing to do with cancer. Complications occurred. She died.

Most of America assumed she had succumbed to cancer. Further “proof” that hydrazine sulfate did not work.

power outside the matrix

Predictably, the FDA got into the act. On April 23, 1998, that federal agency raided a distributor of hydrazine sulfate, Great Lakes Metabolics, in Rochester, Minnesota. In 2000, the FDA shut down the company that supplied hydrazine sulfate to Great Lakes, and Great Lakes went out of business.

In 1996, when hydrazine sulfate (HS) was still very much in the public spotlight, Dr. Gold stated he received 20 phone calls in one day from doctors at Sloan Kettering, the world’s number one center for toxic chemotherapy research and treatment. These doctors wanted to obtain HS on the sly for their patients. Gold stated that roughly 2/3 of the patients were from the doctors’ families. And six of these doctors had refused to give HS to other patients at Sloan Kettering. The phrase, scum of the Earth, comes to mind.

Author Haley offers a dozen patient testimonials re HS. They are anecdotes, to be sure, but they are remarkable.

Example: “Oncologist report in today. No cancer anywhere, after two and a half months on HS and vitamins/minerals and supplements. They have no idea where cancer went.”

Example: “Seven weeks on hydrazine sulfate. Brain and lung lesions disappeared.”

Example: “I purchased some HS for my sister a few weeks ago. Too early to tell, but she went from near death at the hospital on chemo to a campground some place, with a fishing pole.”

HS studies at Harbor/UCLA and in Russia did not cure everyone, not by a long shot. There are questions about those protocols too, because ordinary foods like raisins are incompatible with HS-and who knows what the patients were fed.

No well-designed studies have ever been done using HS on patients in early stages of cancer, where the results might be even better.

More notes on HS (hydrazine sulfate)…

One session of conventional chemo costs enough to pay for 10 years of treatment with HS.

In 1973, a doctor with a terminal Hodgkins patient approached Dr. Gold for help. Gold recommended a dosage level. In a few weeks, the patient was up and around, not dead. By October of 1973, 1000 patients in the US were on HS.

Dean Burke, head of cell chemistry at NCI, said in 1974 that HS was “the most remarkable anticancer agent I have come across in my 45 years experience in cancer…this material is so cheap because it is made by the trainload for industrial purposes.”

In September 1973, Sloan Kettering (SK), the most prestigious cancer center in the world, started an HS study on terminal patients. The lead physician, Dr. Manuel Ochoa, had agreed to give each patient 60 mg a day for 3 days and then 60 mg 3 times a day after that-but Dr. Gold learned Ochoa was changing the protocol drastically-he was giving 1 mg the first day, then 2 mg the next day, and so on, building up to a top of 30 mg–except in some cases he actually gave patients 120-190 mg a day-brutal overdoses.

In 1975 SK announced HS was worthless.

Dr. Gold then did a study for Calbiochem, a drug company. 70% of 84 patients gained weight and had less pain. HS was, in fact, designed to alleviate wasting away in the first place. 17% of the patients showed tumor regression or a stabilization of their condition for one year.

In 1975, Russian researchers published two positive study findings on HS.

In 1976, the American Cancer Society (ACS) put HS on its dreaded blacklist of “unapproved” cancer treatments. ACS neglected to mention it owned 50% of a competing and highly toxic cancer drug, 5FU.

By 1978, the FDA was cracking down on HS. 5000 patients in the US were on the medicine. The FDA falsely stated that HS caused bone marrow toxicity. In fact, conventional chemo — approved by the FDA — destroys bone marrow.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

11 comments on “Deleting a promising cancer treatment

  1. heureka47 says:

    CANCER is mainly caused by lack of life energy due to the Collective Civilization Neurosis and is, therefore, basically healable – by initiation / ascension to the higher consciousness level, by identification with its power and by basical cleaning of (sub-)consciousness.

  2. OzzieThinker says:

    Cancers are a reaction to an imbalance the body cannot cope with, but that it is a different story. Good post and after Royal Rife I think intentions of the medical cartel is abundantly clear. The Cancer Council is arguably one of those charities I question in my latest post which, as always, gives a different perspective.

  3. neptunya66 says:

    Hello there,
    I’m French with breast cancer grade 3 invasive.
    The only treatment is to accept to remove the tumor from my breast surgery.
    I accept acun other treatment or chemo or radius.
    No chemo because I do not see how the products developed and tested mostly during the second world war many prisoners could help me. And especially knowing that it is composed of pesticide.
    When the rays, I asked the question, then said, “beams is like Chernobyl and Iroshima, they do not stop at the border.”

    So I changed my diet by becoming vegetarian because it is now known by many studies but long in fact that dairy and meat that is red or white cancer cells to spread. And when the sugar is even worse.

    In front vegetarian, I brought my PH to an alkaline level, while I had a very acidic ground.

    My meals consist of raw and cooked vegetables fresh steam, more legumes and cereals without gluten. And that the whole sugar or muscovado rapadura style.

    And of course I only eat organic and Demeter.

    I also helped medicinal plant, as Lapacho, Desmodium, clay etc. .. Essential oils also

    And practice of EMDR to settle a problem of childhood.
    As well as Yoga and Nunchaku Combat.

    There are no incurable disease, just terminally ill.
    By changing your diet, you can guerrir or improve the lives of everyone, but you have to want it.
    Many people think that relying on medicine, it will have no staff to effort. The pure and simple laziness.

    It is useless to rely solely on a miracle pill because it does not exist.

    It is high time that the world wakes up, we can guerrir cancer.

    My grandfather had cancer invasive prostate and changing his diet at age 82 he successfully remove it by 6 months without treatment.

    Unconsciously people wallow in disease. They complained that brings them comfort that they are not in their lives. The higher you get, the more it becomes a vicious circle from which it is difficult to extract. I know very well, believe me.

    If you want to get out there to do a lot of work on either and say to death: “Not today.”

    Have a nice day.

    “Traduction whit Google trad”

    • theodorewesson says:

      Hi neptunya66,

      Happy to hear you reversed your cancer!

      Where you live,… what chemicals do they treat your public water supply with? Cholrine? Fluoride?

      Do you filter your water?

      • neptunya66 says:

        Hello there,

        I’m in the south west of France.

        Indeed, the water in France are treated Souvant fluorine Solicitating water communities.

        In my town does not use fluoride but it prevents water pipe lead of towns and villages are replaced by pipe covered with water inside Bisphenol A. there not escape, and as drug molecules as: pill, psychotropic, and others. Our wastewater treatment plants are not efficient and set standards.

        In my case I use this, very good value for money, in model apartment for extra filter.

        Regarding the colloidal silver, I am a follower. I use it mainly for the winter period. 1 cap every night before going to bed and if I feel a little tingling in my throat, I take two caps.
        The best in this market in France is:

        Here is everything you wanted to know?

        If you have further questions do not hesitate if I know I will answer you.

        With pleasure.


    • Do read some studies on Cannabis and breast cancer….I think you will be surprised.
      Btw thats organic grown, not hydroponics. And dont use anything from the steet.

      • neptunya66 says:

        Hello there,

        I know very well studies on cannabis. Personally, I do not need it.
        It is really pointless to believe that only a plant can save you.
        It is above all a thorough job, changing their eating habits to return to a more alkaline soil, so less acid. That we can get a vegetarian diet trend.

        The plants in my case came in to help me and support are truly extraordinary. Lapacho has had a great effect on me. second article on this page (

        I know people who thought that with some plants without changing their life will save it is to walk on it a while, but this is all returned.

        there is no plant or miracle pill. By cons, if you help more by changing lifestyle. There yes in this case it becomes miraculous.

        • I agree with you totally…although cannabis is a truly wonderful plant. But as you say it is not a miracle, without all body health…a green diet, proper exercise and rest, spiritual exercise, clean water and gently ridding the body of toxins.

  4. Alice Penner says:

    There are cancer patients who undergo alternative treatments after the post-treatment. Some said it was effective. Researchers made several studies regarding the cancer treatment in India, wherein alternative medicine or treatments are proven to be useful for cancer patients.

  5. Narad says:

    I don’t know about this.

    I ascribe to the metabolic theory of cancer. I think that any one “drug” treatment diverts attention and energy away from raw veganism and fasting: the best treatment IMO.

    This Gerson approach (before flax oil) seems to be the best IMO.

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