Open borders: punish the people for the government’s sins

Open borders: punish the people for the government’s sins

by Jon Rappoport

July 10, 2014

“I used to wonder why God used a prop like the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to inflict guilt on Adam&Eve, until I realized it could have been a steak or a plate of fries or a bagel. Anything. Making people feel guilty is a staple of religion and society in general. It works. And if you can transfer guilt from a real criminal to an innocent bystander, you’ve really got something going. It’s a magic stage trick that can make a career.” — Jon Rappoport, The Underground

Let’s cut to the chase, which is the moral argument. That’s where all the juice and outrage are.

We’re supposed to support unlimited immigration because we sinned, somewhere, somehow, at some time. Isn’t that the underlying idea? Come on. Isn’t that the subliminal moral imperative that’s being shoved down our throats, along with a heavy dose of political correctness?

This is the political version of the mythical Fall from Grace, right?

We did bad things to the people coming across the border, so we have to pay. America is evil, and it’s our fault. We need to be punished.

But hold on. Who is “we” and what exactly is “America”? And which evil are we talking about?

We’re talking about this: the American government, along with mega-corporations, went into foreign lands, waged covert wars, and gobbled up as much cheap labor and as many resources as possible—while doing their best to help corrupt dictators keep their populations in wretched conditions under tight control. So specific bad actors in the US government and corporations were criminals.

How does unlimited immigration punish these specific criminals for their crimes?

It doesn’t.

It punishes the American people. The strain on public services will be very heavy. The US economy is already in bad shape, and unlimited immigration will make things far worse.

Here is the crux, and it applies to immigration and other crises: the justice system is supposed to root out criminals and punish them. In this case, we’re talking about those high-level US government officials and mega-corporate executives who, for a very long time, have been plundering the underdeveloped world. There is the guilt. There is the target. There is the crime, for which unlimited immigration is supposed to be payback. But when justice doesn’t prevail, when the people who should be prosecuting crimes are allied with those committing the crimes, nothing happens. And then, voila, the generality appears. “All Americans are guilty of international plunder.”

And based on that pernicious generality, why not invite everyone on the planet to the US? Let’s turn the whole country, which is already on economic life support, into a combination processing center, hospital, and vote-registration paradise.

In fact, as one emailer facetiously suggested, let’s deport all Americans over the age of 65 to El Salvador, to make room for the newbies.

I personally like a twist on the old hostage idea. Send Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Boehner, Bush, the Obamas, Biden, etc. to an El Salvador village. For each of these luminaries, we let in 5000 “undocumented workers.” The US government will protect them, as long as the luminaries remain alive in Central America tilling a scrap of land. No golf. No lavish parties. No speeches. No limos.

Open borders is an op. It’s long past the time for understanding that. The idea is: promote conflict, envy, hatred, racial animosity; stir that pot, strain and collapse public services; sink the US economy.

Bush was in on it, as well as he could understand it. Obama is in on it. He understands it and supports it. He’s doing his covert job. His assigned task.

Again, “America” is a generality. Newsflash: not everyone in America is a criminal.

My neighbor isn’t. The guy down the street isn’t. Some guy across town who’s making money selling lettuce isn’t.

Now, the guy who breaks into a house and steals is a criminal. The guy who robs $100 million from investors in his hedge fund is a criminal. The guy who orders CIA agents into a foreign country to destabilize it and bring in a killer as president who’ll be more tuned to mega-corporate designs on his land and people…he’s a criminal.

But unlimited immigration isn’t punishing him.

Unlimited immigration is punishing the American people who aren’t guilty.

So the question is: do we, the American people, have to pay for the crimes of the unprosecuted high-level American criminals? Should that be our mission of martyrdom?

“Oh, we apologize for those government and corporate monsters among us who helped despoil your land, and we will let you into America, as many of you as want to come here. This is our burden, and we shoulder it gladly. We will feel guilty for what these criminals did. We’ll take on their guilt, just as Jesus took on our guilt…”


By the extension of that formula, we should just fold up our tents, declare America finished, close up the country and leave. And yes, I’m aware that a lot of Americans would react favorably to that idea—until they actually had to pack their bags and get out.

For years, I’ve been writing about the consequences of failing to prosecute and convict high-level government and corporate criminals. Well, this is one consequence: the rest of the population is targeted with an op called “guilt transference.”

It’s clever. It gives us a clue about why big corporations are supporting open borders. These companies aren’t merely thinking about employing more “foreign workers for jobs Americans won’t do.” At this point, we can safely say there are quite enough immigrants already inside the US and unemployed Americans who would take those jobs in a heartbeat.

No, the real psyop here is: those corporations deflect guilt for crimes they commit abroad on to the entire American population.

And of course, the other psyop is reducing the whole immigration issue to simple terms: if you oppose open borders, you’re a racist; if you oppose open borders, you’re a heartless anti-human.

Therefore, any argument about immigration, such as this one, which contains at least two sentences strung together, and an attempt at analysis, is beside the point and irrelevant.

Accusing a whole country of being evil as a justification for open borders, or anything else, is ridiculous.

power outside the matrix

Evil? How about this? Every single country on the face of the earth, at one time or another, was settled through vicious conquest.

Therefore, as punishment, why not try to flood, say, Mexico, with immigrants from all over the world, because the descendants of evil Spanish Conquistadors run Mexico now?

Finally, there is the argument that goes this way: In decades past, America opened its borders to a flood of immigrants from Europe. If now, the influx of immigrants from Mexico and Central America is squeezed off, that’s obvious discrimination.

Compare the available government services to immigrants then and now. Add it up. Add up the cost now, in what is already an official Welfare State, overburdened—and soon to be exploded by immigration. That’s the plan. To foment hatred on the issue of who gets what piece of the government pie.

And then think about this: there is a vast difference in the police presence, then and now. Now, police forces are militarized to the teeth. The high-level op—which has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns—involves using modern cops to exacerbate the pot-stirring animosities that are developing between races, ethnicities, cultures in America.

In other words, immigration and open borders is a planned program to make violence worse. Followed by: order (tighter and tighter top-down control) out of chaos.

Recently, somebody told me, “We had slavery in America…so now [as [payment] we have to open the borders…”

An interesting piece of logic. I suggested that, five or ten years up the line, he should actually talk to black men and women and see how they feel about immigrants taking their jobs. He should also talk to white and tan and yellow and red and brown Americans on the same subject, instead of making broad calculations about guilt and redemption.

225 years ago, for perhaps two or three hours after the ink dried on the US Constitution, before the die was cast, Americans had a chance to think about what George Washington would later call “entangling foreign alliances.”

With enough imagination and foresight, they could have supported a total political, economic, financial, corporate shutdown on any foreign relationships, including trade and commerce—because such commerce inevitably leads to corruption, conquest, and murder.

They could have freed the slaves and farmed their own cotton or moved into other crops. They could have peacefully negotiated land deals with Indian tribes.

They could have envisioned and developed a United States based on national self-sustained self-sufficiency in all things.

On this continent, they could have forged, for the only time in history, an example of a Republic, prosperous and free.

They could have said to every other nation on the face of the Earth, “We did this. It’s real. If you want to, we’ll explain how it works. The rest is up to you.”

And in the process, they would have saved more lives, avoided more pain and suffering than all so-called humanitarian campaigns have caused between then and now.

“This is how you make prosperity and freedom and self-sufficiency work across a whole nation. You want to do that in your country? We’ll show you.”

But that wasn’t in the cards. Instead, esteemed leaders in America entangled themselves with anybody anywhere who could add a buck to their bottom line. And the bodies and suffering piled up.

It’s called US government corporate foreign policy.

As an aside, one of the present leaders of that policy is readying a run for the Presidency. Hillary Clinton.

It illustrates how far certain US government/corporate controllers are still willing to go, in order to secure and extend an American Empire that will destroy America, just as it destroyed ancient Rome.

When Rome was teetering on the edge of collapse, the “city fathers” devised a plan. They would create a new kind of Empire, one of the mind:

The Roman Church. Via war by other means, ignoring national boundaries, and laid across an indefinite span of time, they would invent a cosmology of original sin, despair, guilt, the diminishment of human beings, and then, redemption and paradise—which could only be obtained through the offices of certified priests.

A great religious MKULTRA.

Today, we have a version of that in the ubiquitous Surveillance State, which strives to ensure all people everywhere think and do “only good and refrain from sin.” We have the State’s global reach, its expansion through time, its intent to implement control over everything and everyone it watches.

This State is a partner in the great Church of Globalism, which deploys the trillions of pieces of surveillance data to form a higher stratum of Central Planning, which will determine: where populations are permitted to go and settle; how and to whom the resources of the planet will be allocated; who will be rich and who will be poor; who will live and who will die.

Which is why the decentralization of power along every conceivable front is the necessary and urgent response.

The Matrix Revealed

On the issue of immigration and open borders, the Church of Globalism has learned its lessons well from its Vatican predecessor: “We Globalists, for our own reasons, to which you are not privy, decide where populations are permitted to emigrate, according to our design and blueprint for the future makeup of the planet. Our priests make sure that anyone who opposes this immigration blueprint feels the heavy weight of censure and guilt. Redemption may come to you, but only if you get down on your knees and beg for pardon and swear never to oppose us, your Church Fathers, again. God (the Surveillance State) will monitor your future behavior…”

From the highest levels of planning, open borders in the US have absolutely nothing to do with humanitarianism.

The only guilt the planners are interested in is the guilt they can instill in the American people.

Guilt, shame, remorse—very old tricks in the con man’s playbook.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

35 comments on “Open borders: punish the people for the government’s sins

  1. sylphsandcloudships says:

    Thank you for your honesty and bluntness! You are a breath of fresh air! Thanks! Jeanne

  2. Bonnie says:

    Wow, if you get any further in denial of the truth of what is going on here your whole ship is certain to sink immigrants and all.

    First of all you are calling this group of “men” and “women” that have taken it upon themselves to plunder every country around the world into slavery, poverty, death and destruction “Government.” Instead of who they really are which is “Public Servants.”

    You see the “people” are the “Government” and the people wrote the Constitution for the Public Servants to “abide” by. It states that Public Servants take an oath of office to abide by the Common Law that states you are not to willfully harm another, their property or their liberty. This is the same Law all people are to “abide’ by the only added stipulation of the Constitution was if they did not meaning they the “Public Servants” do not abide by the Law then the “people” who are their governance, have the Lawful right to remove them from office if they should become tyrants against the people or violate the Common Law!!

    Also provided to the people written in the Constitution was the “People’s Grand Jury’s” as a means of protecting themselves should the Public Servants go into “over-reach, or become terrorist upon the people. Now the Constitution is the same world wide because it is the “protection” and “defense” of all people in the world. And is it the DUTY of all people in the world to abide by and “uphold” the Law that states; :You are not to willfully harm another, their property or their liberty!.

    Yet I can not tell you the countless Americans I have spoke to who claim their is no Common Law. Who believe the Public Servants have the authority and are the “Government.” Who believe if they do not “vote” to be “governed” and lead by public servants they have no say, even though all evidence as shown you when you vote to have someone else govern you it is to give up your rights and freedoms. After all, I can not consent to you raping me and then turn around and charge you for violating me, now can I?

    Also the average American believes that what legalities, legislature, bills or whatever other name you want to call the Public Servants violations against the people… are the Laws of the “land.” Why would the land need laws? Of course what this all boils down to is the willful ig-nor-ance of the “Law,” out of fear and willful ignorance, of the people!!

    And no matter how much suffering and destruction your “willful ig-nor-ance” of the Law…do not willfully harm another, their property and liberty brings home to you as a people you fight your Public Servants endless psychopathic, greedy, murderous, dirty wars. And you return to your home and your family riddled with guilt and shame, full of despair, while your Public Servants jet set around the world, kissing each others ass, and laughing in your faces so filthy rich off of your guilt ridden souls they can now wipe you out, and your response is to starve and kill more innocent people calling them immigrants, but what you really mean is “invaders” once again willfully ig-nor-ing the LAW!!

    Might I respectively ask… “Who is the con man?”

    • It would seem that the problem here is that in 1871 a corporation took over the controlMIND (governMENT). Except for the name, the corporate documents look like the original Constitution – with no pesky Bill of Rights. The true governing body stands empty, and the corporation, which is really only for the District of Columbia, is pretending to be the “government.”

      There is no provision for “executive orders” in the lawful Constitution. The first one was issued after We were corporatized to pay war debts from the civil war. Obama is signing things willy nilly, such that one manufactures “emergency” hands Him everything.

      We need to stop contracting with that system and choose another one. I propose there IS such a choice, but We mostly all have to know about it, know the option is there.

      I offer a few ideas to contemplate and share.


      “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
      “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
      “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
      “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

      • SuperTech86 says:

        “There is no provision for ‘executive orders’ in the lawful Constitution.”

        And what does that mean, nothing. A Constitution by definition is nothing more than the “basis” for law. There’s also nothing in the Constitution about murder, rape, incest, fraud or robbery being illegal.

        Go back to school…

        • WTF? Murder, etc.are crimes having nothing to do with the Constitution. “Executive orders” sidestep the balance specifically set up in the original. So You’re saying it’s OK for presidents to do that? Heck, what do We need a constitution for, then? Just let the pres make it up as (S)He goes.

          Seems You are the more likely candidate for additional schooling.


          “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
          “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
          “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
          “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

  3. kozandaishi says:

    One of your very best, Jon – absolutely brilliant.

  4. Frank says:

    If you hate religion then okay, but why try to weave it into your point about gov’mint control? The same evil people who used the church to get what they wanted are the same people going to hell.

    • FedUp says:

      All I know is I’ll never step back into a Catholic church again with their current actions in the US. The US Catholic bishops push this open border policy. They act counter to the interests of the American people. I don’t know if its a broader NWO agenda they are following, or if they just want to fill their pews and collection plates. They are undermining the sovereignty of the US by encouraging and aiding the push to bring more illegals into America. This is done under the cover of ‘compassion’, but a nation (especially a bankrupt one with many of her own people out of work) can only accept so many people. This will cause further division and conflict in this country. There are some intelligent men in the church & they know all this. No one, for example, ever accused the Jesuits of being ‘idealistic airheads’. – – Its the naive lay people who are easily manipulated. Furthermore, this does nothing to help change the long time corruption which forces these people to leave their home countries. NO other nation on earth has such suicidal border policies, not even Mexico who uses their army to turn back central American illegals trying to enter their country.
      During the time of Reagan an ‘immigration reform act’ was signed that was proclaimed to have ‘solved’ this. That was 3 decades ago and the situation has only gotten worse.
      I know about the US Catholic bishops encouragement of this destructive act. I have heard that other churches and organizations are also pushing the same agenda, but have not looked into this further. There are many traitorous acts (defined as those violating the US Constitution) being conducted in this country today.

      • The founders of this “New World Order” created established religions as part of their long-range plan. That’s why the vicious conquests of recalcitrant “pagans” was in order. True blue Pagans would never have gone for all of this nonsense!

  5. The “Americans” I talk to don’t know anything, don’t care, and absolutely do Not want to hear ANYthing unrelated to their good time.

    As to the sinful bagel theory: toasted bagel, swiss cheese, onion, cream cheese, lox, and very thin-sliced tomato. Now THAT’s sinful 🙂

    • SamAdamsGhost says:

      @jeffrey a friedberg – I know what you men brother ! Americans have been dumbed down in public ‘schools’ (purposely) for a century. They are made even more idiotic by t.v. and various sports and entertainment diversions. Most American adults do not read a single serious book after leaving high school or college. Try to get them to read a book about the Federal Reserve and the nature of money ? Forget about it. I’ve mentioned Jon Rappoport’s logic course to several people and got nothing but blank looks. One guy actually asked “Why spend your time on that stuff ?”
      The American founders were much better men than those of today. The ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave’ ?. . . Not anymore.

      “If you expect a nation to be ignorant and free, you expect what never was and can never be.” – Thomas Jefferson

  6. theodorewesson says:

    Filter your water and eat pesticide-free food as much as possible, and, take vitamin and mineral supplements (because said Vs and Ms are lacking in the soil — due to the farming practices of the last 100-years and due to the roll-out of water dams for electric power generation/distribution which reduced river flooding that was vital to bring trace minrals to the soil) — in order to build up your immune system. (note: the naturalpathic medical model says that vitamin and mineral supplements are very important to your health. The allophatic medical model is silent on the effect of vitamin and mineral supplements on health because they are interested only doing what insurance will pay for — and good nutrition, by design, is not on the insurance pay-out schedule)

    The poor and mal-nurished illegals are bringing disease with them to us,…


    CDC Confirms Activation of “Emergency Operation Center” in Response to Immigrant Influx

    After months, federal health agency responsible for “disease control and prevention” breaks silence..

    by Adan Salazar & Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs | | July 2, 2014


    The CDC and HHS Are Planning for Mass Casualties in the United States

    Posted on July 10, 2014 by Dave Hodges


    Clues to look for when determining if a bioterror event has been staged or not

    “Everyone everywhere must be vaccinated, now. No choice. Do it or be quarantined or jailed.”

  7. i am no one says:

    “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration (open borders) and a welfare state.”

    Milton Friedman

  8. john says:

    The Swiss are severely limiting ie stopping immigration into their country and no one is calling them any names for doing so. We need to follow Switzerland and close the borders for at least 25 years until we solve our own internal problems!

  9. mthans75 says:

    A government must be able to control its border. If their is an uncontrolled influx of people who are bringing multiple diseases which will bring epidemics, I believe it in an invasion and we must respond by closing the borders and shooting anyone crossing into the US. I know it sounds harsh but the lack of response to protect our country will destroy it.

  10. First of all I must commend you on this literal piece of art. You seem to be in the sweet spot Jon…what a tremendous flow of thoughts. Well done.

    It never surprises me anymore when the educated mind ignores the obvious…history is incessantly repeating itself. We are in some weird Moebius loop… Albeit the minute details do change over the hundreds of years; Rome, America or Roman church, Globalism.

    There doesn’t seem to any difference in church and state. And then one comes to realize there is no difference, and never was… a nation is a religion in itself, appointing its own Gods to power and at the same time facilitating those Gods in their pursuit of happiness, and on the other hand their persecution of their own personal and national demons.

    Convincing the afflicted that they are merely gazing at shadows on the cave wall…what a tiresome, unrewarding occupation…
    It’s that look of shock, the momentary opening of the mind, the sparkle of a possibly awakening and the antithetic and quickly slamming shut at that notion that, when they die, there will be no heaven, no hell. No reward for what is considered a righteous lived life, and no punishment for the wicked. Just the long unconscious sleep and awakening in another reality. And a new set of spiritual clothes. And not in the bosom of the unrequited Jeezus.

    May I repeat again and again…religion is violence

    “All thinking men are atheists.” — Ernest Hemingway

  11. First God would never “set up” his one holy child (the
    christ) which we all are…there is only one……to take a fall…so the religious aspect is pure bs…so if you really know your self and your loving father you can realize that God is truely in charge and everything’s gonna be alright!

    • So you are very willing to ignore the mountains of history concerning all of these “wars-in-the-name-of-god” ? ? ?

      I’m sorry, but I just do not buy the garbage that is sold through all of these establishment-churches, courtesy of the globalists themselves. After all, these churches and inflexible-doctrined “religions” were the handiwork of the ancient Essenes and their initial plan for world domination.

      Ignore at your own peril. God only helps those who are also willing to help themselves and others!

  12. Robert Smith says:

    Personally I think your an idiot, talking about the bible, you really should read more of it, god also demands Justice, if they want to take on these children, then fairs fair, they really should gets the kids from Africa, seeing how there life is 10xs worse, for 10xs as long, why do they placate to the Hispanic race? I’ve been saying this 20 years when they first started putting instruction in Spanish on everything? Secondly I have worked in the construction felid for 25 years, In all areas, roofing, framing, lawns, tree trimming, the illegals, have ether stole my jobs & other American’s, by out bidding, or completely taking over, I’ve felt the sting more then most, seeing how I’m on the frontline of all this, & listen to this, these children steal my children’s potential jobs in the future, just like me & millions of others! & I can say that I’m a 28 generation American, First I heard of the influx, problem I just came home from the store, & seen a bunch of homeless people, at any given time there are at least 20 homeless people around here, & the moment they give people that broke the law coming here, children or not, (& I am single parent), clothes housing food, don’t you think they should work on the people, who’s forefathers, who fought & died for the right, shouldn’t they be token care of first.

    The second part of the danger of all this, is the total damage done to the US economy, check this out, 10 years ago there was this story about the trillion of dollars sent to Latino countries, & I find it funny nobody talks about that, I sure the problem is way worse be now, my proof is, my last girlfriend was from Peru, not a citizen, but not illegal, her family was, & she let me in on a little secret, that her family sends massive amounts of money beck to Peru, with full intention of retiring there, I think that’s being a fake American!, they don’t care about us, or the all that money, from millions of families just like them, that will never make its way back into this economy, also I believe that that also contributed to the downfall of 2008, so plane & simple deport them all, & give those people whose ancestors earned the right to have those jobs, & stop all that money from leaving our economy, or you know what, in about 10 or 20 years we will be just like those countries these children are coming from! Actually they should have been deporting heavily the whole time, Why wouldn’t they want to come, & tell all there friends to, they think were stupid & week, we give them free stuff, turn them lose, they make money, send it back home, & self deport, & we pay for the ride home, wake up, were being used. Don’t believe me on any of this, check the facts!

    A third part of all this is, the people pushing to let them stay, are usually are the ones using them for cheap labor, they take advantage of them, which was also in the news a few years ago, I don’t thing anything’s really advanced about that either!

    Think well about all I’ve said, & most important think of all those jobs token away from our children, my children, which I have experienced on a personal level.

    • This is the best piece of stand-up comedy I have heard in awhile. Great stuff. You should take Iit on the road. Very funny.

      “Mamas don’t let you babies grow up to be cowboys…” -W. H. Nelson

    • Okay.

      Let’s not even THINK about the fact that the “bible” is an invention by a few politically-connected and powerful men (the Nicean Coucil) who wanted to codify a standardized religious doctrine. The bible only existed from the fourth century, “AD” to the present. The New Testament was written almost FIVE-HUNDRED YEARS after the death of “Jesus”. So there was no such thing as “Christianity” actually until the Reformation in Europe.


  13. g says:

    Here is an idea, unless of course it is already happening.

    Lawyers of America, the ones who really know their stuff and are strong-show your true might. Band together and arrest those in government and in corporations who are guilty. Ordinary people could also achieve this, but it would be harder. Those in the legal profession who are good at your jobs and who know the law- you are in the best position to do this job. You are trained in law. Look at it this way-if you want to defeat the crooks, you are going to need the very best lawyers to do the job properly. Lawyers need to question themselves that if they are not doing this, who exactly then is going to do the job?? A whole law firm could be formed specifically for this purpose. Fighting for the people. I really hope something like this can be done as soon as possible. With results. If 100 of the top USA lawyers worked together, they would do very very well.

  14. wfdunlap says:

    A possible near future: America’s economy teeters on collapse, the borders are chaotic, High level international financiers will start the call for a North American central bank like the EU; the US and Mexico will sign a military treaty to work together on managing the borders; new bank and treaties will circumvent constitution.

  15. […] Open borders: punish the people for the government’s sins – excerpt […]

  16. Lisa Lowell says:

    Thank you Jon,for this patch of light in the war torn jungle, and all that you do to remind me of what’s being camouflaged. You are like a spiritual chiropractor.

    Best Always, Lisa

  17. Roger Fuller says:

    July 15, 2014
    @ Fedup :
    You are the one person on this comment board that got it right. The Roman Catholic Church did this immigration atrocity, promoted in the USA by the U.S. Catholic Bishops. And this church promotes overpopulation of the entire planet Earth by interfering with birth control, worldwide.

    and @ SamAdamsGhost
    Right On with everything you said. I just wanted to make one correction. Dumbing down of education didn’t start a century ago. I went to superb public schools in the 1950’s to the early 1960’s. 1965, the first year of Vietnam War escalation in the USA, was pretty much the beginning of the end of our Country, politically, educationally and everything else. The drug epidemic was growing right along with the War and was the other big factor.

    Dear Jon Rappoport:
    I see the problem quite differently than you. I believe the Roman Catholic Church is the total cause of this Latin American immigration explosion into the USA. Go all the way back to the Conquistadors of the 1500’s. They were Spanish invaders during the Spanish Inquisition : the worst Inquisition of them all. The religion of Spain was Roman Catholicism, 500 years ago and still is today. The Conquistadors invaded, conquered, and forced their sick religion on the peaceful Indians of Central and South America. That religion resulted in centuries of poverty and during the last Century, massive overpopulation, which goes on to this day. The Catholic Church interferes with birth control around the World, causing massive human overpopulation. Then in 1994, through NAFTA, Monsanto, an Irish Catholic company since 1901, dumped huge amounts of ” genetically engineered ” , or rather, genetically mutilated corn on Mexico; successfully wreaking the Mexican Corn Economy which was very vital to poor people. That caused 1.5 to 6 million corn farmers and their families to migrate North to the USA. This was the US government and Monsanto throwing gasoline on the fire of the already bad immigration problem. Latin American pro-immigration activists rarely mention the NAFTA disaster, but they would have a much stronger argument for immigration if they did.
    The U.S. Catholic Bishops had sabotaged every single Rockefeller birth control program when Richard Nixon was president. If these Rockefeller programs, presented to Nixon in 1972, had not been killed by the Catholics, we wouldn’t even have an immigration or overpopulation problem today. We wouldn’t even be talking about these problems or the environmental disasters or scores of other problems. People should remember that Catholics 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion is not freedom to do anything, including wreaking the Planet. And the non-Catholics in the USA have a right to be free of this loathsome religion.
    yours truly,
    Roger Fuller

  18. WOW!

    Someone else finally gets the word out on the role of the centralized “church” and its political power, even after the fall of Rome. ( By the way, it was mainly hatched in Rome, but was not codified by “Romans”, per se. )

    Very well-done piece.

  19. Loki says:

    All quite true, but they likely have a lot more planned. These games may distract for awhile, (hungry folk and subsistence farmers seldom have time for analysis) but they won’t cut it for long.

    A hypothesis: Within a few centuries, if not sooner, the planet will return to an ice age. This change is already underway. They know, and have bought and turned climate science into a guilt propaganda machine to distract while they proceed to reduce the “peon” population (us) by ~95% to ease the transition. Currently the focus is on MENA deserts that will be very fertile later, but their global effort is taking its toll. Of course their official numbers say otherwise.

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