Ebola unproven treatments; what about vitamins?

Ebola unproven treatments; how about vitamins?

by Jon Rappoport

August 15, 2014


Here’s the situation: the World Health Organization has decided to green-light unproven drugs and vaccines, to “stem the tide of Ebola.”

(8/12/2014: “Ethical considerations for use of unregistered interventions for Ebola virus disease (EVD)”; Link: who.int/mediacentre/news/statements/2014/ebola-ethical-review-summary/en/)

Who appointed them king?

This is the organization that lied a dozen different way to pump up the dud “epidemic,” Swine Flu, and colluded with pharmaceutical companies in the process.

If it’s suddenly all right to give patients experimental drugs, whose safety has never been established in humans—what about vitamins and minerals, whose track record of safety makes medical drugs look like high-dose cyanide?

As I’ve written, most of the people being diagnosed with Ebola have suffered for a long time under conditions of poverty, severe malnutrition, and absence of basic sanitation.

If drugs and vaccines are deemed “compassionate intervention,” how about moving patients, before they’re terminal, to a clean facility and gradually improving their nutrition? Give them pure water. Introduce electrolytes, minerals. Feed them.

Do you know why the World Health organization will never sanction such a program of “experimental care?”

When it worked better than the upcoming drugs and vaccines, it would topple a pillar of the medical cartel. It would expose an army of liars and frauds.

It would expose the ongoing crime of “medical care” in Africa, whereby the focus is germs, germs, germs, instead of the immune system.

It would reveal the fact that a colluding group of local rulers, mega-corporations, and medical organizations don’t really want to solve the problems of the population.

They want to exacerbate them.

A weak and depopulated people makes it easier to exploit the resources and land of these African countries.

The World Health Organization, despite its myriad humanitarian posturings, is the front-group for this agenda.

power outside the matrix

With its resources, personnel, and prestige, it could head up a revolution in health.

It could make clean water, nutritious food, basic sanitation, relief from overcrowded living conditions, and the recovery of stolen land the major arrows in a relentless attack on what is actually the cause of most death in that part of the world.

But it hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen.

If someone could come up with a drug or a vaccine that would cause the World Health Organization to fall from its throne, we might start to get somewhere.

People might start to wake up from “hypnosis by fear of germs” and realize the cure is right in front of their eyes.

Starvation? Food. Vast deficiencies? Vitamins and minerals. Sewage in the water supply? Install basic sanitation. No farms? Give stolen land back to the people.

Watch what happens.

Magically, health returns. Disease recedes.

The doctors and researchers can live in Antarctica, screw around with molecules of monoclonal antibodies, make elaborate maps of genes, treat each other with exotic drugs and vaccines, and record the story of their own deteriorating health.

“Heroic medical intervention in the Third World” is a virtual simulation, which billions of people believe is real.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

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41 comments on “Ebola unproven treatments; what about vitamins?

  1. victoryintruth says:

    Yeah, stem the tide……..gimme a barf bag already.

  2. “I believe the WHO! Who else?”
    “Go see a doctor who is not in bed with them.”
    “What do you mean by that?”
    “You have definitely got a trait of some fast evolving fateful flu. All the other physicians will declare you sane and sound though.”

  3. R. Fowler says:

    Reblogged this on If Crazy Fits Wear It and commented:
    Crazy is always bringing you alternative thinking. So read and think.

  4. heureka47 says:

    Best health is available by activating the life energy / life power (prana, kundalini, chi, qi, ki, Od, etc.), the universal energy, higher consciousness energy, etc.
    This power IS life and it gives health – provided it can flow best possible.

    This power cannot flow best possible, in case people suffer from “stress”, tension, fear, sorrows and many other things belonging to the “lower self” / “ego”.
    TRUE adults changed to the higher / true self. At best in early puberty. They are there unified / identified with the power – and thus, they can ACT as the power.
    In order to get best possible result, people must clean their (sub-)consciousness from old trauma energies.
    Living in awareness of this power and trusting it, it will keep you healthy.
    Moreover, when you live in the higher consciousness, you are aware of your level of energy and can better dose your intensity of investing this – spiritual – power. This power you don’t get mainly from the things you eat, but from the cosmos, directly, in phases of being relaxed. Mainly while we sleep, but also all the day over. I had to learn over many years to try to the things I do in a generally relaxed stance / attitude.

    Therefore, it is essential to overcome fear – or I could say: to get back to the state of basic trust / confidence everyboby is born with.

    Kind regards:

    Wolfgang Heuer

    • Thank you Wolfgang.

      This tract of humanity is experiencing profound global initiation into self empowered adulthood. In other words, each of us has ‘unparalleled’ opportunity to mature our triune brain, which filters out information that conflicts with long held beliefs whether we are aware of them or not.

      Embracing Body-Mind-Soul Inner Technology, the single most sophisticated technology ever to grace this world, and only true Power, empowers us to reach into the realm of all possibilities and ‘choose’ the kind of future that will arise from chaos of the present.

    • bm says:

      Are you going to receive nutritional food, shelter, clothing from the Universe when special interest is always there not just offering but forcing an umbrella over everyone’s life?

      Overpopulation by itself is the root of all problems! Sex Ed in schools is about using birth control paraphenelia. In certain religious schools it is about abstinence. In certain communites, being single is a sin! What is needed is discussion about overpopulation itself. Children are smart enough to discover their own solutions. Few know the satisfaction of simply placing one’s partner’s bare feet against one’s bare chest while closing one’s eyes and looking within. This is never mentioned at school and few are aware of the possibilities.

      • OzzieThinker says:


        You talk of over population, but relative to what?

        Though you will find information in no history books or ancient texts, known or “unknown”, the population on Mars 78 million years ago peaked at over 13 billion people. Then the planet was roughly in our position in relation to the sun (though the orbit was a little different). It is not much larger in land size than ours.

        The significant event that “changed everything” was the destruction of a planet called Maldek (some of it still hangs around as the “asteroid belt”). In fact it was man’s heinous technologies in attacking the “existential threat”, the dragons, that brought our downfall. As far as I can ascertain it reduced the 13-14billion to under 30,000 head.

        Agreed, eco-resource management is a prerequisite here, but the “population” [per se] is not the problem.

      • heureka47 says:

        “Overpopulation by itself is the root of all problems!”:

        That is also caused by the Collective Civilization Neurosis (alienation to the true / higher self), the sickness that broke out abt. 15.000 or 20.000 years ago, may be even 40.000 or 60.000 years.

        Kind regards!

  5. Louis Dallara says:

    Hey Jon; You make to much sense, go back and drink the Kool ade 🙂 lol but look at the bigger plan some thing called eugenics, ZPG is a bad word, is in it time we grew up to the fact we over populated the planet? Maybe the 1% believe that Kool ade is a better solution.

  6. geraldo20 says:

    Other than effective quarantine, there is no prevention or cure for Ebola. However hemorrhagic fever, as it is called, depletes the body of vitamin C completely and very quickly, and since Vitamin C is necessary to build collagen which is the infrastructure of capillaries and blood vessels, capillary fragility results quickly and patients die from hemorrhage–hence its name. Taking Vitamin C every day before you get the disease can do no harm (say 500mg–the body can’t handle more and just excretes the excess–clear this dosage with your doctor, since higher doses can cause calcium oxalate kidney stones, as well some gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhoea). Taking Vitamin C may prevent hemorrhage which is how patients die. It won’t cure or prevent the disease, but it may prevent you dying from it. The rationale to start taking it now is that the incubation period is about 3 weeks, so theoretically you won’t know about it until it’s too late. Once the disease becomes manifest, enormous dosages are probably necessary to counter the possibility of hemorrhage (intravenously is probably better, but hospitals may deny you admission). I think it’s a good idea to have plenty of Vitamin C ready, because when the SHTF it will get sold out quickly. Clear this entire plan as well as the dosages with your doctor first.

    • The doctor will prescribe pharmaceuticals only. Nothing nutritional would be acceptable unless first cartelized, the price raised 1,500%, and made available by Rx only. Vitamin C’s best form is the ascorbyl palmitate type, and it has helpers—lysine, proline, zinc, copper, manganese, cissus quadrangularis are all connective tissue boosters. This is an urgent detox illness. How come no one is mentioning lemon juice in water, garlic, selenium, reduced L glutathione, calcium D glucarate and colostrum? Ahh—they aren’t “harmaceuticals.”

      • theodorewesson says:

        “harmaceuticals!” Very good! I am going to start using that!

        This has been on my mind off and on,… your comment has again reminded me,… is it ‘technically illegal’ for an MD (the friendly family (with a tinge of arrogance) private practise doctor), when accepting a patient for treatment for some chronic disease — to not offer said patient some type of “harmaceutical”, and instead, only offer him/her vitmins and minerals and a nutrition plan?

    • Mark says:

      Vitamin C as most people know it, is actually just ascorbic acid and does nothing to keep blood vessels from hemorrhaging. Vitamin P, also known as rutin, is one of the 6 components to Vitamin C as found in nature. Rutin IS the vitamin C component that prevents bruising by keeping blood vessels strong. Ascorbic acid has it benefits but unless you take a complete formula that includes all of the 5 other elements you are still lacking this nutrient.

      A few things to add to this discussion –

      Most people are iodine deficient, certainly in those countries fighting Ebola. But most people in this country are deficient too. Iodine kills all foreign micro-organisms. It is used in surgery to swab the area before incision. Taking the correct amount of iodine and potassium iodide daily is necessary.

      Next, nano-particle silver (like colloidal silver) KILLS ALL harmful bacteria AND viruses.

      The mineral zinc is essential for the immune system as is vitamin A.

      Highly concentrated proteolytic enzymes will KILL all micro-organisms. Taken in between meals they search and destroy all that is “NOT-SELF”.

      Curcumin, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, galanga root (in Thai dishes) lemon grass, rosemary, thyme – there are dozens of herbs, when used in concentrated extracts KILL micro-organisms.

      There are so many ways to protect oneself – do the research.

    • I just want to dispute a few things you said about vitamin C. 500mg is extremely low dose – body can handle more, especially if deficient, and don’t bother clearing this with your doctor – your doctor has no training in nutraceuticals; and vitamin C will not cause kidney stones – that’s just plain nonsense. Traditionally vitamin C was ascorbic acid, but today there are many advanced formulations not dependent on ascorbic acid, and much more effective without side effects like screaming poops. Note that with these new formulations a dose of 500 mg might be enough – you can take more and it will not hurt you.

  7. theodorewesson says:

    Meanwhile, the “Heroic medical intervention in the Third World” story was alive and well this morning, August, 15, 2014,…

    As WHO Warns Ebola Death Toll is Underestimated, How Should Global Community Handle Dire Crisis?


    • Nick says:

      That was the most repugnant article I hav read in a long time. If I still had faith in the American medical system I think I would’ve swallowed every lie and twisted truth.

      It’s disgusting.

  8. If Ebola ever comes to me I’ll first start eating garlic by the ton. Then I’d get hold on Peppers and Chilis. Then, I’d eat white spelt bread with it, spread with olive oil and layered with light cooked octopus with lemon juice, parsley, fresh green onionshoots, and bear’s leek, fresh if available. This would be accompanied by true natural bottle-yeast-fermented beer, one half liter, nay beforehand instilled, one liter of prime water, and one liter of prime wine; first a very adstringent quarter of a liter of crisp dry white, then a very slow bottle of fullest bodied, not too old Spanish red, some Manchego cheese with it, not much under 14 degrees, earnest soil, really little production per acre, old vines, to kill the rest with it.
    If there were some blackberries, of course they would be served. No problem with cherries or blueberries.
    No, I don’t wan’t to make any fun of the subject; but I also won’t succumb to the wanted panic.
    I’m no expert at all. All I know is that viruses tend to have problems with well-fed, healthy bodies bearing sober minds, whatever their names be at the time. They may bite, but regularly they die inside their prey.
    So I think Jon is completely right in his thrust; they all make it germs where in reality most of it is malnutrition and dirty water.

    • tommytcg says:

      Garlic and onions are glycating agents in the pathway of the cancer complex needed to start and fuel all malignancies.

      Olive oil is high in 3 allergens, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid and gallic acid, which respectively inflame the pituatary, hypothalamus and pancreas. Theese degrade, parts join-up to form the base of the cancer nucleus, that ALSO needed to start and fuel all malignancies. The inflamed body parts in turn allows these two complexes easy entry for their malignancy trigger.

      Clark HR PhD ND 2007.

      Just make nano-colloidal silver according to my post.. unless that was censored.

  9. Shark says:

    Wim Hof, also known as the “Iceman”, has shown that he can influence the Autonomic Nervous System with his mind and a number of scientific studies have shown this.

    Bet they don’t want too many people hearing about that!


  10. tommytcg says:

    What about nano-colloidal silver? It’s a very powerful ani-viral, Hong Kong Govt sprayed all their subway stations with this during previous virus scares/scams. Cures herpes in a single 1 tablespoon dose, take for a week 2X daily. Stops and slowly reverses MS as that is caused by the mycoplasma phlei, a mini-bacteria.

    Using a colloidal machine, set PPM to MAX, aerate the process with a small aquarium pump,. Store in dark glass bottle in a cupboard away from electric plugs. Make new batch about once a month. Will naturally discolor. Hold under the tongue for 5 mins wash down with a small wineglass of water. I use the Colloidal Master, no financial connection.

  11. waldbaer says:

    What i do not understand is – why is rt.com blowing the same whistle?
    What kind of PR-stunt is this?

    Btw and fully OT:
    A very nice CrossTalk:

    Live long and prosper,

  12. carla naumann says:

    Dr. Cass Ingram’s “The Cure is in The Cupboard” pg 77 There is no medical treatment for ebola, however, if this occurs wild oil of oregano can come to the rescue. One of the most potent naturally occurring antiviral agents known, oil of oregano would be an invaluable treatment for fighting infections, plus it boosts immunity by accelerating the killing action of white blood cells and by improving lymph flow. In the event of infection by the ebola or dengue virus the oil should be used aggressively both internally and externally.

    pg 175 Medicine is incapacitated by the rising incidence of infectious diseases, since the death rate for the past thirty years. It is evident that only natural antibiotics and antiseptics can be relied upon for salvation. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans have a dangerous attitude, if an infection strikes, doctors will take care of it.

    Please dont take any vaccine that the corporate medical military industrial complex tries to force on you or your children. Vaccines are full of death. Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz goes into great detail documenting facts, contracts, etc. that vaccines are used for depopulation – Bush, Skull and Bones, Rockefeller funded. The doctors are sworn to “secrecy” regarding the ingredients in these biological weapons (vaccines) trade secrets. Gulf war syndrome was caused by vaccines, according to Horowitz.

    Aids was also a man-made disease.

    I am a mother who has a child, I believe in all my heart, that was damaged by vaccines (Chron’s disease, R.A.). That’s why I take the time to write this. My son, had very limited vaccines. I was in the process of waking up and doing my own research regarding the Rockefeller funded medical killing machines. My son stays healthy.

    I stay away from the doctors as much as I possibly can. I use Freeda Vitamins, Barleans flax oil, Clay for detox, (John Ellis water machine), prayer, rest, and teach my children at home. I made lemonade from the lemons that were dealt to my family by volunteering into their system. I don’t get fooled as much anymore.

    I read Jon’s website everyday, stay away from TV (mind control), and learn everyday from some great teachers on the internet. Schools, universities are a waste of time, and money. This ponzi system is ready to implode. It took a childs illness (near death) to wake my family from my stupor.

    Thank you Jon for taking the time to educate me. I have so much to learn.

  13. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    So simple. 🙂

  14. Fred says:

    IV vitamin C in studies funded by the government was shown to cure polio, and many other deadly diseases. Three gram doses injected into the subjects brought about rapid reversal of symptoms and cure. It not only cured the victim but provided for the victims body to develop natural immunity to the vector.

    This dosage does not work orally because the gut/kidneys have a natural resistance to absorption at those dosage rates.that regulates vitamin C in the bloodstream. When you bypass this barrier ascorbic acid becomes a “super cure” according to the studies done in the 1950’s


    Injecting or IV infusion one to three gram doses is the only effective method.

  15. tommytcg says:

    Why was my post on nano=colloidal silver censored. Is this an open forum or a controlled one?

  16. tommytcg says:

    Time to expose this forum on prisonplanet and rense for censoring input on nanao-colloidal silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Now, dear Tommy, why threatening?
      With Jones and Rense in one go?
      Of course, I can only see Your ardent protest here, I know not what might have been lost or censored.
      I certainly would like to know some more on nano-colloidal silver.
      As Your irritated posts obviously came through here, I think that there should be nothing in the way to giving some clear speech on the topic itself.

  17. By Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations and Pulitzer Prize winning science writer:

    Attention, World: You just don’t get it. You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough About Ebola http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2014/08/14/you_are_not_nearly_scared_enough_ebola_vaccine_west_africa_outbreak

    • theodorewesson says:

      Thanks Doreen.

      Also, this past Friday, August 15, Laurie Garrett was on Amy Goodman’s show — Democracy Now! — with two other guests — trumpeting her article.

      Yes Virigina, the “Heroic medical intervention in the Third World” story is alive and well indeed,… as a cover stroy…

      As WHO Warns Ebola Death Toll is Underestimated, How Should Global Community Handle Dire Crisis?


  18. brad says:

    Wow, powerful article. And the solution is that simple. What a strange world we live in.

  19. theodorewesson says:

    WHO and FDA begin ebola cure ‘double down’…

    The NYT’s reporter — in the article below — also ‘reports’ on colloidal silver in a manner without context, implicitly conflating ‘colloidal silver’ with the phrase ‘bogus ebola cure’. As mentioned in the article, someone is trying to get ‘NanoSilver’ shipped to Nigeria! (Of course, no mention of ‘good nutrition and clear water’ or lack there of, but that would be another topic entirely.)

    Here’s the article:

    Agencies Issue Warnings Over Bogus Ebola Cures





    The above NYT article is a ‘gold mine’ for other reasons you would have to read.

    Here’s just one of them:

    The name of the corp players:

    “But the warning did have a link to a Q. and A. document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that named biotech companies with National Institutes of Health or Department of Defense grants to develop products to fight Ebola. While most products do not yet have brand names, the companies included Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Profectus Biosciences and Crucell.”

    From the CDC link:

    Is the U.S. government involved in the development of ZMapp?

    The U.S. government, specifically, the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and the HHS’ Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), has provided support for the development of this experimental treatment.

    Are there other companies developing experimental treatments or vaccines?

    Two other companies, Tekmira and Biocryst Pharmaceuticals, receive funding from the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency and have therapeutic candidates for Ebola in early development. The Department of Defense is working with a company called Newlink to develop an Ebola vaccine candidate. BioCryst, with NIH support, is working to develop an antiviral drug to treat Ebola virus that is expected to begin Phase 1 testing later this year.

  20. OzzieThinker says:

    You may be on to something here, Jon.

    TB disappeared with decent infrastructure. Beyond the Holocaust myth, there has been little time devoted to the plight of the Jews (and other races) interned in Ghettos and concentration camps per NAZI protocol. Anne Frank apparently died of TB perhaps in Musselmann state (“walking dead”) prior to death.

    I have also read up on Hulda Regehr Clark. This cure seems to be a fusion of antique herbal remedies (i.e. Cannabis oil, Soursop tea) and pinpoint (mild) electrocution (fame of Royal Rife) to remedy cancers, which she argues are caused by a ‘parasite’.

  21. usurykills says:

    Sam Kinison was ahead of the curve (hypocritical “caring”):

  22. This post reminds me of something rather interesting, especially relating to nutrition.

    We nowadays see all these billboards urging all parents to get their children vaccinated against childhood measles, whooping cough, and you name it – they have a “shot” for that! – Of course, these pushers like to scare the hell out of people with (what are often very questionable or misleading) all kinds of statistics collected from around the world on all the purported deaths from these diseases. – Never once, was it clearly stated that most of the childhood deaths from these common childhood “diseases” were in areas full of severely impoverished and starving peoples! – Never once!

    Most of today’s “doctors” and other “health-professionals” will even REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE the direct role of nutrition and diet on the overall health of an individual! – Nevermind the many thousands of years’ worth of proof (in living flesh and discovered natural medicines) that commonsensically-prove the obvious: It was “never scientifically-proven” (by THEIR brand of science).

    “Nutrition is the beginning and end of life and good health.”

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • heureka47 says:

      “Nutrition is the beginning and end of life and good health.”:

      According to my experiences / findings the “beginning and end of life and good health” is the spiritual power we ARE in truth. And we must activate the inner source and identify with it. That has to be done in the process of initiation / ascension in early puberty – but big majority of civilized society is alienated to this knowledge / wisdom.

      For the process the young people should live in basical trust / confidence (in life / God), in order to be able to confront the “unknown” / “strange” in the unconscious mind / subconsciousness.
      If basical trust is not there, FEAR has to be overcome, first.

      Then, the young person will get to know the higher / true self, his future identity, and after a while they will unify.
      The process is completed, when the young person identifies with the higher / true self and its values (the highest principle of universe) AND when the person has cleaned the (sub-)consciousness.

      Kind regards:

      Wolfgang Heuer

      • That’s the Spiritual end, yes – that is true in that level of existence. However, while traveling this “physical” existence – in a physical body – having physical needs – that need physical resources to meet those needs – would be pointless without them.

        Total health DOES require we address ALL the levels and “planar bodies” and their needs. Modern medicine properly-addresses absolutely NONE of these needs as today’s modern medicine employs “bandage”-approaches to the symptomology of “dis-ease”. One of those things “modern medicine” falls short on – is nutrition, whether be it of the physical and/or spiritual. (Preferably BOTH – plus all the other “needs”.)

        So, my remark still holds true on the basis of common sense and of Nature. The Spirit and the Divine Mind be as our guides, but we still must address the rest of the needs while we still have those needs by virtue of our “multi-layered” existence.

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  23. theodorewesson says:

    Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp vs. Louis Pasteur.


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