CDC vaccine-autism fraud: what victory looks like

CDC vaccine-autism fraud: what victory looks like

by Jon Rappoport

August 25, 2014

Here’s a clue: victory doesn’t look like a trickle of hidden data occasionally seeping out of a cavern.

This is all about making a case. An explosive case.

Most (honest) scientists don’t have a clue. They don’t know how or why a story explodes. They tend to favor the “trickle theory” of releasing information because it fits their notion of order and pattern.

Order and pattern have nothing to do with the asymmetrical way a story expands.

Maybe CDC whistleblower William Thompson eventually comes forward with a definitive public statement about egregious fraud at the CDC; maybe he doesn’t.

Waiting for him to do the right thing is a loser’s game.

There is another avenue to pursue:

The CDC data that would reveal fraud.

Data contradicting the CDC assertion that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Whistleblower Thompson apparently claims the “no-connection” study was massaged, cooked, stepped on. Key pieces were buried.

Where is that buried data? All of it. Who has it?

I’m not talking about one or two pages we can barely see on a video.

There are several people out there who state they have a trove of incriminating data.

So: release it!


All of it.

Every single page, with the CDC imprints, mastheads, dates, etc.

—Data proving fraud, proving there was, in fact, knowledge that the MMR vaccine was, and is, connected to increased rates of autism.

Release all that data; post it on websites around the world.

No summaries—the raw material.

I understand that, among honorable scientists who have this data right now, there is a strong tendency to want to organize it and comment on it and assess it down to the periods and commas and semi-colons.

To those people, I say: you’re making a huge and potentially lethal mistake.

Organize and comment and summarize and analyze to your heart’s content—after you post every shred of raw data for all to see.

This isn’t an either-or issue.

Nor is it an issue of “preserving data so experts can make judgments about it.”

Dump the data online. Now.

People mistakenly think that, once all the data are publicly available, “the story” will peter out and die.

This belief has been used to support the drip-method journalists have deployed with the Edward Snowden material.

One scandal today, another one next month, and so on.

The truth is, releasing all the data has no ill effect on “the story” at all.

We’re talking about parallel operations here. On one track, you dump all the data online. On a separate track, you do articles and videos homing in on various pieces of the material.

You do both.

This isn’t a debate among scientific colleagues who publish in the same journals and speak at the same conferences and teach at universities.

This is a war.

It’s a war against a major institution of government, the CDC, and its pharmaceutical, academic, and media partners.

There is a trove of data that proves the CDC has engaged in criminal fraud, has exonerated a vaccine that actually causes brain damage? Release the data.

What are you waiting for?

Whistleblower William Thompson supposedly sent this trove of data to several scientists—they have it. They’ve had it for a while.

Are they using it to stuff a couch?

“Well, you see, if we release all the data, most people won’t understand what it means. They’re not technically trained.”

So what?

Who cares?

There are thousands of people out there who are a) technically trained and b) have independent minds.

“Well, people need someone to interpret the data for them.”

Fine. You interpret it. After you’ve released all of it.

“If we release all of it now, scientists who are part of the establishment will twist it and claim it proves nothing.”

Those scientists are already calling you liars. They twist and obfuscate for a living. Once you release all the data, yes, they will undoubtedly say it proves nothing. Then it’s your job to show they’re wrong.

Can you handle that?

If you’ve got the goods, lay them out on the table.

Many thousands of smart people around the world are going to come to your defense and blow this whole thing sky-high.

The CDC will begin to scurry like rats, and some of those rats will come out and confess their sins. Old sins. New sins. Sins you haven’t even imagined.

THIS is how a story builds.

You expose everything you have, and then new whistleblowers show up to spill secrets that are far more incriminating than the secrets you’ve exposed.

By holding back the data you have, you slow down the process and even stop it.

Release. All. The. Incriminating. Data.


Start a storm.

power outside the matrix

There is this little thing called the Internet. It can create enormous force, if enough people climb on board.

Reflect on the untold numbers of mothers with autistic children, and the mothers of the future who will have autistic children. Do you really think they care about trickle theory and timed-release?

I’ve met some of those current mothers and talked to them. They don’t live in ivory towers.

I can tell you, they take no prisoners.

They want your data. All of it.

Give it to them.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

23 comments on “CDC vaccine-autism fraud: what victory looks like

  1. I most strongly request that any person that has any information pertaining to CDC wrongdoing in this case and any other cases, come forward with that information for the protection of USA citizens. Please for the sake of humanity; the destroyer of human life needs to be stopped NOW.

  2. Heather Burke says:

    Thanks Jon. I’m so happy I signed up for your blog! Heather Burke MA from Clark University, major in Biochem, 1964

  3. jameson says:

    My kids got that nasty vaccine, I had no idea how dangerous it was at the time I allowed them to receive it. Now that I know the truth about the dangers of vaccines, I often wonder if something isn’t lurking inside of my kids and all the other kids who received this vaccine and the other “required shots.” The depravity and cruelty of those in power knows no bounds, it is time for
    us to acknowledge the reality of what is going on and outlaw vaccines and bring those involved in the destruction of babies, children to justice!

  4. waynesalhany says:

    The doctor is not smart. He may know a few facts here and there but he doesn’t have the sense to put two and two together. There are other doctors with the same illness. Don’t feel too bad. The matrix is in control.

  5. Robin says:

    Thank you.
    I pray it happens.

  6. laurabruno says:

    Very much a fan of the both/and options… great post!

    • Mary Bellerose says:

      Thank you Jon for all you do!! It is SO refreshing to read posts that really have something to say!! For those of us who have known this truth for years, this is a breath of fresh air!! 🙂
      Yup, the mommas will be their downfall. Don’t mess with Momma’s babes.

      Gotta say, I am enjoying this one IMMENSELY. Let the chips fall where they may. Everyone will be much better off, thanks to you!!!! A Real reporter is what you are!! Blessings.

  7. theodorewesson says:


    Medical drugs: too big to fail. A message to Wikileaks, Cryptome, Public Intelligence, and other sites that expose secrets.

  8. Michael Fitze says:


  9. Sallie O. Elkordy says:

    We are on the cusp of STOPPING THE LIE that is VACCINES! Help if you have information. However scared you may be, imagine how it feels to be a BABY STARING DOWN A NEEDLE!

  10. oddie says:

    where is the CDC’s March report? not linked from the Press Briefing page.

    in the following, there is a followup re African Americans:

    AUDIO: 27 March: CDC: Press Briefing Transcript
    CDC media briefing on autism spectrum disorder

    March 27, 2014 at 12 noon ET

    COLEEN BOYLE: …Autism is almost five times more common among boys than girls, with one in 42 boys, or 2.1 percent, and one in 189 girls, or .5 percent. White children are more likely to be identified with autism than black or Hispanic children, and most children with autism are not diagnosed until after age four, even though autism can be diagnosed as early as age two…

    SARAH MIMMS: Hi, thanks for taking my question. This is for Dr. Boyle. You mentioned white children are much more likely to be identified with some sort of autism spectrum disorder than black or Hispanic children. Do you think that’s a reporting issue, or is it actually, is there a larger prevalence in white children?

    COLEEN BOYLE: We have no reason to expect from a research perspective that that difference is not due to real differences. We do feel like it’s related to how children are identified and diagnosed and served within their communities…

    LLELWYN GRANT: Next question…

    re the above: WaPo (Lenny Bernstein) reported on 27 March: The information was reported in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

    i cannot find it at the link in the WaPo story below:

  11. OzzieThinker says:

    Agreed 100%.

    Data = evidence. Nail the b’tards.

    Story = hearsay. The ones that slipped away.

  12. Louis Foussard says:

    Once again… thanks, Jon!

  13. FauxScienceSlayer says:

    We do not have a government, we have a kleptocracy run by demonic psychopaths. You are not serving humanity if you hide any information, on any of the subjects these robber barons force you to lie about, including vaccines, GMO, chem-trails, Carbon climate forcing, 911, and virtually every subject imaginable. Please, if you have any information, on any institutionalized fraud, that helps liberate humanity from this scourge, RELEASE IT NOW !

  14. Masterful job, John!

    I could never understand how ANYONE with a modicum or even a shred of common decency and moral fiber would relegate the release of damning information and documentation at a mere trickle-rate.

    What’s more,

    The longer one “holds on to” all that information (all in one, singular place), the greater the chance of that information never seeing the light of day! – As a few good folks stated years ago, it is far better and provides a greater insurance of survival if the whistle-blower(s) to be would just release all they have to the public and “put a face” to the disclosure. All this hiding and secrecy in the shadows does is just make it easier for these folks to be “disappeared” or “suicided”.

    Come on, folks! If you have what we all need to know, just let it all air-out! You may survive a bit longer when you do, but you will still be doing the right thing.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  15. eagreenhalgh says:

    Jon, your tip of the iceberg is bigger than even you know. I found the Cell Death Signal Gene theory circa 1988. It was reviewed by Dr.G.L. Nicolson of M.D.Anderson Cancer Center. He supported me. Unfortunately the University of Waterloo was intent on committing NIH scholarship fraud. I have been blacklisted and suppressed. I have had material in front of the CDC, PHS, FBI and DOJ. Dr.Douglas Wright of the University of Waterloo is guilty of uttering fraudulent documents to the federal government of the United States. The federal government of the United States has been informed of this if you read my website See the comments from the Deputy Chief of the DOJ, Farrington ( her reply posted on the site ) she said what wrong did they ( U of Waterloo ) do? They lied in writing for monies that they would never had otherwise received if they told the truth as required by federal law/standards. They also blocked cancer cures because CEll Death Signal Gene Theory is now call ed Programmed Cell Death and is the basis for modern cancer research /apoptosis etc and possibly the cure. Not something that was done for the public good but a benefir for a rich connected millionaire like Wright. Wright had connections to PM Brian Mulroney and President Bill Clinton .Think about it , the possibility may be proven that Bill Clinton accepted monies from the various companies that Wright sits on as a director in support for monies for his re election campaign if Clinton would OBSTRUCT justice by interfering with a DOJ criminal investigation . How is that for the tip of an iceberg . It would be great if the public would help me bring this out in the open and criminal prosecution . E.A.Greenhalgh

  16. judgingjudi says:

    I have been reading about the issue of immunization now for almost twenty years and reserved my opinion and judgement as I tried to understand that sometimes protecting many by immunizing en mass, must negatively impact some of the more sensitive people who may suffer the consequences of neuro-toxicity. After all there will always be some of us who are more sensitive to the toxins and other agents, which we are subjected to, than others.

    When flu shots came into vogue in the eighties, my job was clinical educator and quality assurance coordinator. I felt I had to set an example for the nursing staff and others, so I was among the first of our group to roll up my sleeve and get injected. I never had a reaction, but, otherwise things remained the same for me, getting my usual cold, bronchitis, etc, but was told by staff health, it probably would have been a lot worse, If I had not taken the flu shots.

    For the past few years, I have personally made the choice not to take any more vaccines and concentrate on building up my own immunity, by living a more healthy lifestyle. I refused all flu shots, pneumonia shots, shingles shots, and other shots that I have been offered and have keep well.

    To give or not to give vaccines to yourself or especially your offspring has to be a well thought out decision, especially when you see the increase of neurological symptoms due to brain damage that is not explained or understood.

    Finding out now that the studies were flawed and the negative results were hidden, makes me sick. Even the incidence of ALS is quite high with Gulf War veterans. Etc. etc. and people, like myself, who have to live with me/fm/mci, who are not even being taken seriously by physicians, it breaks my heart.

    At least people with ALS are out of their misery after a few years, because that illness kills them. But, people with me, fm, mci, ms, autism, pots, and other motor neuron neurological endocrinological disorders have to keep suffering on and on and are kept being abused by psychiatrists and other physicians who must have their heads in the sand to keep believing that there is nothing physically wrong with so many of us, or it is not related to neuro-toxicity, whether from microorganisms/ chemicals/ noxious gases/ electromagnets, radiation or accident .

  17. Sigh says:

    Knowingly hurting children… for life. What an evil country.

  18. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Thy are lying to you….again.

  19. Cat says:

    If Wakefield, Hooker, Thompson or even Rob have ANY documents they are withholding I simply don’t understand it. Every minute hurts another kid. Every single minute.

  20. adam gibson says:

    Here is the letter from the CDC doctors LLC company that is representing him as a whistleblower in regards to the MMR vaccine fraud and autism

  21. katychicago says:

    Thank you thank you thank you from all of us who know the connection between the vaccinations and autism and have unfortunately experienced it first hand through our own children or grandchildren or family or friends. Please continue this work don’t let it die.

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