Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know

Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know

by Jon Rappoport

September 2, 2014

I’ve spent many pages laying out how the medical cartel plays semantic games, in order to “prove” vaccines don’t cause “autism.” (See here, here and here.)

There’s a simpler conclusion.

The mothers know.

They know what happened to their children. They don’t need sophisticated analyses. They don’t need disease or disorder labels. They don’t need the very doctors who administered the vaccines turning around and lying to them.

And the lying is vicious. It’s coming out of the mouths of physicians who are indifferent to human life.

Doctors, underneath their layers and layers of hostile fakery, know the truth, too.

So does the CDC. That agency spends billions defending the indefensible.

William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who recently admitted to gross fraud and lying, in order to exonerate the toxic MMR vaccine…he knows, too.

He knows the fraud is rampant inside the CDC. He knows it isn’t just a matter of one subset of data that was omitted in one study.

The vaccine manufacturers know, too. Long ago, they consummated a deal with the US government to forbid citizens from filing lawsuits as a result of vaccine damage. That was the whole point: vaccines inflict damage; let the federal government and the taxpayer carry the burden of financial compensation.

And the labyrinthine system through which a parent must pass, when filing a petition for compensation, is an affront to human dignity.

In that “court,” the full semantic shell game is on view.

“You say your child was severely damaged by a vaccine? First, you must prove the child developed a recognized and labeled neurological disorder. Then you must prove that a vaccine can and did cause that specific disorder. We have erected all sorts of roadblocks to keep you stymied…”

This is a grotesquery. The people who run this system should be in prison for the rest of their lives.

But regardless, the mothers know. They know when and how and why their child withdrew from the world, and was, afterward, never the same.

It was a vaccine.

An empire can be built, and has been built, to avoid that stark truth.

The CDC is the Orwellian Ministry of Truth of the empire. It lies about case numbers of diseases—inflating them—in order to sell vaccines.

It holds meetings to discuss how to frighten the public into getting vaccines.

It beats the drum every hour of every day to assure us that vaccines are the wonder of modern science. Safe and effective. Safe and effective.

The CDC’s propaganda allies and their chosen experts attack the “anti-vaccine people” as close cousins to terrorists.

Delivery for Ms Cohen. Videograms from the Moms.

At the center of this storm stand the mothers.

They know.

They live with their knowledge. They care for their children, who have been driven out of the futures they would have had by poison.

Nothing can shake the mothers’ knowledge.

Not the doctors, not the fake experts, not the government-compensation overseers, not the CDC, not smooth-talking television anchors, not teachers, not school counselors, not school administrators, not city “officials”, not neighbors, not friends, not family.

The mothers know.

And if by some great effort, against odds, as they continue to care for their vaccine-damaged children, they organize and rise up, you who are lying to them and passing them off as inconsequential will know they are coming.

You’ll feel the nightmare you’re perpetuating turn around and engulf you.

And somewhere inside you, you’ll recognize this is what justice is.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

22 comments on “Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know

  1. robert Fusco says:

    Keep up the pressure on these animals. Once the Moms are on board they will become a very powerful voice.

  2. The mothers know….and so do the Fathers, my anger is no less. It is time the world around us stop being ignorant.

  3. Steve Prewitt says:

    If 10 million mothers signed a petition to change the current corrupt system and it’s ignored by Congress does it really matter? [In other words] we the people have lost “our voice” and if we want things to change we must figure out how to get it back, otherwise it’s business as usual.

  4. Jon, you are wise to discuss the “vaccine court.” Readers should be aware of who the top judge is on that court. A childless lesbian with absolutely to education or experience in medical issues. She doesn’t even involve her free time with medicine (as a hobby, for example)!

    Readers should check out this expose on Judge Hewitt written at entitled “Meet Vaccine Court’s Chief Judge: A Childless Woman With No Medical Background Married to a Woman

    • Jason J says:

      Hewitt WAS the top judge of the Federal Claims court. Her term ended Sept of last year. USCFC does handle VICP cases, but USCFC and “Vaccine Court” are not synonymous. There are plenty of issues to complain about the VICP… but highlighting Hewitt as a “childless lesbian” isn’t going to win anyone over. In fact you will turn off quite a few people. It’s also irrelevant because she hasn’t served on the court in over a year. It’s comments like this that lead the media and vaccine enthusiasts to associate the informed consent movement with ‘Far Right Politics’ and the generally the uninformed. Those associations can only serve to be counterproductive.

      • Hank says:

        Lifestyle always influences daily life and decisions.

        What you are and who you are can’t be detached from your choices, decisions and behavior. Many people don’t approve of “gay” marriages or the “gay” lifestyle. Our schools are working overtime to manufacture more “gay” children to win the “lifestyle” battle by overwhelming numbers. Kids are trained and taught that homosexuality is normal. It isn’t.

        Little boys are taught to kiss, hug and hold hands, with other boys in their class. This indoctrination has nothing to do with education. It’s not reading, writing or arithmetic. These young, impressionable kids then read books like, Bobby Has Two Daddies. People have commented that kids were taught to look down each other’s pants to see that they were the same. Then it’s off to summer camp for more of the same.

        This conduct is expressly forbidden by the very same nation that promotes the conduct in our school system. We must be multi-cultural, while their nation is for their culture only. Scholars established long ago that people prosper by sustaining and protecting their own culture and traditions. Multi-culturalism is the death and destruction of a way of life and the destruction of your own culture by replacing it with other cultures. It’s a political ploy to dupe people to destroy their own way of life. As you say, it can only serve to be counterproductive. It sure has been and sure still is.

        • OzzieThinker says:


          This comment appeals only to the notion that humans are robots. You may be interested to know that the experiments that arbitrarily chose the “sex” of hermaphrodite babies was a disaster. Girls selected were physical boys and no amount of dogma and indoctrination could persuade them otherwise. Sex organs removed, still produced boys.

          The great “sin” of same sex parenting is genetic plus. The child bonds with BOTH biological parents and that gives the new life balance. “Timeshare” arrangements between “lesbians” and “homosexuals” will ultimately only create monsters.

          • TinPan says:

            There’s no mention in the comment of “robots” or of some bizarre experiment on “hermaphrodite babies” by cutting off their genitalia. Where do you get this stuff?

            Nor is there any suggestion of “timeshare arrangements” between lesbians and homosexuals, which creates monsters. What are they sharing? One of your robots? Or should I ask what are you snorting?

            What comment were you reading or are you simply trying to create a strawman argument as a diversion?

            So what are you saying? You want us to believe that people are not influenced by persuasion, indoctrination, rewards and punishment, religion, peer pressure, beliefs, threats, fear, inducements, coercion, bribes, embarrassment, ridicule, scorn, shunning, ideology, enticements, encouragement and etc? And you want us to believe that the most impressionable among us, which are the little children, are impervious to such manipulation and can’t be molded.


      • Bodhi Mom says:

        This information about Judge Hewitt is very important because they (the PTB) like to appoint immoral, corrupt people to these positions because they are more likely to go along with the this criminal agenda of lies, corruption, and abuse. No caring mother or moral individual could sit for long and listen to these stories of how young children were unjustly damaged and families ruined without getting really upset at this system of injustice and fraud.

  5. Ursula Bear says:

    My son was vaccinated with the MMR in 1988 at age 12 months.

    I know. And so does my son.

  6. Ursula Bear says:

    They want to vaccinate with more & more at the youngest possible age so you have nothing to look back on as proof that something isn’t right with your child.

  7. Steve Also says:

    The survival of the fittest, the most brainwashed doctor worshipping non thinkers will suffer or die, the ones that question authority and use their heads will survive.

  8. carla naumann says:

    check your state requirements. Vaccine waiver “due to religious conviction” can allow your child to attend public indoctrination camps (school) – These vaccines are lowering the immune systems of our children. I know. I have a child that has been greatly harmed. Now I am a “MOTHER BEAR” and I protect my cubs. MOTHER BEARS ARISE GET ANGRY THESE EXPERTS DON’T KNOW BETTER THAN WE DO! Mercury is a poison, my God, think mothers.

  9. OzzieThinker says:

    Great post, Jon.

    Time for “talking” is over. This needs action.


  10. Greyswindir says:

    It’s about time someone stated that we’re capable of seeing and understanding the truth without an expert’s opinion, without undeniable “scientific” fact, etc. It might come to a shock to those acolytes of science that people can look around and come to the truth in a just a few minutes. No need for endless statistical studies, foolish debates and other sometimes worthless scientific rhetoric. You don’t have to have letter next to your name to call a spade a spade, you don’t have to step in it to call it what it is, “bullshit”.

  11. Yeap.

    And one very effective ploy that has done well to silence many critical parents: “Shaken-Baby Syndrome”. – Seen a lot of convictions, locally, on the false pretenses of child abuse against parents whose children were very likely poisoned, severely, by all those childhood “vaccinations”.

    The grotesque system of lies and trickery knows no bounds!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  12. vontoast says:

    “Then you must prove that a vaccine can and did cause that specific disorder.”
    It should be the other way around, they must prove that a vaccine cannot and did not cause harm. It should be on the pharmaceutical companies to prove their safety.

  13. skywalker says:

    indeed they should prove that , but they have paid billions of dollars in bribery to corrupt the system in their favour to protect themselves , so they don’t have to pay out trillions of dollars in compensation fees , and so they can stay in business making trillions of dollars in profits from poisoning the population of the world

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