Hypnotic data: 4 essential features

Hypnotic data: 4 essential features

by Jon Rappoport

October 13, 2014


Television news needs to create a hypnotic effect. Otherwise it would fall apart and shatter into a million nonsensical pieces.

One: the presented data must be repeated, of course. This is the time-honored strategy. When the viewer sees and hears the same nugget many times, he accepts it because—“how can they say it so often if it isn’t true?”

Close on the heels of this: “everybody else must be accepting it, who am I to make an objection?”

And then, finally, there is the after-image effect. At the edge of consciousness, the viewer remembers the nugget and—“anything in my memory is automatically real.”

Two: a significant percentage of all news stories are framed as he-said, he-said. Two opposing viewpoints. No resolution. Done often enough, this produces cognitive dissonance, which in turn shuts off the rational mind and puts the viewer into a light trance, a state of suspension.

At this point, he becomes more accepting of other news items. No deliberation; no questions. He’s a channel, sucking in the information.

Three: the blend, the segue, the smooth transition from one news story to the next, as if the entire newscast is a single narrative: car accident on the highway, holiday shopping, ISIS, defective car recall, slow hurricane season, new drug for arthritis, stock market jitters, Presidential approval ratings, dancing cat YouTube video.

Consciously, the viewer can’t connect any of these bits, but the anchor is an actor who can pretend to make them all into a flowing story.

The viewer chooses to succumb—otherwise he would have to face the fact that he is looking at unbridled lunacy.

He doesn’t want that. He wants story. He’s solidly addicted. So he’ll settle for the nightly pretense of a story.

His settling deepens his trance.

Four: the invisible threat. This is always a big seller. Whether it’s al Qaeda or ISIS or some other group he’s never heard of—and will never see—he’s buying.

At some interior level, he’s hoping for an enemy that will justify his ongoing generalized fear, suspicion, and anxiety—as a point of focus. “Ah yes, there it is. Got it in my crosshairs. Now I know why I feel this way.”

The Surveillance State implies there are untold numbers of terrorists hiding in our country. The CDC hypes a new invisible germ that could sweep away lives.


“I don’t want to see the threat. Let it remain invisible. I just want to know it’s there. Then I can explain why I have feelings that point to no apparent target. Tell me there is a target. Then I’ll be satisfied.”

In this kind of psyop, the viewer is quite happy to sit on one side of a line in the sand, where he doesn’t have to do anything.

The Matrix Revealed

Occasionally, the news, with pumped-up emphasis, pulls him across the line and tells him: get vaccinated; see something, say something; vote; donate to a good cause—then you can you return to your former trance.

Or, in extreme circumstances, the news will present a quick blitz of several simultaneous stories, all of which appear to be spinning out of control and bringing chaos.

This is a prelude to later assurances that order has been restored. Of course, the order always carries with it a retraction of some piece of freedom—characterized as a humane response.

To the degree that I watch, listen to, and read mainstream news, this is why: to observe these and other allied strategies in action.

Seeing how reality is being built among ladders, pulleys, ropes, utilizing workers, deploying front men, is the kind of education that energizes the mind and torpedoes the trance.

“Coming up after the break, more mind control. Stay with us.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

13 comments on “Hypnotic data: 4 essential features

  1. From Québec says:

    People like to believe in invisible things. Religions are a good example of that. Each religion has it’s own invisible God. You either fear him or invoke him for protection.

    Just take wars for instance: Soldiers all believe that God is on their side. How could a God be on their side when they are killing innocent citizens and destroying infrastructures that will ruin the economy of that particular country?
    They do not realize that they are in fact fighting for the Bankster’s Elites.

    • tgreenberg@hushmail.com says:

      No…I don’t think so.Now you made a scapegoat.You watch too much TV!
      It’s got nothing to do with religion.Now don’t be silly.
      Red Ice Radio – David Livingstone – Hour 1 – Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism.

      Rabbi Marvin Antelman – The Sabbatean-Frankists

      What we have is the result of years of private military corporations working under non disclosure agreements.The media works with non disclosure agreements,as does the alleged (quasi)privatized government,churches,schools,and almost any major corporation uses the Non Disclosure agreement to protect “partnered” interests.
      It is illegal for the media to even tell you the truth about anything! If they do they step down because of agreements they sign to get the slimy job.Anyone with enough money can buy these war prostitutes goods and services.They recruit useful idiots to help them.Ever see the luxury the mercs get to enjoy in Dubai? Underwater hotels,snow skiing in the desert…servants galore.Would private offensive defense contractors put themselves out of business? NO!
      Hmmmmmm what kind of crap can they use for an excuse to reach objectives set forth by the Johns who buy their prostitute services? Hmmmmmmmmmm RELGION ! Yea that’s it!
      We’ll blame it on RELIGION because the animators of defense contractors are godless killers who hate religious people ! Duh ! Yea! We’ll blame religion.

      • From Québec says:

        LOL… I never watch T.V. In fact, I don’t evev have one.
        Good try!

      • Religion separates the true believers, from the others…the non believers. Religion is segregation, division of a populous.
        Religion is by its very nature…violence. And never more cruel than when it is dealt out by a fundamentalist, or a zealot…fighting with god on his side, against another, who has god on his side.

  2. Tracy Paternostro says:

    I can’t bring myself to watch any “news”, it is detrimental to my health.

    After being released from a psychiatric prison in 2011 I stopped.

    Perhaps those slime balls did teach me something.

  3. From Québec says:

    From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross.

  4. I find that I listen a lot to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (radio) and they are guilty of all the above features but they do carry some useful information in their constructed narratives. I listen partly because I want to know what the ‘washing cycles’ consist of and their duration. It is necessary if you are going to criticize that organization, IMO. (I don’t bother with the commercial networks because I never really have. Even before I became ‘awakened’ to the wider conspiracy that permeates our history and present lives. For that reason I don’t bother analyzing them. I leave that to others who feel the motivation.)
    The ABC conforms to the MSM news (washing) cycle just as the other networks do but sometimes their out of prime time programs can surprise me. Tonight was one such time when I just listened to ex-PM Malcolm Fraser give what I can only describe as an incendiary talk on ‘Big Ideas’.
    He basically said that we’ve been betrayed by our own politicians and our sovereignty has been ceded to the USA by them. He also implicated Pine Gap as being neck deep in the drone strikes in the ME and future missile defense systems that will alienate us from our major trading partners. He mapped out a future where Australia possibly ends up the only ally of a failed empire (USA) that was implicated in all the destabilization of the very region we inhabit.
    He also made mention of the fact that the USA had spent billions of dollars in the Ukraine promoting Europe and fomenting the overthrow of the elected government.
    He even stated quite categorically that Israel has 250 nuclear missiles in it’s possession. As many as China. So he asserts.
    I make this observation because I believe that even though Malcolm Fraser has a checkered past as regards to being in cahoots with the architects of the overthrow of the Whitlam government, he has the mainstream profile that is respected by many. This speech, if promoted enough, could help change the minds of the sheeple much more effectively than a rant from me at the moment. So there you go, I actually praised a radio program on the ABC.
    I’m just doing my street cred no good at all….Who am I kidding?… I’m just an anti-social reject from society that spends far too much time living in cyber space where nothing is real but everything gets talked about.
    This is my antidote to myself http://horserotovator.wordpress.com/2014/10/14/the-man-from-u-n-c-l-e-daddy-final-cut/

  5. Eat your GMO gruel and shut up.

  6. This also attaches to NPR and PBS. They use the same tactics, stylistically modified for their “decision-making demographic”. NPR and PBS are VERY private “non-profit” corporations, didn’t you know? So is their funding arm, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

    Wisconsin Public Radio, the regional affiliate where I live, is run at the top by 50% Hebrew-language ethnic-religious group and 50% dupes, in a state where the population is only one half of one percent Hebrew-language ethnic-religious demographic. They manipulate news mostly by replacing anything real with fluffcrap such as “What’s your favorite cheese?” or an infomercial for the latest tech gadget, or “pop culture” coverage of commercial TV shows, movies, music etc. If you look at their guest list, almost every guest is from a commercial media outlet or is selling a book from a publisher owned by big media. “Public” Media makes sure that we ALL get the same messages the “commercial” media is putting out.

    They used to have a real public forum going with their “Ideas Network” programs, but over the years they have slashed caller time and banned anyone who asks tough questions, especially about WPR’s finances and policies. They and their funding arm are extremely secretive and are serial violators of Wisconsin’s Open Records and Open Meetings laws. They protect the University they are only loosely attached to (they don’t train students) by covering up scandals about the University’s Triga II nuclear reactor (which is in the basement of a school building) and Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s many violations of the Biological Weapons Convention– just for starters.

    NPR, PBS and their affiliates are the KINGS of hypnotic data….. and if they are truly broadcasting to the “decision-making demographic” as they like to claim, their PSYOPS are the most deadly.

  7. Afshin Nejat says:

    Repetition for emphasis because “there’s nothing else to talk about…”, look all sides are covered or else there would be more voices, “don’t you think they considered everything, these are EXPERTS! And after all, THEY are on TV, not you and your tin foil hat; incoherence to “double down” on claims to authoritative presentation (you callin’ us liars? you hate dancing cats?), basically they play the authority act, ad some cuteness and feigned sincerity, pretend they covered everything that needed to be covered, and all this leaves out THE HORRIBLE TRUTH, suspicions concerning which are substituted with a manufactured enemy threat of some kind.

  8. njguy says:

    It seems to me that once a technology is in place, you can’t go back. We can’t undo the damage caused by TV, or the techniques they use to brainwash us. But what we can do is admit that the interests controlling the media are perverse and treasonous, and therefore remove them from their positions of power. What does that mean? It means declaring their actions to be as hostile to America as any violent action, and having the military […]

    But, as we know, they all work hand-in-hand with the politicians and bankers. So this is just a pipe-dream.

  9. sunnylot says:

    Reblogged this on Forgetful Brain and commented:
    For the news junkies, here is some news for you.

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