Vaccines and “herd immunity” nonsense

Vaccines and “herd immunity” nonsense

by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2014

Hail to the group! The group is all!

The concept of herd immunity (protection for the population) is often used by vaccine addicts as a way to push guilt at people who don’t line up, with their children, like robots for their shots.

From the point of view of protecting people who are already vaccinated, herd immunity is flat-out absurd.

Little Jimmy, whose parents have decided not to vaccinate him, will pass diseases on to kids who are already vaccinated? Oh, you mean those immunized kids aren’t really safe? Then why did you vaccinate them in the first place?

From another point of view, herd immunity is the idea that people who “can’t be” vaccinated (for example, those who are obviously allergic to elements contained in vaccines) will gain a measure of protection, if larger and larger numbers of others are vaccinated.

The vaccinated protecting the unvaccinated.

This is foolish, because what actually protects people against disease is the strength of their immune systems, and that strength has nothing to do with vaccination.

If a person has a weak immune system, he will get dangerously sick, and it doesn’t matter how many people around him are vaccinated against how many diseases.

So even if one accepts the (false) premise that vaccines are effective and safe, the premise of herd immunity is ludicrous.

Vaccination is, in fact, a cover story used to conceal the fact that the health of populations has everything to do with good nutrition, adequate sanitation, and an absence of toxic elements in the environment.

There are many doctors who know this, but they refuse to speak out, because they know they’ll suffer consequences.

Vaccination, as a propaganda strategy, is used to medicalize the population—to assert that good health is fundamentally a medical matter.

It isn’t.

Exit From the Matrix

If tomorrow, two things happened, they would change the face of health in any industrialized country:

One, millions more people buying healthy food and/or growing their own food, in yards; and in inner cities, growing food in community gardens;

And two, the courts delivering justice in the form of billion-dollar fines and long, long prison sentences to corporate employees (including CEOs) for severe and real pollution.

Note: That justice would eliminate GMO crops which rely on toxic pesticide use.

I’m not spinning rainbows. I’m just pointing out that, with these two changes alone, hospitals and clinics and doctors’ offices would empty out, and the medical cartel would finally experience vast comeuppance.

Health and life are not medical functions.

Any science that claims they are is false science, and the people who make those claims are liars or morons or criminals, or some combination of all three.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

29 comments on “Vaccines and “herd immunity” nonsense

  1. From Québec says:

    My mother who died two years ago at the age of 94, was in a old age pension home suffering from Alzheimer (she had been taking statins drug for her cholesterol for 10 years). It is proven today that statins prevent the production of the bad and good cholesterol, so since the brain is composed of half water and half fat, it dries up the brain and causes Alzheimer.

    She was there for 4 years. Every year, just before winter, they would vaccinate all patients and personnel for the flu season except for the ones whose family did not give their consent. My mother was the ONLY one who did not get these vaccines, we forbid it.

    Everyone of them, came out with the flu in these 4 years, except for my mother.

    So that kills their theory right there. Every person vaccinated in that home, were coughing all around her ( the only one who didn’t get the vaccine), and she still didn’t get the Flu.

    Besides an alleged high cholesterol, my mother has never been sick.
    She finally died one night quietly in her sleep.

    Post Scriptum:

    For people interested in the relation of statins drugs and Alzheimer:


    • henry says:

      Perhaps it does more than “KILLS their theory”. Perhaps is shows that the annual vaccination of the elderly is a cost effective program that will ease them into the grave so the long term care costs are eliminated.

  2. One thing you might have missed.. You said “what actually protects people against disease is the strength of their immune systems, and that strength has nothing to do with vaccination”. But this is actually only true for some illnesses. In the flu for example, the stronger immune system reaction can lead to more severe symptoms and even death according to this report:

    What is needed is a ‘healthier’ immune system. But we only study illness, not health. So we wouldn’t recognize one if we saw it.
    to your health, tracy

    • Jim says:

      Vaccination is simply a man made money making fraud attempt to bypass the Human immune system. I am 65 and when I was 21 I set out to discover the cause of my own regular yearly cold and flu disease and it kept coming up as the standard American diet .
      So ,I stopped eating meat and dairy and in that first year at the age of 21 > magically
      the the common cold and flu ceased to exit > to this day. What I also discovered is I
      first stopped eating meat and the common cold was cured . Then I stopped the dairy
      and the common flu was stopped permanently. I am a mostly raw Vegan now for 44 years
      no vaccines ever since that time and shock people who think I am in my early 40’s.
      So, my advice is to start the Vegan lifestyle as early as possible !

      • theodorewesson says:

        Hi Jim, that is great to hear.

        By any chance, do you ever crave clean ‘organic’ raw meat? beef, chicken, fish? I do. When i meet raw meet, i never feel bloated.


        Also, what is your knowledge of vitamin B-12? The following product, just launched by (and Dr. Edward Group) looks to be be very benificial. The point being… no matter how good we eat, and even though we drink urified water, we still have to largely deal with mineral depletion in the soils (naturalpathic based nutrition science says the trace minerals tremnedously help our cells function efficiently). Anyways,…

        Liquid vitamin B-12

        We asked, “why is everyone else developing processed, synthetic forms of vitamin B-12 that are loaded with fillers?”

        Low quality B-12 formulations can have serious problems when it comes to their affect on the body, their purity, and of course what’s known as their ‘bio-active’ abilities.

        That’s why many are having to resort to painful B-12 injections, which require needles and may come with a lot of pain.

        Although most of us simply know vitamin B-12 as the B vitamin responsible for energy production, it’s important to understand that “vitamin B-12” is actually a catch-all term for a class of vitamins known as cobalamins — cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, methycobalamin, and adenosylcobalamin — and they’re not equal in their benefits.

        Whereas traditional B-12 supplements contain cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalmin, Infowars Life Secret 12™ contains methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalmin, specifically chosen from all other forms for their bioactive characteristics.

        • From Québec says:

          Dr Edward Group said to put a spoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of distilled water to get minerals. Since he said that, I do it and I feel more energy.

          Before, I was putting Alka Vision Plasma pH drops in distilled water and it makes it go 10 pH alkaline. So now, I do both alternatively.

          And just like Jim, I am a vegetarian and only eat organic foods. For proteins I eat eggs, cheese, Hemp protein powder, all sort of nuts, avocados. etc.

          Today on Alex Jones show. pharmacist Ben Fuchs was a guest and he gave great simple advices how to stay healthy..

          • theodorewesson says:

            Excellent. That reminds me, i need to pick up some organic apple cider vinegar.

            Yes, i heard the show with Ben Fuch’s today. I agree, and, I try to do as mush of the thing he suggests as well.

            With my very busy lifestyle, also I find that the products at really boost my energy.

            Compounding Pharmacist Ben Fuchs: The Secret To A Healthy Body And Mind Revealed

            Dr Edward Group on vitamin B12:

  3. Elsa says:

    The vaccine proponents want us to believe that viruses and germs are floating around, ready to attack the unvaccinated. They claim that certain people are too frail or young, to be vaccinated, therefore, the remainder of the population need to be jabbed. How does being vaccinated prevent these so-called viruses from circulating if you buy into their logic? Personally, I do not buy into the virus/germ causes disease theory, but merely using their argument to make a point.

    • Jim says:

      ” ready to attack the unvaccinated” is the key and the basis for the fraud. Viruses and bacteria are around us all the time but waiting opportunistically to feed on a ‘diseased ‘ body making it feel more sick until the the disease is gone. It is true also that an antibiotic (killing off the bad bacteria,etc.)will make someone feel better and maybe even save a life if someone is in a very diseased state but nothing will help someone who is to far gone in the diseased state . The diseased state is caused by an incorrect diet and lifestyle > not because they are “unvaccinated” .Hopefully one will use a safe antibiotic like ‘colloidal silver’ and or ‘oil of oregano’ (safe with no side effects) but moving to a correct vegan diet and lifestyle will solve the problem.

  4. John East says:

    There is an interesting article on Zerohedge today extolling the virtues of colloidal silver as a weapon against ebola. While I’m a big fan of silver as a treatment against bacteria, in fact it could be the only viable treatment against big pharma drug resistant bacteria, I’m not sure if it’s effective against a virus like ebola.

  5. Sandra says:

    I dont trust Drs and the conventional Drugs and havent used any in Yrs and dont want those primary Drs they push on us so I save Medicare lots of money and BIG PHARMA is a SCAM..

  6. oddie says:

    New Scientist: Ebola blood and drug trials to start in December
    The University of Oxford is running one of the trials – investigating brincidofovir, an antiviral owned by the US firm Chimerix…
    The French national institute for medical research, INSERM, is running the other, trialling favipiravir…
    Johan van Griensven of the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium, where Ebola was discovered, will be testing whether blood from Ebola survivors boosts 100 people’s odds of surviving two weeks. The trial will switch to plasma – blood with the cells removed – when staff and equipment to provide it are in place…
    It has taken several months to settle all the legal issues and decide on the experimental design. Getting approvals from regulators in the countries affected and those running the trials is still on-going…
    The GSK vaccine will be tested in Liberia using a classic placebo-controlled design, in which some participants randomly get another antiviral vaccine – one that doesn’t act on Ebola – to serve as a placebo. The other will be tested in Sierra Leone using a design in which groups given the vaccine are compared to groups not given any type of vaccine – so no use of placebo.
    But Armand Sprecher of Médecins sans Frontières says it is too late for vaccines to have much effect on the Ebola epidemic.

    • From Québec says:

      Good Lord! Here they go again.

      Like if they don’t want people to die when we all know that their goal is depopulation.

      I hope no one will volunteer to be their victims.

      If they were a bit sincere, they would start developing a Virus TEST that is accurate and where they could remove and isolate the virus from a human being. Apparently, that has never been done for the alleged Ebola Outbreak

      Does the Ebola virus exist?

  7. Thank you for the great article. The herd mentality is a powerful thing. All logic is thrown out the window and people just repeat what they heard rather than thinking for themselves. I think the day is coming when people come out of the trance and out from under the spell of peer pressure.

  8. RockHeavyMetal.Com says:

    Healing is an abnormal extraordinary condition in response to injury or infection. Health is a neurotic obsession with maintaining a continuous response to injury and disease. Maintaining “health’ means maintaining a continuous response to a continuous condition of injury and disease.
    Wealth means maintaining a balanced well body capable of maintenance and vitality. Wealth is a condition of strength and vitality which prevents disease and injury.

  9. ozziethinker says:

    This is a cracker, Jon, one of your best posts to date. You could not be more spot on, in my humble opinion.

  10. laurathefarrar says:

    Reblogged this on Know What You Think and commented:
    Regardless of what you decide, don’t just go with what you heard or someone’s opinion. Research for yourself and actually examine vaccine criticism before you believe the hype that vaccines are a safe panacea for all infectious disease.

  11. I just LOVE (sarcasm!) how we are always compared to a “herd”, as if we were no better (or worse) than CATTLE!

    These pin-heads will never support the thousands-of-years common knowledge that nutrition, diet, and activity are the basics for good health! – There’s no big profit to a healthy population, now is there?

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • Arundhati Maitra says:

      ‘These pin-heads will never support the thousands-of-years common knowledge that nutrition, diet, and activity are the basics for good health’ … I am from India. I do not believe that either diet or nutrition have changed much over the years, and yet we have been polio free for over three years now. Could you please explain how this came to be? I am very interested. It could even cut short my PhD studies on Tuberculosis. (Yes, another dead disease that only ever kills 1.5 million people a year.)

      • Theodore says:

        Hi Arundhati,

        Just to add,….

        (re: In 2013 there were between 1.3 and 1.5 million associated deaths, most of which occurred in developing countries… More people in the developing world contract tuberculosis because of a *poor immune system*, largely due to high rates of HIV infection and the corresponding development of AIDS.)

        Here are two scientific papers on reversing TB (Consumption) using (non-toxic) nutrition…

        Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis on the lines of mineral deficiency

        Tuberculosis and nutrition

        Side bar,… Pellagra…
        – Pellagra is a vitamin deficiency disease most frequently caused by a chronic lack of niacin (vitamin B3 or synonym: vitamin PP (from: Pellagra Preventing factor)) in the diet.
        – Anti-tuberculosis medication tends to bind to vitamin B6 and reduce niacin synthesis, since B6 (aka pyridoxine) is a required cofactor in the tryptophan to niacin reaction.

        Then, there is the toxic allopathic approach…

        TB Drugs

        Tuberculosis vaccines

        The following, IMO, is not the way to go,…

        Tuberculosis vaccines

      • I little further research into what “they” don’t want you to see would do you well. It was even evidenced that Polio was on the sharp decline in the United States well BEFORE the Polio vaccine became commonplace practice. – Now, maybe someone can please explain this to me as to WHY this little “anomaly” occurred, yet – NO ONE in the media, or otherwise “establishment” will not comment on, debate, or otherwise rationally discuss this event? ? ? They would rather just openly deny and deride this is “fantasy”, even though – THEIR OWN MEDICAL HISTORY STUDIES WILL SHOW IT!

        Absolutely NO vaccine has been truly, through proper employment of the “Scientific Process”, been found, demonstrated, or otherwise proven to be anywhere near as effective at treating any disease to the levels “they” claim. This was even backed up further by former practicing, educated MD’s, nurses, and other well-experienced healthcare workers who had been practicing in the various areas in the field of medicine and medical sciences for any large number of years. The history of documented failures of vaccines to cure or treat any disease to any great length, without a large number of adverse reactions and injuries from those vaccines, is plentiful, abundant, yet – ignored by the “establishmentarian professionals” who STILL make a majority of their living from the pay-backs by the vaccine manufacturers! Besides that, if these vaccines were so “safe”, then why do many countries (to especially include the USA) have active laws that effectively shield ALL of these products, and their makers from any liability for cases of damage, injury, and EVEN DEATH resulting, directly, from the administration of these “safe and effective” vaccines? ? ?

        If a product is guaranteed to be “safe and effective”, then there would be no need for over-board liability immunity from lawsuits and criminal actions!

        Now, does that not sound like a serious cause for concern, eh Doctor?

        And YES, our diets have changed for the worse over the last century! Have you seen some of the latest truly independent studies, research, and public exposure of what is wrong with most of our “food”? Has it not occurred to you, Dear Doctor, that while we are seeing more government intervention into personal choice in health matters – and more prescription drugs and vaccines being pushed – that in light of all of this, the general health and well-being of the People of this world is STILL going down, and more untimely deaths are resulting from the current “medicine” than all the wars of the last two-and-a-half centuries? ? ?

        Does any of that make any sense, Dear Doctor? Do any of your professors, adjunct and regular, as well as your various supervisors ever help to clarify that for you? – Methinks not!

        Methinks “conflicts of interest” are what have over-ridden the entire medical AND scientific establishments, all for the sake of big profits for the makers and pushers, and for the unlimited control over the lives of every human being in this world.

        Thanks, but NO THANKS! All of you can keep your dangerous, deliterious drugs and noxious vaccines to yourselves! Nature was never the problem. Mankind’s self-obsessed, megalomaniacal “god-complex”, fed by greed and lust for power and prestige are to blame!

      • Well, Arundhati, a Phd student and a “fan” of “deeply caring” Bill & Melinda Gates. I think that says it all!

  12. Reblogged this on Through The Eyes of a Dragon and commented:
    Health is a personal responsibility, NOT anyone else’s unless we make that so by our own choice.

  13. dcoda says:

    Reblogged this on Granny Woman Ozark Herbs and commented:
    Thanks to friends on G+ I’ve discovered this post from Jon Rappaport’s blog that hits a home run regarding vaccination requirements…enjoy

  14. ange says:

    Herd immunity is a concept based on populations that had naturally aquired diseases.This theory has not been proven for artificially aquired so called immunity from a vaccine.. That is one of the biggest mistakes the pro vaccine crowd make.

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